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A Real Currencies Top Ten

July 14, 2013
Real Currencies Top Ten

In all fairness: I’m astounded by the impact my blogging here at Real Currencies has had on the blogosphere. True, it’s still marginal, but it has been reaching some of the best and brightest out there. So this is as good a time as any to thank both my readers and my many friends in the Alternative Media who have been very supportive of my work.

Usury is slowly but surely gaining traction as one of the more fundamental issues of our time and it’s simply wonderful that some of my writing has been supportive of that trend.

Austrian Economics has been dealt a severe blow, as before there was simply nowhere people could go for a solid, comprehensive appreciation of this utterly detestable mind control operation, trapping so many honest seekers trying to fathom the ‘dismal science’, which is actually a sacred science and which is so fundamental to our well-being here on planet Earth.

I want to thank first and foremost all my readers for putting up with my many flaws and mistakes. And for their wonderful feedback, both in content and in terms of appreciation, the latter category sometimes so positive I had difficulty taking it in.

Next I want to express my gratitude to Henry Makow, who has given me a powerful platform and has helped me immensely in becoming a more effective writer.

And also the many others that have posted my articles, particularly Rixon Stewart, Zen Gardner, Mike Rivero, Doug from Blacklisted News, the good people of Before it’s News and many others.

And of course Memehunter and Faux Capitalist’s Jason Erb, with whom I’m very happy to be associated. Without these guys our little anti-AE campaign would have been unthinkable.

There is no particular reason for all this, but I feel this is in some ways long overdue.

The below list is just my personal choice, based on impact, number of views and ratings.

So here goes:

1. The Dying Dollar and the Rise of a New Currency Order
This article, outlining the longer term trends in terms of the Money Power’s World Currency project was well received immediately after publication, but the reason why it’s my number one is simple: it got no less than 130,000 views, which is major for a fringe blog like Real Currencies. A month after publication it got picked up by Matt Drudge and this netted 120,000 views within 24 hours. From there it was linked to by dozens of other leading websites, including,, and many others. The comments it received on these sites showed the article was eyeopening to many and some people were elated to be exposed to this kind of stuff, notwithstanding its automatic assumption of ‘conspiracy’ and Money Power.

2. On Interest
A bit of a Real Currencies classic, outlining the basic problems with Interest. It was posted on Henry’s site, but also, and many other sites. It remains an excellent primer.

3. Top Ten Lies and Mistakes of Austrian Economics
Another classic. While more than a year old, this article continues to be picked up by many sites and is often shared on Facebook, also on some pretty big ‘walls’. It is often linked to by Libertarian outlets, who are often shocked by its audacity. At least, that’s what I gather from the comments. It covers all the main problems of Austrianism. It’s also well read on Recovering Austrians.

4. How the Money Power created Libertarianism and Austrian Economics
This article certainly cost me a lot of friends in the Alternative Media. Some will still not touch anything from me because of it. It killed my cooperation with Activist Post, for instance. They say you know who’s in power by knowing who you can’t criticize and this is an excellent case in point. They are our friends, not, the Libertarians?
This article would have been impossible without Memehunter and was the start of a series that devastated the credibility of Austrianism for all who care to know.

5. Mutual Credit, the Astonishingly Simple Truth about Money Creation
This article is an introduction to the basic mechanics of Mutual Credit and remains a great way of quickly grasping the simplicity of it all.

6. Understand that the Banking System is One
A clear cut article on banking as a monopolistic cartel. It explains why it  is a distraction to follow financial news too closely, let alone all this nonsensical discussion about who is to blame, whether it’s Government, the Banks or the Central Banks. It is closely related to The Few Banks that Own All.

