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The Conspiracy is Spiritual in Essence

May 1, 2012

While hiding behind Jewry, the ‘Illuminati’ are in reality Satanists. They are rebelling against God, like most of us are. The New World Order exists to show us where this rebellion must in extremis lead to.

By The Transparent Unicorn for Real Currencies and The Transparent Unicorn

Many alternative media bloggers and commentators often feel uncomfortable with addressing the “politically incorrect” aspects of the war the elites are waging against humanity. They would prefer to focus only on the technical or material aspects, such as the mathematical instability of our monetary system, or on possible reforms of the political system, which they consider to be the core issues.

On the one hand, their arguments are sensible. It is possible to objectively demonstrate, for instance, that our monetary system is dysfunctional and mathematically unstable regardless of who controls it. Moreover, by doing so without referring to subjective viewpoints, the argument is made more accessible to a wide variety of readers, regardless of their religious or political views. In that sense, bringing in a spiritual or ideological dimension may indeed dilute the message and render it less palatable to some people.

On the other hand, this approach leads to a narrow perspective whose usefulness is limited to topics that are accessible to mathematical inquiry. It ignores the inextricable connections between money, power, economic theories and political ideologies. In fact, it is artificial to try to separate the monetary issues from other aspects. Some of us may prefer do it out of intellectual convenience but in reality everything is tied together.

The truth is that the Zionist-Pharisaic-Talmudist-Kabbalist-Sabbatean-Satanist conspiracy (acronym ZPTKSS) is spiritual in its essence. The end goal of these evil forces is to corrupt humanity.  Of course, humans always had the potential to be corrupted, but these ideologies are justifying and glorifying this corruption by emphasizing the love of money and material possessions, by focusing on terrestrial glory instead of spiritual development, on mechanical sexuality instead of love, and, most importantly, on the desires of the ego instead of those of the Creator.

These latter aspects could perhaps be safely ignored if the ZPTKSS conspiracy had only corrupted our monetary system. But this is far from being the case. Science has been hijacked and used to promote Kabbalist concepts such as the Big Bang and Darwin’s natural selection that were already anticipated by the Zohar in the 12th century. Vaccines were probably a medical fraud from the very beginning. Culture, art, and music have been debased, especially in the last century, to appeal to our lowest instincts. Moral values have been perverted by Satanic tenets. All sorts of social institutions, from families to governments, have been affected, perhaps irrevocably in some cases.

Now, it will be pointed out that without control of the monetary system, the ZPTKSS assault would have been ineffectual. Therefore, the argument goes, by focusing our efforts on the monetary issues, we can ensure that the conspiracy will be rooted out. Of course, if ZPTKSS did not dominate Money Power, it would not have had the means to influence the entire society with its ideas.

Nevertheless, this argument is dangerously misguided. It is precisely because of the ideologies and moral values that it promotes that ZPTKSS and its adherents went on to dominate Money Power and world politics, not the reverse. Indeed, it is because of this ideology that there is a Money Power.  It is a symptom of the ZPTKSS domination that we live in a world where usury is not only accepted but justified, and where the virtual representation of wealth under all its guises (gold, fiat currencies, shares, bonds) controls real labor and productivity, instead of merely facilitating it. People must not only understand what is wrong about our monetary system, but also realize that there should not be a Money Power in the first place.

In order to achieve this, we must fight this battle on two fronts: 1) to educate people about monetary issues and to try to change the system, but also and equally importantly 2) to get them to realize how their values have been distorted and inverted so as to make them willing servants of Money Power. Addressing only the technical and mathematical aspects of our monetary system while ignoring the prevalence of materialistic values will only get us halfway there.

Doubtlessly, some readers will interpret this essay as consisting merely of “racist” rhetoric under another guise and criticize what they consider to be a demagogic attempt to blame a particular group of people. But this is a grave misunderstanding.

In the end this is not about Zionism, or Jews, or Jesuits, or Satanists, it is about humanity “rediscovering” truth and finding its moral compass. But the truth is that we are currently waging a spiritual war with powerful forces that are bent on enslaving us. In order to do this, they must first prevent us from becoming spiritually aware.

