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Is China part of the New World Order?

February 16, 2013

Left: Money Power banksters Zhao Xiaochuan and Lagarde preparing World Currency

To many it is unclear whether China is incorporated in the New World Order or a real competitor to Anglo-American Imperialism.  However, there are a number of clear indicators that leave little doubt that the Money Power has co-opted the leadership of the Land of the Dragon a long time ago.

By Anthony Migchels for Henry Makow, Real Currencies, and translated for Argusoog.

History shows that the Money Power has several tools at its disposal to motivate peoples in the right direction. Their fingerprints are all over China.

The Chinese people obviously are not interested in a ‘New World Order’ or losing sovereignty. China is a world upon itself. Its immense size, enormous population, ancient culture, so alien to that of the rest of the world, leaves it with more than enough to worry about, without being too interested in the rest of the world. In fact: in the Age of Discovery, Chinese ships were ahead of the Europeans but they were called back by the Emperor: he simply could not handle a wider span of control. Most great nations are rather self-centered, but none so like China.

On the other hand: with all this comes a sense of uniqueness and entitlement and perhaps they can be cajoled by their ‘rightful’ place at the table?

Here is an excellent analysis of the power brokers in China. It opens with the obvious statement that Marxism is a Money Power operation and that Mao therefore did their bidding. He was apparently educated at Yale’s department in China. Yale’s Skull and Bones were very active in Asia and Mao was probably a member. Most American diplomats sent to him were so too.

According to the article, the triads, China’s enigmatic maffia style secret societies, were built up by Masons to combat the Qing dynasty that ruled China until the 19th century and among others resisted the Opium the British needed to sell to China because they had nothing else to offer in exchange for its vast riches.

The membership list of the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefeller confab similar to the Atlantic Bilderbergers, is littered with Chinese names.

Another vital issue is China’s money supply: just like everywhere else, money is created by banks. A Yuan is an interest-bearing debt to a bank. China has a Public Banking sector. This in itself is in an interesting fact and should actually give us pause as to the nature of Public Banking and how it could serve the Money Power. The Emperors printed debt-free cash.

The Chinese are moving to back the Yuan by Gold, clearly promoting the Money Power’s nascent Gold Standard. Meanwhile, its Central Bank President, Zhao Xiaochuan, who is a member of the Group of 30, the Rockefeller sponsored group of leading Central Bankers and academics, is calling for World Currency. As we have seen, opposition against the dollar is not the same thing as opposition against the Money Power.

China is a loyal member of all the international governance organizations.

Furthermore, over the last decades the Money Power has migrated a substantial part of its manufacturing base from Europe and particularly the US to China. Can there be any doubt that they would be very, very sure that that crucial strategic asset would be absolutely safe there?

China’s rise and its implications
The build up of China must be seen in the light of the decades old program of the deindustrialization of the West, particularly America. What has been given to China, was taken elsewhere.

Also, this build up is actually a typical M.O.: think of how US technology and money built up the USSR to create a credible ‘threat’ in the Cold War. Saddam Hussein is another example: he was made strong to be taken down later as part of the strategy to conquer the Middle East. Or Iran, which is bolstered by often Western/Israeli technology that is transferred via China.

China’s rise comes with many dangers. Chinese nationalism is primitive and easily inflamed. Beijing is under incredible pressure from many internal dynamics and happily uses external ‘foes’ to export these pressures. The latest rows with Japan over some trivial islands are a case in point.

Just like the Money Power directed the Orchestra of Europe during the 19th century, it is now directing the Orchestra of a Multi Polar World. We know how it all ended in Europe: tightly knit alliances facing each other with ever more paranoia, unable to extricate themselves from the trap. One assassination was enough to light the fuse.

The same can be seen today, with NATO facing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of Russia and China, with Pakistan and Iran as close associates.

China is being built up in a very typical fashion. All the pointers that we have come to recognize are there: usurious control of the money supply, Marxism, Capitalism, ‘secret’ societies, China towing the internationalist line.

The US Empire is not the Money Power and China’s rise and opposition against the US fits in nicely with what we have come to expect from the Money Power’s proxies working towards managed conflict and World Government.

