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The Daily Bell Hoax?

September 16, 2012

In this article, Memehunter explores the murky underworld of the Libertarian movement, in the wake of blogger Lila Rajiva’s stunning revelations about the “long-standing relationship” between Ron Paul and the founder of financial behemoth Agora Inc., with which the well-known libertarian website The Daily Bell is affiliated. The ramifications of the partnership between the Daily Bell, known for its strident “gold bug” mindset, and gold mining concern Dicon Gold Inc. are also discussed.

By Memehunter for Real Currencies and the Daily Knell

The Daily Bell, a leading libertarian website known as much for its staunch support of Austrian economics as for its strident “gold bug” mindset, recently featured an article entitled “The Ron Paul Hoax?” which attempted to defend Ron Paul’s reputation in the wake of a series of articles on Clint Richardson’s  Reality Blog showing Paul to be essentially nothing more than a fraud. Although the Bell admits to having doubts about the efficacy of Paul’s “Audit the Fed” legislation, they refuse to believe that Paul himself is a fraud. Of course, one may wonder how muchevidence the Bell and its supporters will need before accepting the truth.

But more importantly, this unshakeable belief in Ron Paul as “the world’s only apparently honest politician” (no less!) strikes one as an inscrutable paradox in the face of these recent revelations about Paul’s character, especially coming from an anarcho-capitalist website that purports to denounce party politics, Western-style democracy, and the institution of government in general.

Ron Paul and the Agora Empire

One clue to this enigma has recently been provided by blogger Lila Rajiva, co-author with William Bonner (president of the publishing company Agora Inc.) of the bestseller Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets, and herself a libertarian sympathizer. In a scathing article, Rajiva revealed that the Daily Bell is closely associated with the Agora network, a large conglomerate known for its financial newsletters promoting “get-rich-quick” schemes and assorted penny stocks, all the while touting bogus “free markets” and Austrian faux economics.

Some of the numerous Agora affiliates and alternate business names include the Daily Reckoning, the Oxford ClubInternational LivingPenny SleuthWhiskey & Gunpowder, Doug Casey’s International Speculator, Gary North’s Remnant Review, as well as Laissez-Faire Books, a leading libertarian bookseller. In fact, according to Rajiva, the Agora network and its executives Bonner and Addison Wiggin hold sway over most of the libertarian circles in the West.

Agora also appears to have ties with the Rockefeller dynasty via Peter G. Peterson, longtime chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and chief backer of the film “IOUSA”, whose content was inspired by Bonner and Wiggin’s book Empire of Debt. Going even deeper, Rajiva finds all kinds of shady characters associated with Agora, including ex-CIA director William Colby and Le Cercle member Lord Rees-Mogg, a close associate of the Rothschilds.

But the real stunner was Rajiva’s disclosure that Ron Paul had “a long-standing relationship” with Agora founder James Davidson, via Murray Rothbard. Perhaps not surprisingly, Agora and its affiliates, including the Daily Bell, have until recently been indefatigable promoters of Paul’s political platform. However, the Daily Bell has never mentioned its ties to Agora, which would obviously throw into question the Bell’s credibility as an impartial observer of the political and financial scene.

“Private gold-backed currencies” and Colombian gold mines

Another reason why the Daily Bell, itself an ardent promoter of privately gold-backed currencies, is enraptured with Paul’s unremitting advocacy of the gold standard could be that the directors of the Bell have a vested interest in a return to a gold standard, and more generally a larger role for gold and silver as circulating currencies. Indeed, as Diana Zoppa, an advisor to the Daily Bell, acknowledged in an interview with Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network, Zoppa’s hiring by the Daily Bell was facilitated by the existence of a business partnership between the directors of the Bell and Zoppa’s husband, Shawn Perger, owner of a gold-mining company called Dicon Gold Inc., whose main assets are found in Colombia.

