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The Euro and the EU are in trouble

April 25, 2010

So now top Germans are suggesting Greece should leave the Euro. In itself this is not a bad idea, in the sense that Euroland has a major crisis on its hands and a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Getting rid of it should, normally speaking, enhance the strength of the rest.

But it spells disaster for the Eurocrats. The most fundamental reason is that it destroys their strategy of the ‘fait accompli’. It is no mystery why the Euro preceded a political union: at the time mainstream analysts had it that a common currency would have a uniting effect on the peoples of Europe.

But the large scale, long term planners that rule not only Europe had at least one other idea in mind: they knew a crisis of some sorts was inevitable. Financial crises happen all the time, after all. We have been bailing out banks for the better part of the 20th century. There are good reasons to assume that the current Great Depression 2.0 was already in the cards when EMU was created in the nineties. That’s how they work.

Our masters gambled that such a crisis would be a sufficiently good excuse to force fiscal and financial union on an unwilling, but lethargic public.

It is transpiring, that they might have guessed wrong.

It is clear that Merkel and her minions are facing very strong domestic opposition. The package that was agreed upon a few weeks back is being challenged at Karlsruhe (seat of the German ‘Federal Constitutional Court’, the highest in the land) by a quartet of German professors. They aim to at least have the court withhold the transfer of funds until it has reached a verdict. This is too long for Greece, which needs to roll over tens of billions of debt in the coming months.

Merkel is facing a number of major elections in some German Laender. She is not going to win these elections while bailing out the Greeks.

For the Greeks getting out of the Euro is a mixed blessing. They can devalue their to be reestablished Drachme and get their economy back on track. But they will be stuck with Euro denominated debt, which will rise in value if a new Drachme is devalued.

For the Euro it is a disaster losing the Greeks at the first sign of trouble. It shows the end of European (German) loyalty has been reached. It creates the question who is next. It deters all candidates that the Eurocrats want to enlist. It shows the Euro has little resilience for the next, inescapable rounds of this just beginning Credit Crunch. It creates another country that can and will devalue, as Poland did (not only Russia had a great deal to win with the recent ‘accident’ at Smolensk) and show how countries can restart their economies in a normal way. Instead of the despicable, barbarian deflationary methods of the IMF and the Eurocrats.

It shows our masters of long term planning are human after all.

It is the clearest sign yet that the NWO is in crisis. This threatens to be a far bigger debacle than the drive for mass vaccination during the Swine Flu hoax. Which was resisted on a large scale in particularly Europe, even by ‘health’ care professionals.

Finance and currency are at the heart of their domination. And they are now facing, for the first time ever, perhaps, a crisis in confidence in their methods in the very heartland of their power. Forget not, that the ECB is in Frankfurt, home of the Rotschild Dynasty.

A failure of the Euro will have a devastating effect on the plans for more Supra National currencies in Latin America, Asia, North America and Africa.

Of course our masters have survived many setbacks in the past. And the Euro is far from dead yet. But as a wise man once said: we should celebrate all progress.

  1. Ed Tindal permalink

    Today, 29-04-2010, the dice seems to be cast.
    The German government is bullied back into the queue and is appears the European sheeple have willingly surrendered to the corrupt cabal of the Banking Cartel.
    The younger generation will soon hold us in contempt for squandering their freedom and future.
    Poverty, chaos and a decades long struggle will be our fate in order to regain our rights, if ever. Live long and prosper!


  2. Jenny permalink

    Ok. I’m glad I found your blog. Perhaps I can help guide you in some good directions, for you appear to be looking for what I have just recently happened upon. Or perhaps you already know of these . . . In any case:

    The adulteration of our land/food (for the land supplies all food) is just like the adulteration of our weights and measures (money). So land and money are equally tied together. I am beginning to realize now why our Founding Fathers originally only allowed landowners the vote. ( In Texas, where I live, it’s only the landowning ranchers who put up a massive fight against the corporate land-grab of the Trans-Texas Corridor that will be part of the NAU). Without land, you can be denied the right to work for money.

    People can put the knowledge found below to practice on an individual level to get power back into the hands of the common man and his family, for his children’s sake.

    Please, as you research, spend plenty of time learning about:

    1. Wendell Barry
    2. E. F. Schumacher
    3. Slow Money
    4. The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken
    5. Many local currencies are popping up in the USA, and it’s helping local economies. I expect them to be silently targeted sooner or later. Schumacher society is working on them. Also look into Time Dollars, but I’m suspicious that has very limited potential. A lazy man’s hour is less valuable than a diligent man’s hour, so not everyone’s hours should be equally weighted in time-banking.

    Good day and God bless you.

  3. AntiTruthGuy permalink

    It is a theater. EU will never agreed on kicking out greece or anybody from monetary union, they spend lot of money and energy getting countries to go with euro in first place, most countries opposed it and had to be bribed. What they are working on is alternative strong nordic euro where some countries will be “upgraded” to and rest will stay in the “standard” euro. A small trick but a huge consequence.

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