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Recovering Austrians Makes Top 40 of Austrian Websites

August 8, 2012

Amazingly, our sistersite Recovering Austrians, which syndicates debunking material on Austrian Economics and Libertarianism, has made it to the Commodity HQ Top 40 of Austrian Economics blogs!

While fiercely critical of Austrian Economics, this was not a problem, the good people there simply stated:

Recovering Austrians: This blog actually focuses on dispelling the thoughts behind Austrian Economics, giving you a view from the other side.”

Recovering Austrians is on place 31.

Needless to say we are very happy with this recognition!

Launching Recovering Austrians

  1. “Recovering Austrians” is by far the best blog on Austrian economics – 5 Stars (outta four)

  2. just sent this off to Mr Fritsch
    on your link page i see you lack pointers that go even just
    anywhere/somplace close to Ulrich von Beckerath (intimate of
    Rittershausen to whom i HAVE seen Prof Fekete refer [in a footnote]
    To my mind that is a lack sore enough already, seeing that a still deeper
    (green) understanding of ore and score (mine and minding) can be had at my
    place alongside mentioned people (of whom by the way, work can be found
    more conventionally [less colourfully] presented at Thomas Greco’s website:

    Rudi Fritsch is website editor of
    .. he has a great little graphic as one of 15 little revolving header images
    it’s bonds, bills and gold triangle .. i would add photosynthetic variety as a
    basket index option but that’s just me.

    illicit interest arbitrage
    a short circuit between
    bonds .. and .. bills
    saving …….. spending
    ——— gold ———
    … his mentor the ‘austriamics’ critic: … will be in munich for 6 days in september

    Richard Werner: Debt Free & Interest Free Money
    6,319views since May 26, 2011

    Dr Werner discloses facts about money creation that are at the core of
    every modern economy. About how the creation of the essential money
    that is needed to sustain growth is founded on debt. This suits banks, of
    course. Governments have huge debts, to banks, and few people realise
    that it does not have to be like this. Taxes are needed for paying for
    decades of past interest on government borrowing. Banking is an
    extracting mechanism.
    Georgists .. wait, only labeled once .. whereas Werner tops the list with 78!
    … the above as mp3 also:

    Further to the recent post on The Free Lunch Blog 2 Aug The Daily
    Telegraph today has an item on Prof Richard Werner’s Euro crisis
    solution ideas, involving:
    1) The ECB buying the banking system’s bad assets at face value
    2) Each country’s government borrowing from their own commercial

    also, .. Werner in the daily telegraph w 19 Comments

    i am featuring this vid at my YT channel (till displaced with the next vid i
    approve of highly)

    also …

    also, .. Werner in the daily telegraph w 19 Comments

  4. Sarah Emery, Seven Financial Conspiracies

    Chapter 2.

    To the busy world there was nothing remarkable in the calling of a convention at Washington.  But why a bankers’ convention ?  And why called immediately upon the passage of the legal tender act ?  What had been done that necessitated such a speedy gathering of the money mongers ?  Why, Congress had made the money of the government full legal tender for all debts, and Shylock and his gold had been ignored.  The bankers must have a consultation, and have it at once.  They must get control of Congress and devise some means by which the demand for their gold would become imperative.  There is left no room to doubt but that the conspiracy perfected at that convention resulted in that infamous exception clause on the greenback, and was consummated by act of Congress, February 25,1862, wherein it was stipulated that the greenback should be legal tender for all debts, public and private, except duties on imports and interest on the public debt, which from that time forward should be paid in coin.  Shylock rejoiced ;  he had accomplished his purpose, he had created a demand for his gold.  Henceforth government should bow to him, and none should question his right to wield the golden scepter of money king.  He had not conquered by bayonet or bowie knife, neither army nor navy had been at his command, but he had subjugated this people more effectually than ever Alexander or Napoleon had conquered.

    Unfortunately for Sarah, she did not know who she was calling “shylock”. This is what Thaddeus Stevens had to say about “interest in coin on duties”–

    I procured to be inserted a provision making the duties on imports payable in gold.  This was to enable the government to meet the payment of interest in coin.” —Thaddeus Stevens, in the House, December 19, 1862, recapitulating the story of United States notes.


    Chapter 3
    THE next scheme for robbing the people was the national bank act, passed in 1863.  Of all the villainous schemes of robbery ever practiced upon any people our national banking system stands preeminent.  By it Shylock was permitted to invest his greenbacks in government bonds at face value ;  upon these bonds he not only drew gold interest in advance but by means of the bank scheme he actually had 90 per cent of their value returned to him.  While drawing interest upon the entire investment in the form of bonds, 90 per cent of it has been returned to him in the form of national bank notes, and it is with these he carries on his banking business, loaning them out upon the most advantageous terms.  On the one hand he draws interest from the government ;  on the other, from the same investment he draws interest from his individual debtors.

    Representatives who voted for the National Currency Bank bill:
    Yeas– Messrs. Aldrich, Alley, Ashley, Babbitt, Beaman, Bingham, Jacob B. Blair, Blake, Buffinton, Calvert, Campbell, Casey, Chamberlain, Clements, Colfax, Conway, Covode, Cutler, Davis, Delano, Dunn, Edgerton, Eliot, Ely, Fenton, Samuel C. Fessenden, Thomas A.D. Fessenden, Fisher, Frank, Goodwin, Granger, Hahn, Haight, Hickman, Hooper, Hutchins, Julian, Pig Iron Kelley, Francis W. Kellogg, William Kellogg, Lansing, Leary, Lovejoy, Law, McIndoe, McKean, McPherson, Marston, Maynard, Moorhead, Anson P. Morrill, Noell, Olin, Patton, Timothy G. Phelps, Potter, Alexander H. Rice, John H. Rice, Sargent, Sedgwick, Segar, Shanks, Shellabarger, Sherman, Sloan, Spaulding, Thaddeus Stevens, Trimble, Trowbridge, Van Horn, Van Wyck, Verree, Wall, Wallace, Washburne, Albert S. White, Windom and Worcester

    And during the debate the only people who protested against this national banking scheme were the ones who could have been accused of having received campaign contributions from State bank interests !!! The friends of greenback voted for it without a word !!

    Ch 11, review of Sherman

    You say “the civil war was organized by slave-holders.”  It is true they were charged with the crime, but what of Wall Street and the notorious Zach Chandler, who openly asserted that “a country is not worth a damn without bloodletting,” and who, through the agency of the civil war, was elevated from “a man of moderate means” to a position of a millionaire ;  and, Senator, if I am correctly informed, Zachariah was not the only loyal northern man whose wealth was increased to phenomenal proportions through this infernal agency.

    Senator Zachariah Chandler was a greenbacker, he voted for the legal-tender clause; in 1866 he voted against reduction of currency; in 1869 he voted for credit strenghtening. Senator John Sherman was also a greenbacker, he spoke for an hour on behalf of the legal-tender clause, then he voted for it; in 1866, John Sherman, too, voted against reduction of currency; in 1869 he voted for credit strenghtening. Sarah did not want to know that without John Sherman, Zachariah Chandler there would have been no greenbacks…..

    Perhaps, Sarah should have paid attention who these people were who gave the people ‘the best currency they ever had’……

    additional context:
    additional context:

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