This partnership seems to have been a very close one because Perger and Zoppa apparently followed Daily Bell founder Anthony Wile and moved to Switzerland (the Daily Bell’s home base until recently) for a few years. We also learn from the Daily Bell that Perger and his team “have built deep social relationships with the wealthier and more private Colombian families who have held the ownership rights of some very attractive gold projects”. Coincidentally or not, the Daily Bell has been, of late, very vocal in its support of former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe’s pro-business administration and “free-market strategies”, and has even established an “on-the-ground editorial presence” in Colombia.


As with most of the alternative media, the Daily Bell does play an important role in opening the eyes of “red pill” newcomers who are exposed for the first time to a non-mainstream view of politics and economics. The Bell has not been afraid to tackle controversial issues, including questioning the veracity of the official accounts of the Apollo XIII mission and of Osama bin Laden’s death. Nevertheless, the Bell’s refusal to address the issue of usury, its blatant dismissal of the Zionist role in the New World Order conspiracy, coupled with its relentless pro-gold and pro-Paul propaganda, are symptomatic of a larger malaise in the alternative media. It is time for dedicated truthseekers to move past these gatekeepers and their phony dialectic, in order to continue their quest for real alternatives and authentic solutions to the monetary, political, and spiritual issues of our age.

Afterthought: the Daily Bell penned a rather annoyed response, trying to defame paper/electronic/fiat currencies once more. Memehunter made short shrift of it:

The Daily Bell gets schooled by its own commentators on Bitcoin and fiat currencies

As the title suggests: even the DB’s own feedbackers were not distracted.

How the Money Power created Libertarianism and Austrian Economics
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PS: This year Faux Capitalist’s Jason Erb (, Memehunter and Real Currencies cooperated regularly in exposing the manipulations of the Daily Bell.
These efforts have now been syndicated in the Daily Knell.
Go have a look!

  1. It is amazing to me that many people are so shocked that Ron Paul seems to be a fraud. I would say that the whole “conservative” movement are fakes and back-stabbers. One of the worst things I’ve every done to myself was to get involved with them, and then when I needed help, they were nowhere to be found.

    Memehunter is correct. If there’s going to be any corrections to be made to the economies they will have to get ride of the use of interest and usury. They are and always have been considered stealing, and usury is an instrument of slavery.

    Most governments are nothing more than satanic cults. So, we have to get rid of the idea that they ever tell the truth about anything. The fact that a satanic cult is built upon the foundation of lies, should be evidence enough that these governments are twisted beyond anything reasonable.
    It is best to stay away from them if it is at all possible. Ron Paul or any of the so-called conservative groups are not our saviors. The tea-party and conservative groups here in the US were played like a banjo at the Grand Ole Opry by the powers that be.

  2. DB uses the partial hangout method in deception. It is a machine churning out propaganda at the cutting edge. It seems to be extremely well funded and well informed about the moves of the parasitic deletes. If you can read inbetween the lines and ignore the deception it is an interesting website and is informative about what the parasitic deletes are thinking

  3. Barry Hess permalink

    And this kind of bogus ‘news’ is based on Ron Paul’s knowing, just knowing (no business deals) one person? Seriously? This is a childish attempt to smear Dr. Paul with what people he has met do or have done. Heck, I’ve met a lot of sleazy characters, Bill Clinton, George Bush(s), Janet Napolitano, and I don’t shoulder the blame for their antics… My take is that this is part of the promised character assassination threatened by the Romney camp because Paul wouldn’t join in the real fraud and endorse him.

    • Unfortunately you are mistaken: Romney is not worthed our time, since most people waking up realize he’s just a bilderberger/big money stooge. As is that other sucker, what’s his name? The brown the dude in the white house, you know.

      Alas, many well meaning people fall for the Ron Paul hoax, as you apparently have. But he’s just a Money Power stooge like all the rest of them.

    • Paul is a fraud as he himself has indicated giving the two-fingered finger. He’s on the darkside just as are most so-called “conservatives.”
      The political process is juvenile and immature and nothing good comes from it. Government moves and people die or live in misery.

    • Memehunter permalink

      There is plenty of evidence that Ron Paul is a fraud. Just follow the links in the first paragraph. Mentioning Paul’s association with Agora is not “smearing”, it is a relevant point when trying to understand the Daily Bell’s (and most of the alternative media) infatuation with Paul.

