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Five more reasons Ron Paul was a phoney all along

June 13, 2012

The more we look at Ron Paul, the more we wonder why so many people ever believed this guy in the first place. Here are five more reasons why.

by Anthony Migchels for Henry Makow and Real Currencies

1. Doug Wead is his ‘senior campaign adviser’
Doug Wead has been a highly influential adviser of many Republican Presidents and hopefuls, going back all the way to Ronald Reagan. His main sponsors, however, have been the Bush Family. He has worked for them between 1984 and 2000. His most senior position was that of Special Assistant to President Bush Sr.
Time magazine called Wead an insider in the Bush family orbit and “the man who coined the phrase ‘Compassionate Conservative.’ (wikipedia)

On june 5th Doug Wead wrote on his blog: “What was behind the broken bones, hysteria and bruised egos at last weekend’s Louisiana State GOP Convention?  Why the attacks on legitimately elected Ron Paul delegates?   Don’t the Romney folks get it?  Don’t they want to win in November?  Don’t they want and need the youth vote?  Hispanics?  Independents?  Even, the Democrats, that Ron Paul is attracting to the party?”

In short: the Paul Campaign is a Republican Campaign masquerading as ‘Liberty Movement’ and attracting the disenfranchised into the party for Romney. According to the highly influential GOP insider and Paul Campaign Adviser Doug Wead, anyway.

2. Ron Paul willingly and knowingly allows massive vote fraud.
The scale of this fraud is massive. It’s so bad it might have actually cost him the nomination.

According to Dave Hodges on Farm Wars, “Even the New York Times admitted that the Republican Primaries in Iowa and Maine were stolen away from Ron Paul. Ron Paul was undoubtedly winning the Republican Primary in the early days.  However, as the nomination continued to be stolen, and the will of the people was being usurped, Ron Paul remained silent to this grand theft of the nomination process. Even in Louisiana, as Ron Paul was winning, the Louisiana Republican leadership, controlled by Mitt Romney minions, stole the Paul delegates and gave them to Romney and then proceeded to beat up and evict the Ron Paul delegates when they protested. Meanwhile, Ron Paul chastised the dissenters and admonished his followers to be polite.”

Considering the enormous momentum that the Paul rallies showed, there is every reason to believe that Paul was actually the front runner in these primaries. Why did he allow the blatant and massive vote fraud? Why did he avoid the risk of winning?

3. Why do people say Paul is a ‘Peace Candidate’?
Not only is he lying through his teeth about 9/11 and thus enabling the Empire in the Middle East, we can see how he feels about the Empire through his budget. Just look at his Restore America budget. Therein you will find, out of a trillion dollars worth of cuts, a paltry 15% will be taken from the pentagon, while 63% cuts will be made to food assistance, and 35% medicaid or — 22% to life sustaining entitlement cuts across the board overall. Clearly, Paul values the financial viability of the empire’s war apparatus more than he does for “useless eaters” (thanks for this pm).

He will do away with food stamps for the poor during a depression with 22% unemployment, as a mere statist corruption of the free market, but he will continue the 500 billion Raptor Stealth fighter and all the other insanity that the US Army is feared for. It is exactly this kind of thing that gives Libertarians a bad name.

4. The Romney betrayal was planned long ago.
Analyses of the GOP debates show that in 20 GOP debates Ron Paul attacked Romney’s rivals 39 times while never assailing Romney even once.

The above quote by Doug Wead is another case in point.

Just a month ago “Former Ron Paul staffer Lew Rockwell says that talk of an alliance between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul is an “establishment trick” to smear Paul by making him appear as a sell out.”

Yet many people out there still cannot believe the obvious: they have been taken for a ride.

5. His ‘free market for currencies’ nonsense
People still don’t get that it is all about currency. Our masters are bankers after all, they rule through control of money. How many have ignored Paul’s Gold Standard, even if they knew better, because of his ‘constitutionalism’ and (unreal) stand for peace? In this way they have supported a Trojan Horse.

