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What happened to Brother Nathanael and his U-Turn on Ron Paul and Monetary Reform?

November 20, 2013
Brother Nathanael attacked Paul and then takes down the videos

What in the world has happened to Brother Nathanael Kapner?

Some time ago, he came out with all guns blazing against Ron Paul’s monetary ‘reform’ program. He had been supporting him wholeheartedly for years. But he clearly awoke to the key issue: control of the money supply and Usury.

He made three videos, two denouncing Paul’s Austrianism and one with a clear call for interest-free Treasury Money, saying ‘monetary reform is the mother of all reform’.

This was a major U-turn and quite manly: to act on new insights, even after having invested quite a bit, including reputation, into a mistaken notion. It was much needed too. With his powerful voice, his videos typically get anywhere between thirty and a hundred thousand views, I considered it a bit of a watershed.

The Alternative Media still has not come to terms with the devastating blow that Ron Paul dealt to both our agenda and credibility and even now many leading outlets treat him with the respect and sycophancy he so very little deserves. We helped him disable the Movement in both the 2008 and 2012 elections and very few have recanted since, even in the face of the ever more transparent facts, including the breathtaking betrayal of supporting Romney, a move that was the plan from the very beginning.

But then the Brother simply took down the videos. Here’s the one called ‘a Plan to End the Fed‘ below. It’s now private.

And recently he posted a video called ‘a six point plan to end Jewish Rule’, without a word about monetary reform!!

Several people have been asking him for an explanation, but he doesn’t say a word.

I find this most disturbing. Something has happened, that much is clear. I’d sure like to know what.

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  1. Brother Nathaniel made a strong point that was hard to deny. He surely made supporting the Ron Paul legacy nearly impossible.

  2. Either he sold out for some of those funds he’s always begging for, or he saw a precipitous drop in his audience, which judging by the comment section is comprised mostly of half-wit fanatics.

    It suggests to me that having hatred of Jews be the lens through which one sees the world is at best highly misleading and at worst a deliberate trap. Brother Nathanael will be able to justify any position to his readers, as long as he can point to some Jews involved in an opposing position.

    PS – your article on debt-free money vs. interest-free credit was excellent. I look forward to sharing this with people working on this issue!

    • “Deadeye”: we can tell where u’re coming fm, can’t we?–ho ho ho ho. Just ck Hoffman’s blog at Jews follow the Talmud, which Talmud preaches war, extermination, and enslavement of gentiles, these called “goyim” by Jews, “goyim” meaning “cattle.” Hoffman pt.s out how Talmud teaches Jews it’s ok to lie to and murder gentiles, etc.–need I say more?

      Further, note history proves this Jew hatred of humanity, and Jews are rightly hated by the rest of humanity which has kicked Jew criminals and psychopaths out of EVERY country on earth, numerous times.

      And now what do we see?–Jews presiding over AGENDA-21 “de-population” and genocide, this in favor of paganist “the earth.” So Bro. Nat is well-taken for his general Christianity–that’s for sure–and the legalized COUNTERFEITING scam is key to the Jew (and associated conspirators too, never forget) “world order” which is already in place and growing like a cancer, unfortunately.

      • Helmet permalink

        Holy Christ, take 30 seconds to review what you write before posting, you come off as an illiterate doofus. Being passionate doesn’t give you permission to mangle the English language.

    • Thanks Deadeye, glad the article helped.

      Yes, I agree: it’s easy to go overboard with the Jew bashing. Not that much of it is not warranted, but the problem is hardly purely Jewish and should we kill them all today, the banks would proceed unhindered.

      • eae permalink

        Anthony,why not kiling instead the money,see what hapens.

        • Experience shows that lack of money relegates people to inactivity. People want quid pro quo. They prefer starving than doing something for nothing. Especially in urbanized cities without strong relations between individuals this is the case.

          The problem is not money, it is money scarcity and usury. If money is cheap and abundant, people will care far less for it.

          An interest-free economy could be a gateway to a gift economy, but I believe that in this age of high populations and big cities, this is pretty far off.

  3. Green Eggs & Ham permalink

    Ron Paul sold everyone out by pulling out of the last election after repeatedly promising he wouldn’t. Rand is worse, choosing to back Romney over Ron the whole time.

    I found Brother Nathaniel’s recent takes on Austrian Jewish economics quite amusing.

    We could listen to disingenuous people who seek to exploit us argue the “virtues” of Austrian V. Keynesian economics all day, but they’ve all demonstrated a will to exploit us by either means.

  4. Henrique permalink

    Well, money is the key of everything in this world, any voice out there that starts to get annoying is eventually silenced, I guess. You can rally people over anything, from the physical appearance of a particular group to “children’s blood drinking rituals” supposedly performed in the middle ages ( even Eustace Mullins capitalized on that ), as long as it’s unprovable, stays in the realm of fairy tale and renders people completely impotent, with no escape valve for their anger. But don’t you DARE talk seriously about money, the pillar of control.

