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An Interview With Morris!

August 13, 2014

(Left: Morris Herman is a very astute observer of the Jewish Question/NWO and has been commenting and reporting on their ventures for years.)

Here’s a short introduction to the main issues in a nice interview with Morris, which I enjoyed a lot and hope to be doing again in the future, if some relevant topics come along.

  1. Mark R. Elsis | permalink

    Very good Anthony.

    American Exceptionalism Fifty Ways The American Dream Has Become A Nightmare by Mark R. Elsis

  2. Kevin Moore permalink

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  3. The banksters do not own anything. Everything they ‘own’ they stole by fraud.
    If someone steals my car – do they own it? Of course not.
    The whole world is a fraud.

  4. Good interview.

    I found the following article be enlightening maybe you will too.

    Who Owns The Media? Brother Nathaniel names the jewish names.

  5. Disappointing Anthony, I don’t think the words Jew or Jews were mentioned once. Time to start calling spades, spades even if it offends people like Morris who I believe is Jewish.

    • Not at all thetruthnotdoctrine…..I was happy to be able to NOT speak about the Jews for a change. Everybody is so obsessed with them, but they’re just stooges like the rest of us. It’s the Trillionaires that matter, not their stupid pawns.

      The Jewish Question is very pervasive, and the narcissism of the Jewish people very troubling, but Jesus fought the Pharisees and the Money Changer, those programming the minds of the Jews.

      He was kind to the normal sinning and repenting Judean ‘and many believed on him’. I don’t like the nationalist/racialist approach. Not as the main thing, anyway.

      Morris is indeed Jewish and one of the keenest observers of the Jewish Question around. Often Jewish people are best at dissecting the antics of their tribesmen.

      • That ‘obssession’ as you disparagingly refer to it is the correct way to be looking at it. King Edward I had the right policy in 1290 when he threw them all out, only for his good decision to be undone by later traitors – The Tudors, to a lesser extent, and the Puritan Protestant Jew sock puppet Cromwell to a much greater extent. 40 years later we’re landed with the Bank of England in 1694 with national bankruptcy following 100 years after that in 1799 with the political criminal William Pitt The Younger borrowing £500M via the Jew Goldshmidt.

        You say you don’t like the Nationalist approach but God DOES like the Nationalist approach and the Chosen Race (Israel) will always be the Chosen Race in His eyes i.e. England, Her Commonwealth and Anglo-Saxon USA.

        If you’re not a nationalist what are you – a Jew internationalist? The Nation is just an extention and expansion of The Family – they go hand in hand like seeds and crops so if you reject your nation and thereby your national identity you’re rejecting your family and ultimately yourself.

        This is how The Jew works via their racism trick making us self-haters through the hand wringing guilt ridden Liberal mindset. For this they use the black slavery chestnut when it was them that owned most of the slave ships and organised the slave auctions in Africa and The Carribean and American plantations. Now they label the wicked white man as the slaver instead of themselves.

        Time for a rethink Anthony.

        • No, it’s not so bad. You are a Christian aren’t you? Aren’t you interested in what Jesus did?

          This is first and foremost a Spiritual war with the forces of the One against the forces of Ego/Mammon/Satan.

          Next level is the economic war: Plutocracy through Usury.

          The Spiritual man understands there is a place for race and nation, but that we are all children of the One and that national/racial rights cannot outdo our common humanity.

          It’s the same with the Jews. Most of them are just clueless pigs, very much like your average Gentile. They’re totally mind controlled and have been for 3k+ years: their Pharisees learned the Babylonian Magick and that is the main issue. Plenty of Gentile sorcerers these days too.

          It’s a really fundamental mistake to call Jewish Nationalism Internationalism. The Jews are a nation more than anything else, they’re simply dispersed.

          I don’t believe for a second the answer to Jewish Nationalism (aka ‘Internationalism’) is Gentile Nationalism. Nation has a place, but it’s not the end all.