Ron Paul has always favored a Gold Standard, ever since the days he wrote a ‘minority report’ with Lehrman on the Reagan’s Gold Standard commission.

A year ago Paul Krugman said “Gold bugs have taken over the GOP.” That was the main goal of Ron Paul.

Paul owns five million in assets and it’s all sunk in Gold assets. This makes him a special interest candidate. If his colleagues own stocks in Merck while they want to force vaccinations on us, do we say they are putting their money where their ideas are? Of course not. Paul has profited massively from the rise of the Gold price over the last few years and few have been in a position to stimulate this price rise more than he was. Exactly the kind of behavior we hate politicians for.

The whole ‘free market for currencies was just invented to make the utterly disgraced Government Gold Standard more palatable for the somewhat more aware proponents of Austrian Economics. Discredited or not, his erstwhile colleague, and buddy Lehrman is promoting the classic one and according to Steve Forbes he will get his way after the Bilderberg anointed Romney moves into office.

Ron Paul has been paving the way for this for more than 30 years and even though he won’t be around to see the results, he has been indispensable in this long term Money Power operation.

The more we look at him, the more we see Ron Paul is just another utterly blatant and transparent Money Power change agent.

The really sad thing is to see how people are still trying to make the obvious go away.

Isn’t all this a little TOO blatant? Did the Pauls really miscalculate, or is this a provocation? A stab at the hearts and minds of the ‘liberty’ community? Alex Jones detractor David Chase Taylor sees a clear pattern in Jones’ methods of blaming the US Govt for Zionist crimes, with the idea of goating Patriots into attacking their own Government, not only suiciding, but providing Leviathan with the excuse to implement Martial Law.

Is it possible that there is more to Paul’s incredibly ugly, albeit transparent, betrayal than meets the eye?

the Austrian ‘Free Market for Currencies’ Hoax
Hate the State, buy Gold and all will be well: an Alternative Media in crisis
The Ron and Rand Paul Betrayal

Thanks pm and Faux Capitalist

  1. Anthony,

    In my opinion, all of these so-called conservatives don’t really want to improve anything. The same goes for all of the neocon talk shows. They are all show and no go. They are a part of the evil system and evil doesn’t divide against itself. Under a constitution with oaths and usury, the world is set for economic failure. The political failure is already here and has always been here.
    We were just too ignorant to realize it.

    Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul are both under oath. Both men, along with the others are on the dark side. It is intended to be that way. To them, evil is good and good is evil. The whole political and religious system is backasswards. It’s almost a waste of time discussing it because the conversation never goes anywhere good.

    I get yelled at here on forums for criticizing governments and religions. Today, I had one guy get so mad he cussed me out and kicked me off the forum. You see, the slaves love their slave masters. I don’t get mad so much as I feel sorry for them as they are really unable to think.

    The politicians and the religious leaders have sure done a bad service to the people who depend upon them for wisdom, when in fact they just give them nothing but shit. The Ron Paul thing is another example.

    If you remember earlier in the elections cycle, Sarah Palin went around the country making people think she was going to run; taking donations for her political action committee. She did the dance,
    collected the money, and left the Tea Party people holding the socialist bag. So there you go.

    The bottom line is that they are all liars and no one should ever listen to them ever again.
    Lying distorts everything, and these so-called conservatives are liars.

    What people should learn to do is to stop listening to these knuckleheads.

    • Absolutely Al, on all counts.

    • Brian Hughes permalink

      I’ll second that, Al. At this point the corruption is so deep, so entrenched, that any hope for truly enlightened monetary reform which starts on a national level is gone. The cartel has been ever diligent to see to it at the very inception of the American Republic all the way through to the present day. Illuminati 101 teaches that controlling the money is their ‘mother’s milk’. Anything happens to lose that control and the jig is up for them. It is to be maintained at all costs.

