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Fixing The Biblical Timeline: Moses Died Around 1177 BC

September 22, 2019

(Left: Moses by Michelangelo)

The Biblical Timeline is wrong. Moses did not live in the 15th century BC: he died in Moab, just before Joshua launched the campaign.

It looks like a cover-up.

Mainstream ‘consensus’ is that Moses did not even exist. Here’s wiki:
“Moses (/ˈmoʊzɪz, -zɪs/)[2][Note 1] was a prophet according to the teachings of the Abrahamic religions. Scholarly consensus sees Moses as a legendary figure and not a historical person,[3][4] while retaining the possibility that a Moses-like figure existed.[5][6]

Jerome gives 1592 BCE,[12] and James Ussher 1571 BCE as Moses’ birth year.[13][Note 2] ”

Jerome (347 – 420 AD) was a Church Father. He was an important theologian and historian. But that does not mean much in itself: was he just writing history? Or was he constructing it as a Pharisee?

But what we can conclude, is that already in the days of Rome, it was mostly unclear what had happened during the Bronze Age collapse. Already one and a half millennium had passed. According to the official timeline, I add once more. The reason I do this, is because the official timeline itself is highly suspect. There are reasons to believe that the Powers that Be have managed to slip in many centuries, and that the days of Rome were much closer to us than we currently believe. But that is yet another major rabbit hole, for now we’re running with the official timeline.

Again: the Battle of Troy happened probably just before the Bronze Age Collapse, or could well have been a prelude to, or outright part of the demise of the old status quo.

The first written text we have with any information about that event is Homer’s Illiad, from the 8th century BC, four centuries after the Battle. Homer dominated the Roman and Greek perspective on events, and still does today in the West. What happened beyond the collapse in Greece, which was not caused by Israel, but by the Dorians, would have been a black box for Greek, and later Roman sources. In fact, very little is known of the Dorian invasion of the Mycenaeans and Minoans. So we see that the disconnect between the Bronze Age and Israel’s claims might go way back.

Again: The Jews.
Still, Israel knew. It is Israel’s history that is under siege here. And it is not hard to fathom from which side: the Pharisees. The Synagogue of Satan that has colonized the House of Judah. It happened in Babylon, during the Exile in the 6th century BC. These fools have been messing with the texts, and obscuring the great feats of the People they usurped.

The House of Judah is only one of the Twelve Tribes. 11 tribes are missing. And it is not for nothing that the New Testament refers to the Pharisees not as Judah, but as the Jews. The Jews are not Judah. They are a Synagogue of Satan that has usurped the House of Judah through the rabbinical class (the Pharisees), financed by the Money Lenders.

The Holy Book of the Pharisees is the Talmud, a laughable and disgusting text by degenerate animals. It is their commentary of the Torah. And clearly, they do not like the Torah. The Talmud is widely considered a pure Rabbinical subversion of God’s Law. It is the Law of the Elders, that Jesus so magnificently exposed.

Not to mention, of course, that the true heart of Judaism is the Kabbalah, which is the way of Nimrod, and certainly not of our Father.

For the time being it seems very reasonable to assume, that we’re facing a Jewish obfuscation of Israel’s history. And the obfuscation probably goes back to these days. This is why the Greeks and the Romans also never knew about it: The Jews returned from Babylonian Exile to Judah’s territory, including Jerusalem, in 539 BC. Without the other tribes. The territory of the Kingdom of Israel, North of Judah, was later occupied by a people known as the Samaritans.

In 539 BC, Rome was still a completely inconsequential city state, only just having ditched the Monarchy and becoming a Republic. Athens had been going through chaos, and Solon’s reforms, and directly after that a formidable Persian invasion. They will certainly have been in extensive contact with the Levant, but not to such an extent that they left anything about their perspective of Israel, before their demise at the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon around 600 BC. At that stage Greece was still basically recovering from the Bronze Age Collapse itself.

So all this certainly is consistent with the notion of a Jewish (Pharasaical) cover up of Israel’s claims about their great feats in that era. Already then, they must have been telling people Moses and Joshua lived centuries before these events. We know how it works: just keep telling the lie, mind control the young, and wait until those who still remember die out. After that, there is only fog.

