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The Crunch Is Back, There’s Going To Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous

October 14, 2019

(Left: Mark Carney, top Kingpin of the vipers enslaving and destroying the West and the World.)

There we have it folks. The next round in the Crunch is here, and Central Banks have suddenly started saying that a Gold Standard will be necessary to start anew.

The Gold Standard will force an excruciating deleveraging, austerity, deflation, and depression, and bring immense pain to the masses.

The Real Populists have been warning against the coming Gold Standard as the Banker Master Plan to destroy America for decades. The Libertarians in the Truth Movement have a lot of explaining to do, for continuing selling the Banker Plan to the uninitiated.

By Anthony Migchels, for

Consider the events of the last few weeks.

First Mark Carney, boss of the Bank of England makes an incredible speech, simply announcing the end of the US Dollar’s reserve currency status, and succession by an IMF generated and controlled World Reserve Currency. He went on to say the coming crises would be used to facilitate the transition.

Then two weeks ago, the FED’s repo rate suddenly spiked to 10% (!!). It’s supposed to be sitting at about 0%. The Banks weren’t lending to each other, that’s what caused the crisis. The FED had to dole out $75 Billion to get things under control.

Then over the weekend, the FED suddenly announced it would start Quantitative Easing 4.0, even though they don’t want to call it that, as they don’t want to admit the gravity of the situation. But it was pretty much an open secret that it would be inevitable.

And now major Central Banks are saying that we will need a Gold Standard after a reset.

Now have a look at this graph, courtesy David Jensen:

This is the trend of M2 growth over the last few decades. As you can see, the money supply has stopped growing, while it needs to grow quite substantially to keep the interest-charges payable. As a result, there is less and less money available in the real economy, and this is hammering economic activity.

It is the result of the FED’s tightening policies, raising rates and so called ‘tapering’, taking the cash they injected to keep things going after the 2008 crash out of the economy again.

As we can see, the results have been disastrous. We’re now at 2008 levels of money growth, and a major crash is all but unavoidable, and has already begun.

Of course, this is not caused by ‘incompetence’. The FED knows exactly what it has been doing, and many commentators have been pointing it out. Even Trump was on their case about it. In fact, it must have been quite unnerving for them, to do it while all the initiated saw it clear as day. On the other hand, the effects of this must not be overstated. It’s over for the FED, they will be soon replaced. They will get the blame for everything, and everybody hates their guts, and the FED’s owners have had their successor ready for a very long time now. The real managers and owners of the System will of course remain the same, they’re just conveniently changing their vehicle, as they have so many times, in so many countries throughout Modernity.

The Coming Gold Standard
The Bankers have routinely switched between Gold and Credit based systems, and it’s always the same: credit if they want to create debt and inflate, Gold Standards, when they want deflation and associated depression. They went paper based money in 1914, to finance the War. Their man Winston Churchill reinstated the Gold Standard for the Bankers in 1925. It duly led to scarcity of money, and a terrible crash. Germany left the Gold Standard in 1931, but only under Hitler and Schacht did the economy get reflated, something that only happened in the US and Britain when the War started.

After the War, all currencies were tied to the Dollar, which in turn could be converted into Gold. This was mainly to drain America’s Gold Reserves, and this worked like a charm. When America lost most of its Gold, it closed the Gold window, and since then Gold convertibility was over. And now it’s back to Gold again.

Of course, the Gold Standards of the 19th Century were all Rothschild controlled: Rothschild controlled the Bank of England, which ruled through the Pound Sterling as World Reserve Currency. The same people are obviously behind the FED, and the coming Gold Standard.

The Twenties are going to be terrible. The West’s free fall will escalate. America is the main target and will get hit beyond belief. Before the decade is over, the American Empire will be gone: they simply won’t be able to afford these 800 foreign bases and $1 Trillion fighter gadgets, and $8 Trillion Middle Eastern extravaganzas anymore.

But rest assured the Pentagon will demand Social Security, State Pensions, and Food Stamps must go first. And that they will get their way.