7. The Ron and Rand Paul Betrayal
Months after I published The Ron Paul Challenge: 10 reasons why the Alternative Media is failing this test, all became clear in the elections: Ron and Rand had supported Mitt Romney from day one, getting Rand in pole position for the 2016 ticket. Ron Paul proved to be the most outrageous sell-out in generations and even today the Alternative Media has difficulty coping with this incredible defeat, having been fooled by yet another Money Power Change Agent. This article was also widely read and while he applauded me for not doing the ‘I told you so’ line, Henry introduced the article on his site with ‘We feel vindicated’. Opposing Paul was not a very popular position, but hey, there is fun in that too!

8. Take your Money out of the Bank NOW! (Video)
This article topped the charts at Before it’s News, with tens of thousands of hits and the associated video was also well viewed on
It makes the mindblowingly obvious case that still very few dare to underwrite: boycott the banks.

9. The US Empire is not the Money Power!
This article was important to me at the time I wrote it. It addresses the mistaken notion that Putin is an enemy of the PTB, because he resists American Imperialism. Too many people assume the NWO is the American Empire, but while the Empire is owned by the Money Power, it is only a tool. Now that it has conquered the world for them, as it was created to do, it can go.

10. Could the Euro die?
An influential article that corrected the false notion that the Euro would fail because ‘all fiat currencies eventually fail’ kind of nonsense that was still quite prevalent in the Alternative Media at the time. It makes the case that the Euro would live through the crisis, simply because it’s the Money Power’s pet project en route to World Currency. Of course this is not set in stone, the Money Power can fail. But should it do so, it would be a devastating defeat for them. Their entire political capital is behind the Euro and this should be of course part of the equation in our analysis.

It was posted both at Activist Post (for which it was written) and on In the months after it I noticed a distinctly different tone of voice in infowars’ Euro analysis, taking this issue into account. I later did a better version for Makow: The Battle for Europe: will the people or the Euro survive?

  1. Bourchakoun permalink

    Congratulations and thanks Anthony! You certainly have helped me to become aware more of the real alternatives and the additional traps laid out by the money power.

  2. Give yourself credit Anthony for writing in a clear and concise style which allows the average reader to comprehend the difficult and obscure points of economic theory. I was an avid Ron Paul follower until the very first day I read your blog. The truth of the matter, (that economics based on interest is immoral and unworkable), is what shines through your writings. Please consider one article dedicated only to the personal aspects on the economic burden on an average person, about the suffering and poverty that results from loans that suck the money out a working person’s life, only to leave them with broken dreams in their twilight years. Finding that emotional connection for the reader, it would hammer point into our brains.

  3. Tom Reubens permalink

    Much thanks Anthony. Free thought and ethics are essential components of the pursuit of happiness and your blogging is consistent with both.

    Additionally, I would like to note that I found your blog via the American Monetary Institute and Stephen Zarlenga on Facebook.

  4. Erik Bos permalink

    De meeste mensen zwijgen, een enkeling stelt een daad.

    • En ik vergeet jou niet en maak binnenkort contact, zit op het moment echter helemaal vol met een paar dingen die samenkomen.

      Dank Erik,

  5. Congrats Anthony on a job well done. You’ve articulated monetary insights, exposed the fakes and provided an open forum for the most important issue of our age… monetary reform!

    I think Damon Vrabel was absolutely right when he suggested that monetary reform was a “human rights” issue since financial slavery is just as binding as chattel slavery.

    Well done!


  6. Anthony, Yes I have read all of your articles. You emphasized that most home owners spend close to one and half times of the original price on interest payments, which really struck me as deeply immoral, especially for someone (banksters) who never lifted a finger to construct the house.

    There are probably millions of very tragic stories in the hidden corners of the world just waiting to be exposed, like the thousands of Indian farmers who commit suicide each year because they cannot afford Monsanto seeds or borrow enough money to keep farming. The majority of people cannot completely understand the consequences of usury unless it put into personal terms; take the case of the TRILLION dollars in education loans to American students. A couple of real examples would peak the interest of your readers. For example in the early seventies I was paying 600 dollars a year to attend a top Architectural college, by the time of graduation the total tuition paid for a B.S in Architecture amounted to 2400 dollars. At the present time my friend’s son just graduated from a New York University with two degrees, a Bach. Of Science in Architecture and Masters in Engineering, he is now tied up with 6 percent loans that total close to 300,000 dollars. At that rate, if he succeeds, he will be working for the bank half his life. Now repeat this story two or three million times and you will begin to comprehend how the media will never address the real and terrible impact of interest payments. It’s basically up to the alternative websites on the internet.

