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An ‘Apology’ To My Readers

September 27, 2019

I’ve done something that I managed to avoid for ten years: write about something not directly related to Usury and the Monetary on this website.

To be honest: I never really, really felt that inclination. And I’m also not really, really sorry I did it now. But I do realize I might have tested the patience of some of you.

I’ve written about just about every social, political, historical issue that has ever seriously crossed my mind on Facebook, which, for a while, was a warm bath for many of us lonely truth seekers. Facebook is less one sided, and more interactive, and for a few years, I had a great many threads there with hugely smart and fun people. Now it’s mostly gone, of course. The coolest people are either removed, or forced to be good boys. I can only survive a few days per month on there before I get blocked again for thirty days for saying something hateful.

But these last few posts were perhaps not about money, but also not for Facebook. It’s a major revelation, and while I already had it in May this year, it’s only because of a post on Henry Makow’s site, that I got really triggered. And I had to get it out there.

And ultimately, make no mistake, the link to Usury is really quite evident. Studying money and the Conspiracy, over the years I’ve come to see the Bible as the most profound source about the true nature of Babylon. Babylon = Usury!, I once wrote. And it’s true, but while Usury is the core of their Worldly power, it is ultimately driven by a spiritual war, and this has never been a secret here at Real Currencies.

Not only that: people expect cutting edge material from Real Currencies, and God knows you have gotten some, although I’m fully aware it’s not for everyone.

Or is it?! We’re all scientists, right?! Well, this is science. It’s not about the (obviously quite major) implications for religion and spirituality. I’ve said nothing about that, and make no claims whatsoever about the veracity of the ‘miracles’ in the Torah. Only about the basic idea that Israel invaded Canaan and genocided everybody and took over the whole lot as a historical fact.

Surely, that is for everyone, uncomfortable as it may be. Because the Bible will continue to enflame controversy, and few people can consider it calmly. But I never set out to prove anything. It was just a flash of insight. It was thrown into my lap. All I ever did was being curious as to what might have happened, while being resigned to never knowing, as that had been the fate of people for God knows how long.

Having said all this: this subject of Israel and the Bronze Age Collapse clearly, clearly deserves its own domain, and its own readers, just as much as Usury deserves Real Currencies and the people here.

It’s going to be

It’s still under construction and closed for the public. I will need a few days to get the basics up there.

The mission will be to simply state the basic case, with its proof. Those who have fathomed the last few articles will already know most (I have few more tricks up my sleeve, though, so stay tuned at the new place), but it’ll be presented in a comprehensive, and concise format. WordPress has already been installed, and we have the theme selected that best serves this purpose. Associated will be a blog roll to deal with relevant actualities, and hopefully discussions and challenges, but the website itself will primarily be a presentation of the case.

Below you can find a draft of the introduction.

And now, after this, here at Real Currencies, we will return to the ever more pressing matter of Monetary Reform.

Thank you for your patience.


Moses died in Moab around 1177 BC. He had meticulously planned the destruction of the Hittites and the Amorites. He was succeeded by Joshua, who led the invasion of Canaan.

Joshua waged a few major battles in the South of Canaan, destroying the Amorites there, and what remained of Egyptian influence in the area. Next he turned North, where he utterly destroyed the Hittites, including at Kadesh, where a century earlier the Hittites repelled a mighty Egyptian invasion.

The destruction of the Hittites was a decisive blow, that ended the Bronze Age, already teetering on the brink of collapse.

After this campaign, which took years to complete, Canaan was entirely subdued and depopulated, and firmly in Israel’s hands. Neither the Amorites, nor the remaining Great Powers Egypt and the Assyrians, could threaten them.

Joshua died around 1168, after which the period of the Judges began.

Around 1000 BC, the Kingdom of Israel appears on the Mainstream map. From then on, Israel’s history is well known, and accepted by Science.

The fact that Israel was the successor State in Canaan, after the Collapse, is clear proof in itself that Israel was the victor and main beneficiary of what transpired in Canaan during the Collapse of around 1177 BC.

Exodus happened circa 1208 BC. The only Egyptian record of Israel is of around that year, and can well be read as the Egyptian propaganda account of the event.

The only reason people have not realized this earlier, is that they have always religiously followed the Biblical Timeline, which puts Moses in the 16th Century BC. But no real archaeological proof of his assertions could ever be found in that time span, and as a result, Mainstream Science considers Moses a legendary figure, and his narrative myth.