Colonial Elite Rules China for the Illuminati (Bartholomew)
The US Empire is not the Money Power!
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  1. Of course China is NWO par excellance – the new Superpower after the final demise in debts and depression of the USA. Expect ever more Chinese soldiers doing the state-sponsored Wetjobs called revolutions, military trainings etc. that the US and NATO are doing right now. Only a few countries remain slightly out of their grasp – Japan (completely infiltrated, but still administration refusing steps like mass-privatizations, social refusal of the females to behave like males etc.), Iran (of course as you correctly stated completely iniltrated by NWO-sponsored fundamental Islamists – probably the whole Islamic revolutions funded by them since a moderate Islam would be a huge problem for the NWO), Syria now getting butchered (they banned McDonalds, Coca-Cola and a butt-load of toxic food-additives there plus had a really independent state-central bank), Russia (only partly refusing some “democratic” steps – maybe they need some enemy, probably only mid-level power struggle going on between some NWO-factions there) only some odd-lot African countries remain, but they are being taken care of by AFRICON and will be probably finished up by the Chinese colonization as stated more than 100 years ago by Cecil Rhodes and others – name789 probably has tons of documents on that as well.
    Maybe China will go the way of EU-agglomeration sucking in evermore countries into it – and yes that includes also Australia and New Zealand which are stated to be under their dominion.

  2. Henrique permalink

    to blame the US is ridiculous. It’s being destroyed from the inside, like Europe and the rest. The Almighty China has a population of destitutes that would fill many areas of the world, it’s purpose is to supply the corporations of the West with cheap ( semi-slave ) labor and it was all planned long ago, since they boycotted Chang-Kai-Shek in favor of Mao during the Revolution. The Elite at the top is only one, united, in touch with their puppets ( freemasonic/mafia, triad, yakuza, whatever the local flavor may be ) all over the world all the time. There’s no competition, it’s us down below and them ( trying to get rid of us ). To believe that there are still romantic forms of national affiliations and loyalties at play here is pathetic, absurdly naive; they only preach nationalism and wrap themselves on flags when they want the peasantry to go and die in wars to advance the agenda faster. There are no nations. What pleases me is that Brazil is not growing at all despite all the euphoria; last year the economy only grew 1.5 % and the forecasts for this year are even worse; guess there won’t be a “B” in BRICS for much longer.

  3. Brownhawk permalink

    Anthony, maybe you can help me with something.

    It looks to me that by the end of this year the Fed will be dead. This being the 100th anniversary of its inception, its nefarious purpose has been fulfilled and now is the time for the money power to relegate it to the dustbin of history. And has you have indicated, what will replace it is a new gold standard, which was probably the plan all along.

    In my observations, it seems as though the overall strategy has involved plans for certain monetary-related events to occur in 20-year intervals, all designed to inch ever closer to their precious one-world currency and govt.

    1933 featured the beginning of the end for an earlier gold standard with the election of Roosevelt and the New Deal policies of Keynsian Economics. The boom for paper money printing presses had begun.

    1973 saw the Bretton Woods Conference that further diminished a gold standard’s ability to serve as a regulatory agent. (I never see much written about it in the alternate media, but my thinking is that Nixon was a thorn in the side of the money power in that he advocated preserving certain regulatory bodies. He had to go and this is what really prompted Watergate)

    Are you aware of similar events occuring around 1953 and 1993 that would fit into what may be these 20-year plans?

    • It’s an interesting suggestion. Stalin died in 1953 and in February 1953 there was a great flood in Holland, killing almost 2000 and precipitating the great Delta Works. 1993 does not ring a bell really.

      Bretton Woods was in 1944 (or 45, I’m not really sure): it outlined the post world economic order. Nixon ended the gold window to the rest of the world in 1971, formally ending the Bretton Woods order.

      • Brownhawk permalink

        Thanks for that clarification about Bretton Woods.

        Why do you suppose Nixon was set up to destroy himself (as they knew he would) with Watergate? It seems too coincidental that there wouldn’t be a connection to the Bretton Woods scenario.

