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The Daily Bell calls it quits…

July 17, 2013
The Daily Bell ends

In an amazing development, the Daily Bell editor Anthony Wile has just announced the Daily Bell is over. He’s pulling the plug, moving on to other ventures.

Anthony Wile says ‘hasta la vista’.

Of course, they have their own agenda and we can’t tell why, but the simple fact is: the Daily Bell never recovered from the fierce debates that raged in the first half of 2012.

When the first discussions started in December 2011, they were growing explosively and already close to the top 30,000 on Alexa, which is very high for high class conspiracy sites.

When I at the time picked them for some serious chatting about the basic Austrian propositions I did so for a simple reason: they were the leading outlet offering high end analysis of the NWO from an Austrian perspective, combined with a rational, courteous tone of voice. Rockwell and other outlets avoid outright conspiracy theory, even though very influential in the Alternative Media. The Daily Bell was very much directed at the Truth Movement itself and many freethinkers were attracted to it.

In the beginning far from all was clear to me, it was a great test for myself first and foremost: to see how interest-free economics would hold up against Austrianism in a head on dialogue with some highly competent people. This was long before we established the incredible amount of money and effort behind Austrianism as a mind control operation. After all: it was their insistence in the face of the facts about usury and deflation that made Jason Erb, Memehunter and myself wonder about what was behind it all. The rest is history.

The Daily Bell was a multi million dollar operation. Considering what we’ve been reporting on, the millions behind, and and the thousands of ‘independent’ ‘free market’ think-tanks and the simple fact that they had four paid elves with a hundred years of experience with Austrian Economics between them, located in Switzerland, this is absolutely fair to say.

With hindsight I have no qualms to suggest that the Daily Bell was purposely built up to further colonize the Truth Movement and to co-opt the whole thing through Libertarianism.

It all got a little ugly pretty quickly. It was not always pleasant. In fairness: I don’t mind a big fight, but I don’t like kicking a floored opponent and the simple fact is: I tried to disentangle myself in a friendly ‘let’s agree to disagree’ kind of way, when they started to clearly and purposely misrepresent my positions.

In the spring of 2012 Memehunter spent weeks on end in all out clashes in their comment sections with the elves and they tried everything to spin his positions into obscurity. It was his sheer determination in patiently rebutting everything they threw at him that eventually busted them. Their Alexa rating started dropping massively at the time, and somewhere around May last year they shut down their comment section altogether. But this was no solution as it cost them even more readers.

Several times Memehunter and I decided to leave them alone, Memehunter actually retired, but they kept coming back. Reopening the debate, looking for ways to recover past glory. It got so stupid and annoying that Memehunter ended his retirement and opened up the Daily Knell. Ravaging whatever was left of their economic credibility.

Their fury was palpable. Both from their tone of voice when (indirectly) attacking us, calling us ‘bought and paid for websites attacking those defending Freedom’. And from the enraged Abu Aardvark, whom ultimately forced me to implement a comment policy to end his trolling. He also angrily commented on other websites, claiming we were lying and attacking the Daily Bell because they were opposing evil. His handle was probably used by the elves or maybe even Wile himself.

Intellectually speaking this was a struggle to the death. It had to be. When writing my last two articles, I was not even sure I was doing the right thing responding to their final challenges. On the other hand: no opponent more dangerous than a wounded one.

So now they’re actually closing down. Undoubtedly this is a major defeat for Austrianism and a big victory for Interest-Free Economics and the Truth Movement, which needs a clear picture on the monetary.
They will be back though, the vehicle is gone, Gold buggery will remain with us.

This was purely business, never personal. I wish Anthony Wile and the Elves all the best in their further pursuit of happiness.

Here are the main articles, in order of publication. The articles link to the main DB challenges and responses.
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The sulking Elves from the Woods of the North

See the Daily Knell for Memehunter’s great work on Libertarianism and the Daily Bell.
Here is his ‘the Daily Bell Hoax?‘, exposing the crucial Agora connection, tying the whole Libertarian Leadership together as basically a small clique.

Here are Jason Erb’s articles on the Daily Bell.
And an interview Jason and I did a year ago.

  1. Bourchakoun permalink

    The Daily Bell may be gone, but Austrianism is just a dead-end solution for the Truth Seekers to become trapped in. It will never be implemented anyway, though some parts might resurface as you have aptly predicted – i.e. Gold Standard.

    There are counltess other NGOs, foundations and think tanks willing working 24/7 – some willing to become more “alternative” in order to cover and fool the “liberty crowd”. One example – though more or less conventional econmics with some libertarianism sprlinkled in –

    Still – good job at sinking that ship. Unfortunately they are building constantly new ones.

    • Austrianism is far from dead, that much is clear. I’m glad it’s over. It just dragged on and on, we were all getting tired of it. And it also distracted from more positive issues.

  2. The real enemy is ignorance. I’m certain that most people on the left, right and libertarian have never heard any of the information you have put forth over the years. We need to hashtag# these articles on social media like twitter to all these different groups of people and stop just preaching to the choir. Those that are swayed by ideas and not personalities will come around eventually.

  3. Well, it’s unfortunate as it was well written publication with many enlightened standpoints, Wile being an articulate head.

    However, the stance on interest was an unforgivable one and obviously unjustifiably negative. Ultimately turning people away from the DB.

    In the end, the debates we had caused major shock-waves and opened peoples’ eyes to the root cause of wealth disparity and manipulation: the exponential devouring effect of interest.

  4. For whatever reason, the Daily Bell came back, to life or something

  5. Austrian economics is simple: all economics ensues from individual human action. There is no way to determine, or pre-determine, what human motivations are. Material measurements are woefully inadequate, as they are done after the fact, and humans are whimsical. Values differ. Central planning has never worked.

    The non-aggression principle is the optimal principle for a peaceful society, the principle of recognizing the individual human right to live free of aggression, with mutual respect for the right of property.

    Interest charges for loans don’t necessarily violate this principle but are borderline unethical for the lender, and borderline foolish for the borrower. (mea culpa also). Depending on the situation.

    (Usury was forbidden among “brethren” in the laws of Moses, and in Proverbs we read “The borrower is servant to the lender”.)

    Jesus has a stronger rule than the above, the “Golden Rule”. The non-aggression principle is a corollary of it. So is anarcho-capitalism. See Matthew 17.

    • Christ demands Charity, which is a whole lot more than the ‘non aggression principal’, which is very pleasant to the very rich, as they can claim ‘aggression’, when the starving poor come to demand an equitable sharing of the wealth, let alone reimbursement of their terrible losses to Usury (and deflation, another Austrian hobbyhorse).

      The Austrian obsession with wealth is despicable: the love of money is the root of all evil and our society is built on it. Austrianism only makes it worse.

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