          Jewry, like all other nations, is owned by the Trillionaires. They play nations against each other. Germany against Russia, France and the UK, America against all small countries, the Jews against everybody. That’s how they work.

          Many, many Jews want out, but the suffocating social control by the Pharisees is hindering them, just as in the old days when ‘Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue’ (John 12:42).

          • @ Anthony,

            No, I am not really interested in what Yashua Messiah DID, He kept The Law and made animal sacrifices, I am far more interested in what He and His Messengers (apostles) SAID:

            John 8:37-44 (KJV) I know that ye are Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill me, because MY WORD hath no place in you. 38 I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with YOUR FATHER (physical and spiritual). 39 They answered and said unto Him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham. 40 But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you The Truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham. 41 Ye do the deeds of YOUR FATHER. Then said they to Him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God. 42 Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but He sent me. 43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. 44 Ye are of YOUR FATHER, THE DEVIL and the lusts of YOUR FATHER ye will do. HE WAS A MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING, and abode not in The Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the FATHER of it. (brackets and emphasis mine)

            Abraham was the sperm donor (seed) but he was not their father because Judah (Abraham’s descendant) bedded an Adullamite (Canaanite) called Bathshuah and produced Shelah from whom the Canaanite Jews are descended. In this passage Yashua Messiah is telling us straight that The Canaanite Jews are The Devil’s seed both physically and spiritually – The Tares who will be burned at the end of this age.

            We are not ALL ONE for there will be a separation of the goats from the sheep (God’s apartheid) and you as Dutchman should fully understand the wisdom of that, now we look at the white genocide in South Africa since apartheid came to an end and the Jew’s thug black savage is in control.

            The Sheep are Israel (England, Her Commonwealth, Anglo-Saxon USA, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Norway and Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland and Northern France, and the Goats are all the other races barring any Canaanites. The Sheep will be on God’s right hand and The Goats on His left – separation in the Kingdom of God.

            The Kingdom of God will not be a man made idea of a Jewlywood liberal Utopia – far from it – for His ways are not our ways. Mainstream Christians are really just religious liberals.

            The Jews have no nationalism other than those living in Israel and then only since 1948. The Jew of the diaspora is and always has been an internationalist encapsulated in the political dogma of Bolshevik Marxism and always a lying thieving parasite on the host nations stupid enough to allow them across their borders. The Jews declared war on Germany in 1933 primarily because of Nationalism and then gave the National Socialists the insulting name ‘Nazi’. Jews HATE nationalism, because it is a direct threat to their internationalist world view The Jew World Order.

          • No thetruthnotdoctrine. You have some good information, but you’re missing all the key points.

            In the first place: actions tend to speak louder than words.
            Secondly, the quote you offer is directed at……the Pharisees! NOT the Jewish commoner, among who Jesus walked and of whom many, many believed on him. That is the whole crux!!

            Also, you completely ignore that Jesus made salvation universal. Not for everyone in this cycle, but the Spirit is for all races, black, yellow or white.

            Like so many, you have a fuzzy understanding of ‘state’ and ‘nation’. The Zionist Entity in Palestine is a Jewish State. But the Diaspora + the Jews in Palestine are the Jewish nation. There is a State, unofficial, that rules this nation. And this unofficial State is property of the Plutocracy, like all other States.

            I’m not perse against segration, let alone racial consciousness, but quite clearly the blacks are hopelessly manipulated by the Jews and have suffered immensely under them. Unfortunately, they mainly blame the white man, who also has a lot to answer for, but is not the main culprit of their predicament.

            And no. ‘The Jews’ (the bankers) did NOT attack Germany because of its ‘nationalism’. The second world war was planned long, long before the first. Germany’s nationalism was totally Jewish, including its racial supremacism. Hitler was a tyrant, who brutally persecuted the infirm and everybody that resisted him, including men of God like Bonhoeffer. National Socialism was a truly totalitarian system that crushed individual rights. For the brainless masses, content with wageslavery to keep the Mrs. happy, life was ok under him, until they were all sent to die on the steppes of Russia. But if you did not fit in, the scourge of National Socialism would be all too apparent.

