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Two Interviews And A Recommendation

March 6, 2015

This is an interesting second interview with the guys of The Plane Truth.

We get to the bottom of the international situation. Is there a real struggle between Russian and the US Empires? Or is it a war of both States against the Peoples of the Planet?

Babylon is One and while the actors in the play often believe in what they do, ultimately their actions amount to manipulated events. States need war. It’s why they exist. The Money Power manipulates events from behind the scenes and Ezra Pound’s conclusions, that wars are caused by these Banker manipulations, still stands.

We also discuss the main monetary reform proposals out there and the need to improve on them.

Talking with Robert Stark on the Basic Income

Robert Stark

Robert Stark

This interview happened a few months ago (sorry for the delay Robert), but its relevance is ongoing.

In Greece Syriza has already shown itself to be what the initiated had long seen: a harmless (for the Bankers, anyway) Marxist outfit. In their program there is nothing about real monetary reform, or doing anything substantial about the Banks or Usury.

After some mutual huffing and puffing from Berlin and Athens, both parties have agreed to bury the hatchet for four months. Interestingly, at that stage the development part of the BRICS Bank will come on-line.

Will Greece dump the EU and walk over to Globalism Sino-Russian style? Putin has been proposing his Eurasian economic sphere and is building extensive internationalist organizations. Both in the former Soviet sphere and with the Chinese. The Russians have already indicated that they are ready to bail out the Greeks.

Furthermore, Syriza seems to be making serious moves towards some sort of Basic Income scheme. Interestingly, the EU seems to be all for it.

And this is where this interview becomes relevant, because this is the Marxist style of course, is it not? Just plunder the middle classes to ‘save the poor’ and thus work around the problems of Capitalism, instead of solving them.

Which could be achieved by paying off the National Debt to the Banks with some freshly printed interest-free credit, provided by a newly opened State controlled credit facility. Let alone allowing normal Greeks to refinance their mortgages and business loans too.

Redefining God

Ken, the man behind

Ken, the man behind

Thankfully, the infatuation with Putin in the Truth Movement seems to be subsiding somewhat. The more level headed are speaking up and there are too many questions.

Truth be told: Russia, notwithstanding the fall of the Soviet Union, has been preparing for war for decades. Putin used his oil wealth to revamp his military and the question is how ‘abandoned’ these massive underground facilities under Yamantau (the Urals) really are.

BRICS, including its bank, is just intended as a dialectical counterpart for Western Globalism.

For those looking for some much needed, effective deprogramming concerning the BRICS saviours, we can recommend Redefining God. Ken is very much on top of it.

He’s also got a very effective analysis of the Annunaki narrative.

Youtube is full of videos where people have used photoshop etc. to undo NASA editing of the materials they are disclosing to the public. Obviously, this indicates that NASA is disclosing these secrets purposefully and the question is why and how they will spin it.

The wider picture
There is a huge disconnect between the level of awareness of people on the Web and the atrocious propaganda that parades as ‘science’ and ‘news’ in the Mainstream.

But in terms of political movements, it’s hard to point at anything substantial. All political parties globally are operating within the paradigms that the Matrix provides. Whether it’s Nationalism or Marxism.

Nobody is calling for anything serious and even within the monetary reform scene there are really very few who will speak up against the Banks as the monolithic central power globally. And who will discuss serious solutions in terms of fundamental monetary reform, which by their nature are both radical and simple.

So for the time being we can conclude that, while awareness is growing, the Money Power is still very much in control.

Because the chaos that is mounting has been created over many years and while the exasperated masses are waking up to the need for change, they are still clueless about what change they exactly need.

And as usual the Bankers have their ‘solutions’ ready instead.

The Plane Truth: Usury And The Rise Of The Bankster Dictatorship
The Basic Income
The BRICS Bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency



  1. R. Lewis permalink

    We have all heard of Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Nikita Khruschev of Russia.
    What about Adolf Hitler of Germany and Benito Mussolini of Italy?
    Ever heard of Emperor Hirohito of Japan, leader during World War Two?
    Mao Zedong (Tse-tung) of China. What about Gaddafi of Libyia?
    Fidel Castro of Cuba. Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Khomeini of Iran.

    Now ‘Jihadi John’ of ISIS.

    All of these are considered enemies of America.

    In the Bible book of Daniel we find a strange dream interpreted by the prophet Daniel.
    Daniel chapter 2 we find king Nebuchadnezzar had a dream.
    Daniel was the only one that was able to interpret this dream for the king.
    The dream was of four kingdoms that were to arise in the earth. (read the whole chapter)
    In Daniel chapter 7, in the reign of the king of Babylon, Daniel has a dream.
    The interpretation by an angel is of the same four kingdoms to arise. Daniel 7:17,18.
    The book of Revelation tells of the same four kingdoms in chapter 13 and 17:3.
    Revelation chapter 17:1-3 speaks of this ‘beast’ system (government).

