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Another interview with Robert Stark

March 26, 2013

A few months ago Robert Stark interviewed me again. The result was recently posted at Counter Currents.

You can listen to the interview here.




Some points we discussed:

  • The essence of capitalism
  • Satanism as Ayn Rand’s Objectivism plus rituals
  • How the wealth of monopolies is based on a lie
  • The Catholic arm of usury and libertarianism
  • The intellectual framework of the great hoax known as libertarianism
  • The basic ideas of Keynesian economics
  • The “End the Fed” movement as false front
  • Public Banking as not interest free
  • The Jak Bank of Sweden; its four principles
  • Usury as prohibitive of long term investment
  • The affiliation of anti-usury movements with anti-Semitism

Robert Stark interviews Anthony Migchels
Interview with Faux Capitalist’s Jason Erb

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  1. Can I get a transcript?

    • Oof! That’s at least an hour’s work and I don’t really like to hear myself talking. If you create one, I’ll post it.

      • wittytongue permalink

        It sure would be nice to offer a transcript as not everyone has good hearing (including myself and many others).

  2. Brilliant interview Anthony. Very useful for the likes of myself. Clarified many issues partially grasped.

  3. eddie permalink

    hello Anthoney

    excellent interview as before with robert stark

    have you any more on your website and do you have a link?

    if not you should do more as your a natural and make money reform

    sound so easy!

    whereas most other sites highlight the problems

    but never EVER offer a solution…..

    or if they do it hands us right back into the clowns we are trying to escape from

    cheers eddie

    • great to hear eddie.

      It takes two to tango and ‘my’ fringe is very, very small…………..

      All the interviews that I can offer are in the ‘related’ links.

  4. marxbites permalink

    Tom Woods questions modern money

    Episode 111: Best selling author, historian and founder, Tom Woods speaks with GoldMoney Foundations’ Andy Duncan at the Austrian Economics Research Conference 2013 in Auburn Alabama.

    Tom spells out his case on why he thinks The Greenbackers are wrong, also a subject of a paper discussed at this years conference. His clear and concise arguments are a pleasure to listen to and he seems to be able to cut through so much of the inconsistencies in the arguments, of those in favour of a debt based monetary system.

    If the dollar is great, why does it need monopoly protection? Tom intelligently questions the current status and what needs to change. A hardworking intellectual whom is doing what he can to educate and inform people about the subject of money. Something which is so fundamentally important to our lives but not given much thought.

  5. Dark Dirk permalink

    Ayn Rand’s objectivism is good. I like hers book Atlas Shrugged. But she does not understand the banking system. She is focused on beating communism and thinks that gold is good. Hahaha, everybody make mistakes. We are all sinners.

    • to be honest, that book was inspired by her relationship with one of the Rothschilds. Its basic premise is that altruism is sin and that human relations should focus on trade.

      i despise her thinking.

      • Dark Dirk permalink

        Nothing is black or white. It depends on what you think is altruism.
        My interest in Silvio Gesell’s money system is selfish. I do not have any money deposits, I am software developer and I think that in demmurage money system I will have to work less and be more rich and have more free time. Bankers do not like that system and try do discredit it, because that will destroy their power and they will have less money and free time. Communists are stupid enough to not understand the hidden distribution system of interest and are greedy enough to want the rich to pay to them without work and have more free time. Everybody likes the conditions at witch he can prosper. Bankers like interest, I like demurrage money, communists like nationalization and planned economy. Everybody is selfish and everybody lies.

        • Just for the record, Communists favor the current system. As Anthony C. Sutton made clear with meticulous documentation in “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” (and many other books , the Central banks in New York and in the city of london financed communism from its inception. Without their money, direction and planning, communism would never have come to power. Communism is a just front for bankster hegemony and it is communism they spread by undermining the economies of souvereign nations with their debt slavery usury monetary system.

          True nationalizaton of the money system through interest free curency DECENTRALIZES economic power. Money is just medium of exchange for wealth creaed by labor; its worth is not taxed or siphoned away by govt or private offshore cabals through it use. As such the people are in command of their own respective economic fates.

  6. Nixon Scraypes permalink

    I agree with Kevin and Eddie,cool,clear and concise. The only other person who lays out the facts as clearly as you is Alan Watt at Cutting Through the Matrix. I also listen to the UK Column who are pushing the idea of the “Bradbury Pound” which sounds like a good way to start monetary reform.I will ask them to interview you if you are favourable to the idea,best wishes,Nixon.

    • Thank you Nixon, appreciate it. Please do, I’m interested in talking about the subject, if it adds value to the Bradbury people. I’d also have some input on regional currencies in general.

  7. Best interview yet.

    In the USA there is some activism that is in tune your insights and awareness. Webster Tarpley ( and the not only have a clear understanding who the real enemy is, wallstreet and the banks (and their political lackies on the right/left/libertarians), but have a programic solution to reddress the debt crisis threatening the lives of the people both immediate and long term. Most notably they are a debt moratorium, uncompromising halt to austerity, nationalization of the fed, and 1% wallstreet sales tax (tobin tax).

    I’d also like to give you and your readership a heads up about Micheal Hoffman’s new online radio show.

    • nice to hear from you pm!

      Yes, the UFAA is doing a great job, Deadeye (blogger and regular commenter here) is part of it too.

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