          • Anthony you do not understand that The Jews are a race – Canaanites – The Tares – period. The Pharisees were just their leaders. In Judea at that time there would have been Judahites of the same race as Yashua Messiah and Jews – Canaanites. No Jew is capable of believing because The Father is not calling them, nor would He – they are The Devil’s seed ala Judas Iscarriot – the Devil is their father through Eve and then Ham (Cam) and Naamah (Noah’s wife) creating Canaan and rekindling Cain’s bloodline.

            Furthermore salvation is NOT universal. Salvation is universal for mankind alone, not for hu-man kind.

            I’m sorry Anthony but you have been led astray. Your term “Germany’s nationalism was totally Jewish” is complete hogwash straight out of Tel Aviv – 100% Bolshevik Marxist Jew propaganda – Nationalism is an anathema to the Jews. Yes it’s possible that WW2 was planned before WW1 as part of Bolshevik Marxist Jew expansionism – The Jew World Order. Some say that WW1 was meant to achieve it all, but they failed so German oppression and geographic theft was hastily planned in the run up to Versailles, with a weakened Germany then being easy pickings for the Bolshevik Marxists. I presume you are aware that Stalin was planning on invading Germany in the late 1930’s hence he invaded Poland which many conveniently forget. Hitler then pre-emptied him. Stalin had a 1,000,000 strong parachute division alone. FYI parachutists are for offensive warfare not defensive.

            Then you disappoint me the most by saying that Hitler was a tyrant – that is beyond description in terms of propaganda duping. Yes he was ruthless, but when fighting Bolshevik Marxism you have no options – it’s kill or be killed. We in the West are so weak and sickly in our wretched vile hand wringing Liberalism deserve everything we have coming to us – and it will come – mark my words – just as it came to the House of Judah in Jeremiah’s days with the Babylonian invasion.

            You then compound the propaganda by saying that National Socialism oppressed individuals when that is totally incorrect – that is a disengenuous statement. Bolshevik Marxism oppresses individualism not National Socialism. Provided your output was for the benefit of The Fatherland Hitler had no objection to personal advancement. There was no collectivism as in Bolshevik Marxism. Unless you can point to a case where Hitler starved Germans to death in their millions. I don’t know who’s got at you, but you need to kick his arse out of it and pronto.

            You know also that the German worker was the most affluent in the western world during the late 1930’s whilst the Jew controlled nations of Britain and The USA had their workers unemployed and in soup queues. Wake up Anthony.

          • I am not convinced on the Jews are a race thing, simply because there are too many different colors, looks and areas they have come from to be some sort of homogenous race. I consider them the mongrels of humankind that have been brainwashed with this Talmudic brainwashing (whether or not they are “religious”).

            Everything else you wrote, however, I think is spot on regarding Marxism, the NSDAP and Hitler (and that is the only time I have expressed my opposition to Anthony in anything he has ever written). Not sure if he remembers and I do not mean offense in bringing it up again.

            Do I consider Hitler a hero? Yes, for Germany of that day. Would a Hitler work for America? I am not so convinced. And the reason is that we do live in a multicultural society that Germany didn’t have to deal with on such a level as us.

            It was easy for Germanic peoples to ban together against Bolshevism, which was largely Jewish controlled. In this society, I am not sure we could achieve the same cohesiveness or the type of Nationalism they shared (our type is much different and watering down daily).

            I wish we would be able to stop it here, but history shows us that it probably won’t. The damage is done, I think.

          • The Canaanite Jews are definitely a race and they do not see themselves as white and that’s because they are not white. Ham, their forefather, was swarthy and/or brown. Shem was white and they are not descendants of Shem. Search for Eustace Mullin’s book “The Curse of Canaan” which is not totally correct, but conveys a lot of truth on this subject especially about the people descended from Shem – white people.