But Mainstream science has a fairly good idea of what happened during the Bronze Age Collapse in Canaan, they just don’t know who did it.

We will prove, with very simple, very direct, easily understandable, basically self evident facts, that:
1. The claims of Moses and Joshua in the Torah and Joshua’s Book fit hand in glove with what the Mainstream asserts that happened during the Bronze Age Collapse.
2. That the Biblical timeline, which is not part of the Bible, but merely a convention of men, is obviously incorrect in the era before the Kings: before the written accounts, the dating is simply wrong, and based on the ‘generations’ of 40 years, massively ballooning the timeline, putting Moses much further back than he was.
3. That the timeline can be easily repaired from about 1010 BC accurate now, to at least 1208 BC.
4. That the Torah is thus the first hand account of the winners of the Bronze Age Collapse, and a major historical text.
5. And that we finally know who destroyed the Hittites, the Canaanite Tribes and Kingdoms, and to a lesser extent the Assyrians and Egyptians, solving one of the greatest mysteries in Mainstream history and archaeology.

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  1. Are Europeans Israel in the bible?

    I’ve been watching some videos by an independent geneticist and archaeologist and he thinks that all the races (except maybe negroes in Africa) are an admixture of a superior people that at one time inhabited all areas of earth (people are wondering why we keep finding very old European like mummies all over the Earth). This superior people he thinks are more similar to Europeans (so Europeans are more pure and related to these superior people than others, some Europeans more than others).

    I believe that race mixing can have an affect on the soul and spirit of a people too, not just the mediator (the body).

    What do you think Anthony?

    I was actually worried that this blog might get banned. I’d like to donate $5-10 every once in a while to support the new site. Is there a way I can do this?

    • Nevermind about the donation thing. I just donated $10 through your realcurrencies donate button under the name Ken and email eagleeye313. I’m still wondering what you think about the other stuff though.

    • I think there is a lot to it. The lady of the New Earth channel also has shown a lot about how the ‘survivor race’ of the previous civilization before ours, were some sort of Aryans.

      But I have more questions than answers, and the spiritual aspect of the war overrides the genetic part.

      • “and the spiritual aspect of the war overrides the genetic part.”

        I agree, the spiritual part definitely takes precedence. I don’t like when people ignore the genetic part though and I also don’t like when people ignore the spiritual part either. People who deny the body part i feel are delusional though.

        I’m subscribed to the New Earth channel. I haven’t really watched anything yet though, I just have it loaded in my history. The guy I was talking about is Robert Sepehr. I don’t agree with everything, but that’s just the way it goes, especially today. If you search for Robert Sepehr in youtube it comes up with his two channels, one by his name and one called Atlantean Gardens.

  2. memyself&I permalink

    Resource Based Economy (worldwide)

    When enough people understand & accept that we can all thrive & survive
    in a more user friendly environment, minus all the negative aspects of existing
    in a currency ruled society…the whole planet will glow with peace and happiness.
    What will it take for the following to be accepted, by all humans?

    Resource Based Economy:

    It seems that money is the root of most all of humankind’s problems.
    This is an outline of a potential ideology that could help save humanity.
    How many humans will it take to bring humanity to a sense of sanity?
    Here’s the potential plan:
    We establish an E-Card system: ‘WeCan Trade/Exchange’…a barter type system where we all get an E-Card with 200,000 trade credits.
    Everyone agrees to this & so do companies.
    WeCan break free from the counterfeit system that keeps us all in a state of debt/slavery.
    With Free Education, individuals will be treated as individuals with ways of testing each person to help them to develop their own unique talents.
    Each person will offer their own special abilities as their contribution to humanity.
    Wealth is in each person…not in any form of currency/exchange used to trade.
    We all agree to keep things going the way it is now, regarding our system of production trading. We will not raise prices just because there will be all this free trade credit available.
    People can continue to pay & buy & thrive, without the worry of slaving or paying into the yoke of debt;
    as we work toward eventually changing to a user friendly system with everyone offering what they love, for their contribution to humanity,
    while eliminating the misery of the majority of the population being stuck in jobs they hate, just to earn money to survive.
    Everyone is equal regardless of their talents. Each person is unique with their own special
    No one should ever be without comfort, shelter and food.
    The sun will provide free energy for everyone on earth for cooling, cooking & heating needs; including methods of transportation.
    Wind, water & geothermal power will be available, for free, as well.
    Food will be grown to share for everyone for survival…. not for profit.