      It’s pretty evident to me that the thing that put it over the top for the decision to kill both Lincoln and Kennedy was their messing with this control. Lincoln with his greenbacks and Kennedy with his plans for pulling the plug on the FED.

      Now we’re at a true crossroads where the more we participate with it, the more we are in compliance with it, and the lines are more clearly drawn with each passing day. And I agree with you that a money-free society is a superior one, one which would reflect a collective understanding of ourselves as the spiritual beings we are. In the meantime, if there is to be money then the only way to go is to get on board with the new currencies bandwagon.

      Sic Semper Tyranis!

  2. Anthony,

    A standard technique for wearing people down is to give them hope and then take that hope away in one fell swoop. That is what has happened with Ron Paul and it is indicative that the end is nearer because they won’t be able to do it again. This technique goes hand in hand with the technique of robbing the flock, where you place a Judas goat at the head of a mass of sincerely motivated people with just cause to make sure no one else leads them. On both counts Ron Paul and his son have served well.

    Ron Paul was right about enough things that touched people but wrong in the important thing i.e. money system design and control which in the current system is really mind control because today’s design money is absolutely irrational as we prove unequivocally at and requires subtle fear and coercion to implement and maintain i.e. does not run on it’s own.

    I never believed in Ron Paul because my “litmus” test to determine a politicians true viability as a representative, is whether or not he:

    1) Understands the science of money
    2) Is willing to demand the implementation of stable money

    • Thanks Marc, that sure explains this drastic betrayal!

    • My “litmus” test is as follows:

      1. Is the organization or the person founded upon an oath? If they are, then they are liars. There’s no need to listen to what they have to say. A liberal or conservative that is under oath is a liar. In the example of Paul, he was giving the Masonic hand shake and the sign of the devil with his fingers. Not too hard to figure out.

      2. Do they understand that usury is at the center of our financial difficulties. Usury steals the substance from the people.

      If these problems aren’t being addressed, there’s no point in getting excited about the political system fixing anything. They are all crooks if they can’t pass my “litmus” test.

      The conservatives I’ve known in my past conservative Republican life have been complete back-stabbing miscreants. The political and religious systems are completely dysfunctional.

  3. Bourchakoun permalink

    Anthony – thank you for exposing Austrian economics, Liberterianism and Ron Paul. However – manipulation is perpetrated on many levels – just as many economists, environmentalists and doctors actually believe in all that they are taught, probably quite a few politicians believe in a lot of the stuff they are preaching. Only few actually see the whole picture and still go along with everything.

    And as far as Alex Jones is concerned – very doubtful that he is from the other side, but of course he is totally wrong on the economics – side, but most “Alternative Media” is in that respect due to the many opinions out there. And by the way – even astute economists know only what they have read and been taught. Not having researched about real alternatives like social credits etc. makes them blind to it – just as doctors who have not looked into orthomolecular medicine.

    I myself have studied economics since I was 16 and there was practically nothing out there telling you the truth – you could spend several lifetimes studying and collecting titles or honors – never knowing the oh so simple truth about “free” market, libertarianism and the actual “connology” of the fractional reserve. But you learn a lot about formulas and useless calculations….

    Alex Jones makes a few errors – in the past maybe more like believing some “experts” on impending wars etc. But he has woken up a lot of people on most major issues – economics being his weak point, health and food having been finally been taken care of.

    Not everyone out there is an outright Luciferian-Illuminati-CIA-MI6-agent-or-director. The cons out there spin deep and wide and even people who try to do good are suckered – sometimes even more than once with a different con.

    The Republic Radio Movement and Alternative Media has grown in knowledge and awareness tremendously over the last decade. Who knows – maybe in a couple of years – everyone will know that Greenbacks, decentralized interest-free money-issuing-regional-Central banks or social credits are the way to go. Actually I believe a money-free-system is even superior, but mankind is not ready for that.

    All of life is just a major schooling lesson 🙂

    • Hi Bourchakoun, thanks much for this comment!