The Empire’s demise will leave a huge power vacuum, and will create only vastly more chaos all over the World.

This is the big one. We all know it had been coming. Mark Carney simply spelled it out and was kind enough to give a time table.

The West is facing destruction, it’s all out war against us by the Money Power.

There will be huge confrontations between the Peoples of the World and ‘elites’. Nobody will be able to deny anymore that we face an existential war against the Plutocracy. We can’t afford to be distracted by the losers (migrants, for instance) anymore.

And the truth is that our owners have been preparing for centuries for this. They will have a few tricks up their sleeves, doubt it not.

It is going to be us, the Peoples of the World, the working people, the normal people everywhere, or it’s going to be the hyper rich. There is not place for both of us. We can have a World where everybody does his bit, and shares in the rewards, or we can have a few parasites marching all of us off into debt slavery and annihilation.

The sooner we make peace with this, the better it is. Because it is the Truth, and things have been out of control for really way too long already.

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  1. David Che Adam permalink

    We have been warning by wise people earlier that :
    “Official truth is not actual truth.
    Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolute.
    The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People versus the Banks.
    It is easier to find people fit to govern themselves than people to govern others.”

    • Absolutely. And in the decades ahead, a final showdown will be forced upon us all.

      • Layla permalink

        Anthony , this is Layla . I guess you were kicked off Facebook . There a request from me on Skype so please accept . Hang in there . People have gone mad .

  2. Carol Ann permalink

    You are absolutely right! This is the preplanned disaster to consolidate all under their iron fisted COMPLETE control. The Cross of Gold speech delivered by William Jennings Bryan, a former United States Representative from Nebraska, at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago on July 9, 1896, warned about the bankers, their diabolical tactics. Then, the Federal Reserve was forced onto American soil [1913] by the Bank of England nation destroying machine.

    The bankers started the entire mess by storing GOLD and issuing deposit receipts. Then the reserve and confetti machine began. Now, they own ALL the mines, the quicksilver for processing, spot price its value daily thereby completely controlling the value of this one commodity. When the crash comes, it cannot be eaten. In Germany, when they manipulated the economy to the point of disaster, a sack of potatoes was traded with the farmers for tapestries, pianos, fine art, gold, jewels et al. That is, until the “elite” internationalists shut that down and funneled all the remaining wealth of the nation to them.

    Sir Josiah Stamp former President Bank of England: “Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.” This has facilitated a mountain of societal evils. And made the networks of mafias thrive to the point that the host is now in its death throes worldwide.

    • Are you talking about the Jennings Bryan who (as secretary of state) gave his name and whole-hearted support to the federal reserve bill ?

      Or are you talking about the Jennings Bryan, who, on February 14, 1895, said this in the House of Representatives:

      “No, sir; I do not propose to make it more helpless. I propose the only policy which will help the Government. I only ask that the Treasury Department shall be administered in behalf of the American people, and not in behalf of the Rothschilds and other foreign bankers. [Applause on the Democratic side]

      “The time will come when the unjust demands and the oppressive exactions of our Eastern brethren will compel the South and West to unite in the restoration of an honest dollar — a dollar which will defraud neither debtor nor creditor, a dollar based upon two metals, “the gold and silver coinage of the Constitution.”

  3. matrixview permalink

    A (new) gold standard? Probably not. …But if it does, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing necessarily. Just let the price of it float… Save in gold, spend in currency. Govs/(Central)Banks will keep creating credit/money (by proxy)… and charge interest on it. Unfortunately.