Repairing the timeline
What we’re going to do now is simply assume that the Biblical account is as discussed: the invasion of Canaan and Anatolia by Israel, ending the Bronze Age. And it’s looking like this: Moses led the Tribes into Moab, the eastern shore of the Jordan. There he died, and he was succeeded by Joshua, who next invaded Jericho.

Here is again the map of Canaan, showing the locations of the events. Keep in mind, this map is of said area, but NOT of the same era, it shows Canaan in about 1000 BC, not 1177 BC, it only serves to illustrate where Moses, Joshua, and Israel were in 1177 BC.
A theoretical map of the region around 830 BCE. Moab is shown in purple on this map, between the Arnon and Zered rivers.

And here is again this map, if only because it is so stunning:

(here’s the bigger view)

I’m going to use 1177 BC as the official date of the Bronze Age Collapse. And this is ‘traditional’, these days. Which does not account for much. There is no exact date: Wiki mentions that scholars believe the collapse occurred between 1200 and 1150. What is obvious from the sheer scale of the Israelite invasion is that it must have taken years to accomplish. There is simply no way they could have done this in one campaigning season. I’m currently ploughing my way through the Book of Joshua, to get the first hand account of the General himself, but it’ll take time to digest.

What is also uncertain, is whether the Dorian, Libyan, Thracian, and Israelite invasions all happened at once. Probably they didn’t. They happened in this 1200-1150 BC time span, we don’t know exactly what happened when.

So this 1177 BC date is inaccurate, but it’s good enough to vastly improve our picture. What I’m going to do, is simply propose 1177 BC as the year that Moses died in Moab on mount Nebo, Joshua succeeded him, and he invades Canaan, with Jericho as his first target.

I’m also going to propose that Moses was the leader of the Israelites. As opposed to the Mainstream take, that he was a mythical figure, and perhaps an archetype for several leaders. His books have been messed with by the Rabbis, already back in the day, without a doubt. But we’ll see that with the repaired timeline, his narrative of the Exodus, 40 years in the desert, and next the attacks on Canaan and the Hittites under Joshua, does make perfect sense. He died, and he was succeeded. And not by some rookie: according to the Bible, Joshua was 101 when he invaded Jericho, and he died when he was 110. So his year of death must have been 1168 BC, and he must have been born in 1278 BC.

Moses is said to have lived 120 years, so dead in 1177 BC, and born in 1297 BC. He was about 20 years older than Joshua.

Note that this date of 1297 BC of Moses’ birth is a full three centuries later than Jerome’s suggestion.

And now for something special
According to the Bible, Israel’s wandering of the Arabian desert took 40 years. Not to get there, the trip could have been done in weeks, but to prepare, physically, spiritually, for the coming onslaught. As already said, according to Numbers, the fourth book of the Bible, it took the Israelites a generation to come to terms with God’s plan. The first generation simply would not do it.

This would put Exodus at 1217 BC in our timeline.

Exodus is dealt with by Wiki in similar vein as Moses himself: probably a legendary story. Because there is no historical evidence. According to the Mainstream, there is no Egyptian record of the event.

But as we have already said, if you put Moses and Joshua anywhere between 1500 and 1300 BC, and next try to look for proof, it’ll be hard to find.

In fact, the first, and only, ancient Egyptian record of Israel we have are the Merneptah Stele. According to the official timeline, they are from anywhere between 1208 and 1203 BC.

Here is what they have to say:
“The princes are prostrate, saying, “Peace!”
Not one is raising his head among the Nine Bows.
Now that Tehenu (Libya) has come to ruin,
Hatti is pacified;
The Canaan has been plundered into every sort of woe:
Ashkelon has been overcome;
Gezer has been captured;
Yano’am is made non-existent.
Israel is laid waste and his seed is not;
Hurru is become a widow because of Egypt.”

Tehenu (Libya) was undoubtedly a base of one of the ‘Sea People’. This ‘Sea People‘ business, incidentally, must be taken with a huge grain of salt. The ancient sources do not mention ‘Sea People’, they mention all sorts of tribes coming from everywhere and nowhere. All these tribes were later just lumped into one category by a French guy, in the mid 19th century. It is not relevant, and obscures, because many of these tribes attacking the Bronze Empires, had nothing to do with each other, or Israel.

