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YES to Peace! NO to attacking Iran!

January 6, 2012

Iran has always been the endgame of the Money Power’s relentless drive to a New World Order. After twenty years of mounting threats by the US and Israel, an attack is on the horizon at best, imminent at worst.
There is no doubt who is the aggressor here. Just imagine bombing nuclear facilities. A despicable war crime by all standards of international law.
And, far more importantly, an utter atrocity by all human standards.

The idea that Iran would attack Israel is insane, it would be suicide. Even if they obtain a nuclear weapon.
Israel has up to a thousand nuclear warheads and recently fired an ICBM missile to show all it’s detractors who’s who.

Iran’s installations are deep underground. It is most likely that nuclear weapons will be used to penetrate the fortifications.

So the war will be nuclear from day one.

The fall out will be explained away by the fact nuclear installations were attacked. In this day and age there are not only ‘tactical’ nukes, but also ‘micronukes’. They are all nukes and using them just shows what kind of people they really are.

The Persians have prepared their defenses for decades. They have no doubt about who they are dealing with. They survived a Western/Zionist backed attack by Saddam, killing 1 million Persians. They saw what the Zionist inspired West is capable of in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The fact that the Mullah’s are unpleasant should not make us forget that they have far more to fear from the US and Israel than vice versa. But they are capable of putting up a defense.

Israel will not survive an all out confrontation with Iran. It will destroy the Persians, but they will be destroyed themselves also.

In fact, it is their destruction that will be used to get the West in an all out war of ‘redemption’ with Iran/China/Russia/Pakistan.

The Money Power does not care about ‘Jews’ or ‘Zionism’.

Fortunately, there still seem to be some sane minds within the Zionist leadership, who seem to be resisting this suicidal campaign.

The Persians have not attacked any Nation for centuries. They are incapable of it. They are surrounded by all four great empires: India, Russia, China and the West (previously Britain, now the Zionist inspired US). They are happy to have remained more or less independent in the face of such aggressive and powerful neighbors.

The fact that they managed to remain independent is one of the key reasons they are under attack now.

There is no ‘conflict’ between Iran and Israel.The Iranian Leadership is just as Globalist as it’s supposed adversaries.

The Money Power always owns all side of the conflict.

The goal is war itself.

And the war with Iran is just the excuse for the War of All Wars.
World War 3, that will kill untold millions, destroy the world as we know it and create the chaos necessary to bludgeon the World’s Nations into accepting World Government as the only hope of never having to endure anything like it again.

Recently, generals of both Russia and China have declared their profound worries about US/Zionist anti Iran activism. The Chinese general said China would defend Iran. It must, it has invested many billions in Iran and needs it’s oil. Not defending Iran would imply relinquishing Great Power status.

The Russians have sent their Admiral Kuznetzov (a carrier) to the Mediterranean. It has apparently delivered the S-300 Surface to Air missile installations to Syria, to defend it against a ‘No Fly Zone’, Newspeak for massive bombardment.

‘Humanitarian intervention’ in Syria is just a prelude to an Iran attack. Syria is the linking pin between Iran and Hezbollah and an integral part of Iran’s defense/counterstrike infrastructure. It is far from impossible that Iran will feel forced to defend Syria.

Now, more than ever, is the time to:

  •  Inform yourself about the ways of the world and what is driving this conflict.
  •  Boycott Israeli products, Zionism is a key aggressor in the Middle East.
  •  Boycott Banks, who play a crucial part in lobbying for this war.
  •  Boycott Big Business as much as possible, for the same reason.
  •  To denounce vociferously the frivolous anti Iran/Mulla/Islam smears. These function only to pave the way for  war and to make it look ‘acceptable’.
  •  To systematically disconnect from the system, to enable them as little as possible with your Lifeforce.
  •  To denounce all the warmongers in office, the media and in the pub.
  •  To keep a clear eye on the people responsible for this: the Rothschilds, Netanyahu, Obama, Cameron, Ahmadinejad, Liebermann, Merkel, Sarkozy, Putin, the Chinese Leadership and all of their lesser brethren. To pray for them and expose them.
  • To relentlessly pursue all activities aimed at improving self reliance in people and the commonwealth.
  • To inform people of the coming nightmare and the horrible consequences it will have for all of us.
  • To prepare for it’s aftermath
  • To pray for the Iranian people, but also the Israelis. To pray for the criminals (‘policymakers’) who are embarking on this nightmare.
  • To work as hard as we can on our own improvement, our connection with the Spirit.

