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A Top Three of Pseudo Spiritual Fallacies

October 26, 2010

Many say there is a spiritual awakening going on. I won’t say I disagree. I just don’t know. There sure is more knowledge than ever. Also of many spiritual matters. But I’m not sure that this is the same thing. After all, knowledge is a subset of matter and it is our enslavement to matter that is the antithesis to spiritual awareness.

I meet many people these days that call themselves ‘spiritual’. But they seem to suffer from a wide variety of misconceptions. Not only hindering their own awakening, but, even more seriously, making them unwitting accomplices of the forces of evil.

Although I’m not sure we are really in the midst of a spiritual awakening, I am absolutely convinced that it is more necessary than ever. Because these forces of evil, these servants of the dark side, are preparing for a final reckoning. The more illusions we drop before this grand showdown really takes off, the more lives can be saved.

1. The Denial of God

There are two strains of thought leading to this mistake: outright atheism and the notion of the Self, or Higher Self.

I’ve called myself an atheist for twenty years, but now I consider it product of arrogant and inconsistent thought. It is the ultimate spiritual fallacy, because it is about denying the spiritual.

It is true that within the physical domain, at least with the current level of science, God’s existence cannot be proven. But He cannot be disproven either. Many sly thought experiments have been devised to show the unlikelihood of God. For instance the notion that God’s existence cannot be falsified. Popper made his reputation by stating that all scientific hypotheses should be falsifiable.

But idea’s like these are worthless, because even if we are not sure God exists, we are dealing a hypothetically omnipotent and omniscient Being, Who created all the laws of science and Who would be quite able to transcend them.

The idea that we can disprove God with the useful, but limited concept of falsifiability is presumptuous and actually quite silly.

Simple logic shows that if there is a God, our intellects will never be able to prove or disprove His existence, if He does not want us to.

Another approach that atheists take is claiming God is immoral. They cite the unimaginable suffering of humanity as proof. While this sure is an attractive idea, it does not withstand critical contemplation. We are in a karmic reality.  We don’t know why there is all this suffering, why God would allow it. But most of us know from personal experience that our private sufferings have taught us a lot. It is not pleasant to admit and it is hard to understand why it must be so, but suffering does have a positive function.

We must again admit that the grandiosity of reality is eluding our intellectual struggle to understand it. For the time being, until we do understand, we must reserve judgement, hard and unsatisfactory as it may be.

So atheism is a rather primitive notion. It is not consistent with the scientific paradigms within which atheism operates. The problem is that denying God is simply as unscientific and unprovable as saying there is one.

If you doubt God exists, call yourself an agnostic. Not being so arrogant to suggest you know, but admitting you don’t. That is a quite manly approach.

Where atheism is rather primitive, the idea of the (Higher) Self is more dangerous. It does imply a certain spirituality. But instead of saying the Source works through us if we let it, people say they are the Source themselves. That they are the beginning and the end. That there basically is nothing beyond their ‘Higher Self’. That there is no destiny, but that by connecting to this Self they can get total control over their lives.

Of course this is illogical. Yes, to some limited extent we are allowed to co-create our lives, but to say we are in total control not only denies God, but more obviously, it denies that we are subject to the power of our brethren. Other people have an impact in our lives. We were born out of someone else. Our loved ones enrich our lives, as our enemies threaten it.

By saying our Self is everything, we are unwittingly falling for a Luciferian trap. This is basically what Lucifer, not the same entity as Satan, is trying to convince us of. Lucifer fell in love with his own splendor, being the archetypal Narcissist ‘avant la lettre’. We are making the same mistake. We believe that we own the Spirit. That we are the Spirit. That the Spirit works for us, instead of the other way around.

We are blinded to the fact that we are in the Spirit and that surrender to the Spirit is quite something different than hoping to own it.

2. The Denial of Good and Evil

People say there is no evil. There is only our own shadow, that we are not in touch with. They say we need to balance the good and the evil within ourselves. People with this conviction will often say we should ignore darkness, because what we give attention grows. They think that ignoring evil will make it go away.