  4. REN permalink

    Money is an accounting identity that has hidden attributes, namely its liabilities and path. The money power wants to control money as a unit in order to maintain their relative “power” position in society. The money power uses these hidden attributes as shadow masters to gain their control. Bank Money (BM), a form of credit, is hypothecated from debtor and wants to return to said bank and then disappear. Bank money then has liability attributes that make it behave in a certain fashion. Think of it like a charged particle that wants to move due to its charge, and then disappear when it enters into banker’s ledger. Mutual Credit (MC) has liabilities that mutually cancel out within its system, and the path MC takes is confined to those who accept it. Bernard Lietaer’s education money has a path that is constrained to the education system, as it is spent progressively from younger to older students. Bernard’s Terra money is constrained to circulate as floating currency independent of nation states, similar to Keyne’s bancor. During a period of the Gold standard, Gold was confined to settle trade imbalance between countries, but was not money within countries.

    I became interested in China when my company transferred industrial knowledge, thus we trained our replacements. In this case, knowledge from past American genius was monetized for today. This is yet another hidden attribute of money, its time function. It works like this: whole industries are lifted from the U.S., often paid for by Wall Street using 401K retirement funds of the “workers.” These industries are deposited in China, along with historical “know-how.” The monetization for today is done by Wage Abritrage. Simply take the differential in wages between a Chinese and a Westerner, and skim that off to Wall Street, private banker’s, and captains of industry. Temporarily, 401K funds grow, but at the expense of hollowing out main street American jobs. Chinese Wages are held lower by State Banks that loan Yuans almost debt free, and then forgive the loans. Important: the forgiving of banker debt money means that this money suddenly has attributes that just changed. The nature of the Yuan suddenly morphs, so that it can circulate as a floating supply, and is not required to return to a banker ledger to disappear. In this way the Yuan supply can grow, and it needs to grow to match real wealth increase. The real wealth increase is directly correlated to know how – acquired in order to skim off wage arbitrage. Also, if the Yuan supply grows relative to dollars, that means Yuan’s remain cheap (supply and demand), thus continuation of the great game, whereby industry and know how are stolen from the West. Many side benefits accrue to the Chinese, they acquire cheap know how, their money has much of its debt associations negated – thus allowing it to float, they transport their goods under protective contract of the world’s navies and institutions. In effect, Fascism – whereby money power and state power merge, is winning against the natural rights of man.

    My personal view is that usury private money power is taking a run at China, especially because they have 1.2 billion people who can be put into debt. Usury private money power’s mechanism is spreading bank debt, using private banks and hypothecation. China allows the usual private money power banks entry into China’s economy, so it is important to watch that dynamic. To my view, the private banks are being strung along, especially as the “state” controls their dollar reserve ratios.

    Debt in conjunction with the usury mechanism allows private money power to own society over time. In the past, private money power used Gold depressions to bust out labor and “main street.” Private Gold hoards and usury are just as bad as private debt spreading via hypothecation. However, China has two big wild cards: the fascist nature of their public banks, and their growing Christianization. The wild cards make it a crap shoot about how the future will play.

    The Greed of Wall Street, where they can take “wage arbitrage” may also be backfiring, as it hollows out America’s middle class. The predatory nature of spreading debt is allowing greed to run rampant, causing disgust by sentient observers. The U.S. military swears an oath to the constitution, but the military finds themselves used and abused militating and enforcing usury debt contracts.

    So, it’s an excellent question, “Who controls China?” Will sovereigns issue State money via their state banks? Will international money power co-opt China and perhaps even own the State money mechanism and hence the state itself?

    I suggest that private international “usury” money power is playing a dangerous game and may lose. The racist ethnocentrism of Han Chinese, coupled with historic animosities toward the west is a dangerous mix. Add in a dash of money knowledge learned from their State banks; mix in nuclear weapons and clever mercantilist rope a dope strategies, along with western wealth/knowledge transfers, and they are winning.

    IMHO there is only one way forward for the Natural Rights of Man. Put the money power, which belongs to the people, in proper relationship with their Governments: Issue new money directly into household’s Davis style, and in accordance with good law. Only a separate institution belonging to the people can control and issue their money. The direct issuance to the people should be debt free and ideally using demurrage; this money is allowed to float (no liabilities), hence it is highly efficient, low cost and beneficial. Government then has to tax the people in order to run its affairs. Government cannot issue new money to spend, nor can it borrow to spend. Government and its politicians then have to work with the people in order to tax for the public good. The people should own their money power. And yes, mutual credit and other “floating” money systems are also excellent, like capillaries of a body, constrained to a smaller circulation route, and adding robustness to the system. Render unto Caesar what is his, let Caesar tax and then recirculate our money in accordance with his needs. But, neither Caesar nor usury private money power should have dominion over what belongs to us, our natural birthright.