            Jews are not mongrelised as they have kept a tight control, through the generations, over who their offspring marry. Yes some have married outside but that is the exception to the rule. The Yiddisher mommas control their families – they are very matriarchal.

            Nationalism like they had in Germany would not work in Britain or the USA because we are primarily an indisciplined rebellious race by comparison – free spirits – I speak here of Anglo-Saxons and Celts.

            The Germans on the other hand, who are descended from The Assyrians, are a disciplined race – they love good organisation and order and love to obey the rules. If you travel on the autobahns, where there is no regulated speed limit, as soon as you reach a speed restricted area they slow down and obey that limit and will sound their horn at you if you break it. If you jay walk at a controlled junction they will shout at you – I know, they shouted at me when I was there in Frankfurt.

            Multiculturalism is Jewish policy for all white nations, but not for Israel which, as you probably know, is the most racist nation on earth. I use the term ‘racist’ as it is their tool which they use to subjugate white people under a phony guilt construct – wicked white slave traders BS when they were more active in slavery than any other race.

            Returning to Germany I think another Hitler will arise there and the back-lash from the German people, when they discover the Holohoax myth as a whole nation, will be massive and I believe very violent – more so than WW2. Something to watch.

        • Anthony has his heart in the right place but he imagines in his brain that everyone else can be persuaded to see the world as he does and thus act as he would if he were everybody. It is a common, self-induced psychosis produced in the minds of many otherwise sincere thinkers (and even some actors) but those of us who understand the TRUE PROBLEM will never be persuaded to merely lie in our beds and mentally “OM” away our lives when the blood-suckers are at our throats.

          Nor shall we patronize and give ‘fair hearings’ to the ‘turncoats’ among them who are – by no coincidence – springing up everywhere these days in their transparent efforts to co-opt the ‘anti-semitic’ conversation. Yes. Anthony loves ‘the Jews.’ From Henry Makow to Gilad Atzmon to Brother Nathaniel to this degenerate Morris fellow, Anthony loves to parade them and their subversive garbage to any all who will join him in his suicidal, cigarette-smoking, self-destructive pseudo-spirituality. It’s nothing 13 weeks at Parris Island, South Carolina wouldn’t have cured 20 years ago had he been dragged there – crying like a bitch – but alas, he is a Dutchman and the US Marines are a volunteer service. They do not conscript foreigners at any rate.

          One can imagine Anthony – in a previous incarnation in a parallel universe – yes! A European King Anthony inducing his subjects to turn out en masse on the fringes of the fields where, off in the middle distance, great sun-obscuring clouds of dust are being kicked up by the beating hooves of the war horses of Genghis Khan’s vile masses. King Anthony raises his hands above his head for silence in the face the invading sub-human scum as they close on his Folk.

          KING ANTHONY : Courage everyone! Now sing along with me, “Kumbayah My Lord, Kumbaya…..”

          Nice guy preaching impotently to a steadily shrinking choir.. With NO valid solutions given the immutable colors of human nature.


          • Hey Christopher! Is it one of these days brother?

            ohohoh, the tough guys and their Jewish ‘an eye for an eye’ line, hahahaha 🙂

            No my friend, Jesus commanded us to crucify self, not the Jews.

            By the way I think it’s fair to say that about 97% (conservatively estimated) of the Quran is about saying no to Usury. Allah is not afraid of pointing at the Jews’ part in this either, but He knew better than to make the Jews bigger than Usury.

            His Prophet (PBUH) told us “there will come a day that usury will so consume the world, that even he that says I am free of it – the dust of usury will be afflicting him.”

            He didn’t say Jews would consume the world, he said Usury would.

            The Jews are nothing without Usury and Usury owns the Jews, not the other way around.

            Still, I hate their guts too of course, as long as they keep towing their party line.

            But Morris doesn’t. And neither does Henry.

          • In a world full of double and triple agents the most dangerous man in the room will always be the one who speaks the Truth.

          • I like your comments Christopher Hayden. Most people are strangers to The Truth.