    • matrixview permalink

      Ok, a thumbs down. Please explain…

      • Matrixview, Thanks for the encouragement to explain my thumbs-down.
        1st I assess the gold mining process to begin with. I have a research background in Structural Geological Mapping, so have seen multiple gold-mining sites, at which environmental damage is rife because of cyanide & mercury separation methods, biosphere & tree-destruction, bulldozing, & contaminated tailings, where people don’t see & typically devastate once healthy & safe Water-sheds.
        2nd Massive population genocide & destruction of whole cultural worlds such as the Americas based on gold fever & the associated slavery (starting with Columbus’ slaving voyage to the Americas in 1492). More recently the western OYP, NWO, PNAC devastation of once wealthy Libya with the planned foreign arming of mercenaries with a genocidal result of over one million dead in order to destroy Libya’s creation of the African Dinar.
        3rd Oligarch designed historical ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) nature of false ‘Metal-coin-money’ (‘money’ from Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’) as usurping human collective memory.
        4th Before gold & other metal-coin-money’s all ‘indigenous’ (L ‘self-generating’) peoples worldwide on all continents & islands employed the String-shell (eg. Wampum, Quipu, Cowrie & Bei) as time-based equivalency accounting systems integrating the values of: capital, currency, condolence, educational-credit, communication, professional costume & more for recognizing multistakeholder contributions & collective knowledge.

        Oligarch money without contribution memory & the associated ‘gold-standard’ are in themselves false value systems designed to divide, conquer, command, control & distract us from ‘fractal’ (‘multiplier, building-block’) human recognition processes solidarity around the contributions we all make each to human & life collectives at all levels. I gave a thumbs-down expecting some understanding of what real human ‘economy’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘care-&-nurture’) is meant to be. I realize how 99.9% of today’s population have been indoctrinated out of any understanding for human culture. Indigene community compiles indigenous economic & other knowledge such as this Participatory Accounting section mul

        • matrixview permalink

          Douglas/Jack, first off, thanx for that extensive answer!

          You seem to be very intelligent and have a high moral ground. Not that I’m stupid or don’t have any values, but I’m probably not as well versed in all the ins & outs on this subject. However, I do want to point out that it’s easier to say moral stuff than to actually practice what you preach. Before you know it we’d call each other hypocrites, …and we’d both be right, I assume.

          That brings me to your points: 1) Yes, gold mining is polluting, as are extracting many other raw materials… for example: fracking. Your car/flights probably needs gas too. Electricity: most of it is burning coal (Tesla drivers usually forget that… not even talking about that batteries). Where did all the raw materials of your mobile phone/computer come from? Who mined them? Who made your clothes? Drank any coffee, eat chocolate lately? Well, you get my drift. …You may be a self-sufficient hermit that has an answer to some/all of that. Most people are not, as you well know. 🙂

          2) Yes, I’m aware. Rich people/countries rob poor. The world is unfair. Everyone in the western world is probably (in)directly contributing to it, even though most would condemn it.

          3) Hmm, don’t know if there was a conscious plan behind all that from the beginning, Occam’s razor might beg to differ and see this as a more practical evolution.

          4) I don’t see us rubbin’ sticks/shells together anymore. Cultures will adapt or take their place in museums or history books. The modern equivalent seems to lean towards crypto’s in the future. Not anything physical, I presume. Don’t know which system or what properties. I bet the oligarchs/CB’s/Govs will try to create/control/own it.

          Anyways, it’s good to read the many sides and arguments to a (complex) story to get a broader view/insight, and then make up your mind and practice what seems best for you and the people you care for. Every choice will have its counter arguments, and it depends on many factors/circumstances. There probably isn’t a one size fits all solution. It’s like someone shouting: “Freedom!”, it’s probably good to ask what exactly that means… I digress.