      I could not care less about Romney, by the way.

  4. Is this “memehunter” the same person as “TexanInSweden” ?

    • no, the texan (I thought you meant another one) is a new kid on the block. Memehunter and I wrote a series of articles on the Money Power build up of libertarianism and Austrian Economics in Q1 this year.

      • (There used to be a Texan in Sweden on the dailypaul forum)

        >>>>they refuse to believe that Paul himself is a fraud.

        It was very obvious during the 2008 campaign that people who cheered for Paul were not familiar with, and would not have liked to live under Paul’s enacted, ideas. These people (in search of a cheer-leader) did not pay attention to Paul’s congressional record, his own statements regarding his views (on free-trade, on money, on banking); they just heard what they wanted to hear, and now they are surprised/disappointed. (four years ago it was sacrilege to say that Paul was an ardent free-trader –voted 7 times for trade with China– and would sell you to the lowest bidder)
        It is not fair to say that Paul is a “fraud”; it is very likely that he believes most of what he says: we should eliminate a number of Departments, eliminate a number of Agencies, reduce armed forces and reduce “defence” expenditures, use gold-“based” paper currency issued by private banks……
        In the ’80s and ’90s Paul was not a ‘star’; in the double-O decade he became one; perhaps, someone needed a comic relief…….

        • Memehunter permalink

          I agree that it could be partly a case of people hearing what they want to hear in the case of Paul. But what about all these accusations of nepotism? Also, Paul is probably, if not almost certainly, a freemason and a satanist.

          Of course, you might say that he’s not different from most politicians (nepotism and Satanism are probably the norm rather than the exception in these circles), but he is hyped as being somehow different (“the world’s only apparently honest politician”, dixit the Daily Bell), which could easily be construed as a hoax.

          • Yes, he is hyped; but that is a reflection on the people who are hyping him, and the people who are falling for this hype.

            Yes, he is wrong on gold-based paper; and he clearly displayed sore lack of knowledge when in an interview said that the U.S. should do what the U.S. did in the 1870s, but that is more likely genuine error of his ways

            He was very honest when he explained that he went back to the Republican Party because no one would vote for him as Libertarian.

            —-(how is paper-man Still not a fraud (pardon me: unprincipled charlatan), joining the gold-ite Libertarian Party, Ron Paul’s old Party ?)

          • The point with Paul is, among many others, that his so called ‘peace’ stance was hardly borne out in his budget: the one trillion cut was coming from just about everywhere, but the military was saved all over. Food stamps would have been ended though.

            i don’t believe that he believes what he says. That small circle of friends, North, Rothbard, Rockwell, Paul, they all go back decades. They know what forces they represent, or they would be complete and utter idiots. And although it’s easy to overrate their intelligence, they’re not completely moronic.

      • Eustace Mullins:–

        “In reviewing the all-pervasive influence of the Rockefellers and their foreign controllers, the Rothschilds, in every aspect of American life, the citizen must ask himself, ‘What can be done?’ Right can prevail only when the citizen actively seeks justice. Justice can prevail only when each citizen realizes that it is his God-given duty to mete out justice. History has documented all of the crimes of the usurpers of our Constitution. We have learned the painful lesson that the Rockefeller monopolists exercise their evil power almost solely through federal and state agents. At this writing, former Congressman Ron Paul is running for the Presidency of the United States on an eminently sensible and practical campaign—abolish the Federal Reserve System—abolish the FBI—abolish the Internal Revenue Service—and abolish the CIA. It has been known for years that 90% of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ostensibly set up to ‘fight crime’ has been to harass and isolate political dissidents.” —Murder by Injection, 1988.

    • Memehunter permalink

      Nope. Never heard of “TexanInSweden”…

  5. NoMoreLies permalink

    @Barry Hess,

    One connection wouldn’t do it, but it’s not one connection. Please do your home work before spreading propaganda on behalf of the Paulites regarding Romney, whom Paul actively aided.