  5. michael permalink

    this guy is a jew
    and jews can not be trusted period

  6. I’ve had ‘Bro Nathaniel’ pegged as a fraud since day one, so this doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    And despite his ‘Maverick’ image, I’ve never heard RP say word one about the evils of usury or the private ownership of the fed. Those are the two singular issues that need to be addressed before anything will begin to change for the better.

    Both father and son are pied pipers, playing the rompus ‘Austerity and Gold’ song for their clueless followers. If you haven’t yet heard the song, it is sung to the tune of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’.

  7. FauxCapitalist permalink

    He mentioned in a comment before he removed the post that he was losing too many Ron Paul supporters as his subscribers.

  8. TnDoc permalink

    I happened to catch Bro Nat’s videos on RP and, sadly, he was right (read Ellen Brown’s “Web of Debt” for on of the best explanations of our fraudulent money system that I have seen). I supported RP for near 30 years and was continually disappointed – until I read Ellen’s book, I didn’t really understand that a return to a “gold standard” would only mean another form of Bankster tyranny.

    • What?–gold standard is just honest money, insuring honest economy and society–what are u talking about, anyway?

      • bankerbackbacon permalink

        If you study monetary history you will know the limited gold supply would cause deflation. Debt free SILVER backed fiat is the honest money method because of its plentiful.

        • Yes, classically Populists have called for monetization of Silver to broaden the money supply. Gold was way too scarce. But the problem with Silver is the same as with Gold, as it is interest-bearing.

        • apollonian permalink

          Don’t “Fix” What Isn’t Broken: Commodity Money System Is Only System Not Requiring Dictatorship, Appropriate To Free Society
          (Apollonian, 27 Nov 13)

          Look here comrades: all u’re doing is babbling back-and-forth, using terminology u’re NOT defining.

          (a) “Deflation” is simply reduction of quantity of money, which should be commodity, hence gold, being best.

          (b) There’s nothing necessarily bad about deflation, esp. regarding gold, as if quantity goes down, the value goes UP, necessarily–and this is easily understood. And note productivity and standard of living went up dramatically in post-civil war USA–along w. gold standard & deflation.

          If there’s fiat money, deflation is ALWAYS deliberately induced, usually in response to deliberate inflation, as we see presently.

          (c) Regarding charging-of-interest, note this is simple matter of free-contract, and u cannot forbid such charging of interest without dictatorship.

          Let’s be perfectly clear here, comrades: ONLY commodity money (gold & silver) is legitimate, consistent w. freedom and rule-of-law. Anything else, regardless if it’s put out by state, not “privately,” regardless whether it’s “interest-bearing” or not–IS DICTATORSHIP, and will not “fly,” doomed to failure.

          Proper gov. HAS NOTHING TO DO W. MONEY, whatsoever. All prop. gov. does is insure rule-of-law & sanctity-of-contract–which contract includes charging-of-interest if so desired by parties.

          Note all economics simply depends upon the legal system. To insure productive, honest economics, one only needs insure proper rule-of-law founded upon human reason and natural law. U pathetic people must make use of commodity money (gold & silver being best)–the ONLY proper money–which doesn’t require idiot contrivances by gov. and “advanced-thinking” as we see fm the muddle-brains batting-about w. their absurd terminologies, as we see on this blog.

  9. TnDoc permalink

    To give Bro Nat the benefit of the doubt, there are some topics that can result in incredible pressure on one and keeping those videos up was not worth life or limb.

  10. Anthony: I’m big Ron Paul and Austrian fan–I DON’T like Rand getting close w. Israel, but I must comment upon ur article–IT’S HARD TO MAKE ANY SENSE, ANY HEADS-OR-TAILS to it. For all u do is refer obliquely to 3 sources, saying nothing definite about any of them, either (a) ur idea, (b) Ron Paul’s (which I DO know about) and ur objections, or (c) Bro. Nat’s.

    So WHAT are u talking about, actually? Mike Rivero ( featured ur article, above, by which I hereby come to it. Mike endorses Bill Still’s ideas (–is this ur (general) concept too?

    For only commodity can be money–anything else is a substitute, by definition–gold/silver being best. U can’t make paper money without committing fraud, and u can’t ethically force people to accept that worthless trash in exchange for real, genuine goods and svcs.

    Problem w. ANY paper/fiat money is it’s just (legalized) COUNTERFEITING–charging interest is yet another complication, pertinent to ur otherwise well-taken remarks regarding “debt-money.”

    Thanks for ur attn to these observations.

