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Does Rothschild own all Central Banks?

July 15, 2013
Central Banks Rothschild

Controversy continues to rage about Central Bank ownership. Most major Central Banks, except for the FED, are publicly owned. However: this is not really important. Control is what matters and Central Banks are the Money Power’s centralized controllers, private or publicly owned.

By Anthony Migchels, for Henry Makow and Real Currencies

The shocking realization that the Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned by its member banks is one of the defining moments in any Truthseeker’s path. Eustace Mullins, coached by the indefatigable Ezra Pound, wrote ‘the Secrets of the Federal Reserve’, listing the banks owning the system. Ed Griffin then infamously plagiarized this book with his ‘the Creature of Jekyll Island’, to push the John Birch/Libertarian poison of the Gold Standard as a solution. We’re still dealing with this today, as seen in the ‘End the Fed’ movement.

The FED itself is now starting to move against its critics, claiming they ARE a Government institution, although partly independent. As Central Banks should be, which is today’s conventional wisdom in the Mainstream.

Here’s some text from the link, from the FED itself:
“The 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks, which were established by the Congress as the operating arms of the nation’s central banking system, are organized similarly to private corporations–possibly leading to some confusion about “ownership.” For example, the Reserve Banks issue shares of stock to member banks. However, owning Reserve Bank stock is quite different from owning stock in a private company. The Reserve Banks are not operated for profit, and ownership of a certain amount of stock is, by law, a condition of membership in the System. The stock may not be sold, traded, or pledged as security for a loan; dividends are, by law, 6 percent per year.”

So while the FED tries to downplay private ownership, it does not deny it. Its stock cannot be traded, but this is not a limitation, it’s a sure way of keeping outsiders out. After all, it’s a club, and we’re not in it.
Furthermore, a dividend of 6% per year is not bad. It depends on the value of the stock, of course.

On the other hand, after paying its shareholders, the Federal Reserve returns what remains to the US Government, so it’s not entirely fair to say that the FED is printing money and then has the State pay interest on it. It paid the State 89 billion over 2012.

Nowadays the situation is even further confused by the fact that people like Tom Woods from the Hate the State crowd openly call Central Banks ‘statist’ operations, messing up the ever so fair ‘free market’ operations of the banks. They will say funny stuff, for instance claiming or implying that Central Banks are responsible for ‘money printing’, their dreaded enemy of ‘inflation’. However, it is the private banks that do by far the most of the money creation. They are the ones lending, after all, and they lend freshly created ‘credit’.

It becomes even more complicated when we realize that all European Central Banks are completely publicly owned. They are corporations with 100% Government ownership. They do operate as ‘independent’ entities, though. Before the ECB they set interest rates and managed the volume without Government interference. Nowadays this is done by the ECB, which in turn is owned outright by the national Central Banks.

Before the second World War, all European Central Banks were owned privately. But the massive upheaval caused by the Great Depression and the powerful monetary reform movements that shook the Money Power had raised awareness about private ownership of the financial systems of the West and nationalizing the Central Banks was a handy way of diverting this attention. After the war all major European Central Banks became publicly owned.

It is therefore simply wrong to state that Rothschild owns all Central Banks!

This is important, because getting straightforward facts like these wrong is clearly damaging the credibility of conspiracy theorists.

Control vs. Ownership
Central Banks were created by the Banks for the simple reason that Fractional Reserve Banking is incredibly unstable. There is an eternal incentive for the banksters to loan out more than they can cover with fractional reserves, leading to all sorts of destabilizing busts. This was hurting the Money Power’s control over the money supplies of the World and Central Banks were created as ‘lenders of the last resort’: in case of a panic a Central Bank could keep busted banks afloat, maintaining sufficient confidence in the system.

Furthermore, they were useful tools for Sovereign borrowing. The basic contract between Sovereigns and the Central Banks was, that the Central Bank would always provide the State with all the money it would ever need, in return for guaranteed interest payments through taxation.

Also important was the monopoly on national currency that is closely associated with Central Banking. In earlier days, both in Europe and the US, free banking and local Sovereign money created a diverse monetary environment, more difficult to control for the Money Power. By ‘legal tender’ laws their units became the sole accepted way of paying taxes, giving the banking units a massive advantage in the market place. These were the early steps in further and further monetary centralization in ever fewer units, with World Currency as its final goal.

And finally Central Banks have the opportunity to ‘regulate’ banks. This is a simple trick: make regulation incredibly complex and expensive, and it becomes impossible for the vast majority of market players to comply. It’s the same deal as the Pharma maffia has with the FDA: new drugs are so incredibly expensive to test that it is impossible for low cost natural cures to go through the process, as they will never provide the return necessary to cover the cost. Exit competition and another excuse to keep prices artificially high for the cartel.

Public vs. Private is just another dialectic. It matters not whether money is managed privately or publicly. What matters is whether we have stable and cheap (interest-free) money. If a private interest-free Mutual Credit facility can provide it, grand. If Government can do it, fine. A mixture of both is probably the way forward.

Central Banks are a mixture of both: they have public and private aspects. But the bottom line is that Central Banks do the bidding of the Money Power’s banking cartel. They keep competition out of the market. They prop up busted banks, maintaining some kind of ‘stability’. They oversee private usurious credit creation and maintain the banks’ ability to rake in trillions per year in interest. They allow the banks to create the boom/bust cycle.

High time for a new paradigm.

Several people have brought to my attention that it is simply wrong to state that all major CB’s except the Fed are private: the situation is far more mixed. Some European CB’s are (partly) privately owned and also a major CB like BoJ is publicly traded (and thus privately owned).

However, the basic proposition of the article, that it is wrong to say that Rothschild owns all CB’s and that it’s about control more than it is about ownership, still stands.

Nonetheless, this is an annoying slip, partly explained by the fact by my geographic location: the Dutch CB and the Bundesbank for instance are completely publicly owned.

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  1. marxbites permalink

    High Time for YOU, Anthony, to ACTUALLY READ at LEAST ONE of Rothbard’s voluminous works, and get yer head outa statism’s ass re: money.

    NO ONE can be trusted to be in control of money as per our Founder’s DIRECT experience w/KGIII’s massive debts to shylock that sent him to the colonies for his revenue fix.

    OUR Gold & Silver monies were FINE with the sole exception of bimetallism, an easy fix.

    Prices, over the LT, dropped slowly with gains in productivity as per the NORM in FREE markets and DESPITE bank nationalization of the CW era.

    Austrians are NOT stooges of the corporate state, eg concentrated power elites that live above the law, yet you seem to want to be one in letting MORE statists control the money.

    Just as we have natural rights to our lives, liberty and property superior to any state whatsoever, we have a natural right to trade with whatever media we please.

    Man’s nature already chose the most efficient universally accepted money there ever was, gold and silver. Banksters stole it away. The SAME banksters Rothbard had railed against his entire Austrian career.

    So dear Anthony, take the challenge and quit believing the statists who HATE free market war hating Austrians. They are NOT the people’s enemies, they are the Banksters WORST nightmare.



    When this gem first appeared in 1963, it took the form of a small paperback designed for mass distribution. We’ve conjured up that spirit again with this special edition of Rothbard’s primer on money and government.

    Innumerable economists, investors, commentators, and authors have learned from this book through the decades. After fifty years, it remains the best book in print on the topic, a real manifesto of sound money.

    Rothbard boils down the Austrian theory to its essentials. The book also made huge theoretical advances. Rothbard was the first to prove that the government, and only the government, can destroy money on a mass scale, and he showed exactly how they go about this dirty deed. But just as importantly, it is beautifully written. He tells a thrilling story because he loves the subject so much.

    The passion that Murray feels for the topic comes through in the prose and transfers to the reader. Readers become excited about the subject, and tell others. Students tell professors. Some, like the great Ron Paul of Texas, have even run for political office after having read it.

    Rothbard shows precisely how banks create money out of thin air and how the central bank, backed by government power, allows them to get away with it. He shows how exchange rates and interest rates would work in a true free market. When it comes to describing the end of the gold standard, he is not content to describe the big trends. He names names and ferrets out all the interest groups involved.

    Since Rothbard’s death, scholars have worked to assess his legacy, and many of them agree that this little book is one of his most important. Though it has sometimes been inauspiciously packaged and is surprisingly short, its argument took huge strides toward explaining that it is impossible to understand public affairs in our time without understanding money and its destruction.