Clearly, if we want to win this war, our first assignment is to identify the enemy and understand its strategies. This is a fundamental requirement for any combatant, whether he is involved in a war on the physical plane or on the spiritual one. To avoid any confusion, it is worth reiterating that the advocacy of violence, racism, or supremacist ideologies must be condemned: in fact this plays right into the enemy’s hands by focusing on purely physical aspects. But ignoring the spiritual dimension of this war, or refusing to acknowledge the true nature of the enemy, is akin to marching to the battlefield wearing blinders, with a result that is all too predictable.

The Transparent Unicorn is a long-time commentator on issues related to Money Power and the New World Order conspiracy. Visit his new blog.

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  1. Well, I kept an open mind throughout my journey of understanding reality, and it seems I’ve come to the conclusion that money is evil. I really wanted to believe it was just a benign and inert thing that could be used for good or evil. A good community could not use money to do good, they just wouldn’t create it.

  2. I had never considered the “Zionist” issue until recently, and I would have to agree that most of the real problems are caused by satanists. Zionists are simply just another group that plots against mankind because the purpose of satanism is to misdirect and then to destroy mankind.

    I used to have a friend that I knew years ago and he kept harping about the Pharisees which could be the Talmudic Jews. And I believe that he had a good point to make but I had never bothered much with it because to me a satanists is a satanist, and the style doesn’t really matter: Zionists, Illuminati, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Buddhist, or Hindu. It is the substance that matters, not the style. For this reason, I stay away from all groups if at all possible. I’m usually a friendly man with a good sense of humor, but I still don’t like groups because I’ll usually see something that’s offensive. So I just stay to myself.

    How does one tell a satanist from something else? It’s really easy. If any person or group advocates breaking any of God’s commandments, then they are probably satanists. If any person or group advocates breaking the natural law, then they are satanists. The commandments are contained within the natural law, so it isn’t too hard to figure out.

    Charging interest or usury is an abomination to God and it is considered breaking one of the commandments, therefore, it exits natural law. Any economic system that depends upon it is satanic. So, yes, it is essentially a spiritual problem as well as a practical one. Eliminate usury and a lot of economic problems will go away.

    The other big problem in my opinion is oath taking. That is as satanic as it can get. So I avoid groups or meetings with groups who have taken oaths. The legal systems of the world revolve around the oath. Eliminate oath taking, and that would solve a lot of problems.

    Obeying the commandments and the natural law makes a lot of common sense and would improve our lives.

    • I think the group thing is very important.

      One of the key issues is, that a Group has a conscience of its own and members of the group are under severe pressure to submit to that conscience, even if it goes contrary to what God demands of us. Hellinger really opened that up to me.

      It’s very hard to remain true to Oneself under the influence of peer pressure in a group.

      So yes, I just tend to avoid them as well.

      • Angela Martello permalink


        A group may have a set of rules which must be followed, but a group does NOT have a comscience. A conscience is that faculty that exists in an INDIVIDUAL person which tells the person right from wrong. Truth is written on the heart and the person is bound to read it.

        However persons being also weak and sinful allow themselves to be deceived.
        Every person has the responsibility to see that their own conscience is INFORMED, ie if we must search for further knowledge to complete the Truth written on our hearts, and firmly fix our concsience and actions to that Truth. Of course this necessitates staying out of those groups which compromise our consciences.

        • I understand. But Hellinger’s work on the conscience shows things are a little more complicated. There IS such a thing as a group conscience, that’s one of his major breakthroughs.
          Also, we do not have one conscience, but one for every relationship that we have.

          The conscience does not say anything about good or evil. It serves to tell us whether our ‘right to be’ in the relationship is growing (innocence) or diminishing (guilt).

          I can’t get into it here now, but Hellinger’s work on the conscience is truly groundbreaking and I’d recommend anybody to take note of it.

  3. Well said Anthony. Too true.


  4. Martinus permalink

    The here constantly pulled in and so called “money power” is really just one part of a whole of many different facets. Talking about identifying the so called “enemy”…
    This kind of tunnel vision, as for instance is shown (again) in this article, doesn’t lead to any kind of solution IMO.
    Besides, the real money power could very well be not always involved in banking at all, on the surface. There are people who let their silhouette print on the money and postal services, for instance…
    But, oh no, that’s just for show!…
    I can assure you that for instance the Federal Reserve is controlled by the Windsor family, and is owned by the Vatican (that’s the agreement between the British Royals and the Vatican). Bernanke is not much more than a court jew, in this case.
    Everybody knows about the Rothschilds involvement in world affairs, but they are by far not the only ones who are manipulating this world. The Rothschilds are (from old) mostly operating from Germany and France. They are most probably one of the biggest forces behind the EU, where the Windsor family are the main force behind the Commonwealth and now also the NAU.