    Maybe it would be effective to have a place where the average worker (90 % majority) could narrate their own poignant and individual experience, bringing in focus the emotional devastation caused by the ingrained and systematic greed of the elite. You have exposed the underlying problems quite well, now is the right time to go beyond theory and expose how this economic system of illusory credit creation is destroying our ecology, our relationships and the totality of western culture.

  7. permalink

    Keep up the good work, been reading henry for a long time, just added you in the recent past, like where you are going.


  8. Tom permalink

    Thank you for your excellent work.

    Your texts will be in Polish:

  9. Buzz Suit permalink

    One cannot unlearn a truth and as long as truths are spread around more and more people will wake up. You certainly contributed to my knowledge and understanding, thank you for that and keep on keeping on!

  10. Once again, I nice piece of hand-job to yourself (and from the other groupies to you)

    Austrian Economics has been dealt a severe blow, as before there was simply nowhere people could go for a solid, comprehensive appreciation of this utterly detestable mind control operation, trapping so many honest seekers trying to fathom the ‘dismal science’, which is actually a sacred science and which is so fundamental to our well-being here on planet Earth.

    Your articles truely exposed the dismal science behind the finagled class-room models of Kennedy, Liu and other trojan infiltrators prancing around as monetary reformists;
    your articles also shined the light on the utter lack of knowledge, logic, and critical thinking of these groupies who are desparately seeking an idol to worship;
    your articles revealed that these utterly detestable religious doctrines of mind control operators are based on fabrications, lies and false premises, devoid of reason, logic, facts; ye constantly write about the ‘austrians’ because you know that you cannot write about your own concepts;
    you (and the other groupies) also severely demonstrated that none of you are willing or able to support any of your notions and computer models with facts, historical examples; none of you dare defend your figments of imaginations; not one of you is able and willing to go to these ‘austrian’ forums and advocate your ideas (and if you went there to attack their notions, as Larry did, the floor is wiped with ye, and down the toilet ye are flushed)
    you openly admitted what hypo-crit you are (just as your hand-job buddy Larry) that for your own use, you recommend something other than drunken-sailor money, other than illuminated Gesell’s expiring notes, something that maintains its purchasing power –your mentor, Bill Still, of course, openly advertises “Gold Line” because he also knows with what to line his own pocket……

    A side note:
    you should not insult the memory and the good work of David Astle by referring to him as if he had been part of this book-peddling scum, as if he had been advocate of silly printing-press money……. Astle was for stable government issued notes that maintain their purchasing power, notes that represent (and are exchangeable for) real value (as the notes in Sumer, promising to pay barley), in short: Mr. Astle was for real currency, and NOT for the subversive concepts of Migchels and the trojan infiltrators; Mr. Astle was for cash-based economy and NOT for the credit system parotted Migchels

    So, keep up the good work in exposing monetary reformists as the ignorant charlatans they are……

    as Larry the leech said: if ye want to learn real history, ye must go to yamaguchy, he will help you through the process

    • Maybe you’re right to say I have difficulty avoiding gloating a little about messing with AE Name.

      But you’re simply out of line about Bill Still. It’s Wile and Griffin who are the millionaires. Still is a man owning nothing and doing what he does because he believes in it. Meaning he’s a real man.

      And the same goes when you are talking about Astle: he was on the right track, but monetary theory is more than he knew of. His major contribution is as a historian, not so much as a monetarist.
      And I have from the very beginning maintained that management of volume is crucial, to provide stable money. Demurrage IS stable money. Interest-free credit’s volume MUST be managed to avoid asset bubbles. So you are simply misrepresenting my positions.

