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A Catch22 when predicting False Flags

July 14, 2012

Recently a lot of highly reliable commentators have pointed at the possibility of  a false flag attack at the London Olympics. Undoubtedly these predictions have merit, but they do create a dynamic of their own: when they work, in the sense that they prevent the attack, they were wrong as a prediction.

By Anthony Migchels for Real Currencies

Peter Eyre, Henry Makow (through a guest writer) and Rixon Stewart, whose psychic friend tells us the elites are ‘pissed off’ because of the predictions, are among those warning the public. Truth be told, rock solid evidence of a false flag has  not been offered, but there is indeed a wealth of circumstantial evidence, some of it highly intriguing. And it clearly would fit with our master’s modus operandi and their agenda in the Middle East.

The obvious problem with correctly predicting a false flag attack is that the perpetrators will most likely decline to push through the planned event. In that case the prediction was highly successful, but nobody will ever know. And after a few of such events, the public may wary of such warnings. The Mainstream Media will start  ‘exposing’ the ‘fearmongering’. The boy that called wolf syndrome starts to operate.

And the next time, the Powers that Be will be able to pull it off anyway, notwithstanding the warnings of the Free Press, with the MSM saying: ‘well, they had to be right at some point, and this time happens to be it.’

It takes courage to make such predictions in the face of inconclusive evidence. It must be done, even when risking to be wrong. Too much is at stake. But the tactic for the opposition is predictable and although I can’t offer a strategy at this point, it is useful to discus it nonetheless.

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  1. John Cook permalink

    Let me lodge a “preventative” prediction here – I’m concerned about them using the Olympics to False Flag Syria. Currently the Spin is Sarin. No, No, No.

    • The road to Teheran goes through Damascus…….

      • Anthony
        Would you give ANY consideration to my argument:

        There was no legal initial mortgage contract to begin with as there was:
        • No Consideration…i.e. no money….no loan: …..can only be considered a purported loan/ Has Fictitious or Illusionary Consideration; (see Montgomery vs. Daly)
        • An interest bearing Mortgage Contact can not possible be fulfilled by everyone because of usury ( Where does the interest come from if there was only one mortgage contract in the world.) therefore it is Civilly Void and Unenforceable;
        • False statements are signed by the borrower. i.e A False Document
        • Part of a Bait and Switch; The bankers and lawyers string you along into signing these false documents thinking you have a loan and are the borrower when in fact you are the creditor and have GIVEN them or they HAVE STOLEN your credit.

        More…at the opednews link

        • I agree with this.

          At this point in Holland a man is taking his bank to task on these issues and another one too: the minute the mortgage is signed, the bank securitizes it. Without telling the borrower or give him an option to share in the proceeds, while his house is changing hands. This is illegal too.

  2. I agree with everything you say. I think their best shot, as does Jane Burgermeister, is a bio-weapon attack–it’s difficult to identify immediately because it could be a delayed-action virus delivered by the air-conditioning system. Very easy to pay a few guards to turn a blind eye whilst the deed is being done–maybe not a false flag but a method to make us all take toxic vaccines–forced on us by the UN and their WHO–World Homicide Organisation. The governments don’t have bio-weapons labs all over the place for nothing.

  3. Check out Jane Burgermeister’s video abou possible bio-attack.

  4. I smell something fishy their media is really saturating the airwaves with reasons for employing soldiers for security, saying the Olympics was let down by a private contractor, who could not find enough people to employ—there is no sound of regret—no emotion—in the voice of the representative of G4S, who happily says the company’s going to lose 50 Million pounds.
    A representative of the retired police Federation said on Radio 2 that 10,000 of his members are looking for work. Why would G4S want to lose 50 million pounds when there is a ready-made workforce—I smell a rat
    Is it that soldiers are more suitable, with good organizational skills and with involvement of MI5/6 to doing the dirty job, and a propensity to follow orders? Also, easy to locate and eliminate after the event. They could easily be told to empty canisters of virus-bearing gas on the pretext that they contain something beneficial, like oxygen—it’s all too easy.
    As Mike Rivero says,: there is a history of calamitous events when the Banksters need to wheedle out of a sticky financial situation such as the one they’ve got now.
    Watch his video:

    • Carl Jones permalink

      First of all, I would like to claim to be the first to crack the London 2012 logo as reading “ZION” and if you want to check this, I suggest you contact roumormillnews, because that is where I published first .

      In respect of predicting false flags, I think they know our tactic and I have continued to post predictions and I don`t care if I am wrong, but then, I have been banned by most alternative news/conspiracy sites and my only current acess is The Daily Telegraph where I comment using Disqus. They have tried to ban me, but I theatened a report to the police under “cyber bullying” and it appears to have worked.

      I emailed Rixon Stewart recenty, but have no idea if he received it…this is a big problem when one does not know if emails are being intercepted/blocked.