          • Matrixview, Yes, “Freedom!” requires an explanation. We all have to go deeper than doing our individual part of exhausting an unsustainable extract & exploit ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other generated’) system or believing in indoctrinated merits.
            1) Self-sufficiency is more about our commitment to each other in our collective humanness. It takes 7 billon people to produce the wealth we all enjoy. Each are entitled to their share. It upsets me personally to see my brothers & sisters worldwide exploited for the time-of our lives & essential biosphere resources. Knowing our loving capacities & potentials, commits me in solidarity to spend the money & time, I am given, only on essential goods & services for myself, family & all. In 1979, I took a Vow-of-solidarity stimulated while living with Dukobours & my role in establishing British-Columbia’s (ban on) Uranium exploration & mining moratorium. I spend my time & money on or towards only the essential needs of food, shelter, clothing, warmth & health for family, myself & community for the past 40 years. I’m vegetarian for 47 years, vegan 31 years & 80% raw 20 years. I don’t own or drive a car, but can understand how cars might serve essential needs, just not wreck-reation. Because of nature’s guideline to my relations with people & planet, I feel rich & surrounded by wonderful complexity.
            2) ibid
            3) Oligarchs do everything possible to hide their tracks & to be able to work in the shadows pulling the strings of our system. Their very command, control & exploitation of people & biosphere require being incognito. Coming, myself, from a privileged level in the trickledown of oligarchy myself, I am privy to the conscious plan & denial, which so confuses the fully indoctrinated popular mind. Occam’s razor requires considering the fewest moving parts to the resolution of any equation.
            4) Evolution may not be the competitive perversion we are taught, but more about collective collaborative integration with natural-science in all its dimensions. The String-shell of Turtle-Island, North America was manufactured from the Quahog shell at a few centres such as Long Island across North America. As a tube at one centimetre long & 3 millimetres in diameter with a 1mm hole along its 1cm length, the white string-shell was worth about 10$ while the blue about 20$. Much more compact than oligarch issued metal-coin-money. String-shell integrates: ‘Capital’ (L ‘cap’ = ‘head’ = ‘collective-intelligence’), ‘Currency’ (flow), ‘Condolence’ (‘Social-security’), Collegial mentored-apprenticeship educational Credit, Education (L ‘educare’ = ‘to-lead-forth-from-within’) has been perverted to its opposite. As a time-based equivalency accounting unit, the string-shell enabled a whole level of integrated communication across many seemingly disparate factors. String-shell functioned as professional Costume markings. The String-shell in various forms (eg. wampum, quipu, cowrie, bei) was used on every continent & island of the world by all humanity’s indigenous ancestors. Along with universal ownership by all contributors in the Production-Society-Guilds, these systems form the only integrated worldwide economic system humanity has ever known. Humanity is suffering from a profound oligarch induced amnesia.

          • matrixview permalink

            Thanx. you seem to love playing with language in models that seem a bit hippy utopian to me. But that’s just my first impression. It’s interesting though. I’d find it hard evangelizing those to the mass of f*cknutz you seem to have love for nonetheless. So cheers to you! 😉

            What’s your view on “universal basic income”, “resource based economy (Zeitgeist/Venus project)”, “permaculture”, “capitalism … communism”, “democracy”. Do you vote?

          • Matrixview RE: “hippy utopian language models”. The problem being that most people are throwing around terms without any definition & little understanding. Its true that the ‘hip’ movement & beatnik poets before them tried to reestablish meaning in our language.
            Do you believe benefitting from gold & silver, or any commodity, requires we proffer responsibility for their economic & ecological consequences?
            RE: “Universal Basic Income” Its interesting but lets animate it from the ground-up as ‘Universal-basic-opportunity’. People prefer to be valued for what they can give as well as what they can receive. The Sustainable Development Association & Indigene ‘Community’ (Latin ‘com’ = ‘together’ + ‘munus’ = ‘gift-or-service’) for which I work, are more focused on valorizing human capacities where we live & work. Everyone has talents, goods, services, resources etc. How do we animate the complementary ‘gifts’ we all have?
            ‘Do-we-know-who-we-are-?’ neighbourhood, web-based, open-source, open-data, community-economy software is about bringing ‘economy’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘care-&-nurture’) back to its roots in the collective multihome-dwelling-complex (eg. apartment, townhouse & village). 70% of the world & North-American populations live in multihomes with an average of 100 people in 32 dwellings. Intergenerational, interdisciplinary, female-male, critical-mass, economies-of-scale enabled all humanity’s indigenous ancestors to collaborate & embody empowerment at every level of human organization ‘fractally’ (‘multiplier, building-block, where the part-contains-the-whole’).
            These practices are inspired by humanity’s worldwide universal long 100s of 1000s of years of indigenous’ economic practice including human resource traditions. We’re refining software for neighbourhoods to create websites with online Human Resource Catalogues HRC, Resource-mapping & accounting in Community contribution, investment & exchange economy, right where we live & work.