            The Truth is the enemy of The State and its disso agents – half-truth tellers – Icke, Jones, Ventura, Fetzer, Makow, Rense, Gosling, Gerrish, Henningsen, Corbet, Keiser, Oxley, Phelps etc. – feel free to add, LOL.

          • The problem resides in most media people not telling the whole truth. The popular ones seem all seem to have this formula in common: they tell the truth on all matters except one crucial issue (and this varies according to political orientation of target audience) which undermines everything else they’ve said and leads people to submitting to new world order.

            Another omen is prosperity and career success. Tell me how can one do this in a medium owned and ruthlessly controlled by the plutocrats and governments? The true reformers are always financially strapped and their shows are suppressed, reviled, or cancelled if they gain too much attention. In short, if they’re not carrying the Cross, they’re not fighting the enemy, but working for them.

            The intelligence person must learn to use these various people for the truth they do reveal without blindly accepting all that they say or recommend. Do your own research and think for yourself.

          • If I was not thinking for myself I would not know they were dissos; wink wink, nudge nudge.

      • I appreciate your posts (first time I’ve seen a video interview). I believe that all Jews are complicit, maybe just because they keep silent.

        You wrote, “Often Jewish people are best at dissecting the antics of their tribesmen.”

        Well, no, it isn’t “often”, and that is my gripe. I say over and over that we need decent Jews (the ones that call out the mendacity of those who are the controllers and manipulators) to beat this. The problem is that there are way too few that will ever say anything.

        So, yes, we must point out the Jew, even if it is because they won’t say anything and end up taking advantage of whatever perks have been given them. Most Jews are complicit due to their silence.

        On a totally different note, if that is a cigarette, put it out. If a spleef, enjoy and I wish we could sit, share and discuss one day.

        • Yes, the silence of the Jewish multitude makes them complict Bman, no doubt. So that’s why I’m not too sure why people dump on men like Makow and Morris. Of course, Makow is mainly maligned because he doesn’t buy the Hitler worship, but that just makes me like him more.

          But what about the silence of the Gentiles? Only a handful of us out there too, no?

          Yes, yes, I’ll quit smoking…..someday! I didn’t realize he was going to post, it was intended as an informal chat to get to know each other, but he liked it enough to post.

          • Both Hitler worship and Hitler vilification are wrong. If you vilify Hitler all you’re doing is pandering to Bolshevik Marxist Jew propaganda of which Makow is a purveyor. Aangirfan is another one with his mythical pink Nazis.

          • I think that there are far too many people that group all Jews in one lump (and basically, it is true). However, my goal is to find the decent ones who will say something. And I still won’t agree with everything, but I never agree 100% with anyone.

            In my personal experience, I have never met a decent one. They have all taken advantage of me, stolen from me, lied to me, or treated me as their inferior. EVERY ONE.

            But I still hold out hope.

            I believe that there were many good things about Hitler, but that doesn’t make me a worshiper of him (or the NSDAP). But I do respect what they did while this country languished under Jew rule and stayed in a Depression.

            I certainly do not believe that there was any attempts at eradicating the Jews (as in murdering them all). They wanted them gone, just like I do. But it isn’t because I hate Jews. It is because I hate Jewish control over America and the world. It is because the silent ones won’t stop the Talmudics that have an agenda of world domination and subjugation of all goyim.

            They are dangerous. And Hitler knew it.

      • Karl permalink

        In Morris’ videos he has said do not call me a “jew” as he found out that it was a hoax.He constantly states that there is no geneology behind what are called “jews” today.If you have watched his video’s excuse me and I don’t want to be in the bashing anyone side but I thought i’d mention as I have seen all of his work.

  6. John Cummings permalink

    The only reason the “Jesus Cult” made it into western Europe was because when the Sephardic Jewish missionaries were spreading the cult of Christ, they “changed” the likeness into those tribes physical likeness. It tricked them into believing they had found the “messiah God”. The Orthodox is full of the “negroid” Jesus, which I consider the true “ideal” of Christ. He had a large nose and dark skin(not black).