    Something else, when you really want to know about zion(ism), your answer lies much more in the mysterious “Priory of Sion” than in the State of Israel.
    But, many people only think in a Pavlovian way, a programmed way; they go to the next in the sequence, which is in actuality quite narrow minded. A narrow mind believes that zionism is mainly and exclusively a Jewish project, where in actuality there is a hidden force behind all of these movements that controls and manipulates it all. That force indeed contains some people who are categorised as Jews, but most of them not.
    Another example: people read something in the Talmud and blame jews for it…. In actual fact that is the mind control, issued by the Illuminati, as is every religion. All religions have been created for control purposes.


    LOL, I cannot take this kind of know-it-all nonsense very serious. I also bet that the author of this article never has studied anything from the Kabbalah, and also doesn’t know much about satanism.

    Some real truth and identification of the so called enemy, The Elite, The Illuminati, The Cryptocracy:

    Rothschild, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Welfen/Hannover, Habsburg, Sinclair, Bruce-Stuart, Cavendish, de Medici, Anjou/Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Warburg/del Banco, Krupp, Romanov, Bourbon, Savoy, Hohenzollern, Leiningen, Mecklenburg, Nassau, Hessen, Sleeswijk-Holstein, Battenberg, Lippe, Oldenburg, Braganza, Wurttemberg, Baden, Reuss, Galitzine, Percy.
    Vanderbilt, Mellon, Dupont, Agnelli, Astor, Carnegie, Hamilton, Spencer, Oppenheimer, Loeb(Kissinger), Schiff, Morgan, Russell, Pierce, Cameron, Bush, Harriman.
    There are more names, of course.

    The Vatican hierarchy, definitely also the Mormon hierarchy and other religious movements, are also part of this. Btw, did you all know that the First Presidency together with the quorum of the Twelve Apostles is a modern day version of the infamous Levite Priesthood?! There is a huge database under the great Mormon temple in Salt Lake City.
    It is a totalitarian octopus, that contains all facets of live.
    There are many more facets to all this. This is just the tip of the ice berg! Too much and way too complicated too mention now!

    Above all: the problems of this world will most probably never be solved virtually and will never be solved with “fighting”. Please, don’t believe the propaganda on the internet; Humanity is not winning and the Illuminati are not panicing. The truth is that the world is on the verge of total collapse, and maybe that is a good thing really.

    All the best to all. Peace Out.

    • Martinus, everybody here realizes this.

      We are just laying the basis for the discussion of the key to their control, the money supply and Usury in particular. The aim of this blog is not to endlessly discuss the conspiracy, that has been done well elsewhere. But we need a few articles like these so that people understand what our basic proposition is.

    • Martinus: ““Zionist-Pharisaic-Talmudist-Kabbalist-Sabbatean-Satanist’

      LOL, I cannot take this kind of know-it-all nonsense very serious.”

      TTU: Actually, I used this acronym on purpose to make it clear that I not focusing only on Zionism for instance and that we should be aware that the same conspiracy (more or less) lies behind all these names.

      As Anthony said, the goal here was not to identify particular individuals or families.

      Martinus: “Some real truth and identification of the so called enemy, The Elite, The Illuminati, The Cryptocracy:

      Rothschild, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Welfen/Hannover, Habsburg, Sinclair, Bruce-Stuart, Cavendish, de Medici, Anjou/Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Warburg/del Banco, Krupp, Romanov, Bourbon, Savoy, Hohenzollern, …”

      TTU: I’m certainly aware of most of the names of your list, and I am sure this is also the case for most of the readers of this blog. But do you think that these families and dynasties are the root of problem? That if they were not there, the conspiracy would not exist? I don’t think so. The conspiracy is much bigger than a group of elite families, or even than a group of ideologies such as Zionism or cults such as Satanism. These families are the main perpetrators, for sure, but the nature of the conspiracy transcends individuals, families, or groups.

      Martinus: “The truth is that the world is on the verge of total collapse, and maybe that is a good thing really.”

      TTU: Even if you are right, does this mean that we should stop trying to understand what is happening? We can “win” if humanity becomes aware of what it is facing.