      I think the next big false flag event will trigger all sorts of crap, like an internet lockdown and the rounding up of active threats …us!! Yes, we can`t rule out a total end game where it all comes to and end. Are we being lulled into a false sense of security that if something big happens at the Olympcs, we will be able to chat about it and express our opinions.

  5. I have a feeling they may pull off a staged alien invasion similar to Project Bluebeam, but they will sell it to the public over the tv just like they did with 9/11. With that said, they have also set the stage for am Al-CIA-duh attack with a patsy using Semtex. I find alot of the info on the net to be fear porn, but there is too much symbolism this time for nothing to happen. Not for nothing, but the right kind of false flag could sway the public into a new paradigm which they have already set up which would sway the masses to back controlled opposition candidate Ron Paul into being (s)elected.

    There is a reason they have let out so many “truths” and 1/2 truths, and most of the Country is not too excited about a Romney or Obama reelection. I find it odd that the king of fear porn Alex Jones is on the bandwagon suggesting there will be a false flag at the London Olympics. They have to keep him informed just like 9/11 so he can say that he predicted it too, (even though countless bloggers have been talking about Zion Olympics since they picked the symbols, and Bill Cooper was ahead of the curve predicting 9/11)I think this may be his 1st False Flag prediction in a while. I do believe they need RP to get in to push a global gold standard through so maybe this is the game changer.

    It seems like they have been saber rattling at Syria and Iran for a few years, but I would have expected them to act by now if it was on the agenda. 11 years have passed, I think they will pull something, and the fact that RP is still in the running makes you wonder why. Of course he would look like a real hero if he stopped the wars.

    In short, I think he is the best pacifier out of the candidates, and although they may not all favor him, he is the “lesser evil” to 3 out of the 5 political paradigms out there. The Neocons and Obamabots will support Romney and Obama, but the Tea Party, Occupy Movement, and the “Truth” Movement would gladly take RP as President. The mainstream media will do a 180 with him to get the support of the uninformed and undecided. To many, an RP victory will be a bloodless revolution and make people believe the system still works as the money masters continue to rape us for everything we have left.

    Sorry for going off topic, but everything is shaping up to me that they will push Scottish Rite Ronny in there with their diebold machines and electoral college, and the public will think things are on the up and up while the fake Libertarians impose their austerity on us.

    Anthony, please email me back if you’re interested in coming on a radio show, it would be a pleasure to have you on, and you can give our audience a lesson on how they’ve been duped by Bavarian (Austrian) Economics.

  6. Johnycomelately permalink

    Last time it took a group of Saudis to implicate Iraq, I wonder what it will take this time to implicate Syria?

  7. I doubt telling people about a potential false flag will change any plans for any hypothetical false flag attack. After it happens it won’t matter how many people predicted it would happen- even the people you mention that a false flag will happen will probably have trouble believing that it was an “inside job” if it really does go down. I really don’t think they can easily just opt out of a planned attack- this shit must take atleast a few years of planning for everything to come together and regardless of people predicting it will go down- if they have it planned it’ll probably go down regardless.
    Also all they need is a 5 minute interview of Alex Jones going off in a loud berserk rant, and they can make us “conspiracy theorists” lose all credibility pretty easily. It’s amazing how easily the media can portray people who question the official story of 911 as kooks or nuts- and how effective it is. I have people who are of a way lesser intelligence then me acting condescendingly to me whenever I mention something that doesn’t get covered by the news,
    All I’m saying is if a false flag that is more destructive then 9/11 happens at the Olympics it will shock the world- and regardless of all the clues about a false flag in the alternate news, like 911 some people will take more comfort in the lie and would rather keep there heads in the sand while they get anal probed to ensure national security- as opposed to confronting the perception shattering reality that comes when you accept that things aren’t as they seem.
    All in all I hope this doesn’t actually happen, and we end up telling ourselves it was just another false alarm- but I really don’t think voicing the possibility of a false flag on any upcoming date will change any plans the powers that be already do have

    • Carl Jones permalink

      Some good well balanced points. But I don’t think it takes a couple of years to execute.

    • Terri Lewis permalink

      I do think the hyper-awareness of the planned event for the London Olympics has (quite probably) caused them to change their plans.

      Too many of us are becoming too aware, so that an event that was predicted far in advance (several years), by many of us, with incredible detail becomes. . .just too risky to carry out!

      Remember–willing slaves make the best slaves.

      They would prefer, I think, to keep us willingly enslaved. Thus, if their cover is too completely blown–how blown it would have to be is a subject to debate–too many of us might decide to free ourselves of much of their. . .stuff. . .all at once.

      Always keep in mind–there are so many more of us than them. Mutiny is always a possibility, and they know this.

      The Batman tragedy was certainly a smaller event, and yet–very effective in terms of generating fear, uncertainty, confusion, distrust (but not accurately aimed distrust). . .in other words, they are playing with us, keeping us on our toes (in the sickest ways possible), and they retain control this way.

      However, I firmly believe the tide is turning. Awareness is up in many areas. The next steps are simply to better co-ordinate our actions, and this, too, is beginning to happen.

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