      However, I do sense you make a good point when saying I’m focusing too much on the flaws in other systems. The Interest-Free Eocnomics page discusses all the main real alternatives, but I have not yet provided a clear cut program of my own, combining the best of all these proposals. The coming weeks and months I will focus more on the ins and outs of clear cut interest-free monetary reform.

    • By the way: do you know what the stock is worth that the Fed’s shareholders own?

      • >>>> So you are simply misrepresenting my positions.
        Oh, no; you are doing a very good job representing yourself (and your mentors) for what you are (your mentors are here to do damage and make some money in the process, and you can hardly wait to join them)
        once again, where have ye acquired this grandiose delusion that you people are monetray reformists ? based on what? reading the books of illuminists and new agers ? your mentor hero, Ellen Brown, could not answer the question “where does credit come from?”

        even the name of your blog is a lie:
        a real currency represents real value; is exchangeable for real value; is uniform in purchasing power throughout the realm; is spent into existence and circulation against goods and is received as earnings; is a store of purchasing power and maintains its purchasing power

        what you advocate –not really advocate, only parrot the concepts of low life scum– is a drunken sailor money; is a chain to the commune, to the bank, to the government; is a bubble generator; a welfare cheque

        once again, not one of ye heroes can imagine life without a credit card and an account in a rothschild bank……

        No, David Astle was not a brain-fucked theorizer as ye are; and you have no right even to mention his name (neither should any of you defile the name Kitson by using it)

        It has been shown (even by yourself) that Bill Still is nothing but a two bit charlatan; if his buddy, Ed Griffin, made more money in the conspiracy industry, it is simply because Griffin is more talented in charlatanry (has B.S. ever had a real job?)

        Not one of your brain-fucked computer model can you (are you willing, or brave enough to) defend, support with reality and facts, dare to answer questions regarding them

        Douglas’ A+B theory has been shown to be faulty long ago;
        even the best friends of Gesell’s concept pointed out its fatal limitations; (and no body wants to mention that real currency would do the job, and would do it better, so there is no need for new age experiment)
        Lucy Liu built a figment of his imagination on a fabricated quote and false premise (and infiltrator Ellen Brown learned what she knows, from Lucy Liu);
        like causes, like results; the credit system in the hand of a new age government, or in the hands of Nicholas Biddle…….

        I asked ye deep researchers –more than once– to look into the ownership of the federal reserve system, but ye are afraid of committing such activity because ye are afraid of reality…….


        as for Daily Bell—-

        the percentage of libertarians in the population –i think– remained constant in the past 30 years (likely the same is true for strict constructionists); just as the percentage of the village idiots probably remained the same; and there is no reason to suppose that either of these groups will gain market share in the future (200 years passed by since Henry Cary’s father, Matthew Cary, pamphleteered on behalf of the printing press money concept –because he was such friend of paper money that he campaigned for the re-newal of the charter of the first bank o’usa………)

        as you called attention to it, Ron Paul and infiltrator Ellen Brown rose to prominence at the same time………

        >>>>> Demurrage IS stable money.
        Just because you believe your own lie, it does not make it true: hyper velocity and instability is its very nature; what was stable was the real money (dollar and mark) behind it
        your dogma is just a computer model; but in real life experiment(s) we have seen what hyper velocity and hyper demurrage does: gold, silver, swiss frank, federal reserve notes, and other, non-demure, currencies were king; life-savings wiped out (of course, you hate the concept of savings, prudence)

        • 1. I chose the Real Currencies name for this blog EXACTLY because of the horrible lie that the you Golden Calf worshipers have pressed upon the dimwitted in claiming that only metals are real. They are NOT. They were once viable used as a Unit of Account, and the Money Masters tricked us into believing that the Unit of Account (Silver) should also be the means of exchange. You just don’t get it pal and you are steaming too much out of your ears to let new info come in.