      It’s always difficult to know who knows what. But recently I did an article suggesting people know more than is comfortable.

      And in the faux economics page (on the right) you’ll find a series of articles on how the Money Power created Libertarianism from scratch. I’m pretty sure that people like Rockwell and Paul realize full well what is behind their little operation.

      Gary North actually worked for the Volker fund, which spawned all these ‘independent’ libertarian outlets, including the Mises Institute. He wrote a damnable book ‘Coogans Bluff’ which formulates the basic lie of Austrianism. He’s been sitting on that lie for 50 years and it’s hard for me to believe that he does not understand what he’s doing.

      Also the article Who is Ed Griffin shows quite clearly how ‘they’ inculcate these lies in the minds of people.

      You may also want to check out this blog by David Chase Taylor, who has been on Jones’s case lately. It’s not pleasant calling people a liar but the leadership of the Libertarian movement has shown itself to be a quite nasty bunch altogether. The weight of the evidence when considered altogether is quite damning.

      • Bourchakoun permalink

        Yes – I have looked into the blog of David Chase Taylor and frankly the facts about Alex Jones being a Stratfor-Agent lack evidence and the major point against AJ is an erronous Y2K and Russia-Nuclear-Attack some 10 years ago.

        Could AJ be an Stratfor-Agent? Well, yes, but then practically everything he spins is true from food, eugenics depopulation agenda, mass-education brainwashing, secret organizations, medical establishment, chemtrails etc. He also invites many great people like Alan Watt, Lord Monckton etc. He still lacks severely on the economics front and some of course like David Taylor would like him go after Zionism.

        Zionism-activism leads nowhere! It is closely associated with the holocaust and with all Jews. My grandparents in Poland witnessed plenty of Hebrew-extermination with their own eyes. And there is no way that all Ruling Elite are Jews in the old sense. I know that there is a difference to Zionism, but for 99,999% of people there will be none!

        Divide and conquer is an old game and frankly in the most instances any group can easily divide itself even without any EVIL INTERFERENCE. People are emotional irrational beings with a state of consciousness that is severely lacking.

        Webster Tarpley recently warned AJ about Ron Paul and explained to him twice in 10 days that Libertarianism is a creed as phony as Marxism. He also extolled the virtues of so called “Americanism” – high tariffs on all products easily produced in the country (thus high tariffs-tax income and full employment for the people), strong unions as a force against the inherent force of capital (1950s auto-worker and union-butcher making enough money to support non-working wife, house, car and 3 kids), interest-free money issue etc. Who knows – maybe AJ will learn on that front as well?

        And Infowars has probably saved more lives now just by the sheer publicity and vaccination and food exposure.


        • I think the key thing to understand here, Bourchakoun, is that we are dealing with a Banking Cartel, that either rose from organized Jewry, or hides behind it.

          Their main means of control is control of the Money Supply and using that control to enslave us through Usury.

          So the money issue is by far the most important. In that respect I don’t trust Taylor either, because in his top ten reasons of why AJ is a traitor, he doesn’t mention the monetary issue either.

          Money Power agents will give a great deal away to gain credibility, while plugging the Money Power’s monetary agenda or leading opposition into a blind alley.

          I think this is one of the fundamental issues that the Paul Saga is trying to teach us. And that’s why I don’t trust AJ either. Because a guy of his knowledge should either know better, or be more curious. And the way he plugs the Gold Standard on his site is quite telling, to my mind.

          • Bourchakoun permalink

            So the money issue? In my opinion he is just mistaken the same way that he has been suckered by the Ron Paul train and he publicly admits it now. He sells Bill Still’s video who together with Karl Denninger address the money issue as a main point. Judged by the same measure – Max Kaiser and Gerald Celente or the late Aaron Russo should know better too.
            He also invites Nomi Prins who certainly is no advocate of any current destructive monetary system.

            But you are right – the interest-free money issue has to be addressed sooner or later. Time will tell, whether AJ is plainly mistaken due to honest erroneous beliefs or whether this was the only issue never to be addressed by infowars from the beginning.