    Farmers are now paid not to grow food, to control the prices in markets. This must stop.
    We need to establish and offer Free Health Care for everyone.
    Chemicals, salt and sugar, is mixed into food products to make them taste like the foods they are not. This must stop.
    All foods are irradiated for the illusion of freshness, at the expense of our health and well-being.
    Fluoride is placed into the drinking water to control the masses; as it was in nazi concentration camps in Germany under the reign of hitler.
    When the war ended, 1944, German scientists were accepted into America.
    1945 was the beginning of the placement of fluoride in the drinking water, of America, To
    Control the Population.
    The ignorant media and doctors promoted the wellness of fluoride…we all believed it.
    It was not until the 1970’s that research emerged exposing the harm of ingesting fluoride
    One of the harmful results revealed is the causing of the development of unnatural bone growth in developing children.

    Fluoride blocks one’s ability to access their intelligence.
    That’s how millions of prisoners in concentration camps were kept docile.

    We are the only creatures on this planet that behave in the destructive manner that we do.
    Ants, bees, lions & birds…even fish, hunt & work together, for the good of their entire species. Without certain interactions between creatures& plants, neither one would survive.
    Whatever intelligence there is that motivates reality, in its harmonious ways, it is violated by one creature: Humans!
    It is just a matter of time before we destroy our species, if we keep behaving the way we
    currently do.
    The current money based economy (causing greed and destruction) is the root of most all of the problems, between people.

    Everything we need to survive is in place to continue surviving.
    All we need to do is change the system of control through money that keeps us all in a state of servitude.

    By establishing this new way to trade we can continue to thrive.
    With a humane system, we will have a chance to thrive & survive.
    This plan needs recognition, understanding and contributions
    from a wide assortment of thinkers, to improve and develop its potential.

    Through wireless technology, we can have a system of communication where everyone has a communication device
    by which they can individually participate in discussions and decision making on all levels of human endeavors.

    Without greed & profit there will be no special interests to contaminate the decision
    making that will go into shaping a New Human Reality.
    Please help by visualizing the potential of this plan and share with others.
    How many humans will it take to change this current abomination of existence that we have all learned to tolerate & accept?
    How many humans will it take to accept and contribute toward the possibility of a
    Revised, Cooperative Existence?

    It’s Pathetic how a powerful banking system, designed to keep humanity in a state of debt
    slavery, has managed to corrupt the idea of Communal Integration: a pooling and sharing of resources.
    Social Security is a community enhancement plan to insure well-being for older and disabled members of society.
    The failed attempts of communal interaction were due to misuse of power & greed through corruption & control of money systems; communal = ‘for the good of all’
    It is happening now in parts of the world like Norway and an attempt by Libya and a few other places.
    Let’s not allow Greedy, Rogue Agencies bring the world to financial collapse.


    Let’s begin to switch NOW to a Resource Based Economy
    Imagine what it will be like playing a real life monopoly game, with unlimited funds. . . and no one goes to jail.

    Resource Based Economy

    Ellen Brown, July 3rd, 2007

    It has been called “the most astounding piece of sleight of hand ever invented.” The creation of money has been privatized, usurped from Congress by a private banking cartel. Most people think money is issued by fiat by the government, but that is not the case. Except for coins, which compose only about one one-thousandth of the total U.S. money supply, all of our money is now created by banks. Federal Reserve Notes (dollar bills) are issued by the Federal Reserve, a private banking corporation, and lent to the government.1 Moreover, Federal Reserve Notes and coins together compose less than 3 percent of the money supply. The other 97 percent is created by commercial banks as loans.2
    Don’t believe banks create the money they lend? Neither did the jury in a landmark Minnesota case, until they heard the evidence. First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Daly (1969) was a courtroom drama worthy of a movie script.3Defendant Jerome Daly opposed the bank’s foreclosure on his $14,000 home mortgage loan on the ground that there was no consideration for the loan. “Consideration” (“the thing exchanged”) is an essential element of a contract. Daly, an attorney representing himself, argued that the bank had put up no real money for his loan. The courtroom proceedings were recorded by Associate Justice Bill Drexler, whose chief role, he said, was to keep order in a highly charged courtroom where the attorneys were threatening a fist fight. Drexler hadn’t given much credence to the theory of the defense, until Mr. Morgan, the bank’s president, took the stand. To everyone’s surprise, Morgan admitted that the bank routinely created money “out of thin air” for its loans, and that this was standard banking practice. “It sounds like fraud to me,” intoned Presiding Justice Martin Mahoney amid nods from the jurors. In his court memorandum, Justice Mahoney stated:

    Plaintiff admitted that it, in combination with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, . . . did create the entire $14,000.00 in money and credit upon its own books by bookkeeping entry. That this was the consideration used to support the Note dated May 8, 1964 and the Mortgage of the same date. The money and credit first came into existence when they created it. Mr. Morgan admitted that no United States Law or Statute existed which gave him the right to do this. A lawful consideration must exist and be tendered to support the Note.

    The court rejected the bank’s claim for foreclosure, and the defendant kept his house. To Daly, the implications were enormous. If bankers were indeed extending credit without consideration – without backing their loans with money they actually had in their vaults and were entitled to lend – a decision declaring their loans void could topple the power base of the world. He wrote in a local news article:

    This decision, which is legally sound, has the effect of declaring all private mortgages on real and personal property, and all U.S. and State bonds held by the Federal Reserve, National and State banks to be null and void. This amounts to an emancipation of this Nation from personal, national and state debt purportedly owed to this banking system. Every American owes it to himself . . . to study this decision very carefully . . . for upon it hangs the question of freedom or slavery.

    Needless to say, however, the decision failed to change prevailing practice, although it was never overruled. It was heard in a Justice of the Peace Court, an autonomous court system dating back to those frontier days when defendants had trouble traveling to big cities to respond to summonses. In that system (which has now been phased out), judges and courts were pretty much on their own. Justice Mahoney, who was not dependent on campaign financing or hamstrung by precedent, went so far as to threaten to prosecute and expose the bank. He died less than six months after the trial, in a mysterious accident that appeared to involve poisoning.4 Since that time, a number of defendants have attempted to avoid loan defaults using the defense Daly raised; but they have met with only limited success. As one judge said off the record:

    If I let you do that – you and everyone else – it would bring the whole system down. . . . I cannot let you go behind the bar of the bank. . . . We are not going behind that curtain!

    From time to time, however, the curtain has been lifted long enough for us to see behind it. A number of reputable authorities have attested to what is going on, including Sir Josiah Stamp, president of the Bank of England and the second richest man in Britain in the 1920s. He declared in an address at the University of Texas in 1927:

    The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing.

    The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in inequity and born in sin . . . . Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them but leave them the power to create money, and, with a flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again. . . . Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in. . . . But, if you want to continue to be the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.

    Robert H. Hemphill, Credit Manager of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in the Great Depression, wrote in 1934:

    We are completely dependent on the commercial Banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the Banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve.We are absolutely without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon.6

    Graham Towers, Governor of the Bank of Canada from 1935 to 1955, acknowledged:

    Banks create money. That is what they are for. . . . The manufacturing process to make money consists of making an entry in a book. That is all. . . . Each and every time a Bank makes a loan . . . new Bank credit is created — brand new money.7

    Robert B. Anderson, Secretary of the Treasury under Eisenhower, said in an interview reported in the August 31, 1959 issue of U.S. News and World Report:

    When a bank makes a loan, it simply adds to the borrower’s deposit account in the bank by the amount of the loan. The money is not taken from anyone else’s deposit; it was not previously paid in to the bank by anyone. It’s new money, created by the bank for the use of the borrower.

    How did this scheme originate, and how has it been concealed for so many years? To answer those questions, we need to go back to the seventeenth century.

    The Shell Game of the Goldsmiths:

    In seventeenth century Europe, trade was conducted primarily in gold and silver coins. Coins were durable and had value in themselves, but they were hard to transport in bulk and could be stolen if not kept under lock and key. Many people therefore deposited their coins with the goldsmiths, who had the strongest safes in town. The goldsmiths issued convenient paper receipts that could be traded in place of the bulkier coins they represented. These receipts were also used when people who needed coins came to the goldsmiths for loans.
    The mischief began when the goldsmiths noticed that only about 10 to 20 percent of their receipts came back to be redeemed in gold at any one time. They could safely “lend” the gold in their strongboxes at interest several times over, as long as they kept 10 to 20 percent of the value of their outstanding loans in gold to meet the demand. They thus created “paper money” (receipts for loans of gold) worth several times the gold they actually held. They typically issued notes and made loans in amounts that were four to five times their actual supply of gold. At an interest rate of 20 percent, the same gold lent five times over produced a 100 percent return every year, on gold the goldsmiths did not actually own and could not legally lend at all. If they were careful not to overextend this “credit,” the goldsmiths could thus become quite wealthy without producing anything of value themselves. Since only the principal was lent into the money supply, more money was eventually owed back in principal and interest than the townspeople as a whole possessed. They had to continually take out loans of new paper money to cover the shortfall, causing the wealth of the town and eventually of the country to be siphoned into the vaults of the goldsmiths-turned-bankers, while the people fell progressively into their debt.8
    Following this model, in nineteenth century America, private banks issued their own banknotes in sums up to ten times their actual reserves in gold. This was called “fractional reserve” banking, meaning that only a fraction of the total deposits managed by a bank were kept in “reserve” to meet the demands of depositors. But periodic runs on the banks when the customers all got suspicious and demanded their gold at the same time caused banks to go bankrupt and made the system unstable. In 1913, the private banknote system was therefore consolidated into a national banknote system under the Federal Reserve (or “Fed”), a privately-owned corporation given the right to issue Federal Reserve Notes and lend them to the U.S. government. These notes, which were issued by the Fed basically for the cost of printing them, came to form the basis of the national money supply.
    Twenty years later, the country faced massive depression. The money supply shrank, as banks closed their doors and gold fled to Europe. Dollars at that time had to be 40 percent backed by gold, so for every dollar’s worth of gold that left the country, 2.5 dollars in credit money also disappeared. To prevent this alarming deflationary spiral from collapsing the money supply completely, in 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt took the dollar off the gold standard. Today the Federal Reserve still operates on the “fractional reserve” system, but its “reserves” consist of nothing but government bonds (I.O.U.s or debts). The government issues bonds, the Federal Reserve issues Federal Reserve Notes, and they basically swap stacks, leaving the government in debt to a private banking corporation for money the government could have issued itself, debt-free.

    Theft by Inflation:

    M3, the broadest measure of the U.S. money supply, shot up from $3.7 trillion in February 1988 to $10.3 trillion 14 years later, when the Fed quit reporting it. Why the Fed quit reporting it in March 2006 is suggested by John Williams in a website called “Shadow Government Statistics” (, which shows that by the spring of 2007, M3 was growing at the astounding rate of 11.8 percent per year. Best not to publicize such figures too widely! The question posed here, however, is this: where did all this new money come from? The government did not step up its output of coins, and no gold was added to the national money supply, since the government went off the gold standard in 1933. This new money could only have been created privately as “bank credit” advanced as loans.
    The problem with inflating the money supply in this way, of course, is that it inflates prices. More money competing for the same goods drives prices up. The dollar buys less, robbing people of the value of their money. This rampant inflation is usually blamed on the government, which is accused of running the dollar printing presses in order to spend and spend without resorting to the politically unpopular expedient of raising taxes. But as noted earlier, the only money the U.S. government actually issues are coins. In countries in which the central bank has been nationalized, paper money may be issued by the government along with coins, but paper money still composes only a very small percentage of the money supply. In England, where the Bank of England was nationalized after World War II, private banks continue to create 97 percent of the money supply as loans.9
    Price inflation is only one problem with this system of private money creation. Another is that banks create only the principal but not the interest necessary to pay back their loans. Since virtually the entire money supply is created by banks themselves, new money must continually be borrowed into existence just to pay the interest owed to the bankers. A dollar lent at 5 percent interest becomes 2 dollars in 14 years. That means the money supply has to double every 14 years just to cover the interest owed on the money existing at the beginning of this 14 year cycle. The Federal Reserve’s own figures confirm that M3 has doubled or more every 14 years since 1959, when the Fed began reporting it. 10 That means that every 14 years, banks siphon off as much money in interest as there was in the entire economy 14 years earlier. This tribute is paid for lending something the banks never actually had to lend, making it perhaps the greatest scam ever perpetrated, since it now affects the entire global economy. The privatization of money is the underlying cause of poverty, economic slavery, under funded government, and an oligarch cal ruling class that thwarts every attempt to shake it loose from the reins of power.
    This problem can only be set right by reversing the process that created it. Congress needs to take back the Constitutional power to issue the nation’s money. “Fractional reserve” banking needs to be eliminated, limiting banks to lending only pre-existing funds. If the power to create money were returned to the government, the federal debt could be paid off, taxes could be slashed, and needed government programs could be expanded. Contrary to popular belief, paying off the federal debt with new U.S. Notes would not be dangerously inflationary, because government securities are already included in the widest measure of the money supply. The dollars would just replace the bonds, leaving the total unchanged. If the U.S. federal debt had been paid off in fiscal year 2006, the savings to the government from no longer having to pay interest would have been $406 billion, enough to eliminate the $390 billion budget deficit that year with money to spare. The budget could have been met with taxes, without creating money out of nothing either on a government print press or as accounting entry bank loans. However, some money created on a government printing press could actually be good for the economy. It would be good if it were used for the productive purpose of creating new goods and services, rather than for the non-productive purpose of paying interest on loans. When supply (goods and services) goes up along with demand (money), they remain in balance and prices remain stable. New money could be added without creating price inflation up to the point of full employment. In this way Congress could fund much-needed programs, such as the development of alternative energy sources and the expansion of health coverage, while actually reducing taxes.