    The Paul campaign and its supporters were doing everything in their power to hit on every conservative except Romney. That is how Romney won.
    Paul might even have followed his son and endorsed Romney except that his grassroots quickly let him know they would desert him if that happened.
    Whether he would have endorsed Romney or not is irrelevant, anyway, since he helped him get the nomination.
    Now the Paul supporters are pretending that the anti-Romney people who saw what was happening early on are actually Romney supporters.
    It’s hilarious.
    Spin doctors like Barry are trying to avoid answering the real question – how come Paul was soft on Romney? How come he was only in it to “educate,” according to his supporters, when he certainly told everyone he was in it to win?

    • full marks……

      • Barry Hess permalink

        Yeah, I’ll stick to my words. It is clear this is just a poorly-attempted smear-by-association hit piece–or the writer doesn’t do their homework and is an incompetent. I’ve known Ron Paul for nearly 30 years and have never even seen him flinch on his word, or his integrity. Even under my microscope the man is exactly who and what he says he is–to me (since I actually value the Truth, unlike some of the mental midget comments I’ve seen on a stupid thread like this), against the lying, cheating backdrop of the Obama mega-frauds–that he continues to perpetuate, and the Romney fraud that he actually committed–a guy whose enemies can’t actually point to a single instance where he has actually done anything to deserve this stupid defamation-by-association based solely on what another person he knows has or may have done–is a hero. I’ve also known (did not enter any business dealings with) Don Laprie (Phoenix) and ‘Crazy Eddy’ (New York) [Google them]–am I now tainted with their fraud?

        • In a corrupted system like this, a real conservative, in the sense we’ve all known it to be, cannot turn the tide against the evil because the political system itself is structurally evil. No matter how well-intentioned a man may be, he cannot work well with a broken tool. The political system that we have today is essentially run by the bankers who want to make slaves out of the whole world. Ron Paul doesn’t and never has helped anything. All he did in this last election was to put on a nice dog and pony show for the tea party types, and then stabbed them in the back. He’s not the only one. Bachman and Palin collected millions of PAC only to withdraw. Again, that was just another dog and pony show. The US government is just another form of a feudal slave system. The instruments of that slavery are: the oath, usury, and the delusion that people are free under such a system. All of the political systems operate on the darkside, and when you think about it, that system will never divide against itself. The idea here would be to simply stay away from it to the extent that it is possible. There is no political opposition; there’s no such thing. These actors will put on their schuck and jive for a few months, and then the system will settle back destroying families, morals, and making life on earth very miserable.

          • Barry Hess permalink

            I find myself oddly in agreement with almost all of what you said, Al. From my perspective, there is not a single bit of difference between those who sign up in the Republican Club and those who sign up in the Democrat club. As evidence, I point to the fact that not one of these clowns have “Un-done” anything their evil predecessor did that they complained about on the campaign trail…they just exacerbate the most egregious of them. They are run by the same exact people, and they are playing on the same team. This isn’t the Super Bowl of politics–this is a scrimmage, “you guys put on red shirts, and you guys put on blue, and let’s go out and beat….”

            Where I cannot agree is on what Dr. Paul represents–it’s his message (equality on all levels and respect for individual liberty) not the ‘man’ that we support. We support him because he has shown by his actions that he is that once-in-a-lifetime politician who really is in it for the freedom, and he’s given a lot of his life-minutes to work that can only benefit others. He doesn’t deserve this kind of slander, and his name had no reason to be brought up in association with someone else’ fraud. I’m sure the propagandist writer didn’t write the same kind of article on every person the fraudster ever met…so why Paul?

            We all may not see the historical context of these political dynamics, but I’m confident that I am on the right side of it.

          • When I see a man like Ron Paul give the two-fingered finger, or the sign of Baphomet, that’s really all I need to know. By giving the two-fingered finger, he is letting people know who he is and who he serves. I’m sorry, he seems like a kindly elderly man, but the finger puts it all in the proper context. The government systems are satanic and he’s on the same side. He’s a different flavor, but the substance is the same. Religions are essentially the same thing. Nothing gets fixed, it always gets worse. And as far as the economy is concerned, usury and/or interest must be abolished. It violates the scriptures or God’s commandments as it is considered “unjust gain.”