    The controlling force of this system is identified, Revelation 17:3-5.

    This mysterious woman is drunken. Revelation 17:6

    She is and has been in control. Revelation 17:18.

    The Kingdom
    Back to Daniel 2:35 we can find the prophesied destruction of the “great image”.
    Notice the words “broken to pieces together”.
    The whole image (or system) fell broken, together.
    Now in Daniel 2:44 we find that God sets up a kingdom during the reign of this system.
    Please notice in the latter part of the verse that this system is destroyed by “it”. Revelation 18:4-6.
    This “it”, is the kingdom set up by God. And, “it shall stand forever.” Daniel 7:13,14.

    The Real Enemy
    This antichrist, anti-God system is the real enemy which is destined to be destroyed.
    Psalms 1:5,6, Isaiah 1:25-28, Isaiah 2:1-4, Isaiah 9:6,7, Isaiah 13:9, Isaiah 24:1-6, Jeremiah 5:25-31, Daniel 2:44, Daniel 7:22, Daniel 12:1-3, Malachi, Matthew 8:11,12, Matthew 13:24-30, 13:36-43, 1 Corinthians 15:24-26, Hebrews 12:28, 2 Peter 3:7, 1 John 3:8, Jude, Revelation 12:10, Revelation 18:4-6, Revelation 19:20, Revelation 20:1-3, Revelation 20:10.

    God the Creator gave his guide for a just government to a chosen people, called Israel. Exodus 20.

    This system served Israel well. Other nations feared and respected Israel. Deuteronomy 4:1-8.

    But not all of Israel obeyed. Romans 9:27,28.

    Jesus Christ was the sacrifice represented by all of the animal sacrifices. Hebrews 9:12-14, 10:4.

    “…to serve the living God?” requires obedience from his subjects of His kingdom. Matthew 6:10.

    God’s people have chosen to follow the wrong system. 1 Timothy 4:1,2. Romans 10:1-3.

    But God has a plan for his chosen (elect). Romans 11:27,28.

    Today’s Christians are taught to be faithful to God in every thing except His Laws and Statutes.

    Ezekiel 20:18-20. Romans 10:21.(Keep in mind that God is addressing the nation)

    It is very simple, it comes down to God’s system versus Man’s system. Daniel 7:17,18.

    This government system which has been controlled by Satan (the accuser) is coming to an end.

    Revelation 14:

    7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

  2. Keith Rodgers permalink

    Dear Anthony Migchels:

    You may recall that I did a Policy Winners newsletter devoted to complementary currencies, quoted you in it and sent a copy to you.

    This month is the launch of the new Global Monetary Forum newsletter. It includes comments by Ellen Brown, who I think you know, and a dozen others. It is attached. I hope you will find it of interest and request to be put on the mailing list.

    Keith Rodgers, Editor the Global Monetary Forum newsletter

  3. Moneylender permalink

    Greece had a simple solution, because of their desire to remain in the Euro zone, to it’s disadvantage.

    It can issue the Euro pay off the banks,simultaneously introduce capital control

    ECB will not let them, but they have to see it through,

  4. Shark permalink

    Russia may no longer be part of the NWO. It was Yeltsin who was a Puppet of the Money Power. Putin has dismantled the Money Power Oligarchy few years ago. Greece can easily be supported by Russia if they are thrown out of EU.

    • Let’s not forget that Putin was carefully groomed under Yeltsin. There can be little doubt that he was put forward by the power brokers behind the scenes.

      • Sharkkrishna permalink


        Due to the involvement of trillions of derivatives will the transition from dollar to yuan/ruble be smooth? It should be instantaneous to avoid total loss of confidence?

        Will the Money Power discard the USDollar? Or will Russia-China & Brics have majority stakes in SDR along with a Weaker dollar?

        Or will IMF be dissolved in favor of a Brics Bank?

        • No, the transition will be the result of a major crisis. The dollar will remain the currency for the United States, unless a North American Union is announced, but that is not really on the horizon for the time being. So the BRICS will dominate the SDR.

          Most likely the BRICS bank is an intermediary device, until the United States can be forced to relinquish its onesided domination of the IMF. Or maybe both institutions will merge in a new outfit.

          • Sharkkrishna permalink

            Putin is nationalizing Rotschilds Central bank


            Isn’t this solid proof that he has gone rogue and NWO is a pipe dream?

          • Shark permalink

            Hi Anthony,

            A major economic crisis is now inevitable.

            Even if central banks continue to inject liquidity into the banking system, they may not be able to force the private sector to take on even more debt. Thereby rendering their QE initiatives ineffective. We are dealing with extreme over indebtedness in most nations and during such periods in the past, monetary policy has become impotent.