  5. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. I Timothy 6:10

  6. Rasamanjari permalink

    The Conspiracy IS Spiritual.

    The original sin is rebellion against God. In the spiritual world, all souls are fully submissive to the will of the Lord but the material world is a prison house created for rebellious souls, “like most of us are”. It is designed to be an unhappy, ullusory place, ultimately. The conceptions of I and mine are the faults we cherish. A saintly person knows ‘nothing is mine’, everything belongs to God. He sees he arrived into this world empty handed and leaves with nothing, not when he chooses. but when a superior power forces him. Everything is owned and controlled by the Lord. Money is neither good nor bad on its own, if it is used for God’s service it is good, if used for not for God, but for selfish purposes, bad. Instead of thinking what I like what I think, what i plan, a saintly person thinks what does God like, think, plan, and he is peaceful and fearless. A society made up of such persons can, with God’s help, defeat the extremis demons who openly hate God and His devotees while playing God and making a terrible mess of it all. “Bewildered by false ego, strength, pride, lust and anger, the demon becomes envious of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is situated in his own body and in the bodies of others, and blasphemes against the real religion.


    A demoniac person, being always against God’s supremacy, does not like to believe in the scriptures. He is envious of both the scriptures and of the existence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This is caused by his so-called prestige and his accumulation of wealth and strength. He does not know that the present life is a preparation for the next life. Not knowing this, he is actually envious of his own self, as well as of others. He commits violence on other bodies and on his own. He does not care for the supreme control of the Personality of Godhead because he has no knowledge. Being envious of the scriptures and the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he puts forward false arguments against the existence of God and refutes the scriptural authority. He thinks himself independent and powerful in every action. He thinks that since no one can equal him in strength, power, or in wealth, he can act in any way and no one can stop him. If he has an enemy who might check the advancement of his sensual activities, he makes plans to cut him down by his own power.” Srimad Bhagavad Gita As It Is 1972 edition Chapter 16, text 18

    • @ Rasamanjari,

      In the spiritual world there are no souls – a soul is a living breathing being whether it be a man, a human or an animal.

      Ezekiel 18:4 Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

      Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.

      ‘Soul’ from the Hebrew means: “that which breathes, the breathing substance or being.”

      The orginal sin was more a mistake than outright rebellion. Eve was tempted, deceived and seduced sexually by the Devil and led astray, she then enticed her man Adam to take part in the satanic proceedings.

      This satanic union then prooduced the reptilian Cain and for this reason Adam & Eve had to be banished from the garden.

      • No wonder your posts are utter nonsense. A “reptilian” Cain is never mentioned in any of the scriptures. You must be smoking some of that funny green stuff with the seeds in it.

        • You need to read that book that your fellow Judaising Pharisees read i.e. the Talmud – The Bible isn’t the only reference book – you might also try the Book of Jasher to alieviate your dumb ignorance.

          • Charles, please be gentle, you started scolding Al in this thread…….

          • I am being gentle Anthony, please analyse his comments which are sheer opinion on his part. They are the babblings of an uninformed closed mind. If you look at his last comment he has made no effort to prove me wrong. He even insults Yashua Anointed (The Way) by calling Him a cult. As far as I am concerned he is The Devil’s own – a 21st century Pharisee.

          • Your little cult denies the divinity of Jesus Christ. I checked your organization’s doctrinal statement. That would make your group that of an anti-Christ. You can call me anything you wish, but you don’t even believe the Bible anyway. You’re just a schuck and jive artist that works in a lunatic “church”.

          • I don’t have an organisation nor a following so yet again in your judgemental ignorance you’re barking up the wrong tree and nowhere have I denied the divinity of Yashua Anointed. It’s YOU with your satanic Judaism that denies the divinity of Yashua Anointed. You blaspheme the New Testament message through Paul by making unfounded accusations of him swearing oaths when he did no such thing. I am still waiting for your proof of these satanic lies of yours. You’re the anti-christ and without doubt a son of the Devil.

          • I think you’re just a troll. You have bad manners and you appear to be a lot dumber that I thought. You’re here just to cause trouble. After I heard the “reptilian” Cain nonsense, that should have been enough for me. BTW, I made an error on one of the references about Paul swearing oaths. I listed 1 Thes. 2:25 when it should have been 2:10 You didn’t notice it so I’m guessing that you read none of the references which included: Romans 1:9; 2 Cor 1:23; Phil 1:8; and Gal 1:20

            You don’t discuss or argue substance, you’re just a name caller. As far as your church is concerned, it was in one of your posts that I got the idea that you were a member of The Way.
            Are you saying that you are not a member of The Way?