            He was on a destructive path himself never caring about the poisonous food he ate and that can hardly be attributed to conspiracy against himself 🙂

            I for myself doubt it since the level of truths given there is just too much – writing about everything but true monetary reform!

            But we will see – time will tell for sure 🙂 I myself am an ecomist and believe me – the brain-washing goes deep even among the well-meaning crowd. Sometimes we all should have known things a lot sooner…. as any parent knows who has brought his cancer kid straight to the chemotherapy-radiation-meat-grinder and realizes the error too late…..

          • fair enough Bourchakoun, fair enough. Your last comment sure rubs it in. So much is at stake and often we are just too late to realize. Plenty of experience with that myself………..

          • Great article that puts it all together nicely. It’s always a good day when you get quoted by one of your favorite money reformers.

          • Jones did in fact promote the ideas in Bill Still’s book and in such way that clearly exhibited that he understood it. So when he chose to endorse Ron Paul and his usurious gold buggery monetary policies, it became abundantly clear to me at least that he was not ignorant of its implications. I suppose you could say that he made a mistake but then would also be saying that he was a feeble minded flip flopper, something nobody believes. No, smart money bets on Anthony’s assertion that Alex is just playing the white squares on the chessboard: dispensing just enough truth so that people fall for dead end solutions — Ron/Rand Paul’s usurious commodity backed money — from which he is also prepared to cash in on handsomely.

            Jones only admitted he was wrong when Rand Paul made his endorsement and Ron threw his campaign in the ditch for good. Not a nanosecond sooner. Since then, he had no choice but to try and save face by stating, in his usual demagogue fashion, that this was something he was warning people about all along. A little less than a week prior he wouldn’t even let Tarpley speak on these same issues, hysterically portraying Ron/Rand Paul and himself as being victim of a Tarpley smear crusade, in an “debate” he hosted. Now he lets Tarpley speak in peace as if had always agreed with him. It’s obvious to anyone not drunk on the alt ops koolaide

          • Bourchakoun permalink

            Look – I am not saying that this is true. But if it is, then actually there would not be so much a reason to mention pretty much anything but the money issue.

            But there is a big difference between an erring man who has economic misconceptions and a complete psyop agent or at least total sellout.

            Generelly in the Republic Radio community there is the misconception about gold and libertarianism. I remember Alan Watt saying that more than 10 years ago all those Republic Radio stations were basically pre-occupied with the false left-right paradigm and fighting international influence and being completely oblivious to the enemy already ruling them. Nevermind mentioning the Fed. According to Alan Watt they had to be educated about the real threat first. That has happened by now.

            Hopefully that will happen with most Alternative Media. Whether AJ is a complete psyops agent or an erring Republic Radio Broadcaster remains still to be seen.

          • “Jones did in fact promote the ideas in Bill Still’s book and in such way that clearly exhibited that he understood it. So when he chose to endorse Ron Paul and his usurious gold buggery monetary policies, it became abundantly clear to me at least that he was not ignorant of its implications.”

            This is a classic disinfo tactic to cause confusion. Jones is Jesuit co-adjutor and gatekeeper.
            In other words he’s a servant of The Devil.

  4. Great article that puts it all together nicely. It’s always a good day when you get quoted by one of your favorite money reformers.

  5. stopthe permalink

    Wow, there sure is a lot of paranoia and log-rolling here. And not a lot of cold, hard facts.

    • Depends what you mean by paranoia i.e. the ability to join together disparate pieces of information and make a coherent whole. The Spiritually dead tend to find this an impossibility.

  6. I became aware of Ron Paul’s essential fraudulence over a period of a couple of months this past spring. I have documented that learning experience with the article, “Ron Paul’s CPAC and Virginia Cop-outs” at .