    1:Wright Patman, A Primer on Money (Government Printing Office, prepared for the Sub-committee on Domestic Finance, House of Representatives, Committee on Banking and Currency, 88th Congress, 2nd session, 1964).
    2:See Federal Reserve Statistical Release H6, “Money Stock Measures,” (February 23, 2006); “United States Mint 2004 Annual Report,”; Ellen Brown, Web of Debt, (2007), chapter 2.
    3:”A Landmark Decision,” The Daily Eagle (Montgomery, Minnesota: February 7, 1969), reprinted in part in P. Cook, “What Banks Don’t Want You to Know,” (June 3, 1993).
    4:See Bill Drexler, “The Mahoney Credit River Decision,”
    5:G. Edward Griffin, “Debt-cancellation Programs,” (December 18, 2003).
    6:In the Foreword to Irving Fisher, 100% Money (1935), reprinted by Pickering and Chatto Ltd. (1996).
    7:Quoted in “Someone Has to Print the Nation’s Money . . . So Why Not Our Government?”, Monetary Reform Online, reprinted from Victoria Times Colonist (October 16, 1996).
    8:Chicago Federal Reserve, “Modern Money Mechanics” (1963), originally produced and distributed free by the Public Information Center of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, now available on the Internet at; Patrick Carmack, Bill Still, The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America (video, 1998), text at
    9:James Robertson, John Bunzl, Monetary Reform: Making It Happen (2003),, page 26.
    10:Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, “M3 Money Stock (discontinued series),”
    Web of Debt – Dollar Deception: How Banks Secretly Create Money
    Web of Debt Article Dollar Deception: How Banks Secretly Create Money, written by Ellen Brown

    Today’s selection — from Villa and Zapata: A History of the Mexican Revolution by Frank McLynn.

    The revolutionary Pancho Villa funded his military exploits by stealing or appropriating goods among the wealthy, in part from taxes, and in part by printing his own currency and paying for goods with this currency. For an extended time, this new currency actually worked, in large part because he forced it to work at gunpoint:

    “[An] aspect of Villa’s economic overlordship deserve[s] special attention: his attitude to the money supply. … An economic simpleton, Villa saw no reason why he could not simply print the money he needed, and to an extent the American banks in El Paso colluded with this by accepting his currency at eighteen-nineteen cents on the dollar, on Villa’s guarantee. Villa’s assault on market orthodoxy was more difficult to handle, especially when he gave the poor of Chihuahua fifteen dollars each on Christmas Day 1913, and then fixed the price of staples: beef was to be sold at seven cents a pound, milk at five cents a quart and bread at four cents a loaf.

    Mexican currency from the Bank of Chihuahua

    “Mexican merchants tried to evade Villa’s price­ fixing by pricing their goods on a two-tier system, one price quoted against Mexican silver money, the other against Villa’s paper money. Villa retaliated by ordering a mandatory sixty days in jail for anyone caught discriminating against his currency. When that measure failed to work, and people continued to hoard silver and ‘real’ bank bills, Villa declared that all such money not exchanged for his currency at par within a week would cease to be legal tender and its holders treated as counterfeiters. This tough measure panicked the hoarders into disgorg­ing.”