          • I’d have a battle of wits with you, but I can’t in good conscience battle with an unarmed man. This is what happens to your mind when you join satanic cults like The Way. You don’t make any sense and your posts are nonsensical. You can’t think from Point A to Point B.

          • I don’t make any sense because you’re Spiritually blind and thereby you’re mentally incapable of making any sense of anything I say. Get back to your synagogue where you belong. As for wits I had no idea you had any.

          • The problem with people like you is that you are a pagan masquerading as a Christian. The “church” you attend is not Christian because of their doctrine on the divinity of Christ. Since you attend that “church” I’m saying that you are a liar and an anti-Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was and still is God in the flesh. So, unless the whole thing was made up, the Bible testifies to Christ’s divinity as God in the flesh. Your little cult group called “The Way” does not believe that Christ is God in the flesh. I suggest that you remove yourself from that group because they are a bunch of liars, and you have picked up their bad habits.

            Then there is the issue of Paul the Apostle swearing oaths and I listed where it was done, yet you refuse to recognize it for what it is. If I say it is an apple, you say it is not. What am I to do with that kind of nonsense? It further shows you to be a liar. And when a person lies, they destroy their own credibility and you have clearly done that and the facts are self-evident. All I have to do is to observe it.

          • I do not attend a church so you’re wrong again – you’re always wrong, because you are a judgemental Judaiser, a 21st centuiry Pharisee, which also means you can never be right.

            The Lord Jesus Christ (Yashua Anointed) IS THE WAY He IS THE LIGHT, THE WORD The I AM . You see, these are His Titles, which of course you know nothing about because you’re Biblically ignorant and Spiritually blind.

            Listing is bull. If you consider yourself an expert you will have to show how Paul swore oaths rather than just quote scripture verses that have nothing to do with swearing oaths other than in your ignorant twisted mind.

          • Furthermore, how can anyone who is blind – observe?

  7. Quite a few to answer here and I see old Judaising Al is back with all his obedience to the law i.e. 10 commandment keeping. I wonder where grace fits within his misinformed mind set? First, though, I’ll start with money.

    Money in itself is not evil as in a carpenter’s claw hammer. If you use a claw hammer on someone’s head it is evil, if you whack in and draw nails with it, it is not evil.

    Money like the claw hammer is a tool and a very useful tool at that, and was originially introduced because bartering was so cumbersome and non-user friendly.

    It’s the love of money and/or the amassing of money as an act of greed that is evil and it’s the usury based banking system that causes this – they have turned money into a god. If money was kept solely as a means of exchange that would keep money in a tool box where it belongs.

    • Keep the dream alive,… or just let it die. If you break out the money to play Monopoly, the bank already won.

  8. Great article. I believe that the spiritual evil should be explained and explicitly named for all to see. It has many manifestations but the underlying belief system appears to be the same for them all. The best source i’ve found to expose this in a comprehensive historical context is in a series of short wave radio broadcasts the late Bill Cooper did on his show, the time of the hour. I especially like his mantra, “don’t believe anything i say or what anyone else says until you’ve researched it and verified it for yourself”

  9. Money by definition is a means of exchange and a store of wealth.

    I don’t recall hearing any definition of it being a means of control for a centralised power elite. So by its true definition money is not inherently evil, but the monetary system we are using now is.

    Plus we ought to be using multiple currencies; at a bare minimum one as a means of exchange and another as a store of wealth. Using one currency for both purposes is extremely limiting, especially for communities. Of course the power elite knows this, and that’s why it is the way it is. A global monetary system will break down the communities that give us our sense of the Divine.

    This brings us to communities and the idea of a group conscience. Both individuals and groups have the ability to either open themselves to goodness or close off and isolate into evil. We need to as both groups and individuals be opening and expanding not closing and isolating.

    I obviously won’t claim to have the total solution here, but certainly it is spiritual in nature.

    Thanks for posting this thought provoking article and providing a space for dialogue.

    • I’ve been planning for quite some time to write on the issue of means of exchange vs. store of wealth.|

      Thanks for this reminder.