    What Has Government Done to Our Money?

    Preface by Jörg Guido Hülsmann

    I. Introduction by Murray Rothbard

    II. Money in a Free Society

    1. The Value of Exchange
    2. Barter
    3. Indirect Exchange
    4. Benefits of Money
    5. The Monetary Unit
    6. The Shape of Money
    7. Private Coinage
    8. The Proper Supply of Money
    9. The Problem of Hoarding
    10. Stabilize the Price Level?
    11. Coexisting Moneys
    12. Money-Warehouses
    13. Summary

    III. Government Meddling With Money

    1. The Revenue of Government
    2. The Economic Effects of Inflation
    3. Compulsory Monopoly of the Mint
    4. Debasement
    5. Gresham’s Law and Coinage
    6. Summary: Government and Coinage
    7. Permitting Banks to Refuse Payment
    8. Central Banking: Removing the Checks on Inflation
    9. Central Banking: Directing the Inflation
    10. Going Off the Gold Standard
    11. Fiat Money and the Gold Problem
    12. Fiat Money and Gresham’s Law
    13. Government and Money

    IV. The Monetary Breakdown of the West

    1. Phase I: The Classical Gold Standard, 1815-1914
    2. Phase II: World War I and After
    3. Phase III: The Gold Exchange Standard (Britain and the United States) 1926-1931
    4. Phase IV: Fluctuating Fiat Currencies, 1931-1945…
    5. Phase V: Bretton Woods and the New Gold Exchange Standard (the United States) 1945 1968
    6. Phase VI: The Unraveling of Bretton Woods, 1968-1971
    7. Phase VII: The End of Bretton Woods: Fluctuating Fiat Currencies, August-December, 1971
    8. Phase VIII: The Smithsonian Agreement, December 1971-February 1973
    9. Phase IX: Fluctuating Fiat Currencies, March 1973-?

  2. Government is the money. The issue is “who controls the government?” Just a thought. Rduanewilling

    • marxbites permalink

      He who controls the money controls the govt.

      As spoken by a Rottenshield himself.

    • Greenbacker84 permalink

      rduanewilling ,
      The people are the wealth of the nation. They create money via promissory obligations to each other and well as their labour and production.
      The government facilitates the banks to steal our labour and production, launder our promissory contracts into their possession and charge us interest.

  3. marxbites permalink

    “Central Banks were created by the Banks for the simple reason that Fractional Reserve Banking is incredibly unstable. There is an eternal incentive for the banksters to loan out more than they can cover with fractional reserves, leading to all sorts of destabilizing busts. This was hurting the Money Power’s control over the money supplies of the World and Central Banks were created as ‘lenders of the last resort’: in case of a panic a Central Bank could keep busted banks afloat, maintaining sufficient confidence in the system.”

    The SIMPLE reason is THEFT by inflation, and money created from this air WITH interest.

    Such a deal of privilege that ALL other businesses would LOVE govt to give them one too!

    The LOAN (creation) of FREE money creates BOOMS FIRST, in case you were unaware. Once all the malinvestments are made, and seen unsustainable, they are liquidated, ie. the BUST!!!

    THIS is the heart and soul of Austrian Economics, the Austrian Business Cycle Theory or ABCT.

    Auditing the FED and Ft Knox is job #1.

    Repudiate ALL the illegal debts, repossess all the nation’s gold back from shylocks, and back the outstanding paper money with whatever gold/silver can be gotten back or exists, and let the paper money value fall where ever the chips may.

    Markets, not PEOPLE in POWER, should control money.

    Repudiating the National Debt

    • If I had a million dollars for every Austrian that said that the national debt should be repudiated (other than yourself), I would still have to work for a living. Austrians believe that the debt should be paid by gouging it out of the lives of the working classes and the poor. I’ve never heard a economist or pol maintain otherwise. You can see this merciless austerity in Greece as well as plans for liquidation of retirement and personal accounts. It’s all a healthy economic process, they say; deflation resets the market. Too bad if millions can’t survive.

      • Bourchakoun permalink

        Good one – pm.
        And of course those debts can never realistically be repaid, unless you sell off everything and also get all real assets taken away. Now Italy has starting selling it’s islands:
        Agenda 21 clearly states that private property is not wanted for the common man and it wishes to attain that goal by 2050. How did the Austrians think that this would be attained?
        Greece’s newly issued bonds had an interest rate of over 40% at one time and are even now impossible to attain for any state. The whole system is a scam and it should be solved in the same way – let a new central bank print them a few 100-billion-notes and give it to them in an envelope.

        • you’re right, who would have thought that our demise would arrive at the auction blocks. The Austrians aren’t alarmed because they believe that any economic transaction is as good as another.
          As long as the government isn’t imposing regulations, a marketplace for human misery and disenfranchisement is just fine by them.

          • pm: The Austrians may be utilizing the “stock” market method of puts, holds, selling short, and all the rest of the investment formula for successful “trading”.

            I attended an investment seminar waaaay back in 1978, wherein the representative company had been using mainframe computers to track market histories of various stock exchanges for years. Their database had retraced every public offering since the market crash of 1929. They could forecast markets movement out decades, just based on the demographics of population trends, expected birth rates in various sectors, and so forth.

            Keep in mind that this was not even a large investment house, and it was 1978. I would speculate that higher level brokering has played the ups and downs of the market place with consistent advantage, regardless of which way the market was moving at any given time. The New York stock exchange is little more than a profit-weighted casino. The small time investor is a small fish flailing in a hungry shark tank.

            My belief is that “corporatism” is at the core of all basic financial maladies, and should be banned from the human agenda forever.

      • According to the goals of the United Nations Agenda21, and persons of the quality of Bill Gates, massive collective starvation is a wonderful spector to behold.

      • Hello pm: You may find this video of some interest or value. Perhaps even debt free…

  4. Natasha permalink

    Shame that marxbites advocates metal as money, but ignores David Graeber or Micheal Hudson’s anthropological analysis (amongst many others for the last century or so) that metal money is associated with war, empires (states) and power at the top: do you own a gold/silver mine? According to these scholars it is a fact that money as credit accompanies periods of peace, equality, and prosperity far more than metal ever has.

    Its also absurd to replace that which is being exchanged with an ‘equal value’ (i.e. a commodity such as precious metal), rather than simply record the fact a transaction has taken place, i.e. keeping a tab. Replacement of value guarantees scarcity disconnected from economic reality. Credit is created by economic activity just as sun casts shadow.

    So the real question is who benefits. Does the bank care if you pay interest in gold or paper? Do you have to rent out your tab entries? Clearly the profits from the money system must become part of the commons. And having to rope in metal mines and stock markets to the commons is yet another reason why metal as money faces such ridiculous hurdles.

    Credit is simply data, far easier to control for the commons than metal. As such metal as money is a stupid idea unless your rooting for – or are – the Private Money Power, who already control it as commodity. Why give it to them as money as well?

  5. Bourchakoun permalink

    Of course the Big Families have learnt throughout the centuries, that direct ownership and direct leadership can be dangerous. The 19th century was called the age of Rothschild, because they were still out in the open very much. Though over time they learned – if possible, to never figure as an owner (control through anonymous ownership of foundations, investment funds, corporations and banks). Another point is that being a ruling royalty or a ruling politician makes you responsible for peoples’ problems. Ruling in the shadows is by far superior.

    What is more seperior? Owning a piece of land yourself, or have a government agency declare it a “green zone” and pay for its upkeep while giving you a sole “exclusive” permission to live on the land? THEIR system is now beyond ownership, which is not a good sign indeed….

    • John Cummings permalink

      “owning” land is a government enterprise and service. “green zones” can be good for a land owner, especially if said land is not desirable to own. Alot of the west is this way.

      It is like a 60’s radical telling you: The government falls, so does money and property, true equality and a free for all.

  6. Anthony wrote:

    “The shocking realization that the Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned by its member banks is one of the defining moments in any Truthseeker’s path.”

    Well said. Why do we borrow all of our money from a private banking cartel that has no money? We are free to create the money ourselves (nation state) without incurring any debt to any other entity – no collateral or encumbrances needed. Congress has the constitutional power to issue money right away – separate from auditing or ending the Fed. No need to wait.