          2. Douglas A + B theorem has NOT been proven incorrect. It’s a useful notion, although insufficient. The lack of purchasing power in the economy is a given. However, it would hardly exist without usury and this is what Douglas did not like to keep pointing out, especially after the war, when anti-usury positions were considered fascist.
          I DON’T advise Social Credit Douglas style as the best solution, as you could have known had you actually considered what I write about it, as printing money and giving it to people while not ending Usury only COMPENSATES them for the drain it does NOT END IT. That’s why I prefer Ross Noble’s SCD.

          I AGREE with you, as I have written a great many times, that Public Banks are far from ideal. It would enforce Government more than I like (both in terms of managing volume AND because it rakes in interest) and it does not end usury for the common man.

          I SUPPORT Public Banking GRUDGINGLY because it is a step in the right direction: it allows 0% financing of the National Debt and the interest at least ends up with Government instead of the ultra wealthy directly.

          3. And I have asked you now for the third time: do you know what the stock is worth? It would be nice to find out what the Government is paying the Cartel per year to keep the books.

          4. About Demurrage money and its stability: now that is actually a useful point. I’ll ponder it a little.

  11. the nameless789 wrote:

    none of you dare defend your figments of imaginations; not one of you is able and willing to go to these ‘austrian’ forums and advocate your ideas

    Hasta La Vista The Daily Bell – Effective 16 July 2013 The Daily Bell has ceased publishing new material. —

    nameless789 – your libertarian buddies are going the way of the dinosaurs along with your wacky notion of gold and silver money!

    • this is how Larry the leech opposes the wacky gold standard:–

      Submitted by DrKrbyLuv on Tue, 12/13/2011 – 11:50. Permalink

      Gold and silver coins would continue to be used to store wealth as they are now. And people would continue to buy gold and silver bars and bullion to store larger amounts of money

      Submitted by DrKrbyLuv on Tue, 12/13/2011 – 17:26. Permalink

      I mentioned earlier that I personally own precious metals to protect the value of my money.

      because Larry the leech considers gold and silver stores of wealth……

      • Listen Name, why don’t you go read up on your hero David Astle. Apparently you don’t only consider me unworthy of reading him, otherwise you would have noticed that Astle correctly pinpointed the mistaken notion that money is wealth (instead of a medium of exchange) as one of the oldest mind control operations in the Money Power’s book.

        Larry is right to store wealth in a little metal if he wants to. And he’s very right that this has NOTHING to do with money.

        • as usual point zooms right over your head; the comment is on both of your’s hypocricy of talking paper and collecting silver; it is Larry the leech and you, who stated that gold/silver is store of wealth

          charlatans see nothing conflicting in writing articles on the value-less-ness of silver, with silver coins in their pocket

          when it came down to nitty gritty, you and Larry put your money where your mouth is not

          you chose realcurrency because it can impress the ignorant

          • there is no hypocrisy in making a clear distinction between store of value and means of exchange. There is only pigheadedness in insisting there is…..

  12. [quote]
    it is manifest that a people should be far more concerned about the manner in which their monetary system is instituted than about the material of which their money is made. The chief function of money is to exchange property and commodities, and it should be instituted in such a manner as to enable this to be done economically and equitably, so that all classes may be duly rewarded in the distribution of the products of labor, according to their deserts.

    People strive to accumulate wealth, and wealth, in its ordinary signification, consists of property and money. As money, by virtue of its legal properties, is an equivalent for all kinds of property, its possession is eagerly sought, and hence it seems that people are seeking solely for money, which is not the fact. Money is simply the means to attain the end, which is dominion over property. Real value belongs only to property or products, and money is the legal medium by which it is represented, measured and exchanged, and hence money, properly considered, is simply a tool of exchange.