      • sirpush permalink

        I Am astonished and disappointed by the ignorance you show.
        I stumbled upon your blog looking for interest free money ideas, why was I looking for such information? Because i’m deeply connected to my jewish roots and morals, which specifically state that you shall not lend money with interest and I was wondering how is the bible guiding us to build our monetary system.
        The Jewish-Zionist-Kabalist conspiracy or whatever ignorant name you give it, is to actually have a debt free world. The reason for jews being the “money masters” is a well known historical reason, that they were prohibited practicing other trades and were forced to become money lenders, and as Jews are successful in what they do in general as a people (See large number of nobel prize winners,Israel the Startup nation and so on) they excelled in being bankers also.
        Your so called social western morals are all rooted in the bible and jewish thinking from 3000-2000 years ago, the reason why we dont have debt free money is because of a well known fact written by many prophets at their time, is that the jews always wanted to look “nice” in the eyes of the other nations and so follow their(the nations) morals and ideas instead of sticking to their own moral roots of the bible, and so even today Israel is greatly influenced by American/Europeam capitalism instead of implementing the social elements of jewish law.

        • wow……….and you’re astonished by OUR ignorance?

          Time to wake up pal: Jewry and the world at large is run by a bunch of usurious maniacs and they use the Jews to hide behind.

          They hide behind men like you and inculcate them with silly ideas like ‘the Jews are always successful that’s why the hate us’.

          Believe me, if you guys don’t get rid of these suckers in your midst, a great deal of you will be sacrificed by them once more in the none too far off future.

          • sirpush permalink

            how exactly do you run jewry?
            The problem is in did people that are TRYING to run every one else.
            But I try to be a free thinking man, and my jewish practices and beliefs are not run by anyone the same as your beliefs are not run by anyone.Judaism is a way of thought, like any other belief it can be used for good or wrong(and jewish thinkers already said that about the bible itself).
            The jews are not always successful, every person is like any other person, but as a nation you can not ignore their distinctive role in western history especially people that believe in god like yourself. But including “zionist” “kabalist” and “talmudic jews” in one context just shows you have no idea what these things are.

          • So please tell us more about the Zionist/Kabalist/Talmudist aspects, since we have no idea what these things are.

            You said: “The Jewish-Zionist-Kabalist conspiracy or whatever ignorant name you give it, is to actually have a debt free world.” I read your comment, but I am still not sure I understand. Can you explain a bit more?

          • Yes, a very distinctive role indeed, haha. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

            When we talk of the ‘chosen people’ we wonder what god really chose them.

            But to answer the question: Jewry is run by cabbalist bankers, the Rothschild etc.

            I understand you try to be a free thinking man, good for you. All the more reason to have a good hard look at all the Jewish pressure groups, the Jewish involvement in banking and the press, to read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and to start vociferously denounce zionism and other horrors of Jewish supremacism.

            Jewry itself is the most manipulated people on earth and I pray for all of them to wake up and smell the coffee…….

          • sirpush permalink

            Well arguing with a racist on these matters is fruitless,
            The only important thing is that you as a christian believe in the god of jesus which is the god invented by the jews and your precious jesus was a jew and all his teachings are jewish in their core. The greatest gift of the jewish people to humanity is the understanding that there is a god out there watching and in his name the christians and muslims have committed hundred scores more crimes and horrors against humanity than could be attributed to the jews.
            But of course the christian and muslim crimes are just a conspiracy of the jews.

          • “Doubtlessly, some readers will interpret this essay as consisting merely of “racist” rhetoric under another guise and criticize what they consider to be a demagogic attempt to blame a particular group of people. But this is a grave misunderstanding.

            In the end this is not about Zionism, or Jews, or Jesuits, or Satanists, it is about humanity “rediscovering” truth and finding its moral compass. But the truth is that we are currently waging a spiritual war with powerful forces that are bent on enslaving us. In order to do this, they must first prevent us from becoming spiritually aware.”