    • I like your Social Credit/Demurrage combination. With demurrage there is also a clear incentive for interest free credit (saving the money for a rainy day, lending it out interest free, saving the cost of demurrage).

      It’s probably a good way for Government to go about it.

      But how do you view the size of the currency area?

      To my mind a great currency area (like the US) is always handicapped: less competitive regions would run negative balances with other regions, with deflationary effects on the regional economy.
      I worked that out in the link below and would be interested in your comments.

      • Oops, I read sloppily, you are saying MC could circulate beside your system?

        • REN permalink

          Yep, money’s hidden attributes can be put to good use. For example, the bounds on Lietaer’s school money describe its function. Students spend it on students and it flows within its legally defined system. Student money would leak out only when it is traded for state money, or mutual credit – to pay the professors at college level. The law and system design determine how student money is traded for State Money or Local MC. The term State Money has negative connotations doesn’t it? This is why I call it Social Money.

          We really need to update the social credit idea with demurrage. Social Credit is money that is issued as seigniorage. So, social credit should really be called Social Money. Inflating the unit by pumping away with positive interest social credit is a bad idea to my thinking. We we should have zero interest rates, and that can be managed by watching the consumer price index and injecting social money only as appropriate. Most of the time social money floats with little liability, making it a public good.

          IMHO you need good state money systems, as that defines the Umbrella, or overall legal/financial structure of a sovereign people. Then, having MC and other systems adds layers of efficiency and robustness, such that overall organism can handle shocks. Also, local currencies can be put to good use to drive a specific desired output – maybe local consumption of locally grown food. (The school example being another case). Any mono-culture is a bad idea, local currencies are important. Local currencies still piggy back on existing Legal/Force structures of society, though.

          Law and Force are two attributes of all money systems, as money is a vehicle that allows contracts to be mediated. In the event that something goes wrong with the contract, say somebody doesn’t pay, then law and force is usually invoked. This is just how it is, like gravity, and we cannot avoid the law force component of money. Many money theorists wish this fact away, but we should face it instead.

          Accounting, Liabilities, Law, Force, Time, Debt Contracts, Usury, etc. I’m still thinking through what all the attributes are and how they interact. For example, the accounting function is just a number, where the number divides down at the moment of transaction …this is the key feature of money. But, the accounting function isn’t all there is…what is hidden matters a lot.

          Liabilities are charges on the unit that help make it move.. i.e.give it currency and path. Demurrage would be a specific charge (like an electron) that makes the money unit move toward a target. As you know, the money unit has a holding tax, hence that small tax amount loops back to the monetary authority, who then re spends…hence the money unit is usury free yet has velocity. It has velocity because it has a liability associated with it. The money unit’s volume is controlled to match goods and services. The Monetary Authority can choose to not respend demurrage, allowing some drain of the system to control for inflation.

          Bank Money has a liability associated that makes it move, in that it must be paid off in installments per the “loan agreement.” Even worse, it has debt associations, and the unit itself disappears upon payback.

          Money issued by the method I propose erupts in the population, hence it is in alignment with natural law. It has only a small liability associated, the demurrage. Taxing by the government is a given, and that would add additional liability type attributes to the unit – forcing said unit to move to pay government taxes and then be respent. MC circulating simultaneously would have its own beneficial paths and attributes. When I use the term “float” I mean that the money unit is not being gamed and tugged away from us by our predatory money master friends. The money masters tweak the hidden attributes to their favor, especially by adding usury.

          It is these hidden attributes, which are a function of system design, that economists are loath to define, or even admit exist.

    • Tao Jonesing permalink

      “IMHO there is only one way forward for the Natural Rights of Man.”

      You need to be careful. If by the “Natural Rights of Man” you are somehow referring to Locke’s conception of Natural Law, you should understand the man was, in the final analysis, a proponent of usury. Within six years of the “Glorious Revolution” he helped ignite, the first Bank of England was formed.