            All of this is to be blamed on Central Banks of the world. Post Collapse, If confidence fails in all the Central Banks of the world then how can these very same CBs command trust, respect and authority to install another world currency, SDR? A Failed EMPEROR cannot REINSTATE CONFIDENCE.

            Remember the collapse is also going to occur in CHINA and RUSSIA. They cannot escape the Deflationary Checkmate. Their Central Banks are also going to loose faith when masses are going to be unemployed.

            The leader of all these Central banks is IMF and due to the awakening in humanity most know what IMF policies do to a country in the long term. They will also have no Trust or Respect in the coming post collapse world.

            So if the Banksters don’t have a solution then will their control relapse?

  5. Joe permalink

    The Soviet Union was dismantled and near enough neutered by the Western powers, so when Russia finally got back up on it’s feet under Putin, of course it was going to make sure it was militarily strong. Remember in that period most of the Eastern bloc fell into the sphere of US influence as the EU (the EU is collectively a vassal state of the US) brought those countries in as member states. To say Russia is preparing for war is stating the obvious and could be said of every major power, especially one that is witnessing the crazy, power hungry antics of the failing US empire. The more important point is who are the most likely power to act aggressively, I think if we look at the conflicts presently waged around the globe the evidence is staring us in the face. I have to believe in Putin and Russia as the bulwark to ‘democracy’, otherwise all it lost and we may as well all go out and get our gender reassigned to get ahead in this absurd and immoral new world.

  6. Bob Sacamano permalink

    “The political work of the French Revolution consisted mainly in destroying that whole series of intermediate organisms—family inheritances, guilds, autonomous universities, municipalities owning their own goods, regional administrations, the very assets of the Church—that extended between the individual and the state as protective bodies.”
    -Juan Vázquez de Mella

  7. guidoamm permalink


    I tried PMing you but it bounced. Now trying the comment section although not directly relevant to this post. Apologies for any inconvenience caused to all readers.

    I wished to submit a thought for your consideration.

    What do you think of the idea that one of the current problems of our monetary system and, perhaps the fundamental problem, is that the individuals accepting money in exchange for their efforts, do not acquire full ownership of it?

    The rationale behind this thought is as follows:

    Man has a God given natural possession of his own skills and abilities.
    Since we established that individuals cannot morally be treated as chattel, it is reasonable to expect that upon exchanging one’s skills and abilities for money:

    1 – The exchange represents equal value

    2 – An individual should have the right to retain full possession of the money he receives in exchange for his efforts

    But in the modern state predicated upon presumed democratic principles that extend to individuals such luxuries as the definition of the individual (self determination) and the right to private property, money is the exclusive preserve of an authority that manages it as it sees fit.

    Throughout the past half century in particular and regardless of the political persuasion of successive governments, modern Western states adopted a policy of constantly increasing deficits and increasing sovereign debt. This policy is directly responsible for the gradual erosion of the purchasing power of the currency thus resulting in an increase in the cost of living.

    But… The fact that the monetary authority arbitrarily, deliberately and constantly erodes the purchasing power of money, effectively means that when we exchange our skills and abilities for money, the exchange does not satisfy the two basic expectations of the exchange.

    Arithmetically speaking, since the skills and abilities of the individual are limited but monetary creation is infinite, effectively this means that inevitably, although gradually, individuals will be divested of all wealth.

    But monetary debasement is only one aspect of our socio/economic construct.

    By debasing the currency, the monetary authority guarantees that property will gradually flow towards itself. This is an arithmetical identity.

    But modern money is an artificial construct. Each new unit of money must be borrowed into existence.

    The borrowing is done first by the state.

    The state must therefore pay interest on the sums it borrows.

    As the state has adopted a policy of increasing deficits, borrowing must in turn increase accordingly to cover the short fall in funds.

    As the borrowing increases, so does the debt service.

    In order to cover the normal functions of the state AND to cover its debt service, the state must levy ever greater amounts of taxes from individuals.

    By exchanging one’s skills and abilities for money therefore, the individual is subject to:

    1 – An exchange that is not equal in value

    2 – Exchanging something the individual owns outright for something he does not own and has no control over

    3 – Further taxation over and above the debasement over which he has no control

    The above is not opinion. The above is an arithmetical reality.

    Below are some of the questions that should be asked if you don’t understand what I am trying to say above.

    a) Why is there a monetary authority separate from government?

    b) If the monetary authority can create money arbitrarily, why can’t government do it?

    c) If money can be created arbitrarily, why does government impose taxation?

    c) In countries predicated upon democratic principles, why must we use one type of money that is imposed by government?

    d) In countries predicated upon democratic principles, why was there no vote nor debate as to what money to adopt?