            I thought that this was clear…

          • sirpush permalink

            Well it does seem racist. And our friend Anthony here wants to be a free thinking men while naming racist,fictional creations such as “The protocols of the learned elders of zion” as his source of knowledge about judaism.
            I agree that it should be all about humanity discovering the truth, and in every group there are people abusing power, may it be jewish communities or green peace activists, and in every group there are people doing horrible things in the name of religion or ideals, and it is in did all about empowering the individual.
            Zionism is something completely different than kabalah and the talmud while talmud and kabalah are also almost two completely different things.
            Zionism is the movement for the emancipation of jewish people, brought to life by the emancipation of nations that happened in europe at the same time. to quote one zionist Y.L Pinsker “The consciousness of the people is awake. The great ideas of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries have not passed by our people without leaving a trace. We feel not only as Jews; we feel as men. As men, we, too, wish to live like other men and be a nation like the others.”
            To understand Zionism I would suggest to actually read the first zionist activists writings, they talk about the equality of men, the need of the jewish people for a country, and their view of the jewish country as one that is social and just in the ways of the bible and the prophets, living in peace with the arabs. these are the thoughts of the original zionists and thus should zionism be understood and not by reading false anti-semetic propaganda. If you are not following the above principles then you are not a zionist. As a side note, the first zionists where not religious people, they left the religious jewish world while their thought was greatly influenced by the jewish schoolars and way of thought, they kept the social and just principles while leaving religion behind, so Zionism is remotely related to kabalah and the talmud.

            The kabalah is the mystic or rather inner workings of the jewish religion, while there are some practical(magical) sides to it, it is not main stream idea of the kabalah. The kabalah comes from the hebrew word “to accept” since it was passed oraly through the generations. Its main writings is the book called “Zohar” from the 2nd century, and it talks about the higher worlds and how they effect our physical world and vice versa, kabalist are definitely not bankers, they are usually people that study a lot and practice meditation, my parents study kabalah for 30+ years and from them i’ve received all the social principles i believe in today and the need for awareness which is one of the purposes of kabalah, to be aware to the subtle working of gods and aware to the influences of the physical world(the chase for money,sex etc) and your own psychological history on yourself and ultimately reach a free thinking mind.

            The talmud is more related to the practical side of judaism, and it is books on books of debates about the law of the torah and how it should be interpreted. these books are the base for the modern jewish religious laws that religious jews practice.
            Usually the ultra-orthodox jews have nothing to do with the study of kabalah and they are mostly woried about the physical daily practices.

            When I read the original texts of the talmud, kabalah and zionists I find only the words of smart people that want people to have a free mind and build a just society. People may claim different things in the name of the bible, talmud, kabalah and zionism and if this person looks religious then people take his words for granted and do not bother to check the original scholars to see what they actually think about it.
            And as our elder scholars said, “In the bible you can search and search and find everything, if you search right it will be the potion of life and if not it will be the drug of death”, and as the kabalah explains the basic problem of humanity that the eating of the first man “Adam” from “the tree of knowledge good and bad” caused, that we can not differentiate clearly from good and bad, all things are neutral (is the gun by itself good or bad?the bible is it good or bad?), it is men that by his actions causes bad or good things to happen or his skewed view of the world calls good things bad and vice versa.
            So to summarize, Zionism is a new movement established by mostly non religious jews in the 19th century, Kabalah is the mystic side of judaism and the Talmud is from the 5th century and talks about the daily practices of jews, The groups adhering to any one way of thought are usually completely different from each other but they all originally preach for a just society according to the laws of the bible and the prophets: to give charity, to not ignore people in need, to treat all men equal and not to perform usury or even take interest.

            So to say these groups are conspiring together would be to not understand the people and workings between them and to say they are conspiring to love money and not be spiritual is a complete lie and false propaganda not based on any writings of these groups scholars.

          • All of that stuff is a bunch of crap anyway, start thinking about getting rid of usury and interest. That would be more productive than talking about Zionists, Kabbalah, or whatever.

          • sirpush permalink

            Do you think that usury is the only enslavement of the modren men?
            When you hate a person or a group of people, or blame them for your predicament you will never be free and you will only replace one horror for the other. The road to hell is paved with good intentions but as it is known and shown by history every revolution and it’s idealistic leaders that had good intentions has brought horrors for humanity.
            One need to change himself and see things clearly as they are. The nature of men kind will not change over night just because usury is no longer around, or the jews are no longer around or the muslims or any other group you blame your troubles for, new power hungry forces will rise instead until the people can see the true nature of things.