    This same “event” happened with Calvin(Cohen) and the Protestant revolution. Jewish capitalism(usury) came into being. Whites then dumped the degenerate feudal/catholic church program for economic growth and profit. How long are we going to disgrace our heritage? Stop being tricked by the Jews people. Restore Atlantis.

    • @ John Cummings.

      The ONLY reason the ‘Jesus Cult’ as you erroneously call it ‘made it into Western Europe’ is because the Tribes of Israel were already living there. Yashua Messiah gave the twelve learners (disciples) strict instructions to go only to the lost House (Kingdom) of Israel scattered abroard.

      Matthew 10:5-6 (KJV) These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: 6 But go rather to the lost sheep of The House of Israel.

      The British Gaelic and Old English tongues are Hebrew in origin.

      The first assemblies planted outside Jerusalem were in Britian in 37 AD predating Antioch and Paul and there is archaeology to prove it. This is why Claudius sent the Roman Legions back to Britain in 43 AD (Julius Caesar came first in 56 BC and left) to destroy those assemblies of God.

  7. It is I only permalink

    “The pen is mightier than the sword”
    “The Internet Blog is mightier than the Banks”

  8. Hey Anthony, you’re missed over at Facebook. What’s up? Ray Sawhill

    • Hi Ray! Thanks 🙂 Good to know!

      Yes, all of the sudden I couldn’t log into FB anymore!!

      The claim was ‘Anthony Migchels’ is not my real name???!?!??!!!!???!?!??!?!!!

      They demanded an ID. I sent one, actually……….I’m now waiting for readmittance. But I’m not sure I’ll be let in again. It would be very nasty, because my Real Currencies page there is associated to the ‘Anthony Migchels’ handle, so that would be gone too.

      The hole thing is bizarre: I was able to open up a new account with exactly the same name!

      Hopefully they’ll just see the folly of their ways, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m thinking this might actually be a roundabout way to get rid of me there.

  9. Slay Usura permalink

    Great Russel Brand meme.

  10. Hi Anthony,
    I enjoyed the interview. I like how you explained that usury enables centralising of power for the bankers and that it is all a tool to gain control over our minds and spirits.

    In one of your comments you said, “their Pharisees learned the Babylonian Magick and that is the main issue. ”

    I’m intrigued. Could you enlarge on that, please?

    • Hi James, thanks,

      Well, current ‘reality’ is basically one big huge cabbalistic word magic joke.

      I’m not a total expert on the issue, but it’s all about words, as words create thought/ideas and ideas govern our mind.

      One small example is Usury itself, which means interest on loans of money, but nowadays has been slanted to ‘excessive’ interest. That’s exactly the kind of thing Cabbala/Magick would appreciate and be behind.

      • Kevin Moore permalink

        Reminds me of this excerpt –

        “Through the Looking Glass”, by Lewis Carroll.

        ˜I don’t know what you mean by glory”, Alice said.

        Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. “Of course you don’t till I tell you —– I meant there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!”

        ˜But glory doesn’t mean a nice knock-down argument”, Alice objected.

        ˜When I use a word”, Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ˜it means just what I choose it to mean neither more nor less”.

        ˜The question is, said Alice,˜whether you can make words mean so many different things.

        “˜The question is, said Humpty Dumpty, ˜which is to be master that’s all.”

        • Thanks, Kevin. That is quite illustrative. It’s all about the belief they can create reality through their words. If God can do it so can they!!

          I am reminded of that famous quote of Karl Rove’s that was reported by Ron Suskind, “We are an Empire now and we create our own reality now” or something similar.

          And they do create the illusion of reality . . . . for a while. I’m making much more sense of those words now. Thank you both for your resposes.

