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Local Interest Free Currency or this money scheme..

November 21, 2012

Lokaal geld

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  1. nixonscraypes permalink

    I have just been watching the UK column live,which appears to be a grassroots independant on-line news channel. They seem genuine to me. they were talking to Justin Walker about having a British greenback.This gentleman wrote to John Redwood ,an MP I think, about the idea and received this reply “The UK Government is creating money through its own wholly owned subsidiary the Bank of England The bank then buys up interest bearing debt…..The state now owns £375 billion of its own debt from free money creation, It therefore pays the interest on this to itself.” The people on the programme disagreed with this but no one took it apart and demolished it. To me , this means Redwood won the debate I know it was wrong but no one PROOVED it. Over to Professor Migchels whom God preserve of Utrecht! (Dr. Strabismus whom etc.was a character played by comedian Spike Milligan, no disrespect intended, I can’t keep serious for too long)

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