  5. Pal permalink

    I have to agree with Henrique’s point. Its sometime useful to think in terms of countries, for instance in how social factors may colour political and international relations. In this light, the politicians remit (and media of course) is to deliver their constituency – bring it along for the ride, whether for peace or war.
    When thinking of nations (the state, l’etat – the Estate) we should remember that they are territorially-bound chartered incorporated entities and base economic analysis on that. As the historical record shews, for the elites it really is just “taking care of business.”

    Somewhat O/T – Anthony – huge respect for your blog and your work for which I’d like to thank you. Are you following events/have thoughts on OPPT? If so I ‘d be very interested to read them

  6. 9/11, the so-called “war on terror”, the anti-Muslim blood-lust, US economy looted by military budget deficits and the toxic banking scandal that saw no bankers prosecuted, the shattered US military, the”fight against growing Chinese hegemony”, the out-sourced jobs, the sold off US infrastructure…all part of a deliberate shadow play meant to second the United States constitutional republic to a fascist NWO.

  7. For more on this subject see our extensive analysis from last year:
    ‘Globalists and China- Geopolitical tandem’:

  8. REN permalink

    Here’s some quotes by Chi Haotian.

    I sometimes think how cruel it is for China and the United States to be enemies that are bound to meet on a narrow road! Do you remember a movie about Liberation Army troops led by Liu Bocheng and Deng Xiaoping? The title is something like Decisive Battle on the Central Plains. There is a famous remark in the movie that is full of power and grandeur: The enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road, only the brave will win! It is this kind of fighting to win or die spirit that enabled us to seize power in Mainland China. It is historical destiny that China and United States will come into unavoidable confrontation on a narrow path and fight each other! The United States, unlike Russia and Japan, has never occupied and hurt China, and also assisted China in its battle against the Japanese. But, it will certainly be an obstruction, and the biggest obstruction! In the long run, the relationship of China and the United States is one of a life-and-death struggle.

    One time, some Americans came to visit and tried to convince us that the relationship between China and United States is one of interdependence. Comrade Xiaoping replied in a polite manner: Go tell your government, China and the United States do not have such a relationship that is interdependent and mutually reliant. Actually, Comrade Xiaoping was being too polite, he could have been more frank, The relationship between China and United States is one of a life-and-death struggle. Of course, right now it is not the time to openly break up with them yet. Our reform and opening to the outside world still rely on their capital and technology, we still need America. Therefore, we must do everything we can to promote our relationship with America, learn from America in all aspects and use America as an example to reconstruct our country.

    Is the money power jumping to China, or is it being outsmarted?

    • bourchakoun permalink

      This is ridiculous – China is 100% NWO! They are led, directed and totally sold out without any hope of change whatsoever. The leaders are generational leaders, not upcoming self-made-billionaires. In fact the Illuminati want to model the world after China. Especially the Rockefellers are deeply entrenched there. There will be no conflict ! A good example: – Article on a different topic, but mentioning pure Agenda 21 on steroids – 400 mio. Chinese will be moved to cities in the next 10 to 20 years. At least in the US and in the EU in the future, they will have to raise property taxes to achieve that. Also mentioned are the huge investments in Africa and Australia. Shanghai will be the New York of this century. The only strong point about China are the firm family-ties of its people, but that will change after a generation of all-around-indoctrination and promoted promiscuity. The Japanese resist The Big Agenda way more than the Chinese.
      The only ones who are outsmarted by the Chinese are middle-level businessmen and also billionaires, who are not part of the real establishment or are too naive.
      The money is not jumping to China, it created, financed, planned for it to rise from the ashes training engineers a years before 1990 in order for them to have a place to come back and construct factories. The Chinese people are highly industrious with tremendous work-ethic, but without the back-up of the BIG BOYS it would have taken them until 2050 to reach the current stage.

    • I have little doubts about Chinese ambitions. Neither do I about American or even Eurocratic ambition. All the fools below the absolute top think they are the One.