    Damon Vrabel explained:

    “No doubt most of you have heard of the sovereign debt crisis that so many countries are facing. We hear endless economists, reporters, and billionaire hedge fund raiders talk about it. But the phrase they use is fictitious. It is a fabrication of the Ivy League, Wall Street, and erudite periodicals like the Financial Times of London. Sovereign debt is an impossibility. It cannot exist.

    “It seems ridiculous to point this out, but sovereign debt implies sovereignty. Right? Well, if countries are sovereign, then how could they be required to be in debt to private banking institutions?

    “A true sovereign is in debt to nobody and is not traded in the public markets… The fact is that most countries are not sovereign… Instead they are administrative districts or customers of the global banking establishment whose power has grown steadily over time…

    “So thanks to debt-based, free-floating currencies, the “wealth of nations” transitioned to the “debt of nations” which is now transitioning to the “death of nations.” The new world economic order with one currency, one banking system, one government, and one integrated corporate empire is on the horizon.” —

    Above the Central Banks, at the top of the NWO financial kingdom sits the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which is owned by shareholders. It operates in secret and often against the interests of its client nation states.

    “Currently, 86 percent of the shares of the BIS are registered in the names of central banks, and 14 percent are held by private shareholders.” —

    The privately owned Federal Reserve along with the other 14% private owners combine for a controlling interest of the all powerful mega bank – the BIS.

    Four private banks collectively own just over 50% (controlling interest) of the Federal Reserve stock (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wachovia/Wells Fargo). And the top 10 banks, own over 68% of the stock. Basically, 10 “too big to fail” banks control the monetary policy of the United States and inexplicably, the Federal Reserve regulates its owners in a colossal conflict of interest.

    The all-powerful New York Branch of the Federal Reserve is at the center of the network as that is where monetary policy and market manipulations take place. The New York Fed controls the interest rate and the money supply through open market operations. They also manipulate markets through the Plunge Protection Team and Maiden Lane. Wall Street Banks; including JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs; are the majority shareholders of the New York Fed.

    Georgetown history professor Carroll Quigley explained the international banking cartel plan for taking over nation states in moving towards global governance under their financial tyranny in Tragedy and Hope; A History of the World in Our Time, 1966:

    “…the powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.”

    • Larry the leech changed his spots, again, from the end the fed clenched fist to the sovereign dollar of Lucy Liu the bard of Mao……

    • Hello Larry: Very well presented. Thank you. You may find it interesting to note the persons who reside or own property at 740 Park Avenue.

      Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream

      740 Park Avenue in New York city, is home to the wealthiest and most influential group of power brokers the world has ever known. Yet most Americans continue to believe they’re living in a democratic utopia.

      Private property rights? Human rights? Access to health care? A survivable wage? Education? America is all about freedom and justice for all – who can afford it.

      • Paul Vonharnish – Thanks for commenting on my post.

        Enjoyed your video and I concur, the distribution of wealth is skewed towards “class” inequity in most nations – the top 1% holds over 40% of the nations wealth (US). And, it is getting worse as the rich get richer and the middle class is becoming poor.

        • Thanks Larry. As Robin would say: Holy shit Batman!

          This chart is the best one I’ve seen thus far. Not to worry. The Congress just refloated the debt ceiling, so we’re all much richer than yesterday…

      • How can I find the Atlas Shrugged movie? The Fountainhead with Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal, and Raymond Massey was another excellent movie. Rand Paul for POTUS!!!

  7. Great article. I am generally ignorant of how things work in Europe and thank you for the background information.

    You are right that control is more important than ownership. The bankers don’t technically own my government, but…

    It is the interest that makes control of banking dangerous for private or public interests. The Austrians just won’t stop cheating one another when it comes to money. There should be fair and free access to “monetize” your own collateral.

    Interest-free loans for all, not just Ben’s friends!

    • Oh, they do technically own your Government usurykills: the US Fed Govt is a corporation. A private corporation.

    • Greenbacker84 permalink

      Its a good article but completely evades the issuance of our promissory notes, claiming banks ‘create’ our credit. They create nothing by first steal and merely republish secondary evidence of our promissory contracts. MPE established this 40 years ago, I cant understand why almost all the truth movement are still pushing the banker ‘inflation’ and ‘thin air’ memes. The inflation we see is price inflation (caused by interest) and volumetric deflation (again caused by interest).

  8. @marxbites

    Interest-free loans are not “free money printed out of thin air” but simply monetization of collateral.

    The money represents (is backed by) real wealth in the real world. As the debt is repaid, the money is destroyed. This keeps an automatic balance on the value of a “dollar.” No inflation at all.

    What I describe is the basis of Mathematically Perfected Economy(tm) and will likely be how things work whenever we finally enter an age of monetary reason.

    • marxbites permalink

      So then what’s wrong with the asset based silver and gold, America’s const’l legal tender NEVER yet amended away, that was our linchpin of liberty from KGIII and his shylock creditors?

      Which Hamilton quickly squelched with our 1st BankUS thus giving evil the upper hand once again.

      Which Jefferson killed, the war of 1812 brought back, which Jackson then killed and payed off the Nat’l debt the 1st and last time in all American history.

      Lincoln said he’d two enemies; the South in front and banksters behind, and of which the banksters rep’d the greatest threat. [Of course banking was then nationalized to the benefit of shylock once again.]

      And for the anti-shylock Czar who placed his warships on both coasts as preventive against England, France, etc entering into the shylock created divide and conquer CW, shylock eventually took care of his resistance to central private banks as retribution for aiding Lincoln, a criminal in his own right aside from the money issue. note*

      ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS, just as Lysander Spooner’s 1867 essay “No Treason…” elucidates beyond refutation in section XVIII.

      *note: Those “evil” Czars BTW killed only 500 people in the last 100 yrs of Czarist Russia, iows about 5 per year, whilst shylocks boys Wilson, Stalin, Churchill, Mussolini & FDR killed millions, and made billions, for their masters.

  9. REN permalink

    Hello Anthony,

    Nice article. I’m not sure about the 6% guarantee to the private holders of reserve stock. During periods of inflation I believe it was adjusted above 6%.

    In other words, reserve stock holders are guaranteed profits, regardless of any current economic conditions. There is also plenty of room for slush funds with “set asides”, thus enabling nefarious activities.

    Anytime humans do things privately, and in the dark, bad things will happen. The same applies to government, when things are done for selfish political or economic gain, and in secret, bad things will happen. Witness the recent NSA spying on citizens, all of which could be foreseen by the patriot acts secretive provisions. Austrian drivel ignores this aspect of humanity, and pretends private actors are angels.

    Here’s a quote from Wright Pattman, entry 92:

    92. How much of the Federal Reserve earnings must be returned to the

    No law or regulation specifies how much of the Federal Reserve’s earnings must be returned to the Treasury, but in practice the Federal Reserve spends all of the income it cares to spend, pays dividends to member banks on their “stock” and sets aside a large amount as “surplus.” The remainder is then returned to the Treasury. It usually returns an amount several times the
    amount of its expenses.

    Here’s a quote from the FRB:

    (a) Dividends And Surplus Funds Of Reserve Banks.

    Stockholder Dividends.
    In General. After all necessary expenses of a Federal reserve bank have been paid or provided for, the stockholders of the bank shall be entitled to receive an annual dividend of 6 percent on paid-in capital stock.

    Between Pattman and the FRB’s comments, I see wiggle room. The term “shall” and “entitled” are weasel words for setting a minimum guaranteed profit.

    • knowing how they operate this would not at all surprise me REN.

      The question what the stock is worth is key. I wasn’t able to establish it easily.

    • REN: You commented: “Anytime humans do things privately, and in the dark, bad things will happen.”

      I disagree. I’ve gotten screwed to great satisfaction many times whilst in the dark. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Carry on…

  10. Pol permalink

    “It becomes even more complicated when we realize that all European Central Banks are completely publicly owned. They are corporations with 100% Government ownership. ”

    This is not true at least for your neighbour country Belgium where the national bank is 50% privately owned.