    • kingedward1wasright1290 permalink

      The fluoride myth is thoroughly debunked by historian V.K. Clark, editor of the book “The Union Jackal”. The National-Socialists never used fluoride in the camps. This is a lie to demonize the NS.

      Maybe you should step away from the kosher history books.

      • I agree. I don’t believe the fluoride thing either. I know they do it now, but I don’t think they did it then in the camps.

        The fluoride thing can be tricky sometimes, because there are multiple forms. One form is found naturally in soil and really isn’t harmful in the trace amounts you usually find it, but can be harmful in larger amounts, the other forms are very toxic and we’re surrounded by this crap today.

        • kingedward1wasright1290 permalink

          Sorry, but my comment was for memyself & I who is spreading lies on National Socialist Germany using fluoride in the work camps and they never called themselves nazis as I recall.

      • I mean we’re surrounded by it in the US. I don’t think Germany is nearly as much.

  3. David Che Adam permalink

    The purpose of the truth is not to please every body but to set people free instead, therefore the truth is above every thing and overrule all. Please keep doing what is related to the truth and we the truth seekers thank you for that.

  4. met core permalink

    Introduction: Sorry for my poor English

    I am following with interest your thoughts as a truth seeker. I agree with you that the Bible gives a lot of hints to understand our past and more important what is going on today. In my opinion, one of the crucial points in the biblical history is the curse of Esau, And the possible blessing of Esau, after he breaks free from the yoke of Jacob. Thr breaking-free process began already 2500 years ago, when Esau took control over the attic currencie. The symbol on these coins is the owl. And we find the owl later on the US 1 Dollar. On the FED we can see the eagle, also on the two pillars of the gate of Mr. Soros’ villa. (In the Bible Esau is connectet with the owl, the eagle and with the wolve / jackal. )

    Re. egyptian obelisks: The obelisks of Tuthmoses III can be find in the financial center London, in the power center NewYork and in the spiritual center The Vatican. Why?

    Best regards Holger

    Am Fr., 27. Sept. 2019 um 01:56 Uhr schrieb Real Currencies :

    > Anthony Migchels posted: “I’ve done something that I managed to avoid for > ten years: write about something not directly related to Usury and the > Monetary on this website. To be honest: I never really, really felt that > inclination. And I’m also not really, really sorry I did it ” >

  5. mick fletcher permalink

    Re your comments re Facebook Anthony; are you signed up at VK…be good to get more people over there..also in case you didn’t know ..Get off google and get on Brave.. no adverts

    • Hey Mick,
      I just switched to Brave, great browser, and honestly, I don’t understand how people manage on the internet without an ad blocker…………I’ll look into VK!

    • I can’t reply on FB mick, I’m blocked, please send me an email at realcurrencies (at)

  6. Anthony–I glad that someone is finally taking on this historical task. A valid timeline and clarify many issues–and somehow this small clutch of people [descendants of Genghis Khan–the ultimate mass murderer]–have managed to create an infrastructure [continuing to flesh it out with Google’s web of servers in Oregon and Facebook’s algorithms] that has them controlling the planet with a micro/macro control grid designed to control and monitor every “resource” on the planet including humans–who are simply being harvested while there is still something to harvest –at which point they will become useless but for the compost pile of WWIII. I look forward to the site’s progress.

  7. ADAM mikail permalink

    Did The Israelites Really Conquer Canaan? | The Bart Ehrman Blog

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Did The Israelites Really Conquer Canaan? | The Bart Ehrman Blog

    A couple of weeks ago I was in the middle of a thread on historical problems with the Hebrew Bible, and somehow … |



    Did The Israelites Really Conquer Canaan?

    A couple of weeks ago I was in the middle of a thread on historical problems with the Hebrew Bible, and somehow ancient forgery intervened — as it does, I suppose — and I got sidetracked.  But I have a couple of more posts on the topic, that are complete “stand-alones” (you don’t need to see what I earlier said to make sense of these) (though hey, why not take a glance?).

    In this post: after the exodus in the book of, well, Exodus, and the giving of the Law to Moses on Mount Sinai, in Exodus, Leviticus, (Numbers), and Deuteronomy, comes the stories of the Israelites taking over the Promised Land (promised by God to Abraham, the father of the nation), by wiping out all the Canaanites who were already there, as found in the book of Joshua — one of the great books of the Hebrew Bible.

    Extermination of indiginous populations is not exactly the political policy most of us advocate these days (well, at least not me), but those were different contexts people had different assumptions about what was right.  In this case, as directed by the divinity himself.