      I think Rashkovsky’s Red Symphony is a very instructive text (for many other reasons too, of course) because it shows their treacherous nature: he explains how surprised the Freemasons were when the Bolsjevists came for them in the ’20s in Russia: ‘But we have worked so hard for the Revolution!’, they would exclaim, before the Cheka freaks ripped out their entrails.

      Rashkovsky found it funny.

      The same happens even to the Jews, who are always readied to be sacrificed in large numbers, even today.

      Satan promises and promises and when his plans come to fruition, he relishes in doing away with his helpers in the most despicable manner thinkable. He hates fools and all working for him are.

      Managed conflict is their game and the Chinese will fight whoever the Money Power wants them to fight. Most definitely the US of A.

      • bourchakoun permalink

        Anyone studying the system should realize that the most safe people in the highly negative hierarchy are the top level families. And even they live most likely in a dog-eat-dog world of absolute deception within the families betraying each other whenever possible, as there can only be one at the top of the food chain. Nevermind Freemasons and Top Level Jewry who believe they are the Chosen Ones.

        The best example when looking at the Bolsheviks was Trotsky who was chosen to be the new Soviel Leader, but was likely eliminated by Stalin.

        I remember reading once a SF-book of “illuminated” writer Phillip K. Dick – people were assigned “levels” at birth, the people had to rise through hard work from level 20 to a maximum level of 4. However levels 1 to 3 were only owner-families and the best that one could hope for would be to reach level 4 and marry into level 3. Back then I did not realize that this was more true to this world than it seemed to me. And even that did not help Trotsky.

        That is why even their cleverly built system will crumble sooner or later. Those people do not realize that the negative always destroys in the end and will turn against itself. Right now they live like cockroaches scheeming in the dark and succeed only because most people live in a Disney-world-like naivete. In the end even the top will be betrayed by the negative force and their absolute eternal reign will be over quicker than they ever imagined.

        Funny to believe that you live in a world without consequences for your actions.

    • REN permalink

      I’m pointing out that ethnocentrism is a powerful force. Han Chinese believe they are superior. It is not a stretch for them to believe their superiority over foreign money powers. We are talking about a tribal group that has a homeland, and a history that goes back thousands of years.

      To automatically assume that the strain of Western Money power, which got its start with the east/west mechanism, then jumped to private debt spreading, can then jump to an ancient ethnocentric peoples takes a lot of mental gymnastics.

      The Jewish strain of money power e.g. gold east/west and then debt spreading had to take on physical characteristics of their host populations. Is that going to happen in China too?

      There will be conflict. To assume that money power always wins is the real ridiculous assertion. It has not always won in the past.

      All factors should enter the “ledger” in any analysis.

    • bourchakoun permalink

      It would surprise if they were not aware of the Chinese mentality.

      I have heard that they do not trust agents of Chinese heritage even after several generations in the countries working for MI6 or CIA, since they tend to have such a strong connection to their “homeland”.

      I even have an acquaintance of mine who was ripped off in China. He is the youngest owner of an industrial construction machinery company listed on the Austrian stock exchange. When he invested in a factory in China, they immediately copied his technology and started building a competing factory with his blueprints almost in direct view of his factory. He should have done better research and married his partner’s daughter 🙂

      You are right – money is not enough to buy cooperation from the Chinese. You have to either marry into the family or find an otherwise strong connection. But who is to say that those things have not be done by the real ruling families? The Rothschilds and Rockefellers did those kind of politics for centuries now.

      I do not think that they have neglected that point. If they did – then they are in for a surprise, because this dragon only does not bite its own tail. So far all steps of the Chinese government – even those to the detriment of 90% of its own population – are completely in tune with the NWO. Freedom is unlikely to come from that corner of the world…. but who knows.

      • REN permalink

        Their women outmarry at a high rate, especially toward white men. Unike Jewish women, Chinese will tend to subordinate to their husbands. It sounds like the outmarry rate may work to the benefit of money masters while in China, but then our illuminist friends must take on Chinese DNA, effectively being subsumed. Maybe that is their plan, to overcome being subsumed somehow. I would take this as a big risk factor in their gameplan. Also, due to the outmarry conditions, the Female is not passing on a “religous tradition” also weakening the illuminist strain.

        Outside of China, particularly in “white” European countries, the Han outmarry rate dilutes cultural lineage over time. Japanese American Females (also Han’s) outmarry at higher rates than their in-marry rate.