  11. I disagree with your conclusion that it is irrelevant whether banks are public or private. If you are committed to abolishing usury and financial exploitation then you will never do this on a private, for profit business model. From its inception, private banking will attaché a fee to money created from nothing; business cannot operate otherwise. Give this fee a thousand different names and it will still be interest. It will still be usury. Money will still be taxed. Your labors, goods, property will still be bound by unearned rents. And money in ever increasing amounts over time, as profits must be maximized, will be siphoned away from public use into the coffers of financial oligarchs.

    Only government can operate a bank without usury. They are not bound by the insatiable business demand to maximize profits. Their only mandate is to ensure that the money in always kept in the country and spent on its citizens. Sure, abuses and waste can occur but they will be immediately recognized as transgressions against the public good. In the private sector the only good is personal avarice and it is thought natural and good that for every winner there must be losers. If you are one of the destitute latter, too bad. Find a charity or …. who cares.

    The for profit business model only distorts the incentives of institutions devoted to the public welfare. Take a cursory survey of real world examples to see this more clearly: in banking you have usury and derivatives; in healthcare symptoms are treated with toxic synthetic drugs instead of curing diseases with inexpensive natural supplements and nutrition; in farming you have companies developing toxic gmo crops in order to monopolized the food supply; and the privatization of the prison system has given rise to the creation of more criminal offenses and longer sentences so that the prisons can be kept profitably full.

    • Hi pm,

      private is not the same as for profit. You can have foundations or cooperative unions with a clear cut charter. They would not face pressures for profit maximization.

      I’m coming more and more to the conclusion that the whole public vs. private thing really is a charade.

      After all: corporations and governments are both run by people. They’re all organizations.
      Quite clearly Bureaucracy is incredibly selfish, even if not profit motivated. Governments all over the world behave like narcissist psychopaths.

      Plutocracy has owned Government since the most ancient of times. Just think of the Roman Republic, its history was basically a classwar between the plebs and the patricians. The patricians won, although they themselves had been really replaced by the money lenders, hence the empire.

      The question is, who is behind the organization, either private or public, and even more importantly: what is he doing?

      The main thing is the decentralization of power. To local communities, individuals. Centralizing power, either within Government or Transnationals, is detrimental, decentralization, to real people, is beneficial.

      • I respectfully disagree again, Anthony.

        Foundations were created to protect the profits of financial oligarchs from legal scrutiny and taxation. I’m sure you don’t won’t more of this. Cooperative union is just business with a benign visage. Can a coop survive without making a profit? Government can do this easily in hard times by a credit stimulus and always remain faithful to its financial obligations to the people. Coops are subject to economic pressures and not reliable nationally.

        Without government you have anarchy obviously. And in deregulated environments only the strongest survive and make the rules. Plutocrats would like a world without nation state governments. It’s what they work for through wars, economic turmoil, and propaganda that government regulation is the problem.

        Government is only bad because the private sector controls them through debt. Taxpayer money doesn’t pay the bills, its the private Fed. Nationalize the Fed and that control is gone. Government is just a tool and right now its in the wrong hands, the private sector.

        • What make the government bureaucrat so evil is the thought that he using our tax money to build some plutocrat a swimming pool instead of devoting it to a public water works program.

        • Whether it’s public or private they have the same problem: people are doing it and there is a concentration of power.

          We must focus not on the organizational model so much, but far more on what the functionality is. What we want.

          And it’s interest free credit for all, sufficiently available, stable, with decentralized control of who gets the credit, as part of the commons and equitably shared.

          I agree that Government could help create the infrastructure, but I’m keen on focusing on the quality of the financial model and I do see a place for independently operating (not for profit), within a larger framework, credit facilities. On regional, local level.

          Decentralization of power is a key goal. We don’t want Government to usurp control. It’s probably better than the Banks, but still not good enough.

          It’s complicated to visualize all the ins and outs of it, but this is not so much public vs. private, it’s more about what is actually needed in terms of the monetary and how to bring financial sovereignty back to where it belongs: as part of the birthright of all individuals.

          And I think that some sort of synthesis of public and private is probably a part of that.

          • Struggling Strudel permalink

            I wrote this just before I read this article but I think it stands. Any additions will be obvious:

            “I will dare to chance my arm at explaining that yes, the Federal Reserve is a privately owned institution that is a kind of hybrid in the way it operates both as a government regulator and private monopoly. However, as far as I can find out, Central Banks like the Reserve Bank of Australia are owned by the Government in that the Government gets a dividend paid to them by the bank on a periodical basis. Whether there are owners other than just the Australian Government I cannot find out but I suspect there are not. (but others are according to what I have just read)
            I think the trick lies in the fact that the Greenback is the lubricating oil between the central banks that makes them whir as gears in one big Machine controlled by the Fed who controls the Greenback creation process.
            The nexus of Power with these institutions is as far as I can see centralized AND decentralized in as much as even though the decisions on monetary policy are made by groups such as the Tri-lateral commission, Bilderberg, and the CFR, people like Glen Stevens of the RBAj must make sure all the ‘ducks are lined up’ with the domestic Governments spin-doctors/Government Ministers for their schemes to run hidden and seamless within the camouflage of the Australian Governments Budget strategy.
            These people are truly organized and regimented but only because their playbook is written with the blood and suffering of our forbears who knew their game better than we have (up till now so maybe there may be an alternative to what is coming.) but the Central Bank scam was still pulled off.
            The alternative will have to be where the medium of exchange is valued at nothing and created for lending without interest. Then it will be productivity that will show value and create wealth, not speculation on money markets.
            OK, I’m ready for any counter-factual arguments! I’d even consider faint praise as a positive!
            Peace all.”

            I agree Michael, it’s not about ownership. It’s about control.

          • Struggling Strudel permalink

            Oops! Sorry Anthony! Stuffed up badly there! Embarrassing, I must say!

          • Scott permalink

            What I still do not get is, and is not explained here… how do they actually control these public banks then..? Nowhere is this explained, its just stated as fact. What does it actually mean and in what way can they control something they do not own

          • It does not really matter who owns the CB, what matters is what the CB’s do, and everything they do is about keeping Commercial Banking viable and in control of credit markets.

      • Hello Anthony: You commented: ‘The main thing is the decentralization of power. To local communities, individuals. Centralizing power, either within Government or [the] Transnational, is detrimental, decentralization to real people is beneficial.’

        This is quite clear and concise. Thank you. The further we can distance our social order from the NWO centrist agenda, the more stabile and potentially prosperous the local endeavor.

        It is nice to find retreat from the bloodbath of your page regarding Hitler’s financial situation and German usury. Yikes!

        In another comment you state: “We must focus not on the organizational model so much, but far more on what the functionality is. What we want.”

        Yes, exactly. My sense is that the organizational model should be directed by the wish for a functional result. The model we have already applied with great vigor and failure is to establish the financial organization before we have deduced the purpose of doing so. The proverbial cart (blanch) has been put before the function of the horse, so to speak.

        My compliments on your many blog pages, and respects for your difficult endeavor. Bravo!

    • Greenbacker84 permalink

      Truth is we don’t need a ‘bank’ public or private to control the issuance of our money.
      All they do is launder and republish our own promissory notes/contracts which are backed by our labour and production. All we need is a national non-profit accounting system to merely publish and retire our contracts (MPE). The issuing power belongs to the people

      • A public bank doesn’t launder money unless it charges interest. Interest free fiat is just medium for goods, services and labor.

        Who exactly will operate this national accounting system without profit (e.g., usury in some form)? Individuals from the private sector? Some new business priestly class? Business people will never be satisfied with the public good as an incentive and ultimate end.

        The Fed and/or Dept of treasury can do the job you describe once the tie to the private sector is severed: interest.

        • Greenbacker84 permalink

          Again, we don’t need any ‘bank’ to launder our contracts whether public or private. We simply need a national accounting system (Common Monetary Infrastructure) to merely publish evidence of our contracts and retire principal.

          Under MPE the CMI has a level of government oversight, but they do cont control the volume of money circulated (we do) nor do they pretend to lend our own money to us as a public bank would. The state can also issue its own contracts using the CMI at no interest and retiring principal alone (infrastructure spending eg).

        • Hello pm: I appreciate your above comments, yet find the “banking” problem is very much related to public disclosure of were and how currency valuation is being traded. Karen Hudes (introduced on another of Anthony’s pages) has been thumping on the lawful accounting and disclosure issues since about May of this year. She’s totally correct to do so, yet I think she’s being a bit naive about how to force proper compliance.