    Money, by reason of its legal properties, under any circumstances, has sufficient power over property to enable it to perform all the essential functions of money, namely, to exchange and accumulate value;

    The great object of trade is the exchange of property, and money which is designed to effect this exchange should be instituted in such a manner as to form an unvarying representative and measure of value, conforming to the money of account of the nation.

    Money should be instituted in such a manner that the amount in circulation will conform to the wants of trade, otherwise it will not prove an unvarying standard of measure and payment.

    That money should bear interest is not only legitimate, but essential to the performance of its functions as a medium of exchange. Money represents value and should be able to accumulate value ; otherwise it would not be accepted in exchange for property. But its power in this respect should be uniform, in order that it may prove an unvarying measure of value and standard of payment.

    As the public note represents property and products which the government is entitled to demand and receive forthwith, in the way of taxation, it is clear that it (the public note) should only be issued by the government for property or services.
    [quote closed]

    Submitted by DrKrbyLuv on Sun, 03/06/2011 – 12:15.
    MUST read books if you want to better understand money in America. Yamaguchy help you through the journey.


  13. The Bible on Migchels and his mentors:—
    “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption.” —2nd. Peter, 2:19.

    Frederick Soddy on purchasing power (of a real currency)
    “The issue of money should, therefore, be regulated by its purchasing power, so as to maintain
    the purchasing power constant

    “The value of money –[Mr. Soddy thought that money should have value !!!!] and the standard of value should have reference…… That is to say, the purchasing power of money should be maintained constant …..”

    Soddy on what money is –which, of course, pre-requires, pre-supposes, that money maintains its purchasing power in the interval:

    “this definition not only answers comprehensively what money now is but answers perfectly satisfactorily all that money has always been, whether it has been coin or paper or any other form. From the point of view of the owner or possessor of it, money is the credit he has established in his favour with the community in which it passes current or is “legal tender”, by having given up in the past valuable goods and services for nothing, so as to obtain at his own convenience, in the future, equivalent value in turn for nothing. It is merely an ingenious device to secure payment in advance, and in a monetary civilization the owners of money are those who have paid in advance for definite market values of buyable goods and services, without as yet having received them.” —this is exactly what Bastiat wrote, which Mary Hobart quoted

    Frederick Soddy on Gesell’s expiring money idea:
    ‘O! what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.’ Is this really the sort of monetary policy necessary in, or worthy of, a great scientific age?

    Frederick Soddy on social credit:
    Salvation, if society is to remain individualistic, must come by enforcing initial genuine abstinence from
    individuals equal to the growth of the cost-value of the whole industrial mechanism as it is expanded, less only the relatively trivial part represented by the increase of Virtual Wealth as measured by the total money circulating.

    The Douglas School appear to look for salvation in the precisely opposite direction. They look to the National Credit as a means of distributing new purchasing power, and, so far from recognising the necessity of any initial abstinence, even go so far as to stipulate that these national issues shall be new money and not out of past savings. They claim that since only a small part of the costs of industry are distributed as payments to consumers, goods must be sold below cost price to make up the difference. Or, alternatively, National Dividends should be paid out of the National Credit to everyone irrespective of their participation in production–much as the subsidies are now paid

    —[Mr. Soddy asks the same question Peter Shiff asked –and E.B. could not answer– whence credit]
    Those who desire the immediate payment to everyone of a National Dividend should face frankly the question where it is to come from and who is to give it up. For even science cannot create wealth with the same facility as it is possible to create debts. the idea that the nation is in possession of a mysterious talisman called credit which, when industry is unable to pay for the initiation of fresh production, can supply it with all that is needed without anyone giving up anything at all, is to push the confusion between debt and wealth to lengths that would have surprised even the author of The Theory of Credit.

