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the Internet Reformation Society (Huh?)

July 3, 2012

Having been exposed as a banker front and squarely beaten on all the issues that Austrianism is famous for, the Daily Bell seems to be making a last ditch effort to reclaim lost fame….

In Q1 of this year Real Currencies got involved in an all out discussion with the Daily Bell, which was quickly picked up by the indefatigable Memehunter. Our series of articles on the lies and obfuscations of Austrianism and the way it was built by the Money Power as the other side of the dialectic with Marxism was inspired by this intellectual war. Henry Makow, who had been exposing Libertarianism for years, gave us the platform needed for this kind of effort.

Memehunter, meanwhile, made the incredible effort of waging the war in the Daily Bell’s comment section for months on end. Facing four powerful ‘elves’.

In all fairness: the Daily Bell not only continued to allow this, they took him on all guns blazing. They could, of course, have denied him further access, as is quite common when people deliver unwelcome feedback.

But they lost. Ignominiously. They tried everything, every trick in book was used to misrepresent Memehunter, to make him look ridiculous and basically to just wear him down. But he hung in there and four professionals, payed well with the proceeds of usurious usurpation, eventually simply gave up.

They closed their comment section and Faux Capitalist (who had been on the DB’s case earlier on a number of controversial issues) reported:
“….its Alexa ranking has tanked, showing that by May 27, it had a one-month ranking of 106,899, a 7-day ranking of 96,710, and a 3-month ranking of 71,591. (at their peak they were hovering around 30,000, AM)

Once its three-month ranking falls below 100,000, it will no longer warrant Alexa’s daily compilation of in-depth statistics. I see that it has fallen so far that the confidence factor of the visitor demographic information is down from a high level of confidence to only medium.”

Since then their readership has been plummeting even further, and as Faux Capitalist predicted, they are trying to put a strategy together.

With the medieval slogan ‘memento mori’, and Anthony Wile’s concept of the ‘Internet Reformation’ they are trying to regain lost favor. They will also reopen their comment section, but only for registered users. Even to read the comments, one will have to register. This does not bode well: such barriers are not popular on the Internet.

Also they have come up with a rather ‘interesting’ logo:

The skull refers to the memento mori slogan, the clock at 5 to 12 speaks for itself. The roses refer to the people spreading anti-Nazi propaganda in Germany during the 1930’s under the name ‘White Rose’. How this relates to the blatant Nazi colors (red, black and white) of the logo, combined with the strangely Germanic font remains an open question.

For the time being, it seems, the real supporters of freedom from Money Power suppression do not need to be overly worried by the Daily Bell’s efforts to reinvent itself after being so horribly exposed.


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  1. Elling Disen permalink

    Hello Anthony,
    this one was not as convincing as they normally come. Ownership as upheld by wealth foster responsible behaviour such as maintenance, cooperation, compromise etc We dont want the state to own much so somebody must step in to own the building even if the flats are rented. This is surely a positive effect of civil society and “capitalism”, call it want you want.

    If the flat dwellers and even the building’s owner are dead in the long run, we want cathedrals that last centuries and generations. Everybody’s better off building and maintaining solid brick houses than wooden sheds.


    • Hi Elling,

      I had to reread this a few times. Am I right to think you’re not too happy with article as it is a little malicious?

      Thanks, Anthony

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