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Alex Jones joins Alan Greenspan in calling for a Gold Standard

January 21, 2012

Slowly but surely what was known to the initiated for a long time is becoming more and more mainstream: the return to the Gold Standard. Although it does not seem likely Paul will win the election, it’s far from ruled out either, so the return of the Banker’s favorite currency is very much on the agenda.


It’s an interesting interview, because it exposes so clearly the many problems that the ‘Truth’ Movement is currently facing.

Ted Anderson, interviewed by host Aaron Dykes, is a Gold Trader. Really very special, all these Gold Traders in the ‘Truth’ Movement. Really useful people for some ‘independent’ (harhar!) commentary on the economy and politics.

Also interesting is that Jones has no qualms calling it a Gold Standard. Many Austrian Economists try to downplay this label, explaining it will all be different from the past. They try to circumvent the issue by calling it a ‘free currency market’.

Now, I do support a free market for currencies.

But what is going to happen, if Paul gets his way, is that the FED is going to be closed and a ‘free currency market’ declared. But in this free currency market there will be only Gold backed currencies. You’ll quickly see all sorts of heavily funded Gold and other metal mints. Of course these will be organized in the same way as every Money Power cartel: as nominally competing businesses. They’ll probably believe themselves they’re competing, not realizing they have a common owner, or controller.

Mutual Credit will play only a small part. They, very strangely enough, will NOT find massive funding. They will also lack the full support from Washington, who will be very busy implementing the infrastructure for the ‘free currency market’. Notwithstanding, of course, the nominal resistance against Government interference that Austrian Economics is famous for.

But of course, people sending their man to Washington to end heavy handed Government certainly are prone to all sorts of interesting ‘logic’.

So the ‘free currency market’ will be a de facto Gold Monopoly, or Bi Metal Cartel.

Also funny to see Dykes and Anderson talk about ‘Honest Money’. Or ‘Sound Money’. Exactly the line the bankers used in the late 19th century.

During the 20th century one of the more famous people calling Gold Sound Money was of course Alan Greenspan. His essays from the sixties were all for Gold. The first sentence from the linked essay is really hilarious: “An almost hysterical antagonism toward the gold standard is one issue which unites statists of all persuasions.“.

Quite typical of the Daily Bell and other Austrian Economists. I guess now we know where they get their material from.

And here he is in 2007, promoting the ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’ he created himself, even before the ‘reaction’:


Yes, the Bankers really, really hate Gold.

Nothing much changes.

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Look at this incredibly hard hitting report. Is Jones a STRATFOR agent?

  1. Here is what everyone needs to understand:

    Add to this the fact that the only useful function of money is that of a measure of value and its divisions i.e. a simple unit of measure where the concept of scarcity or inaccessibility is absurd, then we have the solution to the money forever without having to step in either the right wing or left wing dog shit.

    Gold can be a reference value as can be rice, wheat and salt, but i money itself is thought of as scare commodity, then function of unit of measure is lost. This is captured in the link above:

    If A=B AND B = C the C = A not A + X (unless x=0). That is the measure that says that A=B=C if it exists cannot allow that C=A+X. But if it is true that C=A+x the A=B=C is false or the measure is false.

    Get it?

    So lets repeat the above over and over again everywhere. Banking contracts bases on:

    Principal = Collateral
    Collateral= Debt
    Debt = Principal + Interest

    Is false, it is a lie, it is a mistake. What to do? See:

    if the 99% adopt a standard Passive BIBO Stable money system, the game over for those who insist that A=B, B=C and therefore C=A+X (where x is not 0).

    Adopt a Passive BIBO Stable money system now! To learn everything you need to understand why this is important go to

    • Hi Marc,

      Found this is the spam folder 🙁
      I don’t know why Akismet sometimes spams your messages, but I check it regularly so don’t give up!


    • Dark Dirk permalink

      That BIBO currency specification is a specification of mutual credit system. There is no mechanism to prevent hoarding of money and system destabilization. Some people will only buy and other will only sell. It won’t work. Sorry, but that BIBO specification is just empty words.

  2. Gold has never been successful as a standard for stable financial system or basis for a currency. In fact, gold is not even a serious defense against inflation and social breakdown except as a “bolt bag” flight trinket. In a time of genuine crisis, anyone with gold coin in full ounce denominations would never make it back to the car after attempting to buy a quart of milk at the local 7-11. Good Luck. Thanks Rduanewilling..

  3. Michael,

    A gold standard with usury would never work. No economic system that has usury has every worked for the benefit of the majority of people. Usury is extremely destructive and it goes against natural law and God’s commandments. Usury has to go before any other system will work. I can understand the idea behind the gold standard, but with usury, that too will fail.


    • Yes, do not trust Alex Jones, Jeff Rense nor David Icke. These guys are shills.

      • KPRyan permalink

        I don’t know that I’d want to get in bed with Alan Greenspan, either….

  4. williamgoodnight permalink

    THE thing is also that because they want a gold standard it does not mean they are disinfo agents, if they never talked about buying gold people would say why didnt you talk about gold. anyone who buys gold or silver will protect themselves. whats the alternative to gold and silver . there is none.
    these guys have been telling people about this for years(THE LISTENERS WHO TOOK THE ADVICE HAVE DONE WELL). yes when the collapse comes people will know who to blame greespan and his ilk. perhaps the bank in the us will print its own money(bit like greenbacks) who knows but no matter what happens paper money through the whole of history has been a disaster. yes the banksters did plan this but infowars is also telling people that as well. I think that jones and such are informing people we should not get obsessed with them personally because its more about truth(he has woken up more people that the whole truth community put together). there are many websites with different views.I believe that its not up to alex jones ron paul or anyone but GOD HIMSELF. GOD DOES NOT LIKE PAPER MONEY. america it seems is under Gods Judgement. Paul alone can not change America. it has to come from the People and the People mostly couldn’t give a CRAP ABOUT ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES. America is a drugged up nation which if they were different would survive whats coming but instead will turn on one another.
    appreciate this alternative view but even this site could be cointelpro. so Its good to have an open mind on everything. but DISCERNMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. RON PAUL IS AMERICAS LAST HOPE. IF HE IS NOT ELECTED AMERICA IS FINISHED AND IT MAY BE FINISHED ANYHOW.
    i also think to balance this out Jones can be outrageous and many of his guest like david Ike are disinfo people. but infowars wants to get as many views in as possible. Ike has been seen giving masonic handshakes. Paul could be an agent who knows. lets watch them all and the main word is DISCERN. I HAVE JUST FOUND THIS WEBSITE AND I CAN DISCERN ITS OBSESSED WITH JONES AND SUCH. IS THIS COI-INTELPRO. SOUNDS LIKE IT. i can not prove that but will keep my mind open to the possibility of petty people who get caught with their own tunnel vision and cant see the wood for the tree’s.

  5. Jonesy is always changing his story. It’s as if he follows the dirt sheets and changes his story according to the most recent criticism against him.

    • Yes. For instance: recently Watson has been coming out all guns blazing about the war on men, feminism and the not-so-gay lobby. Perfectly timed: it was mainstreaming in the alternative media. The same thing happened when he all of the sudden started ‘exposing’ chemtrailing in 2010, after having ignored this most crucial and blatant issue for over a decade.

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