Now, it should be understood, that denying his existence is Satan’s biggest tactical asset. His favorite lie. And it is easy to understand why: as long as everybody is looking the other way, there is nobody to stop him!

It is rather unreal to hope that ignoring bankers with their usurious con is making them stop. It is not.  Giving people interest free money is stopping them. Stop using their money is stopping them. Exposing them to our brethren is stopping them. We should not try to fight them directly, the Spirit is not into fighting. But we should stop empowering them. That is what fighting in the spiritual sense is about.

We are not going to stop the Israeli’s from starving Gaza and periodically invading defenseless neighbors by ignoring them. We can only stop them by relentless opposition.By exposing them and protecting their hopeless victims. By boycotting their produce.

Evil is never satisfied. There is nothing that will satisfy Satan’s appetite for pain and misery. He is a crack whore who never has enough.

And as always, as is above, so below, as is without, so is within. In our hearts we should neither ignore, nore embrace evil. We should acknowledge it and fight it.

Within ourselves we fight evil by being in the Spirit, which is the Source of Good. We should not try to fight evil outright. We must not combat our addictions. We must not work hard to do the right thing every day. We should work to be in the Spirit. To ask for forgiveness. To forgive others. To bow for that which is our Master. To love God with all our might and to love our neighbors like ourselves. In this way evil finds barren grounds and goes elsewhere.

In the world we fight evil not by search and destroy missions. We should protect the innocents. We should inform them about their true adversary and their true Savior. It is compassion that drives us to do so. And it is in this way that compassion is manifesting itself.

There is a subtle difference between ignoring evil and denying it, and fighting it not directly, but by surrendering to the Spirit.

But it is fundamental.

3. Mistaking Spiritism for Spirituality

This also is a quite common delusion. Now, there is no doubt that there is a vast realm of Spirits. Mohammed called them the Djinn. Jesus called them demons.

In this day and age of materialism, the notion that reality is confined to the material domain and that there is nothing else, the idea that there are Spirits is revolutionary to many. They think they are on to something big when they find out about them. Maybe they are, but the simple fact of the matter is: Spirits are not our friends and real Spiritual leaders, most notably Christ, but also a man like Bert Hellinger, made very clear to leave them alone.

Channeling spirits is nowadays fairly popular and this is one of the great mistakes seekers make. Because these spirits are not looking to enlighten them, but to enslave them. They will give a lot of interesting and profoundly true information. That is how disinformation works. If you want to mislead you cannot afford to speak complete rubbish. Ninety percent must be correct, but the problem is with the last ten percent. How do you know what ten percent is wrong? Most people won’t be able to and the ones that would know are too clever to disobey Christ.

So what is the difference between Spiritism and Spirituality?

True Spirituality is to put one’s trust in God. It is working to be in the Spirit. To be in this world, but not of it. To ask forgiveness and to forgive others. To bow for which is greater. To connect to That which transcends the immanent.  To surrender to the Almighty, who is desperate to gain access in our hearts, but Who allows us to go our own way. To learn the hard way that we depend on Him for our well being, whether we like it or not.

True spirituality is nothing more than loving God with all your might and loving you neighbors like yourself.

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  1. Moshe permalink

    God was created for political purposes. Any society can have him live or dead at its convenience.

  2. tarot22 permalink

    Thanks infinitely for these refreshing and truthful advices.

    To Moshe: Politics = anti God because it works hand in hand with the current financial system, which is….

  3. johnycomelately permalink


    Infinite number of monkeys typing ifinately produces…..jack shit.