    Apologies for the length of the submission

    • I agree very much with the basic take, of course, but I’m not so keen on automatically assuming it’s Government’s task to do it, or that they would do it much better.

      Government means ‘controlling the mind’ and we need to look very closely at who governs our minds.

  8. mmecha permalink

    with a general election pending in the UK should we vote UKIP?

    reasons FOR voting UKIP

    UKIP say they want to leave the EU. UKIP recognise the stress that mass immigration is putting on Brits. UKIP represents an UP YOURS message to the establishment.

    reasons NOT to vote UKIP

    Farage is from the City. Farage is a Thatcherite and thinks “financial services” are ok. Farage is happy to take votes from “socialist” Labour but has no intention of addressing Labours collusion with Thatcher to sell off the majority of council housing stock for pittance to resell it at London market prices. Farage runs for cover any time one of UKIP’s grassroots people object to “gay marriage” or multiculturalism and heaven forbid that they would say anything nasty about Jews!!!And finally….Farage has no intention of reigning in the banks. So…..

    all that said I would rather have Farage than Brussels….at least we might be able to inspire other Europeans to cut loose from the EU and at least then we wouldn’t be faced by a US military invasion

  9. meecha permalink

    Meecha…not mmecha

  10. Bob Sacamano permalink

    Iceland’s monetary reform proposal suck.

    • What are your complaints, for my curiosity?

      • Bob Sacamano permalink

        * Too much socialist central planning (a national committee of bureaucrats to decide the quantity of money and then parliament decides who gets the money).
        * High risk of corruption, and vote buying is a certainty.
        * Usury would still rear its ugly head when you borrow money.

        • Yeah, that’s a nice libertarian line: ‘socialist planning’. Better leave it to the ‘free market’ (Bankers), right?

          I don’t do ‘socialist planning’. I do allocation of credit based on reasonable sharing of what is available at cost price. This will solve 90% of society’s credit needs without creating real tensions.

  11. Anthony, while I’m glad to read that you think Greece should print a national debt free currency, it is a major blunder on your part to suggest that Greece can pay “off the National Debt to the Banks with some freshly printed interest-free credit, provided by a newly opened State controlled credit facility.”

    Greece doesn’t owe the banks anything. None of the bailout money benefitted Greece. In fact, the bailouts were a fraud in which more than 90% of Greece’s bailouts went directly to Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JPM. And, Greece had more debt after the bailouts than before them.

    Why would you suggest that Greece needs to repay these fraudulent debt schemes? Greece should make the banks holding its supposed debt eat it.

    • I’m all for the rejection of odious debt John.

      However, the problem is not just one of debt, but also of circulating money. Default on debt creates the problem of who will have to take it out of circulation. By just walking away from it, you make this problem someone elses. For instance the tax payer of Europe.

      By replacing current debt to banks with national interest-free credit, the money supply remains intact at close to zero cost and the problem of how to take it out of circulation can be settled comfortably at any time.

      • Anthony, Greece should first default on their debt. it is, as you say odious. then it should issue national currency – interest free – to fund infrastructure projects within its borders. Any money given to the banks is a complete waste and instead should be reused to rebuild greece

        Taking money out the system is a both a problem and a cure. Even here in the USA where I sit. The banks and the Federal Reserve are bankrupt. They hold nothing but worthless debts . But, and it is a big but, they use the debt as a hammer over the head of people, businesses and intuitions and the country itself. Being an advocate for the reimplementation of the glass-Steagall law here USA means that the first thing that happens under a glass-Steagall law is that debt is separated into categories. Debt deemed legitimate is honored and junk debt such as swaps and derivatives, which is the majority of debt here and everywhere else, is thrown into the garbage heap. If that were to happen then all the major banks and the fed would be immediately bankrupt. And then the problem you raise comes up because there will be almost no real money left. So, there is a money void to be filled. In my opinion, the only way to fill the void is to nationalize the fed and have the treasury print its own money to fund infrastructure projects. And, It would have to printed in extremely large quantities and fast enough to stave off mass starvation and panic. The zombie banks resist Glass- Steagall with their every breath because they know it imposition means the end of their political power.

        Let’s face it, the trans-Atlantic banking system is dead. it is broke. nothing can be done to save any of these zombie banks except allowing them looting everything from everyone else or let them start world war lll. neither idea works for me.

  12. nadeem zaidi permalink

    Hi ,

    I am greatly benefited from your research work. But I could not find one clear answer form your work. What is the problem with central bank deciding interest rate based on inflation rate? I asking this question from you based on your deep research on banking topics. It will be great if you can write an article about it because all the central banks use this inflation data to do that.

    Thanks you very much all your research.

    Yours sincerely,


    Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 14:50:53 +0000 To:

  13. Reblogged this on Jana Murray.

  14. A.Dundee permalink

    Do you plan on posting anymore? Praying that you and yours are well.

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