            Then they’ll have to get rid of the slave tax; income tax. They don’t want to fix that because the political system itself is a system of bondage. The political people are just actors in the dog and pony show. If Ron Paul were to stand up against usury, he would at least get my attention.

          • bypasser777 permalink

            yeah right, so now we just watch the fingers and instantly know who is a fraud.
            you are a joke

          • Government operates as a satanic cult..I see no joke about that.

        • Are you this Barry Hess?

          You may want to check out the articles on how the Money power created Libertarianism. It’s too bad, but the same forces that are behind communism, Romney, Obama are also behind capitalism and Libertarianism/Austrian Economics.

          • Barry Hess permalink

            I continue to read more on all the different theories on economics and have never heard of an individual or group that ‘invented’ an economics theory without its having already existed in reality in some form. Just the same, an economic theory, or model must stand on its own regardless of its author/inventor, and Austrian economics does just that on all levels of honesty, integrity and equality among individuals.

        • Migchels, Makov, Larry Leech, Ellen Brown, the Lizzard of Oz, are just as much gold-ites as Griffin from Jekyll Island or Ron Paul; and they all have credit cards and accounts in a Rothschild-affiliated banks (this type of high moral fibre is characteristic of monetary reformers and conspiracists)

          • What the hell? What have I done now?? Man, I even threw my wedding ring away some time back. And yes I have a bank account, but it’s almost always at zero. It’s impossible to operate without one here in Holland, all you can do is keep it near zero.

            Are you having a bad day?

          • Memehunter permalink

            Not necessarily speaking for Anthony here, but personally I am not completely “against” physical gold. What I am against is the use of fraudulent “private gold-backed currencies” or “paper gold” to speak plainly. I don’t think any kind of gold-backed currency or gold standard has succeeded in being “honest” for a long time since the 16th-century goldsmiths at least. Besides, I also don’t think that gold is a good means of exchange, and I don’t believe in accumulating material wealth beyond some savings for a rainy day.

            But I don’t see the point of beginning a witch hunt and labeling everyone who still deals with banks as a “gold-ite” 🙂

          • You hunt for meme in Ron Paul, Ed Griffin, Daily Bell; I simply point out the rest of the rest of the mis-leaders of the sheeple. Still and Griffin are two birds of the same feather, I ‘hunt’ and ‘label’ both of them; so are Makow and Rense; Brown and North

            The term “gold-ite” in this case refers to someone who puts his money in gold (because, large talk about the evils of gold and the benefits of paper not withstanding, they know what is real, what is virtual) thereby acknowledging the value-holding properties of gold; so vaunted by gold-ites who hold that gold is money by nature

            People with bank-accounts and credit cards have no moral right to criticise Rothschild. A “donate” botton on a web-site is a very good indicator of the one and only purpose of the site (web space is dirt cheep, no need to donate)

  6. Jim Evans permalink

    A lot of good information in the links.

    The situation has a lot of moving parts.

    Continue to shine the light on these moving parts. Knowing the moving parts is the first step in drawing conclusions and then policy positions.

  7. Dear Anthony, your website has helped me enormously to understand ‘conomics. Your thinking is very clear and understandable. The comments section is far more difficult for someone without a ‘conomics background,so many mysterious words like “gap”for instance.I usually ignore them on all websites,they’re mostly just slanging matches anyway.I wanted to ask you about credit unions,would one be an ethical place to put my savings?They are also looking for volunteers to help in it’s running which,if it’s against the money power, I would like to do.Can you help me?

  8. A. Perro permalink

    Off topic on the financial aspect but on topic with the DB Hoax, I used to be a regular contributor to their feedback ( 3 years) and thought I might have actually been adding to the value of their site. I had not come upon that level of erudition and civility in any other I-net venue and soon came to enjoy the site and the participants.

    My views were my own. There was none of that irritating (and soul killing) sycophancy that exists there now but straight forward opinions that agreed or disagreed on roughly a 50/50 basis.

    That was then and this is now. Somewhere along the line during their ‘refusing comments’ stage they must have had the riot act read to them or were told that the site is awakening too many people and therefore must be controlled. More likely they were rats to begin that inadvertently channeled too much good analysis.