          • PissedoffPagan permalink

            The so called ‘Jewish Kabbalah’ was originally the pagan Runic Kabbalah;The Runic Kabalah pdf – Webs It was stolen by Jews and maligned to serve Jewish interests. Whereas Gentile Pagans utilised the Kabbalah to assist in the removal of evil influence from the earth plane, via entheogenic plant ingestion, the elite Jews have utilised this force to facilitate the expression of evil. This has led to the eradication of protective Gentile Spiritualism in Europe, and elsewhere, and the establishment of blood ritual sacrifice in its stead; … In other words, the Rabbi has replaced the Shaman;

          • So much ignorance in so few sentences.
            I happen to be the son of a teacher in four generation lineage of teachers of kabbalah, have you ever opened a book of kabbalah? do you know what they are talking about there?
            you just regurgitate what you hear from obscure fanatic sources without ever investigating and gaining knowledge for yourself, just being a tool in the hands of others.

        • If I may butt in, the real issue is the use of usury/interest. The fact is that the whole banking system uses it and it is against God’s commandments as it is considered “unjust gain.” The Jewishness or the Goyim issues are just a bunch of nonsense relative to usury. Usury is the problem, the rest of it misses the point.

  10. Ed Tindal permalink

    Put the Talmud,Torah and Bible alongside the Da Xue and it becomes apparent that the nihilistic, pecunia-centered, Judeo-Christian “civilisation” is doomed. The deeply-rooted community centered asian mindset will prevail which will be the end of the God illusions.

    • “end of the God illusions.”

      Had this read end of the Jewish God illusions, I’d ‘ve been in agreement. But the One that Jesus worshipped is not an illusion. He’s my buddy.

      • Ed Tindal permalink

        Time to put things in a perspective after the Nicea fraud of ancient emporer Constantine.

        • After 35 years experience of the Christian Religion which ended for me in 1999, I have been showing people the only perspective there is i.e. Yashua Anointed crucified and resurrected but that’s too simple for for them. They just love religious BS and worship their intellects too much, so cannot repent and simply believe.

  11. Michael permalink

    The Karaites are the closest to the mark. The reason why neither the Christians or the Talmud Jews are at each others throats is that both of you have added or taken away from the commandments. God never ever ever said to worship a man. To imagine that God would be born, and covered in afterbirth is just ridiculous, and its just more of that pagan man-god Son of Semiramus crap.

    The Bible makes much more sense when you get rid of all the auxiliary books. We are not to make an image to worship, be it an ox, a man, a cross, a cresent or anything else. The old testament laws still stand, an eye for an eye – remove the evil from your midst and LET ISRAEL FEAR.

  12. It is my opinion that all of these so-called religions are nothing more than satanic cults. Some are worse than others, and varying in technique, but in substance they are all about the same. I think paying attention to the natural laws supported by the commandments is the best way to live.
    I’m sorry to hear about your father. Maybe he’ll get a brain before he leaves the planet. WWCG is horrible and will produce very bad results.

    • Erika permalink

      From what I have read, Judaism (spawned Christianity and Islam) and Celtic Druidism hearken back to Brahmanic Hinduism..
      Masonry is a type of Judaeo-christian Druidry.

      The TAO is the eastern version of Christ, read Orthodox book Christ the Eternal Tao by Hieromonk Damascene

      ALL of these man made religions have been enslaving the masses for millennia…and point to common roots..
      IF the fruit is rotten the tree needs to be cut down.
      The fruit is rotten to the core and it is time to chop it down and lant a new one.

  13. Greetings,

    I learned of you thanks to the recent Morris’ videos.

    In the article above you talked about the importance of the spiritual. I will suggest that there is a difference between the spirit and *the soul* … that is of quite a significance. While you referred to a number of concepts and ideas, there was hardly anything said that would stir the emotions – the one major factor in the morality and ethics of each of us…

    Insofar my remark is valuable, I’m indebted to SN Lazarev:

    Insofar the reliance on ideas rather than emotions is true, I tend to see it in context of a civilisational crisis:

    Thanks for allowing public comments.

  14. Near the conclusion, you said:

    …….the advocacy of violence, racism, or supremacist ideologies must be condemned………

    I think there are very good arguments made in favour of violence:

    1) ‘It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.’ – Mahatma Gandhi, quoted in Finkelstein’s book

    2) Pacifism as Pathology by Ward Churchill, a powerful criticism of non-violence as a doctrine


    4) While I’m aware it’s extremely debatable, helpful in this regard _might_ be the story of Abraham and Isaac.

    Thank you for all your efforts on these webpages: they’re, among else, a whiff of fresh air.

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