    • Tom Reubens permalink

      “Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” The state has achieved a peculiar relationship with society. Everybody owes taxes to the state because of the state has a monopoly on violence and (though this is a secondary reason) the state is a public agent that can justify the tax prerogative by funding public enterprises, like roads, docks and defense. Since everybody owes taxes, whatever the government collects taxes in will behave like money. If everyone owes silver to the state, silver will be money. If everyone owes greenbacks to the government, greenbacks will circulate. Even during hyperinflation, the useless notes will circulate if the government 1. refuses to accept payment for taxes in a different form of money and 2. enforces legal tender laws. Austrian economists may not like this, but that’s the way it is.

      “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption.” —2nd. Peter, 2:19 <— This quote can just as easily be turned around against Austrian economists/commodity money advocates. All forms of commodity money benefit special interest groups (an opening for corruption). Gold money is desirable for those who own gold, silver for those who own silver, etc. And once you monetize gold, why not monetize silver? Or copper? Or hemp? Or any other commodity? Moreover, do those advocates of gold money have any sympathy for the hard working small farmer who cannot sell his crops for enough gold to pay his property taxes, and who then loses his land? I think not. Advocates of gold like to pretend that deflation doesn't exist, which is stupidity at best and corruption at worst. Moreover, those people who rant and rave against "fiat" money and then beg to have humanity re-crucified on the cross of gold must re-examine what "fiat" means. If the government makes gold money, then it uses a decree (fiat) to force people to trade in gold in order to pay their taxes in gold. If you can't get enough gold to pay your property taxes, tough luck! You're bound to lose your land. Of course, the gold bugs can loan out their gold to those farmers, only to create a new web of debt and leading to bank credit money. Bank credit benefits bankers and the rich, another special interest group (plutocrats). I concede that arbitrarily issued money, like greenbacks or arbitrarily distributed social credit could also benefit special interest groups (if a political party plays favorites as they tend to do, or shells out millions of greenbacks to weapons dealers). I also share your criticisms of demurrage, Name789, but don't resort to sophistry. It belittles the mind. I would be more interested in hearing what monetary system you think would work best, Name789…

      • >>>>>This quote can just as easily be turned around against Austrian economists
        Yes; and there is not a penny’s worth of difference between the groupies and the gold-ites: they both are here to discredit the concept of government issued notes as currency

        You did not notice it, but this particular reply was in response to other replies regarding what a real currency is –as opposed to the lie that Migchels name his blog– and regarding the subversive money ideas presented here over the months

        a real currency represents real value;
        is exchangeable for real value;
        is uniform in purchasing power throughout the realm;
        is spent into existence and circulation against goods and is received as earnings;
        is a store of purchasing power and maintains its purchasing power

        as i said many (many) times, i do not mistake myself for the minister of finance, these groupies imagine themselves to be reformators, when in reality they are just gas bags, bankbook heroes and credit card warriors

        as i also said many times, everything there is to write about money has been written before we were born (that is an other reason why we do not need these 20th century book-peddlers)

        commodity money is to no one’s special benefit, bills of exchange are commodity money:
        (up until recently were not even useful commodities)

  14. Hi Anthony,

    I don’t understand a word in economics although I do believe that wealth should be dissociated with money.
    But I liked your n°9 article that states what is not evident at first sight that Putin ranks high in the NWO which I agree100%.
    I’ll try to read – & understand some of your articles !

    This is a small thinking I just posted on Dave Hodges’ site that I believe is not fully out of mind here:

    “Why the Powers That Be are so strong ? Because:
    1. They rely on our incapacity to stop being compliant,
    2. They sit on a tradition of millenaries of oppression,
    3. They use 1. & 2. to enact laws that protect their corrupted assets indefinitely.
    In one word, they bet on the past to provide a future that will protect their open stealing over the ‘sheeple’.
    To reverse the steam, we must not believe in the past as they do but entrust our future. We need to prove what we want by the fruits, not by the roots, without metaphor, we’ve got to teach our children and put them on the right track from now on and, God bless, forever.”

    Thank’s and as some said, keep on !

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    web page, that’s what this web page is providing.

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