Back to the Egyptian account: Hatti are the Hittites. Next they claim to have plundered Canaan, mentioning a few cities they apparently laid to waste. Hurru is also a Canaanite People.

Next they claim to have wasted Israel.

What really happened? We don’t know, but we have already seen how it works: Ramesses II (‘The Great’) invades the Hittites, gets pushed back at Kadesh, declares victory, and goes home, leaving a beautiful story for posterity that had little to do with reality, but was a great example of ancient agitprop. Myth making is, together with terror, the core business of Government. Ramesses’ ways are indistinguishable from the ways of Empire today.

We already know the above account is quite untrue: Israel lived, and would be the dominant power in Canaan for centuries to come. Clearly, this Egyptian account alludes to facts, but are not the facts, but a framing of the facts. For propaganda purposes. For domestic consumption.

This Egyptian account is more than just about Israel, who are only one of the mentioned enemies, it reports on wider struggles with threatening tribes and even the Hittites, a full 65 years after the Battle of Kadesh.

On our proposed timeline, it is only 9 years removed from Exodus. So would it be completely irresponsible of me, to translate as follows?!

There was a humiliating scandal with the Israelites, who managed to leave Egypt. Egyptian forces followed them, but lost them in the desert. Moses escaped, and the Egyptians after coming out of the other side of the Sinai desert in Canaan, took out their chagrin on some minor locals.

They claimed victory, including the annihilation of the Israelites, who had seemingly disappeared anyway, unable to rebut Pharao’s propaganda, and again: went home.

Again, this is the ONLY mention of Israel in Egyptian records. These records are 31 years before the official date of the Bronze Age Collapse. Which, considering the fog of history we’re dealing with, is not far from Moses’ claim of 40 years in the Desert.

We have already submitted that this 1177 BC date is somewhat arbitrary. Maybe we should just conclude that 1208 BC is the date of Exodus, and add 40 years to 1208 BC, which gives 1168 BC as the official starting date of Joshua’s invasion of Canaan, and following collapse of Egypt, Assyria, and especially the Hittites.

So if the official dating of the Merneptah Stele is correct, and if our framing of obvious Egypt propaganda makes sense, two big ifs, Exodus must have been just before 1208 BC, and the campaign in Canaan about 1168 BC.

Our proposed timeline
I’m going to mention both alternative timelines: based on the official date of the Bronze Age Collapse, 1177 BC, and in parentheses the date based on the 1208 BC dating of the Merneptah Stele.

Again: all this is based on the assumption that the Bible is the description of the Israelite assault on the Bronze Age Empires, leading to the Bronze Age Collapse. I’m proving nothing. I’m just revising the timeline based on said assumption.

1297 BC (1288 BC) – Birth of Moses.
1278 BC (1269 BC) – Birth of Joshua.
1217 BC (1208 BC) – Exodus. And the Egyptian account of Exodus and other wars in the Merneptah Stele.
1177 BC (1168 BC) – Death of Moses, and succession by Joshua. Invasion of Jericho.
1167 (1158) – Death of Joshua, destruction of Bronze Age Empires complete, Promised Land entirely under Israelite control. Ensuing international Dark Age.
1000 BC – Israel and Judah are recognizable Kingdoms after 150 years of repopulation and colonization. Solomon builds Israel’s First Temple in Jerusalem.
587 BC – Nebuchadnezzar conquers and destroys Jerusalem and the First Temple and takes Israel and Judah into captivity in Babylon.
539 BC – House of Judah, but not the other 11 Tribes of Israel, returns from captivity, to the territories they held before their eviction. Made possible by Cyrus and the Persian Empire, after they destroyed Babylon. Judah usurped by the Pharisees, who subvert God’s Law in the Talmud, and who have been recruited by the children of Nimrod in Babylon, learning the Kabbalah. Falsification of Israel’s history by the Jew usurper begins, putting Moses and Joshua centuries before their real date, obscuring their monumental achievements, demoting them to legend status. As a result, already the Greeks and Romans of later Antiquity (and by extension the follow up Western Civilization) are in the dark as to what happened in Canaan and Anatolia during the Bronze Age Collapse.
537 BC – Construction of the Second Temple begins. It is a fake: It is the First Temple of the Jews, NOT the Second Temple of Israel.
0 AD – Birth of Jesus.
33 AD – Jesus crucified.
70 AD – Jewish First Temple (‘Second Temple’) destroyed, Diaspora begins.
2003 AD – The Judeo-Anglo-American Empire invades Iraq, just after archaeologists have found Nimrod’s tomb. His remains are taken by the invaders. The Jews now know Nimrod’s genome.
2020 AD and beyond – Construction of the ‘Third Temple’, in fact, the Second Temple of the Jews, begins.