        • bourchakoun permalink

          China is applied eugenics or bio-ethics as they call it now. The rich outbreed the poor. Not only can the rich buy themselves the rights to have more than one child, usually it is viewed as a sign of success for the men to have one or more “girlfriends” on the side. If you can afford it – have them with children as well. This is pure eugenics – I guess they would like to have that everywhere in the world. Of course the females marry towards the richer, more favored men (also race) – that is how the cookie crumbles. After economic destruction, austerity worldwide, planned infertility and lower IQs for the vaccinated and badly nourished this will become even more of an issue since mostly men are affected with infertility.

          China fits the NWO like a perfect glove on so many many levels.
          Now it has become a perfect merger of Totalitarian State and Big Corporatism, that we can expect everywhere else.

          I do not see a big conflict between China and US. Third world war that Pike spoke about has already begun with the first Invasion of Iraq (he talked about Islamic-Jewish conflict). They finished off most countries in the region by “rebellions”. The islamic world will be left in civil internal conflicts for the next decades (only Iran left). China will likely take control of most of Africa and the whole Asian region just as mentioned by some Big Boys more than 120 years ago. In the future we can certainly expect all the Chinese boys who have no chance of having a woman in the homeland go fight the (now) American wars. The US will be too broke to finance the armies anyway.

          • REN permalink

            I’m agreeing. My mind didn’t want to go there, that they would breed into the population. But, of course, why not hide in plain sight? The black nobility and Jesuits are a perfect example.

            The pig Pike did call it, that is undeniable.

    • As a little afterthought:
      Here’s a link I picked up from Rense’s today: Jewish faces in China……

      • bourchakoun permalink

        Very good info. Not surprising though of course. Apart from the proven existence of Kaifeng Jews dating back centuries, even 900 years or more in China – sorry wikipedia:
        here a good article by a NY Times blogger:

        Funny what she says: “When I tell people in China that I am Jewish, I often get the same response. ‘‘Ah, so clever!’’ the Chinese person will say with a nudge. ‘‘So good with money! The Chinese and the Jews — we have so much in common!’’

        It seems to me that those Chinese Jews have a lot more in common with China’s leaders than even most Chinese know. But who knows? A lot of people in Russia are aware of the Jewsih ancestry of the oligarchs.

        Would be interesting to check how many top-dogs in China are in fact generational Kaifeng Jews. Double that with Freemasonry started with the British there and it would be probably similar to tracing the ancestry of Central Banking Presidents in Europe which somehow seem to be closely related to the presidents 100 years ago, while some being officially state-run-banks (France branch having that done notably).

  9. World government is advanced (and has been advanced), and new territories are integrated, through external trade and internal revolution (not necessarily a shooting revolution); occasional wars are simply means to achieve revolutionary circumstances

    Within a short time, nationalist forces –if there are any– will not be able to gather followers because cutting off trade would be contrary to a large number of people’s economic interest; and internal revolution would sweep them aside

    (new world orderists are very good at what they do)

  10. chestergimli permalink

    It doesn’t matter what country is to blame and I know real currencies pushes for no interest. But I have read in Génesis that Man ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It said that these trees were fruit trees as in the fruits of our labor. Man needs to divorce the economy of the Human race from any form of a monetary system. Anyone interested should read Isaiah 44, 14 thru 21 in the Douay Rheims bible. Read it several times through to try to get some understanding as to what the creator of All was trying to get us to understand through Isaías. I can understand why practically all people would be against this as it was Robespierre who stated that when it comes to money, everyone is of the same religión. Isaías 31,7 states, For in that day a Man shall cast away his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which your hands have made for you to sin. In the time of Isaías, gold and silver were money.

    • I’m not really sure what you’re getting at here, but I’d be interested in the text you are referring to, if you can provide it.

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  12. Tiffany Jenks Murder and her Job running Hoover Dam under Mind Control should be looked at by your people. I am here now in Hong Kong and will be headed thru China leaning more about the Cult world from here… The USA (my home) is full of this NWO Cult and I do not know what to do to stop this…. Tiffany was recorded and I have them on my fb search John s Captain on fb

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