          • matrixview permalink

            …our replies are getting cut (at least in my browser).
            Man, that’s a hard question about responsibility…
            I’m not an economist or a philosopher.
            I can only speak for myself, and my main concern
            is practical: preserving wealth (energy/knowledge/labour)
            I have mouths to feed and being able to pay someone
            to wipe my ass when the time comes I can’t.
            Since currencies are devalued I don’t want to
            save in them or be in debt with interest to pay.
            Paper/digits/soil/bricks are too risky (overvalued)
            these days. That’s why I fall back to that yellow barbaric

            If you can implement a fair system that the mass will
            adopt and won’t wipe/steal/devalue my solidified spent
            energy, more power to you. But I don’t think you can.

          • Matrixview, Yes on my computer screen, some of my last post was shaved off the edge.

            I agree that; we need to save our surpluses across our lifetimes. In humanity’s indigenous period the String-shell time-based accounting & Production-Society-Guilds were participatory economies, where every person was an owner participant. Domestic (Multihome-Dwelling-Complex), Industrial & Commercial economies were all organized in this way. Participatory industries following many of these ancient traditions an Employee Stock Ownership Savings Plan enable individuals to invest in their collective businesses. One does not pay taxes on the proportions, which one invests so they function interchangeably as Registered Retirement Savings Plans, Registered Home-Ownership Savings Plans, Registered Educational Plans etc so that base essential economies & self-sufficiency are fostered as broadly as possible. When multistakeholders (Workers, Suppliers, Founders & Consumers) each invest, they develop ‘invested-interest’ as well as are accepted into local department decision-making choices & hence the collective intelligence, which indigenous peoples cultivated.

      • It’s a bug in WP, the comments get truncated.

        But if you hit ‘reply’, you’ll see the whole text.

        • Thanks for the tip Anthony, We all live within these digital systems & there are a good chunk of bugs throughout the system. Your ‘reply’ solution works.

  4. the criminal gvt debt is the bitch.. brought on by illicit gvt BORROWING

  5. populist permalink


    Just read this on Henry’s site and then the idiotic response by some nit yakking “yes, but under an honest gold standard system . . .” – that kind of crap really gravels me.  Been working hard outside today and very tired but am trying to think of a way to respond to Henry’s site in just a few words to explain that there is no such thing as an honest gold standard as honest money is honest by being circulated in a constant ratio to exchanges being made while pretending to peg the value of money to a supposed stable value of gold is insanity and does exactly the opposite of honest money, a criminal manipulator’s dream come true.

    But I’m feeling my age and sometimes think it’s just not worth the effort as no one seems to be listening.


    • People love the shining stuff Tony, don’t they.

      • matrixview permalink

        Yup, some people love shiny stuff. I don’t give a rats ass about its colour, weight or shininess… I care about preserving my wealth (surplus energy/labour) that I worked very hard for and put a lot of time in, so I won’t have to work as hard in the future.

        If I save in currency I’m getting f*cked over by inflation/taxation. Crypto’s are too volatile and have no intrinsic value (at least to me/masses). Stocks/futures are a paper casino. With bonds/deposits I don’t trust govs/companies/banks. Land/real estate is totally overvalued (here in Holland) and I don’t want the hassle of renters. Investing in so-called green energy often is a total farce.

        So, please advise me on some better/safer wealth preservation alternatives to gold… I’m really curious what you guys think.

        • Billy I permalink

          There’s always silver. Silver is so undervalued and is still a form of wealth preservation.

          • matrixview permalink

            I own silver, and although I think it could go up in price a lot, especially in a crisis, most CB’s don’t own it and won’t fall back on it as a reference. More importantly, silver is used as a commodity a lot more than gold. Generally speaking (there are some exceptions) gold is useless in comparison to so many other commodities that we actually need of which most are plenty. To me gold’s true purpose seem to be to store value… at least its track record of a couple of thousands years shows that. Of course energy, labour and knowledge are much more valuable, but I can’t really store or transfer that easily. Hence gold.

