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Ellen Brown runs for Treasurer in California!

January 13, 2014
Ellen Brown for Treasurer!

Ellen Brown, author of ‘Web of Debt’ and the ‘Public Banking Solution’, is running for Treasurer in California, aiming to create a State Bank.

She’s with the Green Party, which takes no corporate funding.

I’m elated with this news. Just today the story broke that a whopping 46% of American voters consider themselves ‘independent’, instead of either Republican or Democratic. These people are simply waiting for someone who will actually put the axe at the root of our problems.

Ron Paul has left a huge vacuum and there is simply no one out there to fill it. While it will undoubtedly be an uphill struggle to get the job, such a campaign can much help to get the monetary reform debate on the agenda. With Austrianism dying in the Truth Movement, this is a real opportunity.

Ms. Brown will implement legislation to charter a Californian State Bank, based on that of North Dakota, as described in her book ‘the Public Banking Solution’.

While her Public Banking approach will not provide interest-free credit to the commoner (and thus does not comprehensively address usury), there is no doubt that this will enable California to extricate itself from a nasty position, with a major depression ongoing and State finances in shambles.

A State Bank is also a great way of reasserting real State autonomy vis a vis the Federal Government’s ongoing marauding of State rights.

Followed up with a Public Works program that can be financed interest-free, it would end the depression and allow California a return to full employment and a massive boom based on real production. If done well, by financing the production chains for these investments interest-free also, these projects could be implemented at a much lower cost than is now common. Capital intensive industry, and none is more capital intensive than construction and machinery, is, by its capital intensive nature, heavily burdened with cost for capital (usury) and stripping production of this unnecessary burden would be nothing short of revolutionary.

For instance, some serious investment in modern public transportation comes to mind. This is much needed all over the US and in California in particular and it would of course fit well with a Green Party agenda.

Furthermore, State Debt could be refinanced interest-free, ending the completely ludicrous plundering by Wall Street through wholly fraudulent ‘Government debt’.

Ms. Brown is very, very knowledgeable, also on the Usury issue and she actually has a heart, which is a nice change compared to the usual bunch running for office. She knows what we’re up against and that is also a big change with what we expect from politicians.

Finally someone people in California can vote for with a clear conscience!

Let’s wish her well and hope that the Alternative Media will endorse her with the same enthusiasm as the unfortunate Dr. Paul!

Here’s Bill Still interviewing her about her plans:

Ellen Brown's 'The Public Banking Solution'

Ellen Brown’s ‘The Public Banking Solution’


Ellen Brown’s Public Banking
Austrianism is Dying! Truthers Unite!

  1. archivesDave permalink

    Outstanding article Anthony…THANX!!!!
    I’m somewhat of a conservative, (small l) libertarian but none of these guys
    have a clue about solving this economic debacle….And that goes for the
    ‘Goldsters’ as well: (“he who has the gold, makes the rules”)


  2. Brave woman indeed. No way in hell are we anywhere of being able to have Ellen Brown elected. Such a successful election is only an option when her dismissal/suicide/assassination/fast-growing-cancer/electoral-defeat-bespite-having-won-the-most-votes will be massively combatted by the populace and most of the electorate would boycott any candidate that is not in tune with real change. Not enough people are aware of it.

    The largest alternative crowd in the Alex Jones field barely reaches the low single digits of the US population. And that is still a couple of steps away from going the ways of Ellen Brown, Bill Still or even better Silvio Gsell.

    It will run the same as with the GMO-labelling-vote in California where 80-90% are for labelling, but the GMO-lobby invested 1000% more in the campaign and there were reports about voting-irregularities which obviously means an easy mouse-click-manipulation of the electronic voting system.

    But still – we will have to keep trying and cudos to them literally risking their lives.

    • I understand your pessimism of course Bourchakoun, but I sense the tide is really turning. It’s not really very likely that she’ll get the job, but should the Alternative Media (let’s forget fruitcake Jones…….) support her in this, that would really help immensely to get the monetary reform debate going on a much bigger scale, which is really very vital.

      The link in the article about the 46% of voters now no longer identifying with either R or D, there is a gigantic vacuum. Just look at the enthusiasm Paul generated! He really could have won the election, would he have wanted to, instead of knowingly and purposely allowing Diebold to mess up his results.

      The 46% number also fits well with the fact that half of Americans now claim to not believe the official 9/11 conspiracy theory.

      And the stunning Syria debacle August last year, which was a real watershed, to my mind.

      • How could any reasonably intelligent person believe the official 9/11 narrative?There’s a basic IQ test.

  3. The Jews have a proven history of using women as their puppets. Need I mention so many puppet women’s names to you?
    Take my advice, if the Jews have elected a female puppet then you should realise that something very different is going on behind the Jewish scenery. And that is proven by historical fact.

    • All too true, but then again: they own most men too.

      Public Banking is cooptable for the Money Power, but it is and remains much better than what we have now and espcially for the US, where States can grab back real power from Washington and New York with their own bank.

  4. Bravo for Ellen Brown. Maybe it’s time for third party candidates to run for office at all levels and positions. Great news.
    Thanks for posting this.

  5. Thanks Anthony.Great news.I’ve been following her for a while.Maybe some common sense for a change?

  6. Great news.

    Her problem will be the same as all progressive non establishment party canidates: an uneducated and msm brain washed electorate. Good luck just the same. Maybe her run will educate and awaken people if nothing else. If so a grass roots initiative, which California is known for, will bring a public state bank into being.

  7. Please donate to Ellen Brown’s run for Treasury

  8. Ellen Brown is a seriously Jewish name.

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