          This current UBS situation is another piece of the last 100 years worth of accountings puzzles, and why 1% of America’s population owns over 40% of apparent net worth. The man behind the curtain seeks to remain behind the curtain, and Oz is bleeding all over the place, and this ain’t a new situation at all.

          At 5:30 into the video we are introduced to the notion that NO ONE is to know who the clients are of “foundations”, yet UBS opted to turn over 52,000 examples of willful tax evasion by clients that USB had themselves > illegally solicited on US soil. This style of solicitation is a point of law, and punishable under international banking regulations. Who’s zooming who?

          Later at 8:45 into the presentation, we are introduced to an issue concerning a bail out fund costing $50 Billion US dollars of Federal Reserve monies in order to secure the “failing” UBS bank on Swiss soil. Failing? Oh please… WTF? In the second segment of the presentation, we are introduced to some very pertinent questions being asked, regarding the “traditional” secrecy laws enjoyed by the UBS bank, and other tax haven banks. Why should “secrecy” remain a policy formula in modern banking practices? The NSA in the United States can look up the size of the underwear I purchase, yet they can’t do a goddamn thing about tracking down tax evaders. Give me a break.

          Inside Story-Swiss bank secrecy under pressure-24 Feb-Part 1

          • I think you discovered the problem. If the private fed banking cartel owns the government through perpetual usury debt, then all of the law enforcement and regulator agencies work for them. And should their breaking of the law be so egregious that this isn’t sufficient to keep them out of trouble, they can order their servants in congress to rewrite the laws that they’ve broken.

          • Exactly! People complain about the welfare system and our waxing into “socialism” when governments have been a welfare state for over 200+ years of covert banking and corporatism.

            Freedom and justice for all – who can afford it…

    • Hello pm: Your focus on the profit/Prophet) motive is exactly the issue. Why is it that everyone is fixated by the unreachable and mystical goal of adequate profit? We keep stumbling toward some financial ecstasy that will only disappoint. It is time for people to shuck off the delusion that financial profit detached from a measurable physical benefit, is even a valid concept.
      The entire basis of this method is hopelessly flawed, and I can only speculate that either the purveyors of this method are mentally impaired, or dangerously insane.
      Let’s boil the currency matter down to a very simple example: If I have been remunerated for some physical work which provided another with a direct benefit, such as having a new roof over their heads, I may opt to secure this profit within a bank for safe keeping, or I recirculate this currency back into the economy by hiring another to perform some task that I myself am unable to perform. I may spend it on the food that a farmer produced. Purchase a car or additional tools of my trade. Contract a collage or tutor to educate my daughter. I may even just gift it to a friend. (I know this is a strange concept)
      Once this currency is “spent”, it does not mean the value of my labors suddenly became worthless. It only means that this currency produced a measurable profit by way of mutual benefit, and will continue to do so as long as that currency remains in circulation.
      A friend of mine once stated that saved money is dead money. In other words, money is worthless when it is taken out of circulation, and only becomes valuable once again when placed back into productive use. Saving money for a gain in value due to compounding interest didn’t interest him at all. In fact he felt that all “interest” motive was a perversion of currency valuation. These are very simple concepts, and physical utility of purpose should be the common goal of currency creation.
      Instead we have a financial system based on manipulation of a mirage on some distant horizon, and some illusion that we can make it real if we manipulate the value into reality. The banking system has created an enormous shell game, wherein there is no pea under the shell no matter how delusional they have made the populace. Usury and “lending” mechanisms for financial gain are hopeless, if there is no direct association to a physical benefit. This idiocy is costing society much more than poverty of intellect.
      The Earth has become a plundered radioactive cesspool, yet we still have people living in abject poverty and starvation. In my opinion, it is high time to take the “bankers” and looters out of our expressions of social benefit. They do not belong in the positions we have allowed them. Prophecy should consist of creating a functional physical exchange of endeavors and mutual social benefit within a constructive political framework. Otherwise our expectations of success and measurements of value will remain sadistic delusions.

    • marxbites permalink

      The problem is NOT the charging of interest on lent risk capital. Its a perfectly normal and MORAL way to get today what one prefers to not have to save for in full first to obtain later.

      OTOH, shylock’s money from nothing created from thin air as debt fiat money PLUS interest IS THE immoral non-voluntary problem; as there can never be enough money created to EVER pay off the debt.

      Combining the exponential growth of the debt this creates, with the debasement of the currencies globally is a double whammy of deceit and pure theft.

      NOW, add in the opportunity cost injuries upon the [theft of] masses to the above insults, and we see these systems of fiat for what they have truly reaped, am entire globe drowning in indebtedness to shylock.

      This is why shylock stole our commodity monies gold & silver in exchange for their scrip from thin air plus interest.

      BTW, for some hair raising insights, watch Eric deCarbonnel’s youtube videos re: the ESF & CIA.

      note: Eric is the grandson of Frank Vanderlip so one must weigh the possibilities of his motive being a FED coverup by blaming the ESF/CIA.

      OTOH, it was shylock who perfected his own global spymaster system which became the Mossad, CIA & Brit MI’s. The economic hitmen of the nations they purse-string puppeteer.

      What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 1

      I’d love to get several folks feedback on this one.

  12. Nixon Scraypes permalink

    When the Bank of England was nationalised I presume the owners got something in return.Even the lovely,kind philanthropists of the City would want a few scraps.I believe details of the deal are secret,I’ve certainly seen nothing about it.It’s the secrecy about money that’s the problem.

  13. “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” –Rothschild

  14. “It becomes even more complicated when we realize that all European Central Banks are completely publicly owned.”
    The Bank of England, Danish Central Bank, and Greek Central Bank are still private corporations being run for profit.

  15. Mark Carney: Jewish Seizure Of Britain Continues

    Why are so many finance ministers Talmudic Jews???

    • Michael Hoffman’s new book, “Usury in Christendom: the sin that was and now is not” will make all this abundantly clear.

      • I understand why and don’t need Michael Hoffman’s anything.

        Maybe you should read page 51 -52 from WATERS FLOWING EASTWARD
        The War Against the Kingship of Christ
        by L. FRY

        “In 1492, Chemor, chief Rabbi of Spain, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its
        seat in Constantinople, for advice, when a Spanish law threatened expulsion.2 This was
        the reply:
        ” Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the
        anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to
        hear it as yourselves.
        The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

        1. As for what you say that the King of Spain 3 obliges you to become Christians: do it,
        since you cannot do otherwise.

        2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your
        sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.

        3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors
        and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.

        4. As for what you say of their destroying your syna gogues: make your sons canons
        and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

        5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become
        advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting
        Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

        6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience
        that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.


        My real indirect question was, why are the solutions provided on this site, always coming from Jews when the problems we face are because of the Jews?

        This can only be an attempt to fool people into believing the myth of the “good Jew”.

        The only real solution is to get these Canaanite/Edomite children of Satan out of our societies and ship them of to God knows where. Preferably a sinking ship.

        • Exactly what “solutions” belonging to what “jews” are you ranting about? This site does no such thing.

        • Bourchakoun permalink

          Oh Please! As if the Money Power has not sacrificied millions of the “lower brethren” in WWII and even now Jewish Newspapers have reported about the Israel-created Islamist extremists! Israeli people get fleeced the same way economically as everyone else, the young ones are sent to fight “extremists” – meanwhile their bosses are happily funding both sides.

          Recently Bill Still made us aware of a real interest free monetary movement in Israel, that is quite close to move for elective political power – we have those examples only in Island and Ireland – and now Israel too!

          Here on Israeli monetary movement:
          Here on Israeli local TV:
          Here on Israeli party control via banks:

          Countries like the US, UK or Germany are long away from that stage. The “woken-up”-People in those countries are mostly “free-market-libertarian-Austrian-economists”, gold-bugs or simply do not believe that interest can be that destructive.

          Look at what happened to the Piratenpartei – pirate party in Germany. Some very aware people supported it – and now they could rebrand themselves as Green Communist which they are.

          We should stop being navel-gazing schmucks and start breaking the meschugge system – together.

    • Erm… It is rather difficult to procure an original translation of the Talmud, but even in its current sanitized state, it defines the Hebrew social depravity and dominant objectives rather well. “Never allow advantage by a gentile”, etc.