        • But are you ‘preserving wealth’, or are you hoping that the Libertarians are right, and COMEX will default, and Gold will go to 20k per ounce?

          If you want to ‘preserve wealth’, than pay off your house. Even if it nominally declines in value, the living you will get out of it will remain the same, and your need for a roof over your head too.

          • matrixview permalink

            I don’t care about libertarians, utopians, marxists, or any other goupthink crap such as that comex fantasy. I just care about reality. Gold has preserved wealth better than cash for most of the time throughout history and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. Houses are way too expensive for my taste. I rent (cheaply still). And if that gets out of hand, I have plans for alternative ways of living. 🙂

  6. Thank you Anthony Migchels, Some of the best analysis on the return of the Gold standard commanded by world ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) oligarch controllers & what its disastrous consequences will be. Its time to rebuild our ancient ‘indigenous’ (L ‘self-generating’) human time-based equivalency accounting once found on the Worldwide String-shell value calculator. Relational-Economy of all humanity’s worldwide indigenous ancestors empowered people in all their contributions, experience, acquired expertise & decision-making acumen. Indigenous tools are available to all & innately applicable to our everyday living circumstances. India’s ‘Swaraj’ (Hindi ‘self-rule’) was founded upon ‘Swadeshi’ (H ‘indigenous’ = ‘self-sufficiency’). India liberated itself from British (5-eyes Britain, USA, Canada, Australia & New-Zealand parasitism through a popular implementation of ancient indigenous ‘economy’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘care-&-nurture’) of self-sufficiency in food, shelter, clothing, warmth & health. Affecting about 5% of the Empire’s import & export economy from India & India regained some of its strengths, while at the same time destabilizing long 20,000 kilometre shipping route inefficiencies. 100s of British 5-eye companies went bankrupt & Britain had no choice but to grant Swaraj. We have the power to both recapture our economy & to stop feeding the oligarch hierarchal beast.

  7. Dan Capp permalink

    Hey Anthony, I don’t know if you remember me from Facebook… I may not be on there any longer but I still follow your work, and this is an intriguing post. Something makes me a little bit skeptical though: Comfort. The comfort of the (Western) masses has been the Money Power’s single greatest tactic in subduing us. Whilst we have our homes, our Netflix, our smartphones, our alcohol, our porn, our money for takeaway food, we are comfortable enough not to rock the boat, seemingly. Take any of that away and a few of us might just set our sights on the Power, rather than just complaining about them in words destined for the digital abyss. I think the Money Power knows this very well and so I have to wonder why they would allow it to be jeopardised. I know you’ll say they have no choice, but I find it difficult to believe that they can’t prop up this illusory system ad infinitum – even if the Big Wigs had to sacrifice a portion of their wealth to do so.

    • Hey Dan! Of course I remember you, great hearing from you!

      Social cohesion all over the West is deteriorating quickly. Just think of the polarization in the US, or the tensions that the stonewalling of Brexit have exposed in Britain. Or the Yellow Vests in France.

      This will only get much worse.

      • Dan Capp permalink

        Do you not think this polarisation is all by design though? It doesn’t jeopardise the Power at the top one bit – in fact, it defers our eyes from them.

        • Of course. That’s the nature of their dialectics. They just create a faux conflict between two sides they both control, having them studiously ignore the elephants in the room.

    • Shark permalink

      They are desprately trying to prop asset values of the elites. Via Money printing and stock buybacks.

      Why would they support a gold standard which would destroy the value of their assets?

      • Shark permalink

        QE to infinity is Helping the elites.

        Why on earth will the Illuminati want to destroy (via deflationary gold standard) the asset values of the rich?

        • As they say: ‘during a depression all assets return to their rightful owners (the very rich)’.

          What happens is they don’t sell, but the masses must, and they’re the only ones who have the cash to mop everything up for pennies on the dollar.