    • Hi apollonian,

      The problems with Gold are that first it will create a massive deflation and ongoing money scarcity. We are already in a crushing deflation and Gold will only make it worse. Secondly, Gold, like the current paper order, is based on Usury. The poorest 80% pay interest to the richest 10%, most of which ends up with the very rich. All in all we are talking a couple of Trillion per year in the US alone. This is why the 1% now owns 41% and situation gets more grim every day.

      Austrian Economics is all about defending Gold and the rights of the rich, and they invested many billions in making it big over the last 8 decades or so. It was created to argue against American Populism, which always called for plentiful money.

      Ron Paul the Plutocrat’s dream. Should he have won the elections, which he could have, but which he didn’t want to, he would have destroyed the economy with a horrible austerity drive. He’s a typical banker masonic change agent, leading the opposition in a blind alley.

  11. Agree with apollonian. Not sure why Rivero linked to this but I will no longer link to him. I don’t think either of you grasp why a gold standard, with the government issuing the currency debt free at issuance, is vastly better than fiat. If you give the power back to government, as fiat, you will soon have the same problems – don’t you get it?

    RP isn’t perfect or above criticism, but these sorts of weird attacks by the ignoranti let the perfect be the enemy of the good at best, and is cryptofascist, left wing statism at best.

    If you think you’ll throw out the “globalists” and establish some sort of Leftist communitarian government, be prepared for A LOT more fighting when the fighting is done, pal. There’s no point in exhanging one set of anti-Constitutional crooks for another.

    And a true Austrian approach would ghost e heavy cuts to defense spending. But if you think such a budget would pass you’re nuts.

    • Ron Paul’s budget focused on food stamps and sundry issues. He hardly dented the ‘defense’ (hyper aggressive war and Empire) budget.

      I”m not at all interested in Socialism. Usury, money scarcity and austerity is Socialism for the rich and Austrianism is the ultimate champion of the parasitical class.

  12. I agree. He was completely on target.

  13. mikael permalink

    The truth is that RR is right on the mark of everything, but as a christian he stil gling to the fake “jews” drivel, but is restrained by consent, and its halfway undertsandable but not quite axepted.

    The litmus test word, is Monetary Policys, if someone isnt into it, either they dont know about it, or delibirate divert the issue, and or lies about their agenda, regading The Truth, witch is as follows, the presnet systemic clusterf..up is also in those lands that right now, pretends to Not be a part of it, they sitt in the board of the Bank of International Setlement in Basel, pthey own everything, boy.

    And, the controlled demolition of the uSSa is as far I can judge, into its final stage, and now they are turning their heads into a different direction, and the people of the western hemispher runn by the RobberBarons, will be hurt.

    Dont belive in anything, they lie about everything.
    All the time, they will continue to lie untill we are in free fall.

    All wars are bankers wars, always have and so far always will.
    Wake up.


  14. A Special Note for Austrian Advocates & Gold Bugs

    You are free to store your savings in gold by simply buying it as desired. Please don’t make the rest of us rent gold from the International Banking Cartel in order to have a means for exchange.

    Even under the current system, you are free to speculate by purchasing the commodity of your choice (e.g. gold, silver, rare earth magnets, etc.). And you may keep the commodity at home or you may store it in a secure place – the key is that you own it (e.g. allocated gold) – it is not someone else’s liability.

    Please don’t try to make the rest of us rent gold from the International Banking Cartel in order to have a means for exchange. This barbaric rental scheme has been the ruin of many civilizations and individuals through-out its scandalous history.

    We know from the past three hundred years that there has never been enough gold/silver to back the money supply even when we (U.S.) had huge reserves. Ultimately, the scheme always crashes as the backers default. The participants, especially the middle class, pay dearly through massive defaults and depressions and nation states go bankrupt and lose sovereignty – which of course is all by design.

    Remember the not so “Great” Depression (history is written by the victors and in the case of the “Great” Depression; the International Banking Cartel won and used the gloating term to describe the event) and the U.S. bankruptcy of 1933.

    Money should be nothing more than flexible and frictionless tokens to conduct trade and commerce. Flexible in that it is readily transferable through checks, cash, credit cards, digital accounts, etc. Frictionless in that it should never include rental charges.

    Money should never be scarce and always plentiful enough to maintain high employment, good wages and a vibrant economy. To a great degree, money in circulation is self-regulated by the participants. If there is too much, the excess may be siphoned off as savings and typically transferred to assets and investments. If there isn’t enough, the middle class suffers.

    • apollonian permalink

      Before Pontificating Upon Money, First One Should Understand Basic Economics And Common Sense–A Modest Proposal

      I have to laugh at this sort of mindless babble by–who?–what sort of people talk like this (above by “Larry”)?–answer: it’s always by “advanced-thinkers,” “progressives,” “liberals,” and nowadays, metro-sexuals–the sort of people who are always and typically half-baked for their knowledge and premises for absurd arguments, always founded upon pathetic wish-ful thinking.