  7. did you know that Woodrow Wilson signed into law the federal reserve in december 1913? six years later he said “I think I have ruined the country”. The feds have a 100 year charter and it expires in 2013.They have kept it secret but the fed is ownd by 7 rich families. If you control a nations money you control IT. Dennis-just a taxi driver in orlando.

    • thanks Dennis!

      I think the 100 year charter story has been debunked, but the rest of your message is more or less what it’s all about, right?

    • @Dennis

      I think the true charter for the Federal Reserve was 20 years and the charter, as far as I know, was
      never renewed. So the Fed is not operating under any congressional authority. Not that it matters, but it does show that they don’t even pay attention to their own laws. Which then means that it is a complete waste of time to read any of them.

  8. Sam Geoghegan permalink

    I came here after somewhat agreeing with some of your youtube comments on fractional reserve banking, but this smear campaign against Paul is reprehensible and borders on a paranoid conspiracy.
    I’m surprised that you turned out to be just a garden variety liberal after all.

    You quote from the Soros funded Think Progress? C’mon.

    • @Sam

      You can always tell when a politician is lying; when he is moving his lips. Ron Paul is a liar in the fact that he led a lot of people down the road to believing that he is a conservative and that he was providing opposition to the socialistic tendencies of the government. “Conservative” politicians are back stabbers. One of the most famous bait and switch was Richard Nixon back around 1971-1972 when he opened up China for trade with the US. He did it at a time when the country was in a deep “recession.” Then there was Ronald Reagan, who in 1986 passed the most expansive income tax bill and ran up the deficit to astronomical proportions. Again, the so-called conservative movement got punked by the communists. And this nonsense goes on and on.

      Conservatism as we know it today is utter nonsense. I wrote an article on my blog and the main point I’m making is that conservatism is as a mask. The mask hides the reality of what is underneath it.

      Any bashing of Rand or Ron Paul is well deserved because they are evil men. There are even photos of Ron Paul giving a satanic hand signal. Nixon did the same thing only with two hands.
      Most of us just that that was a victory signal. Now, I believe he was working for the devil. Handing China our manufacturing capacity was completely insane. The government and the people running it is completely moronic to the core.

      If you like being unemployed, thank your conservative politician who stabbed you in the back. When Romney or Obama get elected, what you are getting is a caesar with a bad version of the Roman Empire. The same would have been true if Paul was nominated. The styles are different but the substance is the same.

    • @ Sam. You cannot ‘somewhat agree’ to this stuff. You either whole heartedly agree with it or you totally disagree – there is no half-way house.

  9. carl permalink

    You left out a lot about Ron Pauls senior advisor Doug Wead, google: Doug Wead wead in the rose garden, Doug has been on the Amway payroll for years as motivational speaker. I don’t think he sold a box of soap in his life, but he sure knows how to con them into joining a pyramid scheme like Amway.
    Before Ron hired him ,he was hawking a snake oil called Xango with convicted felon and con man Sherman Unkefer. Check him out on Youtube : Doug Wead Xango Russia. Xango is another Amway style company that hired Doud to try and hawk $38.00 fruit juice.
    And of course taping phone conversations with his old buddy George W without him knowing about it. I think he tried to sell the tapes to the New York times . He’s a real sleazeball.

  10. OMG: Are there others (besides DCDave and myself) that actually have pegged Gramps for the Big Money Shill he is? Great job.

    I took him to task in 2008 and again in this cycle. Basically, it is his “Paulsterity”, which you outline here, that proves he is a liar and a hack for Big Money. Denying 911 proves he has no desire for truth. The only war he doesn’t like are the ones that Congress doesn’t ok. Give him (and Congress) a chance to vote, and no problem.

    A Bushie = An Obama Maniac = A PaulTard

    No Difference!

    Never an R or D Again!

  11. By a quirk of fate, I happen to know Doug Wead and have had dinner with him and his then-fiancee, and attended a White House event at his invitation… during the Bush the First administration.

    I think it says it all that he authored a book called “George Bush, Man of Integrity”. If that is his definition of ‘integrity’, and he uses the word in conjunction with Ron Paul, well…. you get the gist.