    After I humiliated (politely) some of the star intervievees, (and was supported by the DB community as such) my posts started disappearing whilst I was composing them. I take seriously what I write and therefore a couple of paragraphs might take an hour or more. Three times in the last three times my posts disappeared while on their comment box. This had never happened before to me anywhere on the net. I finally complained about the statistical impossibility of this happening and of course the ‘reply’ ever appeared.

    YES! The ‘INTERNET REFORMATION’ people are CENSORS! Oxymoronic?

    My biggest point of ridicule to them was their infantile ” internet reformation” meme/theme which as any reasonable person knows if at this point hasn’t happened will not happen. They are so tied to it that any criticism hits to their very crux.

    In summary i am very disappointed that by honour, I can no longer go to and add my two pesos to a site that I rather enjoyed and thought that I contributed to. Beware the internets. Zerohedge seems to be the last bastion.

    A pox on their site, and my poxes happen.


    • Memehunter permalink

      Thanks for this comment. To be fair to the DB, they never banned me or blocked my comments, but it became clear from their reactions when I (or other feedbackers) addressed touchy issues that they were not genuine truthseekers.

      • A. Perro permalink

        I remember the touchy issues that you engaged in and also that you evoked the most nasty responses ever from their ‘monitors’ ( I find the elves terminology childish). I had similar experiences on that one issue also. That was when it became clear to me that they were not agenda free.

        Lila Rajiva’s deconstruction of their line of reasoning on that topic was nothing short of brilliant.

        Technically I was also not banned. I might have even grudgingly accepted the statistical impossibility of posts disappearing 3 times as maybe a hacker’s glitch but when I posted my
        complaint and it did not appear as in the past wherein they would vigorously defend their purity I could not but reach the conclusion that i did.

        On another site, the author indicated that he received an inordinate amount of spam from DB related people at around the same time that my issue occurred. Of course the supreme irony of the ‘Internet Reformation’ flagship using such totalitarian methods is what makes the issue for me both disgusting and eye-opening just when i thought my eyes couldn’t be opened any wider.

      • I think it is disingenuous that you do not think the folks at the Daily Bell are truth seeker because they disagree with you. The socialist/progressive left is being highly manipulated by the ruling oligarchy and lame stream media and all we are trying to do it to get you to see that simple possibility. We try to explain it to you and give you the facts in every single known scientific genre and you’re still not willing to look at the possibility, but instead write crap like this, full of logical fallacies and flat out psychological manipulations.

        It is illogical to assume that you can micro manage a macro economy, yet you keep trying to unsuccessfully do it. It is illogical to assume that any institution, funded on the underlying financial basis of taxation, a/k/a legalized theft and/or coercion, will promote an ethical society. Government has never done two things; 1. lasted very long unless tyrants like the Roman Empire or 2. done what is in the best interest of the majority, but instead provide benefits to special interests at the majorities expense.

        We are just trying to tell you, that the most economically powerful should not be afforded the ability to use government to manipulate the system for their personal benefits. That state funding corporate wellfare is just a bad as state funded individual welfare. You make think it is better, but both take property and money away from those it rightfully belongs to and gives it to those it doesn’t rightfully belong to. If an individual does that they are categorized as a theft.

        We now have 100,000,000 people living at or near the poverty line in the U.S. and most folks do not understand the truth, as to why this is. It took me years of research and study to understand how our system works. I don’t care if you don’t understand but at least listen and read and stop falling for the manipulations like this article.

        Without looking it up, can anybody here explain what a reverse repo is, or what the guns or butter model is about?

    • DB is still great. How many logical fallacies does this guy use to try to belittle the DB? To many to waste much time should be your answer.

  9. The Muslims don’t believe in usury either and you can see how that has worked out for them. Money nor interest is the root of all evil, that distinction falls to the use of one activity that has funded every major atrocity and almost every war in world history; taxation and other forms of theft by government. Don’t forget to read your history. The Romans were really good at taxation, raping and pillaging and they lasted close to 600 years.

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