    In any event, my question here is not about the morality of it all, but the historicity.  Did it really happen?   E.g., with the conquest of Jericho (and the complete extermination of the entire population, men, women, children, and animals):  Did the walls really come a’tumblin’ down?

    Here is what I say about it in my college textbook, The Bible: A Historical and Literary Introduction.


    When considering the historicity of the narratives of Joshua, the first thing to re-emphasize is that these are not accounts written by eyewitnesses or by anyone who knew an eyewitness.  They were written some 600 years later, and were based on oral traditions that had been in circulation among people in Israel during all those intervening centuries.  Moreover, they are clearly molded according to theological assumptions and perspectives.  Biblical scholars have long noted that there is almost nothing in the accounts that suggest that the author is trying to be purely descriptive of things that really happened.  He is writing an account that appears to be guided by his religious agenda, not by purely historical interests.  That is why, when read closely, one finds so many problems with…

        Wanna see what these problems are, to decide whether you think they can be solved or not?  Did it all really happen?  You need to keep reading.  But to keep reading you need to belong to the blog.  To belong to the blog you have to pay a small membership fee.  But hey, it all goes to charity.  Do some good for the world.  Do some good for yourself.  Join!

    • Always good to hear from you ADAM mikail!

      I agree about Joshua not writing the book himself, and that it was written centuries later, over a long period of time.

      And I’m not saying anything about all the religious/miracle stuff.

      But two things are really quite obvious:
      1. Israel DID conquer Canaan: how else is it possible that after the Bronze Age collapse they were the first supreme power in region?
      2. The Biblical Timeline (which is not part of the Bible, but an old convention) is clearly wrong: Before the Judges and the Kings, the timeline is completely unreliable, basing everything on ‘generations’ of forty,which obviously is wrong. Either because of obfuscation, or because the oral tradition had simply not managed to convey the correct timeline. Which I find suspect, because other peoples and their oral traditions managed quite nicely. For instance: Egypt remembered a world catastrophe of 11500 years ago, which did happen, long before they knew how to write.

    • I’m also fiercely against calling the Bible ‘the word of God’ and supposedly infallible. That’s all just religious nonsense. The Bible is incomplete (there are associated texts that were removed for clearly political reasons), and it has been tempered with, both the basic masoretic texts, and later the translations.

      But it is also clear that the Bible is a stunningly insightful book, by far the most insightful I ever came across, and definitely of a caliber of its own, nothing can compare, also not the Vedic texts or the Qur’an.

  8. Magnus Dux Polonorum permalink

    Am I being censored? Why hasn’t my comment showed up yet? It’s been a few days now 🙁

    • You’re certainly not being censored, but there is no comment of you in the queue, I’m sorry to say………something must have gone wrong.

      • Magnus Dux Polonorum permalink

        And what about now? Still nothing? Might that be because of a URL? I simply wanted to bring to your and your readers’ attention a book by the late Eustace Mullins titled A Curse of Canaan.

      • Magnus Dux Polonorum permalink

        Eu stace Mul lins.

  9. Well Anthony, here is the answer to your question about causality between the Exodus and the Bronze Age Collapse, written for & inspired by your article. Hope you like it. Make sure to watch the video. And Merry Christmas, although I am not too sure about a Happier New Year! May God Bless you.

  10. Forrest Snavely permalink

    430 years Abraham is a foreigner in a foreign land. Exodus 12 is misleading to say that Israel was for 430 years. Abraham believed God’s promise at age 75. 215 years until the reunion of Jacob (age 130) and Joseph (age 39). This was 2300 years after Adam’s creation. (23 and the phrase ‘2 or 3’ represent Jesus). Adam begat his 3rd son Seth at age 130. Terah father of Abraham begat his first son Haran at age 70. 130 years separate Terah and Abraham at Terah’s death. This is hidden in plain site by “Terah age 70 begat Abram, Nahor, and Haran,” to show the firstborn son teaching that the firstborn son is chosen by the father not from the birth order. That this may apply to the Trinity will upset Trinitarians but I think better explains why Satan rebelled. The story is retold with Cain and Abel who is born second.
    The Bible’s timeline is sketchy after the reunion of Jacob and Joseph then regains accuracy with King David. I choose to believe the accuracy of Judges and we are told Caleb thanks God at age 85 in Joshua.

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