      • Like Orwell’s “Newspeak”! Thanks, Anthony

        • Kevin Moore permalink

          When the judge or police officer [ they are all corporations ] ask you if you understand they are actually asking you if you stand under. There is slang, formal English and legalese. Legalese is translated back into formal English by Blacks Law dictionary. All statutes are Admiralty law; we are all considered to be vessels, registered [ owned ] as per the majuscule name on your birth/berth certificate, drivers licence, credit card etc. The Banks own every thing and every body. All wars are bankers wars.

          • Kevin Moore permalink

            See the third horse of the Apocalypse – Revelation. There is no country from what I can see where Russia has placed an embargo on olive oil and wine.

  11. KSS permalink

    A breath of fresh air in the midst of all the US – evil, BRICS – good, nonsense the alternative media has been producing lately.

    Order Out Of Chaos: The Doctrine That Runs The World

  12. Excellent interview Anthony.

    Yea; the international bankers run the world and everyone/everything else is under their ultimate financial control. They control nations via investment & central banks which are the antithesis of any hope of national sovereignty.

    Usury is the mathematical equivalent of a virus that grows exponentially as a debt parasite that will kill any host nation foolish enough to allow such an aberration. Unfortunately, few will have the mathematical fortitude to recognize; without scholars and pundits corroborating the obvious, that we live under a grand pyramid scheme that will transfer all wealth from borrowers to lenders. It is inevitable. Every new debt dollar spent into circulation will be accompanied by a greater amount of debt.

    When people figure this out, it will stop if they have enough say in how they are governed.

    There is another aspect to our current financial tyranny that should be more obvious. That is that a sovereign nation; in order to be financially sovereign, must create its own money – free from private/external concerns. It may allow private banks to lend/spend this new money into circulation via loans but at the root, it must be the sole creator.

    We have had many voices from the past point out the what should be obvious to free thinkers like U.S. like Congressman Wright Patman from Texas:

    “When our Federal Government, that has the exclusive power to create money, creates that money and then goes into the open market and borrows it and pays interest for the use of its own money, it occurs to me that that is going too far. I have never yet had anyone who could, through the use of logic and reason, justify the Federal Government borrowing the use of its own money… I am saying to you in all sincerity, and with all the earnestness that I possess, it is absolutely wrong for the Government to issue interest-bearing obligations.”

    If we as a people can’t figure this out, we’re in a lot of trouble.

    • Thanks Larry and indeed, although I’d like to add that it’s not primarily the State that is the sovereign, but the head of the household.

      Obviously, the idea that we as sovereigns should pay interest over our own credit (promise to pay) is equally absurd.

      • Kevin Moore permalink

        The people give and the Banks taketh away.

  13. The trans-Atlantic financial system is being taken down behind the scenes. Look for a real economy to take its place.

    The New System

    • Interesting. Thanks John!

    • The transatlantic financial system is bankrupt and has been so since 1789 (USA) and 1799 (Britain). What you are witnessing is a correction and honouring of the end of the bankruptcy that should of happened in 2002 (USA) and 2012 (Britain). They know that 2015 will see a complete financial collapse unless the do something pretty damned quick. They have been squirming on their fat arses for three years others have just stuck their heads in the sand.

  14. the link to the website in my first comment doesn’t work. here is the relevant web page.

    • your welcome Anthony,

      I urge you to keep an eye on the LaRouche website for updates to the ongoing fight/war of the BRICS vs. the trans-Atlantic banking empire. Larouche is the only American political group taking on the Empire. In fact they are in a real war with it.

      Today’s news is that a Brazilian presidential candidate was killed in a plane crash. I don’t know about you but I don’t believe in coincidences, especially since brazil is considered the weak link in the BRICS and one would be naïve to think the “City of London” will go down without a fight.

      If you ever desire further info for an article I would be glad to try to put you in touch with the people at LaRouche headquarters who have the real inside info on the the war of the BRICS vs. the trans-atlantic banking empire. Just drop me a note here or by email.

      Not many people really understand yet what a tremendous positive change the BRICS bring to the international stage, what the new economy will look and act like, what is really driving it and most importantly, what a dangerous time this is. Awareness is the best weapon now.

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