The Egyptians claim to have laid waste to Israel’s seed in 1208 BC. We know they were bluffing. Moses escaped from Egypt, and the Egyptian forces pursuing him. Israel, twelve nomadic tribes, went underground in the vast emptiness of the Arabian desert for 40 years after that escape, which is why Pharaonic propaganda could claim this.

There are no mentions of Israel after this, even when Israel becomes the only power in Canaan in the decades and centuries that follow.

So it is really very plausible that the Merneptah Stele is about Exodus, and it fits almost perfectly with our timeline.

We have proven nothing. We have only adjusted the timeline according to the assumption that the Bible is describing the Bronze Age Collapse. But the only Egyptian account we have of Israel, can easily be made to fit the suggested narrative.

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    This maybe the truth and may The Almighty Creator reward you for this…take care

    • Honestly, I’m enjoying it as a major reward that I’m getting to share this monumental insight with the World.

      I wouldn’t know for what though. There is not one thing I can think of that makes me ‘deserve’ this.

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  3. bossiewo permalink

    Fantastic work, is many other little things that needs fixing. Jesus aka Jesu was actually called Yahweh and God Yahushua. This is critical. Because Jesu actually got disconnected from the power of that word. His actual death is also calculated to be 3, 5 years before 0 BC. No doubt obfuscation of timelines and dates was a major weapon when Politisation of this new movement ended up created human controlled systems.

    I believe there I evidence of chariots in the red see and evidence that the Egyptian army was destroyed there, do you have access to these? I think you need to understand, His will will be done and will be completed. He let Israel stay in the desert for a generation for a reason, no one expected them to come out of it and no one could prepare for what is to come. Imagine running Jerigo and suddenly a whole nation appear on the horizon with an impossible feat? We know Jericho happened and enough evidence exists.

    And yes there are 11 more tribes, they are all over the world. And it is to ensure that Her seed will overcome the Seed of the Nephilim. It will happen world wide. It will absolutely accelerate. Can explain what that means in a long letter, because I saw it. In short we’ve made it and the change is to come, victory is already there. There will be a last attack on Israel an God Will intervene, we will be restored with the powers humans had before they have fallen. Is already starting, through Him dying in our place.

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    There are the Gold Merchant Banks, who manipulated world “government” corporations to steal and hoard vast amounts of gold, so that they could force the use of fiat currencies, devalue them, drive up the price of gold, and then, cash in by controlling access to the gold supplies and forcing the great-grandsons and great-granddaughters of the people they stole all the gold from in the first place, to buy it all back at a ten thousand percent (or more) “value accrual” plus interest price.


    Theirs is a simple, brutal commodity rigging scheme. They hoped to evade attention and public understanding of what they were (and still are) doing by staggering this scheme out over decades and boiling the frogs slowly, milking the value out of the fiat currency they forced upon us as they went. This is the “Hundred Year Plan” of the schemers who built the Federal Reserve.

    They were so entrenched and so successful, that J.D. Rockefeller and the Vanderbilts and J.P. Morgan and the Mellons and other Party Hearties decided to start the International Monetary Fund — a vast fiat and securities-based commercial credit fund and use other commodities besides gold, but including blood and labor— as the basis of their lending. They also schemed to control by interbank treaties and agreements the transfer of credits and debts between banks.

    Both of these groups collude with each other to bilk and milk the public. They simply use different “instruments” to do it, which amounts to — would you prefer to be dismembered using a knife or a saw?

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