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Muammar Gadaffi and the Money Power

January 22, 2012

Muammar Gadaffi left a mixed legacy. His people were far better off than all the rest of Africa and most of the Arab world. But he was also a highly connected billionaire Freemason and Zionist, promoting a Gold backed all African currency, which clearly was a Money Power project.

Muammar Gadaffi was comparable to Saddam Hussein. For decades he was a useful tool for the Plutocracy. Both as a solid supplier of oil and as a favorite boogeyman some times, good friend at others. And when he had served his purpose they showed no mercy and treacherously stabbed his back.

No doubt Gadaffi realized this was always a possibility. One doesn’t rule for almost half a century without common sense.

He did put up a heroic resistance, backed by a large part of the Libyan people.

Like Saddam, Gadaffi built a fairly modern nation. Of course he was no angel, ruling with an iron fist and making certain he had a little something on the side for a rainy day. But the average Libyan probably felt safe enough and Gadaffi shared the Oil wealth  generously with his people: extremely cheap fuel, interest free mortgages. Cash handouts of tens of thousands of dollars to newly weds. To name just a very few.

At the time he came to power, Libya was an impoverished ex Italian colony. When he was murdered, if he was, it was Africa’s most prosperous. It is now devastated.

According to Huffington Post 30.000 are believed to have been killed and 50.000 wounded.

Libya was one of those few countries with a truly National Central Bank, not (directly) under control of the Money Power. When the rebels were still just being built up by Nato in Benghazi, they did find the time, resources and most importantly, the expertise, to draft legislation for an ‘independent’ Central Bank.

As an Islamic Nation Libya is not friendly to usury of course. So the invasion also fits perfectly in the strategy to make Islam safe for Usury.

On the other hand, Gadaffi was promoting an all African Gold Dinar. A blatant Money Power project. Both because of its supranational character and because of its Gold aspect.

Interestingly, the Daily Bell’s Anthony Wile ignores the supranational character of Gadaffi’s Gold Dinar in his analysis of the situation.

The fact that Gadaffi is now a martyr is very welcome in associating him with an African Currency.

We await with trepidation who the next victim will be.

Here is some interesting analysis from an Islamic perspective

  1. Gold based currency without usury would be a dangerous alternative in times where there is a widespread doubt about the fiat currencies and debts associated with them. If he should succeed in making the new currency, all the investors of the world would change their dollars for golden money and investments in Africa, making an economic boom there and withdrawing money from USA.

    Plus, we should not rule out a simple “whose dick is bigger” motive for the US invasions worldwide.
    For a psychosocial reasons of war, I can recommend Lloyd deMouse, “The Origins of War in Child Abuse”, available free for reading at

    • “Gold based currency without usury”
      there is no such thing. Gold based currency will always circulate in the form of bank credit. Only the Gold owned by individuals is debt free, but once they spend it, it will quickly end up within the banking system lent out at interest.

  2. bob permalink

    by the way, in the days of superphotoshop and news from a computer screen, how are the useless eaters really supposed to know fact from fiction? It could just as well be that OBL, Sadman, Muamar and the ghost of Hi tler are drinking martinis on the island of Martinique, or puffing away in Paraguay or even jetskiing off the coast of Antarctica. Clones and doubles are used ubiquitously, the subject matter even appearing in Hollywood movies for predictive programming purposes. And so what is left but to call all this universe a sham and boldly dive within our individual consciousness in the spirit of perennial search for eternal Truth. I’ve personally seen more then one so called yogi materialize gold trinkets from the palm of their hands. And so what..
    Just saying…
    Bad always wins and the Good never looses. That is lief and, apparently, its purpose is not to be born again. The story of the psychopathic elites is to remain incarnate over and over again in positions of power and authority. In actuality they have the same lack of freedom of choice as anyone else. The essence of all authorless scriptures of the world seem to state that the only freedom we have as limited ego based personalities is to either inflate waking state reality into Truth or to use discrimination and detachment from all this ephemeral play of elemental forces and remove our attention from it. The universe is endless confusion.. its best not to dwell upon it. But if everyone followed this who would populate space? And so the game goes on but its nice to be reminded that it is just that.. a game. Otherwise, struggle away. And if the story of Muamar as passed thru the computer screen is factual his last words to the Libyan punk with back turned baseball cap who knifed him where “Dont you know who your friends are?” Indeed who are our friends here and what could be our purpose??

  3. You really have my attention with the gold back currency vs usury free currency. I see more and more South African banks offering Islamic banking and don’t understand why any Muslim would use them when ZERO of their directors are Muslims. Since the rest of the banks do charge interest on loans, how can a division of the bank be seen as separate entity. Gaddaffi had many flaws but we do not appreciate his faith in the people.

    • Thanks ramonthomas. Islamic banking still takes a lot of money with shares of profits. Interest free money is much cheaper still for producers and consumers.

  4. Lars Andersson permalink

    Very interesting article and a very funny and clever comment by Bob, 🙂

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