      • They don’t care about ‘short term’ price reductions. They just sit on it for generations. Meanwhile, they do own all the Gold, and its appreciation will compensate them for any direct paper losses.

        Crashing the stock exchange will only destroy pension funds and non-insider investors, particularly the middle classes who are dumb enough to partake in the speculation game.

        • Shark permalink

          Will this coming gold standard be based on a one world digital currency? Will all nations give up monetary sovereignty to a global central world authority?

          Also , You have been saying “they have all the gold” since past ten years (in yr posts). Then why keep delaying the gold standard? What if ,on the contrary, they have very little gold and are thus delaying the deflationary bust & gold standard?

          Note: As per statistics, India (it’s masses) has been buying 800-900 MT per year of physical gold for jewelry last 2 decades. It could be possible most of the physical gold in hands of central bankers & elites has been leaked to keep price suppressed.

  8. This great information should be on YouTube or BitChute.

  9. I’ve been seeing the same signs that a gold standard is what the game plan has been all along. Plus as a Christian whom enjoys learning about prophecies and whom studies end time events, the Bible indicates that gold and silver will, probably, be still money in these last days ahead.

  10. “Without bloodshed, and rivers of it, there will be no political change” —Sarah Emery

    So how many gold silver coins have you stashed under the floor Antoine ?


    5-6 years ago the migchels predicted similar things. If at the time one acted contrary to migchel’s advise and first exchanged paper money for gold and silver coin, then coin for U.S. dollar, he is sitting pretty about now. so much for his expertise and fantacies.

    Yes, maggot infested hippies, in the middle of this disaster will co-operate and exchange their non-existent goods and services, and their good will, for paper notes that expire by friday.

    There was once a perfectly good currency and unit of account. It was interest-free, debt-free, outside of the control of bankers.

    as the no-money brain-dead idea:
    there must in a society a unit of length, a unit weight, a unit of volume; and …. a unit of account

    the middle ages and their money:
    the problem was: there was no money
    when gold arrived from Asia and South America, there was money and things started to flurish

  11. jouku permalink

    Man, I’ve been studying this shit for over 20 years, pretty intensely as it fascinates me to learn who rules and manipulates from the shadows and I can barely keep up with the tentacles the chosenites have laid. Every rabbit hole you peek into leads to the same bastards pulling the strings. Being such a tiny minority, they are WAY over represented in ALL positions of power & influence .. the game is rigged. They did it with control of Central Banking .. limitless shekels and focused determination while the Goyim worship Hollywood and sports celebrities shoved down their throats. They are experts at keeping the Goyim distracted, I’ll give them that.

    Tiny list one can use to draw a MAP .. the tentacles. These parasites pretend they are white European, while attacking white Europeans constantly and most normies have no idea who they really are.

