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Is the EMF really going Gold??

March 18, 2010

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes the laws.”
Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Up to a few weeks ago, I thought this was a worn out quote. But the great many people energetically defending gold as money as a result of this story made me realize it is probably not quoted enough.

We need to keep the eye on the ball and the ball is the money supply. Who is in control of it and what is he doing with it.

In some circles it is widely believed that the future BankerĀ  one world currency will be gold based. The advent of Supra National Gold based currencies in the America’s, Asia and elsewhere has been in the cards for some time.

But it always has been gossip. ‘Wild conspiracy theories’ etc.

Up till now.

Last week the EU announced plans for an EMF. A European version of the IMF. To deal with the Greek debt crisis. This thing is supposed to make the whole deal palatable for the German taxpayer who will have to do most of the funding, but in reality it is a clear power grab by the Eurocrats, just weeks after they gloatingly installed their first ‘President’. It is the old Hegelian dialectic at work: creating problems and than implementing the beforehand desired ‘solutions’. In this case you have Goldman Sachs setting up the problems by cooking the Greek books, then the the same crowd and their ‘competitors’ lend zero interest rate funds from the FED to speculate against the Euro. A shill like Merkel is not even afraid to publicly denouncing the whole thing, but then goes ahead with what they wanted to do anyway: centralized monetary and fiscal management of the EU, by faceless Eurocrats in Brussels, Straatsburg and of course Frankfurt.

But the EMF in itself can still be explained away as just another powergrab by the usual crowd, in their relentless march toward centralized, Supra National, collectivist technocracy. A disgrace, but not too special.

But now this story is off handedly reported by the archetypal Rothschild outlet Reuters, quickly linked by Eagle Eye Jeff Rense, where I saw it:
The Germans are considering to use European Central Bank Gold as backing for EMF certificates.

Clearly, leaking this kind of story, however very securely orchestrated as it undoubtedly is, is a far cry from actual implementation.
But I think this is a pretty momentous occasion, because I don’t think the idea has been floated in such a direct way by such a high level group as this.

Let’s remember that the Bundesbank and the EBC are headquartered in Frankfurt, hometown of the Rothschild clan.

World Currency and its forebears Supra National Regional Currencies clearly have been under construction for a long time. The recent cries for ‘international supervision’ (‘global solutions for global problems’) and an increased role for ‘institutions’ like the IMF and now the EMF are just another case in point.

That they are now directly feeding to the public that they are ‘considering’ to back their new EMF unit with Gold is shocking, as it shows how far advanced their schemes already are.

Now, more than ever, is the time to forget the silly notion that Gold is the solution to our problems. That bankers don’t like Gold.

They have always cherished Gold and they look forward to its reinstatement as the true master of mankind.

It is one of their core aims in the New World Order.

It is time to get to grips with this issue, because how can we resist it if we don’t even know what is at stake?

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  1. Christopher Bjerkness is very anti gold for this reason. His website is He is a very lucid intellectual – clear, sharp and brave.

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