  16. non domestic permalink

    THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE 0f THE NETHERLANDS owns 1/3 of the stock of the Dutch Central Bank aka DNB (LLC). For the owner’s of the other 2/3 of the stocks you need to look at the board of directors. Does the family of Amsberg ring a bell? According to some sources this family is hiding behind a corporation known as QUEEN or KING and let’s not forget one of their other vehicles ‘DE KROON’ or ‘THE CROWN’. The name of a Corporation is written in Capital letters. Why is the DNB registered as a LLC. LLC in itself suggests multiple stockholders / owners.

  17. if any of the low-life scum that congregates around Ellen Brown and William Still had the courage and the intellectual capacity to look into the ownership of the federal reserve, he might find that little over 50 (fifty) percent of the shares of the 7,700 U.S. commercial banks are held by funds belonging to various government entities (municipal, state, federal) …… my o-dear, oh dear my: governments in the United States are the majority share-holders of the whole banking industry…..

    now cock-sucker Ellen Brown peddles her new book, with the concept in it she claims to have invented herself, that it is time for state-owned banks; once again flaunting her own lack of knowledge and proving that she is a charlatan; not knowing that governments already own the banks……
    The Stae of North Dakota is not out of debt because of the bank of north dakota, it is out of debt thanks to prudent and frugal management of the State, the State is rich because of oil, and the managers of the State do what with some of the oil money? they make invetsments on wall street (including banks)…….

    which would also mean that those “too big to fail” corporations were/are also owned by funds belonging to government entities

    In the past several months the sovereigns of the United States use sovereign credit to pump $80,000million a month into the stock market, to re-flate the market from 6,000 to 14,000……. who owns more than 50% of these stocks which are in this way re-flated ? the same above-mentioned funds belonging to government entities……..

    during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency Franfurt Jews took over the United States (with the full co-operation of Abraham Lincoln, Portland Chase, William Seward, Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner); it appears that government entities (public employees unions, teachers federations included) hold more bank (and other) shares than the Frankfurt Jews……..

    • Well, if it isn’t Hank Paulson here to lecture us on honesty and corruption. Have all of your drunken sailor banker friends spent the 27 trillion in taxpayer bailout dollars already? Talk about calling the too-big-to-prosecute kettle black!

      If you don’t have links to your incendiary crackpot claims, don’t expect anyone to take you seriously. The Fed is owned privately and makes a profit for their bd of directors/investors. The Governement is their debtor and not visa versa. That is common sense even to idiots.

      Everything you said about still and Brown are clearly a sign of your advanced stage tourettes syndrome.

      • Hello pm: Yes. When I see a person using terms like “low life scum”, “cock-sucker”, and the like, I suddenly have a memory crisis: Oh no, another comment I’ll have to delete from memory…

    • bank fury

      who owns bank of america? (one man’s research effort):
      according to the chart, the majority of shares are owned by institutional investors

      funds belonging to government entities are institutional investors this could make the Bank of America a government(s) owned bank….. Ellen Brown and the groupies should jump with joy

      who ownes JP Morgan ?
      75% institutional investors …… send some more money to Ellen Brown, inventor of government-owned bank concept

      • name789р, you haven’t provided any links nor “courage and the intellectual capacity to look into the ownership of the federal reserve”. The big banks are just retailers of fed credit which they buy at an interest.

        • Berserker permalink

          It seems you lack the integrity to accept the obvious, that name789p did just give you links that prove his central claim, that US govts at all levels own most of the stock of the big banks.. which in turn own the Fed. Others, such as Clint Richardson, have done even more… It is public record. The big banks are not only retailers of Fed credit, they are its owners, by owning stock in the 12 Fed Reserve regional banks. That is official and verifiable in Library of Congress and elsewhere. You got any links to prove otherwise? Of course not.

    • Berserker permalink

      Yet since the Frankfurt/London JudaeoMasonic Money Power controls the governments [effectively the same as ownership in my book] actually they do own most of, and certainly dominate and control, the Fed. Whether or not there are deeper/higher levels of power over the Money Matrix is moot for our discussion. Globalist Jews certainly dominate all positions of public power.

  18. Hello Anthony and interested readers. This video is a fine introduction to the origins of the current problem. Pardon the quality of the narrator’s voice, and pay close attention to names such as Lord Randolph Churchill, Arthur Chamberlain, Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, the De Beers mining operations at Kimberly South Africa, bank de Rothschild Freres interests in Russian oil fields in 1886. The list of influence is quite impressive…

    The house of Rothschild the Money’s prophets

  19. Glad I’m not the only one saying this. “questions of lesser importance. (…) money today is by its very nature a tool for comingling public and private”
    People sense something is amiss, but getting mad and wanting to break something up is not the best frame of mind in which to construct a better system.

    You make a great point here. My pleasure to stumble accross this blog! It may interest you that Chomsky said something similar about the Middle Eastern oil. It’s less about owning it, than it is about CONTROLLING.

    Personally, I’m 90% creeped out by ANY concentration of wealth. Prefer to approach the story of Rothschilds Waterloo insider-trade through the movie “trading places” (it’s basically the same). Then, we I do stumble accross articles such as this, I’m usually reminded of the time I delivered a parcel to the Rothschild bank/estate/whatever (again: it benefits from fuzzy boundaries) overlooking lake Zurich. Just a clueless bike messenger, the radio said “go to Rothschild”, and I looked up the address. It’s an impressive villa, but also kind of sad because there are no PEOPLE around. Place like that, with a huge park and all…there should be families playing in the grass, music…10% of me just feels sorry for the Rothschilds of this world.

    p.s. and don’t forget that Ariane de Rothschild is the next best thing to occupy 😉

    • There is nothing to be jealous of. What has a man won when he has conquered the world but lost his soul?

      They are ruled by avarice, lust, powermongering and fear of loss. They are very small people. It’s sad that people actually think they have done well.

      The chance of a rich man entering the Kingdom is smaller than a camel going through the eye of a needle.

      This is even a much more important lesson to digest than the basics of money.

      • Bourchakoun permalink

        I don’t think that there is anything wrong with wealth. There are spiritual pitfalls on all levels of the so called wealth – desperate despicable actions from the lower class, envy and fear from the middle class, and also power-lust and avarice from the poor. Spiritual detachment from the fetters of materiality can be obtained by all levels of prosperity.

        What is wrong however is actively conning and destroying wealth of all other classes by i.e. combatting interest-free money which would benefit 99,90%. What is wrong is combatting liberating technologies like geomagnetic energy creation. What is wrong is letting people die and even actively killing people under the guise of medicine because you believe in depopulation and higher profits. What is wrong is killing and slaughtering people in order to be able to rule over one piece of land more on this planet.

        Healthy detachment from the trappings of life can be attained without giving away all your money like St. Francis of Assissi did. Being wealthy like being highly intelligent are just neutral states – what you do with those talents – that is what matters.

        • Bourchakoun permalink

          …powerlust from the rich of course…

        • In the first 1500 years of the catholic church when usury was regarded as a mortal sin and outlawed by kings, when a mere laborer could work 14 weeks out of the year to provide for his family, there existed a moral law (Jus Pauperum) that one must, after providing adequately for ones family, donate any surplus wealth to the poor. (Michael Hoffman “Usury in Christendom: the Mortal Sin that was and now is not” )

          To horde what one doesn’t need deprives someone else in want is greed, and affects everyone. Today greed is euphemized as maximizing profits and hording and are considered virtues of business acumen. It’s also why there exists such a vast disparity in income, and why it will only get worse.

        • God wants us all to live in abundance. We can own what we need to further the Kingdom.

          For instance: a producer of useful goods can own a machinepark.

          The problem arises when wealth is sought for its own end. Then serious spiritual problems are automatic, because we simply cannot serve two masters.

        • But a psychopath has no remorse, he looks after self and the rest better comply, with force if necessary. Apathy of the masses is what gives them the edge.

      • Kevin Poss permalink

        Nothing wrong with making money…honestly. The banking system is fraud, paradise or not.

  20. John Cummings permalink

    The Morgans own the Fed with Rockefellers and Warbergs. What they want is public decentralization and private centralization in dialectical terms.