    I also find it stunning that while Paul talks of “fair trade” he never mentions the fact (!!) that American sovereignty is indeed a thing of the past, because trade agreements supersede all domestic laws, including the Constitution he so often leans on. He HAS to know that… and if he were a true Constitutionalist, he’d be screaming about it… or so one would think.

    Doug Wead made his fortune in Amway, by the way…. he’s been selling product all his life….

    • Thanks for this. that’s an ‘interesting’ title for a book…..
      I should have d(o)ug a little deeper, it turns out this guy is just a total maniac.

      • A “governmental” system like this that is founded upon the oath and has a financial system based upon usury, has nothing good going for it. I used to think there was some honor in this system, and unfortunately, I think the whole thing is satanic to the core and nothing really good will come from any system that is founded upon these spiritual flaws.

        I’m not sure who is more psychotic than who, but I think they have issues that I don’t think they are willing to overcome.

      • He used to be a real hunk, too, the kind that make good spies in movies… but hasn’t aged real well. He has his own website, and sells his services as a “motivational speaker”… skills learned at Amway. He’s also a minister’s son.
        Thanks, Anthony. The more people know what’s behind Ron Paul, the better.

  12. Add Doug Weed to a list of scumbag globalists that Paul associates with. Peter Thiel, is his biggest supporter and a member of the Bilderberg steering committee, Ron wrote a book with PNAC member Louis Lehrman, and his attorney is Bruce Fein who also represents Goldman Sachs, Saudi Arabia and the IMF. Then you have SOPA author Lamar Smith who voted for every war, both bailouts, and the Patriot Act, btw he didn’t just stump for him, he sent letters to all of his supporters telling them to support Smith as a fellow Texas incumbent. Then you have his ties to the Knights of Malta run JBS, CNP, and the fact that he’s Scottish Rite Mason that he will deny but his Wife and Daughters were both in Masonic orgs, which is nearly impossible if he’s not a Mason.

  13. StillAtMyMoms permalink

    You forgot one important detail, though. The Federal Reserve has been audited annually. Re: 1978 Banking Act and their own comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). His platform of auditing the Fed is a complete charade; political theater.

    • Price water clearinghouse does the audits but they don’t have to reveal the complete results to congress or the public. The fed receives the data and that’s where any incriminating it stays.

      But i agree about it being political theater. An audit is not needed to realize that fraud is going on. This is a feckless measure at best in solving the problem — as was his campaigne for president.

    • I say audit the Ron Paul campaign. It strikes me that all he is about is raising hopes and raising money. He dashes the former and cashes the latter. He certainly didn’t spend it here in the Virginia primary when it could have made a difference. See .

      • Yep, Ron Paul is the cul de sac all the false opposition media operatives direct their hapless sheeple. His function is to help Romney get elected and waste the time, effort and financial resources of people that could be making a real difference elsewhere.

    • So the congress House voted to audit the Fed. that has been audited annually? LOL

  14. Dear readers. This is one of the most important blogs on all the internet. Do not follow any leader who is ignores, or under represents the usury problem.

  15. Mayor Curley permalink

    Anthony Migchels is a freemason. He is playing a divide and conquer game upon anyone who is waking up to the tyranny.

    Again, Anthony Migchels is a mason. It is well known. Anyone who believes otherwise is in la la land. Prove me wrong.

    • Shit! You didn’t photograph me flashing all sorts of hand signals did you? Contact me privately via email! We can work something out!

      • 3. Why do people say Paul is a ‘Peace Candidate’?
        Not only is he lying through his teeth about 9/11???

        Ron is simply repeating the CIA explanation and Ron predicted 9/11 explaining the exact reason Bin Laden claimed after 9/11.

  16. dcdave2u permalink

    See “Ron Paul’s CPAC and Virginia Cop-Outs” for the last word on Paul’s lack of authenticity: It’s a shame.

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