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Iran and the Dogs of War

August 9, 2010

The last few weeks worries about an impending assault on Iran have been mounting. Webster Tarpley, Fidel Castro and an obscure but influential group of ‘intelligence’  people come to mind.

Attacking Iran, like the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan would be an atrocious crime against humanity. Naked aggression of the worst kind that should get all the ones responsible to the gallows. This is not going to happen, of course, the killers in Tel Aviv, Washington and London get away with this kind of thing.

But a war on Iran is likely to be far more catastrophic than those two conflicts in the neighboring states. The complacency of most in the face of crimes, or intended crimes like these makes me sick. I don’t think it will change much, but I will just recapitulate the most obvious reasons for resisting any armed action against Iran.

This is not about Nuclear Weapons
Israel is currently the number three or four Nuclear Power in the world. It owns between 600 and 1000 Nuclear Warheads. It can take down anybody even just threatening them, let alone attacking them and they have often threatened to do so. The nukes in Israels possession are one of the worst threats to world peace. Even if Iran would get the bomb it would never use it against Israel because of the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) situation.

We won’t even mention the US of A which is the number one killer of innocents and Nuclear Power in the world.

The chances are real that Iran is developing a bomb or even that they have already acquired a few to be on the safe side. They have seen what the Zionists and their NATO henchmen have done to the Afghans and Iraqi’s. They would be totally crazy if they hadn’t prepared for an assault on them.

An attack on Iran will be nuclear from day one

The current generation of Bunker Busters is probably not sufficient to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. Israel is likely to use tactical nukes to get through the concrete and solid rock that covers the underground bases. They will explain the nuclear fall out away by saying they were attacking nuclear facilities.

Iran has not attacked anybody for hundreds of years

Iran is a peaceful country that has not been involved in any colonialism or other adventures for centuries. It has, however, been invaded by Iraq, when that country was still a US client state. Iraq was armed by the French and the Americans to allow them that attack against Iran, which is much bigger and has a population four times the size of Iraq. The invasion cost about 1 million Iranians their lives.

It has all been planned for years

Brzezinsky’s ‘The Grand Chessboard’ and the mad ravings of the Project for a New American Century outlined exactly what is happening in the Middle East today. Their books were written in the nineties. Iran has been a target for quite some time. Both blatantly called for ‘a new Pearl Harbour’ as an excuse for invading the Middle East.

It will start with yet another False Flag

Anybody still believing the outrageous conspiracy theory that some bearded fool from the caves from Tora Bora could pull off 9/11 is simply totally clueless and is probably eating aspartame, waiting for chemotherapy, reading MSM newspapers and watching television. These people are not only hopeless, they are not only victimized by the system they are defending, they are to a large extent responsible for all the bloodshed of yesterday and tomorrow.

There will be a manufactured crisis. Maybe a high profile murder, maybe a nuke or dirty bomb on some American city. Who knows. The Mossad will have their fingerprints all over it, just like New York, and most people will simply ignore it.

The war will get out of hand

Although the controllers are looking for a major international war, probably including a Korea theatre and action in Latin America against Venezuela, it will get bigger than they anticipated. World War three will begin with the rape of Iran.

Iran is well prepared

Iran is not crippled like Saddam was by the ’91 invasion. They have prepared for the Zionist/Nato onslaught for 30 years. They know what they are dealing with. The Washington/Tel Aviv/London scum have been slaughtering so many in and around Iran ever since the second world war, that they have very little illusions left of the kind of psychopaths that they are dealing with. Lord Stirling claims Iran has a full blown biological warfare program. He says Iran imported many of the leading ex-Soviet scientists in the field after the SU collapsed. This would mean that they would be able to kill scores of millions civilians from the countries that are responsible for the attack.

Iran is without a doubt capable of destroying any fleet the US/NATO and Israel put together in the street of Hormuz. All modern war games show that major naval battles end with all ships sunk because of swarms of missiles.

Of course, the US doctrine is that anybody sinking one of their carriers should be nuked. But if the Israeli’s hit them too hard, they WILL go all out. Escalation is very probable.


A major part of the Middle East imperialist agenda is controlling China’s energy. Iran is China’s third energy supplier. It has scores of billions invested in the country and they have continued investing massively there in the last few years, notwithstanding the fact that it will be very clear to them that the US/Zionists have attack plans. They are not going to stand by idly while these investments and their energy security are taken away.

All the sycophants and apologists for this war can rot in Hell

All the feminists beating the war drums because of ‘suppression of women’ in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. They seem to think their feminist agenda is more important to the women there than the fact that these women see their fathers, sons and husbands AND themselves AND their homes being blown away.

All the zionist media and ‘think tanks’. All ‘decent’ middle class fools.

For me, the attack on Iran will be the last straw. If it happens I’m going to disconnect from everybody that agrees with the war or in any way enables the psychopaths starting it.

Like a wise man said: it is better to travel alone than in the company of rascals.

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  1. Don permalink

    The reason that Iran has not been attacked is the fact that Israel knows that Iran’s conventional missiles are enough to level Tel Aviv and other populated sections of Israel. This is true. That’s way they haven’t made the move to attack. Even though Israel had nuclear weapons, both will suffer tremendous loss in life and homes.

    This is why it hasn’t yet happened.

    I support the Iranians. They are a great (real) ancient people with a” real ” ethnic history longer then most other regions on the earth.

    Ex Strategic Air Command Veteran, U.S.A.

    I was a very close friend of Robin Van En who was responsible for The Berkshire Dollar
    idea in Egremont, MA. in Berkshire County.

    • Yes, it is true that Iran has a credible retaliatory capability.
      Unfortunately it seems that the Masters of this planet, to whom even the Zionists answer, have another ‘sacrificial lamb’ in mind. The holocaust they plan this time will be real.

      In the coming WW3 both Zionism and Political Islam are to be destroyed.

    • Congratulate Robin when you see him! I don’t know him, but am of course a great admirer of the Berkshire initiative!

  2. Franz permalink

    Good for you! Those of us remaining sane may have no power, but we can all cold-shoulder the loonies till they make THAT illegal too.

    As to “All the feminists beating…” yeah, well. I gave up on all that when Maddy Albright told the Press that the thousands starved because of her Iraq sanctions were, how did she put it? Oh, “WE THINK IT’S WORTH IT” for Pete’s sake. And I don’t doubt she did.

    So mass murder is fine if an empowered female does the murdering?

    God, Hitler really goofed. All he’d have had to do was get Eva to give the word. Then no criticism would have been possible, at least not with the tree stumps currently in charge ot the Nation Formerly Known as the United States.

    Shees. I share the frustration of lonely sane voices everywhere.

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