    • Establishment of a BRICs bank sort of shoots down this idea doesn’t it? An assortment of countries readying themselves to go it alone.

      I also read China has over 50% ownership in their central bank. That may not be the case in Russia but the key is they control what it going on with their central bank. This is important.

  21. Actually Rothschilds own most of the central banks but only those which have been privatised. And this is a quite small figure around 24 Central Banks in the world. Majority of Central Banks in the world are still state owned or nationalised institutes under control of government. This statement of Rothschild owning all central banks in the world is a bit deceiving as it only applies only to few privatised banks.

    • henry kahrs permalink

      their would not have been ww2 had hitler not taken the banks away from jews.

      • Tomasz permalink

        …or invaded Eastern Europe.

        • And again this is a comment without Historical Knowledge. i have done my own research of old news papers and historical figures that are conveniently forgotten to history. Try ‘Smigly’ the Polish General who PROVOKED Hitler into invading Poland by invading Danzig with Mercs. In effect after getting Britain and France to sign an Alliance with them, Smigly arrogantly provoked Hitler into Protecting his own people cut off by Poland and their provokers. Smigly’s act caused an outcry from the German PEOPLE forcing Hitler into a WAR HE DID NOT WANT.

      • Hitler made the mistake of assuming all jews were involved because most of the gvt indebting bankers were jews…

    • DID anyone ever wonder why and how the USA got involve in World War 2, against the Germans?remember the Jews were disperse around the world ,they have no country no where to go to ,and President Truman could care less ABOUT the Jews ,so what happens that he sent the USA armed forces to fight Hitler?

      • leonardo e scarpati permalink

        The story goes that the USA had no problems with Hitler ,so the Zionists paid 4 millions dollars to P Truman to get the USA to fight Hitler, so the USA sent an empty ship with a big USA Flag to England ;when the ship got close to England the German U Boats sank the ship, and the USA declare war on Germany ;the Zionist had the choice to choose where to sent the Wandering JEWS ,and they picked where ISRAEL is today.

  22. sintia permalink

    they own half of the wealth of the world ….

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    A very interesting look at some conspiratorial things… Or not. You decide

  25. michael permalink

    people keep talking about the money power that controls everything but no one ever mentions specific names or families or gives proof. How do they coordinate the supposes 120 million members.

    • Nobody can know for absolutely certain who’s who in the Money Power.

      But we do know for certain that Jewish Banking families like the Rothschild, the Warburgs, Kuhn and a number of others are in the middle of it.

      The 19th century was widely known as ‘the age of Rothschild’ and there is no reason (other than their own assertions) to believe that they have surrendered their position of top dog.

      This is not ‘proof’, but it’s quite substantial.

      Nobody in his right mind can deny that banking dominates the globe. The only question is who exactly owns these banks.

      The problem is, that they are owned by a number of Trust funds: Blackrock, Fidelity and a couple more. Nobody really knows who is behind these funds.

      • then why are you implicating Jews? This sounds like anti-jewish garbage to me.

        • Google The Rothschild bloodline. One of the first things it says is that most Jews are innocent and not part of this conspiracy. The families of the banking moguls historically converted to Judaism, and today maintain that front, but in practice they are Satanists.

          • You might want to use an engine OTHER than the Synagogue owned “Google”. It’s about as suicidal as using “Wikipedia”.

        • jim carter permalink

          To Andrew X:

          I suggest you review Benjamin Ginsberg’s book, FATAL EMBRACE; JEWS AND THE STATE for an extensive presentation of his clan’s contribution to society. He points out numerous occasions where jewish financiers assisted rulers in stealing the wealth of the citizens and devastating their economy. The resulting riots frequently caused physical harm and seizure of estates of the financiers.

          The Federal Reserve system successfully hides the owners of the Board of Governors. Privately held corporations are not required by the SEC to reveal ownership. (NOTE: I did not say “ownership of the Federal Reserve.” It is believed there is NO corporate body “Federal Reserve.” The BOG has specific duties and responsibilities established by the charter. The FR has goals and objectives.) For more, follow the links in  

          • jim carter permalink

            ALSO NOTE; Ownership of the 12 Federal Reserve banks has been adjudicated to be held as a private corporation each with 9 directors. (Adjudicated as an FOIA issue and also as grounds to dismiss an appeal out of time.) They each are a franchise purchased by the commercial banks. The BOG has supervisory and regulatory control of each franchise. Any director can be dismissed without cause and without recourse.

        • andrew x : its not about jews or anti semitism…its about zionism…zionism may have some jewish connection but it doesnt truly have any loyalties or any national affiliation except to itself. and money and power of course…

      • Rob permalink

        I think this gets close to it. Whoever owns most control of the banks , does so privately, and quietly . It’s hard to imagine that the richest people In the world are not exerting their influence over the one industry that keeps them where they are : banking . Somehow they have to keep the masses servicing the system . That’s not very easy if the population realises they’re being robbed of their wealth by taxes. All tax paying slips are to accounts with the Bank of England . Who owns it might be secondary, what’s important is who can control what it does .

        • Andy Weisberg permalink

          Keep using those credit cards. Keep them in interest money. You fool.

      • Sir evel is at the throne

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    “…the Dutch CB and the Bundesbank for instance are completely publicly owned. ”

  27. akira cornell permalink

    Sounds like a conclusion from a world banker. A no commodity banking system always benefits the printers.

    • They control the Gold too Akira, that’s the whole point. They have routinely switched between the two.

    • Berserker permalink

      And if the printers are the public? You have not thought it through. So you want us to depend on owning gold, a scarce resource that the banksters dominate. That is sounding like a conclusion from a world banker.

  28. Edward permalink

    Did you seriously just say the Federal Reserve Bank is publicly owned!?!

    • Berserker permalink

      You talking to Anthony? He said it was privately owned.Trolling or stupid?

      • Kevin Poss permalink

        Read the last few lines carefully. He implies that the Fed is publicly owned, which of course it is not. Edward isn’t wrong, or trolling, or probably even stupid.

    • freak permalink

      Reserve banks in other countries like india are publicly owned.wheras FED is private institution

      • Think about it

        Why should gvt aquire debt when Treasury acquires dollars

        When dollars are printed.. On our own gvt presses.. Why must we borrow these dollars from the ngo fedbank???

      • Michael Halligan permalink

        I tried to find out whether the reserve bank of ireland was privately, or publicly owned. I could not get a straight answer.

  29. whoknows permalink

    Just some more bull shit by Rothschild

  30. Mr Truth permalink

    This article is clearly planted by the banking cartels. These bankers are liars, parasites and they collude with a constant stream of corrupt politicians whom they reward. See the mansions owned by those Rothchilds in the UK, see how they live while the majority of the population has been enslaved via debt to these bankers and corrupt puppet politicians. They spend their days rearranging expensive art works in their mansions while the population struggles to pay taxes to a government which forwards the tax payments to the the Rothchilds to pay of debts which should not even exist if the UK bothered to print its own currency.
    These bankers control and influence our legislation systems, most of the media outlets, influence our education and social systems, send our military to attack other countries for them, constantly manipulate are political election systems and they work hand in hand with the daddy of the money lending system, the Royal house. The Queen pays taxes which eventually end up coming back to her. How sick can it be?
    The whole system is totally evil and designed to enslave middle and lower class people, it is time to wake up and remove those money obsessed criminals in banking and their debt induced control over politics, the media etc.
    Note: they also own this website and most other online media and social websites. They are everywhere like a filthy virus spreading their debt infection with the help of corrupt politicians manipulated into government by them.

    • I’ll take a gold standard please. Why you think it poison is beyond reason.

    • Aaron permalink

      Just want to apologise for accidentally down voting this comment. Very valid information and hopefully the eye wash people need to wake up.

    • I think england DOES in fact print pounds.. the boe was nationalized in 1946…i read however that a roth schild sits on the board…

      At least Britain doesn’t fall for the euro… borrowing euros from the ecb.. using tax revenue to repay the loans plus interest.. exiting the eu is a step in he right direction

  31. Kyle permalink

    Conspiratards are a funny lot. The author slathered his piece liberally with lots of conspiracism and negative characterizations to try to make simple, undeniable facts less toxic to the wingnuts.