  4. BurntWater permalink

    Bullshit. Denying god is fallacy because you can’t disprove god? Can you disprove pink unicorn? Can you disprove dragon? Can you disprove flying spaghetti monster? Of course you can’t. But you know that these things don’t exist because any rational people know, by common sense, that such things are impossible to exist. There isn’t even one teeny tiny scientific evidence or any kind of evidence that can prove existence of these things. Same goes for god. You can’t assume that something might exist just because you can’t disprove it. You can only assume that if and only if you have some sort of evidence to back it up. Same goes for spirits as well. We are just a bag of flesh and bone that will crumble and eventually decay into worm food. Instead of worrying about what’s going to happen after they die, people need to live in the moment and enjoy the present. It’s just one ride and they shouldn’t waste it on stupid religious craps

    • Bottom line: believing God does not exist is…..well, a belief. It has no basis in fact and the atheist pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo cannot hide this. This is why Richard Dawkins backtracked and went agnostic.

  5. Ärenklocka permalink

    Check out Rene Guenon:

    “He [the Antichrist] will be an ‘imposter’ (this is the meaning of the word dajjāl by which he is usually designated in Arabic) since his reign will be nothing other than the ‘Great Parody’ in its completest form, the ‘satanic’ imitation and caricature of everything that is truly traditional and spiritual […] His time will certainly no longer be the ‘reign of quantity’, which was itself only the end-point of the ‘anti-tradition’; it will on the contrary be marked, under the pretext of a false ‘spiritual restoration’, by a sort of reintroduction of quality in all things, but of quality inverted with respect to its normal and legitimate significance. After the ‘egalitarianism’ of our times there will again be a visibly established hierarchy, but an inverted hierarchy, indeed a real ‘counter-hierarchy’, the summit of which will be occupied by the being who will in reality be situated nearer than any other being to the very bottom of the ‘pit of hell’.”

    — René Guénon, The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times

    I’ve thought about what the inverted spirituality might look like. Guenon also wrote:

    “‘Luciferianism’ is the refusal to recognize a superior [spiritual] authority whereas ‘Satanism’ is the reversal of normal relationships and of the hierarchical order, the latter being often a consequence of the former, just as after his fall Lucifer became Satan.”

    The protocols name Nietzsche as an agent of deception (perhaps unwittingly). His key ideas include the “death of God” and the rise of the “übermensch” who will fill the void left by the death of God.

    SIster Jeanne le Royer stated: “When the reign of Antichrist draws near, a false religion will appear which will deny the unity of God”

    I’m thinking the inverted spirituality will deify man and deny the existence (or at least the authority) of the One, thus inverting the proper hierarchy.

    “You are not God. You are the servant of god.”

  6. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  7. Douglas Bartake permalink

    How about some EVIDENCE of the spiritual…..hoiw about some evidence that being an atheist is to have inconsistent thought? ONLY those who really arent atheistic I suppose.You have said” I’ve called myself an atheist for twenty years, but now I consider it product of arrogant and inconsistent thought. It is the ultimate spiritual fallacy, because it is about denying the spiritual” . Give us some evidence of the “spiritual”. Dont confuse it with the “emotional” attachement to an UNEVIDENCED ‘spiritual” whatever. I dont beleive you were ever an atheist.

    • Maria permalink

      And can YOU disprove the spiritual? The fact that you can’t disprove it, proves that there is a ‘possibility’ of the existence of the spiritual. If you deny the spiritual, you’re denying your own ‘soul’ because that is one thing material sciences can never explain. What is the soul? Where does it come from? Where does it go? Since they can’t explain it, they’d rather ignore it. And ‘believers’ use their reason to arrive at the conclusion that the soul is from a Creator. Look at the order of the universe and the varied creation, your atheist ‘scientists’ would have us believe that it all came from a single cell- yet they can’t prove it. You’d still believe them. They’d tell you that your ancestors were apes with absolute no proof, you’d believe them. Where are the missing links? Why aren’t we evolving into something better? Let’s just ignore these vital questions and ‘believe’ in we’re a product of evolution from a single cell. That this vast universe, the mysteries of which we’re still trying to decipher, came from ‘nothing’. You do realise how ludicrously unscientific the atheistic ‘belief’ is?

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