Special thanks:
Rixon Stewart, for his long time efforts to expose the Iran War agenda, notwithstanding his infatuation with Ahmadinejad.
Lord Stirling, for his dedicated exposure of the road to war. He may be a little alarmist sometimes, having called it too early.

It takes courage to be wrong in the face of such a threat.
It is cowardice to remain silent.

The War is coming. It may be tomorrow, and it may be some time off. We may not be able to stop it, but we should do everything we can.

We are One!

Let no one split us, let no one explain why we need to murder each other.

The Iranians are NOT attacking us!
We ARE attacking them!

Russia warns attacking Iran will lead to WW3

Russia warns it is ready for WW3


  1. There are only 2 possible economic systems; barter and slavery. God commanded a barter system: “Thou shalt not steal.” The Constitution mandates a barter system of gold and silver coins: Art.1, Sec.10, We have slavery where millionaires can be happy slaves. If any person performs solely to avoid punishment for not performing, he/she is a slave to the intimidator,
    Most who file tax returns do so to avoid punishment when no law requires most of us to file.
    Quit filing and be ready for 3 hots and a cot all expenses paid.

    I plan to ask a millionaire that I know if he thinks slavery is fine if he has more money that he can spend. Some, perhaps many would say “yes” but they overlook one thing, they and their offspring are subject to the deppulation agenda, google: depopulation agenda then see: to see and hear bill gates conspiring to depopulate with vaccines! Also
    see: and

    Inflation proprerly defined is non production accepted for production. Modern money being non production is credit is inflation. The Fed said their systemof plunder “works (us) only with credit” that would keep its value “if there were fewer people bidding against each other.” Source: mentioned above. If you accept as full weight a gold coin with a hole in it, the hole being non production is inflation. The state controlled press strives to keep many believing that prices are inflation. Whenever a headline is about prices, the report is always about inflation and the headline is about inflation, the report is always about prices, When the perfidious press mentions the press in Russia, China, etc. they always say “state controlled” to let is believe the press here is not state controlled when the state controls all corporations!

    Keep this in mind: When all of the world’s problems are made possible with tokens the first users get for nothing, a solution to the world’s problems cannot include tokens that the first users get for nothing. When you are promoting “bit coins” are you promoting gold or tokens the first users get for nothing? If so, see James 1:8 and Hosea 4:6 Oh, God promised long life if we refrained from cheating others with false weights. De. 25:13-15. ALL divinity schools and the world operate with weightless money. For 30 years, I have offerd 100 pounds of money to each person who just describes the money that our misleaders spend. No one cares. Surely you can use 100 pounds of money for FREE? ( a highly respected lawyer’s comments on money)

    google: “merrill jenkins” money 5000 sites for the Monetary Realist who died in 1979.

    • Well Dave, inflation may be bad, but how about interest?
      After all: we pay 300k interest over a 200k mortgage. And this money was printed the minute we borrowed it.

  2. I just now saw your comments on World War III. When government agents are rewarded with paper tokens for shooting, poisoning, incenerating, jailing and siezing the property of innocent Americans are we not in a civil war? There would be no wars if soldiers and suppliers had to be paid, they pretend they are paid with paper tokens called “dollars.” There has never been such things as inches, quarts, pounds or dollars. No silver dolars but silver coins measured in dollars

  3. nomoremisterniceguy permalink

    Man… Israel is just a dog held in a leash by the West, to keep those Arabs off balance, and not do what would cause the fall of the West: sell Oil for Gold, and the gold goes to Arab coffins. All the world’s wealth would go to Arab lands if they would be allowed to sell Oil for Gold. The West is also holding the Arab gold hostage, in banks in US and UK. The West has the Arabs by the balls, and their dog Israel barking furiously at them.

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