    Mark Zaid – Jew spawn of a Rabbi
    Alexander Vindman – Jew
    Victoria Nuland – Jew
    Chuck Schumer – Jew
    Dianne Feinstein – Jew
    Adam Schiff – Jew
    Jerrold Nadler – Jew
    Joe Biden – Self Proclaimed Zionist
    Stefan Halper – “Halper is a variation of the Jewish surname Heilprin”
    Ghislaine Maxwell – Father was MOSSAD
    Robert Maxwell – MOSSAD
    Jonathon Pollard – Jew
    Rod Rosenstein – Jew
    Jeffrey Epstein – Jew -Did Not Kill Himself
    Harvey Weinstein -Jew -(((Hollywood))) Pedophile
    Les Wexner – Jew – Pedophile Epstein’s Most Prominent Client/Shekel Man
    Alan Dershowitz – Jew -Pedophile Epstein Lawyer
    James Goldston – Jew – (((ABC))) Epstein Coverup
    Les Moonves – Jew – (((CBS))) Epstein Coverup
    Chris Wallace – Jew
    Al Franken – Jew
    Jeff Zucker – Jew – (((CNN)))
    Zuckerberg – Jew – (((Fakebook)))
    Susan Wojcicki – Jew – (((Google)))
    Anne Wojcicki – Jew stealing and utilizing your DNA through 23andme
    Sergey Brin – Jew – (((Google)))
    Amanda Rosenberg – Jew (((Google))) Exec. that Sergey was fukking while married to Susan Wojcicki
    Larry Page – Jew – (((Google)))
    George Soros – Jew
    Abe Foxman – Jew – (((ADL)))
    Jonathon Greenblatt – Jew – (((ADL)))
    Glass Leadership Institute – Cornerstone of (((ADL)))
    Sacha Baron Cohen – Jew (((ADL))) muppet begging for more censorship – muh “antisemitism”
    Michael Bloomberg – Jew
    Sheldon Adelson – Jew
    Rahm Emanuel – Jew
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    Wolf Blitzer – Jew – Fake News (((CNN)))
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    Maggie Haberman – Jew (((York Times)))
    Paul Krugman – Jew
    Ben Shapiro – Jew – Effeminate Small Hat Punk
    Milo Jewopolis – Jew black dick swallowing degenerate
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    David Steinberg – Jew – Disqus – Zeta Global
    Elliot Abrams – Jew
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    Larry Silverstein – Jew – 9/11 WTC Lucky “pull it” Larry
    Sivan Kurzberg – Jew – Dancing Israelis of 9/11 – MOSSAD
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    Otto Kirchheimer -Jew – Frankfurt School
    Walter Benjamin – Jew – Frankfurt School
    Felix Weil – Jew – Frankfurt School
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    Terry Robbins – Jew -Weatherman Underground terrorist
    Howard Machtinger Jew – WU
    Ted Gold – Jew – WU
    John Jacobs – Jew – WU
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  12. junnu33 permalink

    stupid picture you dont live round earth jew freemason lie like everythink else!!

    greetings from finland very good show have listen many years! Jew control totally our country too!!

  13. Chris Pirnak permalink

    First Comment from Chris Pirnak as posted on Henry Makow’s website :

    I read the article and it really is just another gold shill article. It does a terrible disservice to those who embrace it. I never invest and predict future events based on a remote outlier event. The author takes stuff out of context.

    I just ask one question; Why would the globalists move to a gold-backed currency? They would intentionally destroy the economy and world system for decades AND GET THE BLAME. They would create such chaos that they wouldn’t be able to control. The NWO is being implemented while the people continue to underestimate it.

    They can keep this current system all the way to war. War will provide the force majeure to move to the next step. Based on the status of the ChiCom and Russian military, we are at least several years away.

    The elites will never arbitrarily move to another system. There needs to be a catalyst. War always has been that catalyst and war will be once again. The elites are very predictable.

    The globalists want to change but need a force majeure. The pain from changing the monetary regime is too great for the world at this point and only an exogenous type of catastrophe (exoplanet crashes and destroys the world, global conflict, etc.) qualifies as the catalyst.

    I wrote an article earlier today that I think may help a few of your readers who are tired of the shilling in the alt-media

    Investing based on our beliefs instead of reality; A lethal philosophy

    • You just didn’t get it.

      I resent seeing these things as mere ‘investment’ related.

      I’m furiously against ‘investment’ (speculation).

      This website has warned against the coming Gold Standard for 10 years, and we promote interest-free economics and the end of Usury.

      Do not invest, do not speculate, do not take Usury. WORK for a living, do not steal.

      I do condone buying a little Gold as a hedge against paper losses, because I can’t bear the thought of how people are going to be robbed blind with the coming transition, which will be the fate of the great many.

      But that’s all I have to say about ‘investment’, which is for children who simply do not realize the scale of the problem.

    • Shark permalink

      Is Coronavirus the Exogenous Type of Catalyst ?

  14. Vincent permalink

    So, should we buy some gold ?

    • Not to speculate. What I recommend is to put 20% of your paper wealth into Gold.

      That’s a decent hedge, that will compensate you should things go as expected.

      Do NOT take Usury, and do not try to make a killing of how they are killing us.

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