    However, the first comment I see is a full-tilt bonzo conspiratard doing what conspiratards do – invoking the conspiracy to evade disconfirming facts. This is a definitional trait of conspiracy theorists. It’s central to the wingnut mindset. It’s also perfectly circular reasoning, but then, logical fallacies are the conspiratard’s bread and butter.

    • Mhairi Hamilton permalink

      You must have pleasured oneself vigorously all night when your brain farted the word ‘CONSPIRITARD’ you keyboardtard waritard, Goodbyotard

      • Most if not all central banks are Banker owned… I sought China and North Korea on their own central banks… But now it seems China has national debt… Looks like Kim John hoon is the only one who kept them out oh and Iceland also

  32. Kyle Towers permalink

    I forgot to mention that the wingnut who wrote off the facts as products of the conspiracy was “liked” 28 to 1 and that many other comments are merely shorter versions if the same baseless, bare assertion. Conspiratards are nothing if not predictable.

  33. This is lying crap.. The fed and most Rockefeller ; Roth schild; etc owned Central Banks around the world counterfeit their respective Nations currencies and lend same to their respective Nation states.. This is where national debt occurs.. Are your taxes too high? Bet your butt

    • Kyle permalink

      OMFG! This is conspiratard central. And all of you put together couldn’t pass ECON101 with an open book and unlimited time. I am ashamed to be of the same species and more than a little fearful for the future.

      • ‘fed’ is banker owned.. thats why wevare in $20 trillion debt

      • The banking cartel headed by roth schild owns or controlls 99% of the central banks.. thru trickery and bribery..

        How hard can it be to bribe a rep or sen if you own the bank that produces federal reserve notes.. ? Yes federal reserve notes… not united states notes… look at the buck in your pocket… fed res note… counterfeit scrip…

        Die falscher lends.. government spends
        Has IRS extract.. pays loanshark back

      • You know this how.?

      • Lena permalink

        Then if you’re not part of the embarrassing species… where’s your knowledge? You put others here down but offer zero of what you supposedly know? = cowardly

  34. Clyde Harkins permalink

    Read the 1913 Federal Reserve Act (which has been kept hidden by the bankers) that makes it clear that all fiat created notes are the property of the issuing banks no matter where the notes are in the system. Who owns said privately stock? Of course, it is eight Jewish families. Whoever creates/issues the credit of a nation owns that nation. Of course most people ignore the biblical comment that the “creditor owns the borrower”. You and I are held as property of the bankers to secure their fiction called money. The bankers ownership of the money system creation is the largest act of thievery and lying since Lucifer convinced Adam to rebel.

  35. Peggy's Lad permalink

    Please read it all before you say it’s rubbish.
    I don’t think there is any thing wrong with the system.
    I think gold is out of the question as there is not enough to cover all the outgoings of the world currencies.

    I’m no expert but would it not be a good idea to keep the same system but any and all profits, yes even the 6% all goes back into the government coffers so all those billions around the world that go to share holders go to Schools, Helth, pensions, grants for small business. Education on how to prevent public money being stolen from the Tax payer and other good causes. Then the top Bankers working for us would be paid top £ but no dividends or shares as there would be no shares. Pay for the best bankers keep the profits. So nothing wrong with the system just where the money is going. It’s the same with capitalism, nothing wrong with capitalism, it drives people.
    The proble is the 10% of the top capitalists who abuse the system. Just my thoughts 🙂

  36. P Lazarou permalink

    Bullshit most banks are owned by the Rothscilds end of

  37. Emmett Walsh Email permalink

    Most of what you say is probably true. But, who are the major private shareholders of the group of banks that “own” the Fed.? If the Rothchild conglomerate are major shareholders, and I would suspect they are, then the Rothschilds are the group that “controls” Fed financial policy , and by extension, world financial policy . And its the latter is the scary part. !! If it’s true. The rapid centralized control of the worlds economy by a tiny elite is very disturbing. Control the money and you control life on earth.!
    It’s a difficult one.
    A friend of mine said some time ago that the forces of evil in the world are greater than the forces of good. But good always eventually wins , because of its far more efficient use of resources.
    I hope he’s right; for all our sakes.!
    Karma rules; is another way of saying this!

    • Kurt Hauser permalink

      Rothschild owns stake in all of the regional central banks under thier standard two-step transaction scheme. This strategy keeps them involved as silent / not so silent partners. What’s 6%er do is start or buy their way into a new or existing Regional Central banks. All under a legal US company entity name. Of which a certain Bank of England or partner there of is a registered agent and share holder. They ( Warren Buffett for example ) hen owe Rothschild for the initial loans amount and interest to get into the Club ( the 6% forever). They also get shares of stock in Berkshire Hathaway and interest on loans the regional Central banks make. These banks can legally lend 20X the value of the regional central banks deposits. This is all backup by NOTHING but paper, the reserve act, and the stupid American citizen who let FDR amend the constitution and legally steal the wealth of the United States. Further , upon default they have zero liability to cover ANY loans. That’s also the cost of letting these scumbag parasites steal from US. It’s ALL covered by the taxpayers in the end. That’s how they ruined buried us in 21 Trillion in debt.

      Shoot on site !

  38. Big Ed permalink

    It’s quite funny, that folks who think the people who question anything about banking and the Rothschild’s are all conspiracy theorists! I chortle every time I hear that LBJ coined phrase!!! I see those defending the federal reserve, as, “Congress Approved” and legal Central Banking haven’t quite done their research! Yes, Congress passed the federal reserve act of 1913, but, it was never legally ratified nor signed into law within the 17 days allotted to be signed by the president, then, Woodrow Wilson! So, legally, it’s null and void! Now, we gotta remember the formal charges brought against the fed by congressman Louis T McFadden in 1936, as to it’s legality, and call for it to be audited! Same thing for JFK, when he wrote the executive order to have printed United States Reserve Notes! Kennedy was preparing to out the fed, and the CIA, but was killed before finishing the job! Mayer Amschel Rothschild was the one who said; Let me control any nation’s money, and I care not who writes it’s laws! The Rothschilds real name is Bauer! They changed their name when they were held in Germany in a part of town called “Jew town” and actually got the name Rothschild from the bar the family worked at! That’s all recorded history and can be found anywhere if one wants to find it! No bank in the world is going to admit that the Rothschild’s own, or controls them, nor is any financial institution going to submit to an audit, for if they done that, everything has to be revealed, even ownership! Four presidents have been assassinated for trying to put america back in control of her own money printing and coin stamping, and all four were killed! They were Lincoln, McKinley, Garfield, and JFK! Another president, Andrew Jackson, survived 22 assassination attempts by the international bankers, and the last time he was only spared because the assassin’s gun misfired! And there lies the real conspiracy theory! For if the Rothschilds had nothing to hide, then let the fed be audited, and all global banking charters owners reveal exactly who owns them, and stop hiding behind rehearsed replies they’ve been given to respond with from their banking masters!

  39. jmorpuss permalink

    A bit of history on Who, How and Why thing are like they are.

    • utter bullspeak…banksters, primarily rot schild, own all but cuba and north korea.. maybe Iceland… At least for a while… There is a rumor that hungry kicked out the Bank fraudsters…

      Libya was doing well under Kadafi… Venezuela was doing well under Hugo Chavez… Both are now what president Trump refers to as shitball countries

  40. Jeffrey Bryant permalink

    The ” Federal Reserve ” is the American People greatest asset.If the federal government control the money supply all hell will erupt. The Federal Reserve Act established by Aldridge and the other six bankers was a well though out financial system the benefit the world. However, when a small group of men control a mass of people by “Power” instead of logic.Than greed and power to control become ones objective. Finally, if the Petrodollar is taken over by the PetroJuan we all will be in the poor house. I hope the “American Empire” that is the dollar don’t be dethone.

  41. In the past 7 years which one of the conspiracist groupies managed to work up the courage and learn something about the Federal reserve, its history and its owners ?

    Ignorant tapeworms are not the types who seek knowledge.

    • backing the currency with gold or fertilizer is it relevant… What is relevant is ownership and or control of the Central Bank… Government should be in control not a bunch of banksters ⚠️?️

      since Rockefeller and Rothschild took over the American Central Bank we have been forced into debt… That DEBT is now over 23 trillion and skyrocketing..

      virtually nobody is addressing this tsunami… virtually nobody has given a thought to what happens when government has to default on the debt

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