      One of the main problems w. these sort of half-baked metro-sexuals is they don’t understand and fail to DEFINE the terms they use–for example, “deflation.” They (these “advanced-thinkers”) make assertions, like about history, which they cannot substantiate. And they (these fools pretending to “progressivism”) presume according to pre-conceptions they don’t have the wit to suspect, imagining, gee whiz, but “everyone knows that.”

      For there’s ALWAYS enough money, which money must, necessarily, by it’s nature, be commodity–if the quantity in circulation goes down (“deflation”), the value of it goes up–which is what we see in history, including of USA (immediate post Civil war)–and guess what?–during this decades-long “deflation,” the productivity and standard of living went up like it NEVER has since the “progressives” took USA off that dear gold standard which gave USA such tremendous prosperity.

      Just listen to this childish absurdity: “Money should never be scarce and always plentiful enough to maintain high employment, good wages and a vibrant economy.” Ho ho ho–righto–gee whiz, but money should always work and act to insure I have plentiful supply of cup-cakes and milk-shakes, and exciting foot-ball games on TV. No one should ever be un-employed, or sick–or even un-happy, by golly. And if we can insure “good wages”–why shouldn’t we insure everyone is a billionaire? ho hoo ho ho ho. This poor fool cannot see the absurdity of his childish wish-ful thinking, so pathetically founded upon ignorance of history and basic defintions.

      • apollonian wrote: “For there’s ALWAYS enough money, which money must, necessarily, by it’s nature, be commodity–if the quantity in circulation goes down (“deflation”), the value of it goes up”

        apollonian, thanks for the comments to my post.

        Contractions (reductions) in the supply of money cause depressions as is evidenced by the U.S. depressions of 1807-1814, 1837-1844, 1873-1879, 1893-1898 and 1929-1940.

        Please take note of the fact that depressions take place even with “commodity money.” For example, from 1929 – 1933 the amount of money (M2) was reduced by over 30%. This was under the gold standard when the U.S. had most of the worlds gold held in reserve.

        The U.S. went under the yoke of the international gold standard (Gold Standard Act) in 1900 and finally defaulted (in actuality; there never was enough gold) in 1933. During this period, the dollar dropped by 50% – U.S. Dollar
        Purchasing Power

        The amount of money DOES matter and it should always be plentiful in order to conduct a productive economy.

        As far as commodity money; please explain why the productive capacity of a people should be artificially crippled by an inadequate amount of trade tokens?

        • apollonian permalink

          “Larry”: u just assert muddled absurdities without basic substantiation or even citations.

          Contractions in money supply DO NOT cause “depressions” which are defined as lowered productivity and living-standards, often associated w. un-employment and lay-offs, etc. Such depressions are simply results & reversals of mal-investment, whence un-productive plants/businesses go bankrupt, the capital re-invested elsewhere.

          But it IS TRUE, as u almost, nearly indicate, that once an economy is founded (and addicted, so-to-speak) upon fiat money, THEN contractions in that fiat money-supply can be very onerous, causing “depressions.” And don’t forget, USA was subjected to this sort of fiat-money system in 1791-1811, then fm 1816-36, to name just two instances–there are others, like fm 1913 to present. During Civil War another quasi-central banking system was instituted.

          Further, remember that depressions and recessions are natural and mere fluctuations in productivity which reflect upon trends in investment and productivity–they can be unusually severe ONLY when there’s un-natural interference in way of fiat-money schemes–which hist. well illustrates.

          I laugh in ur face regarding 1929–this was all result of manipulation of the US Federal Reserve–and the gold standard was in process of being phased-out–get a clue, ho ho ho ho.

          Larry: u simply DON’T understand money–which must, by nature and definition be commodity, the facet of free markets and freedom in general. Only dictatorship can impose non-commodity money.

          And pls learn to read English: commodity money, w. intrinsic value, cannot “cripple” productive capacity. For if quantity in circulation of such money falls–as is natural in healthy, free economy–then the value (buying-power) goes up, naturally and necessarily.

          Larry: u want to learn stuff about economics and money?–ck or–they’ll set u straight. A great book to ck is G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature From Jekyll Island.” Good luck.

          • Chumbawamba permalink

            “apollonian”, we need to first define terms: are you talking “currency” or “money”? Larry says “money” when he clearly means “currency”, and in fact he is thinking quite clearly and rightly, in my opinion, while you are stuck spewing Austrian bullshit that you are merely regurgitating. So excited you were to piss all over Larry you forget to write anything relevant in your two missives.

            The problem with any modern school of economics is they have not yet evolved to the realization that physical tokens of ANY kind, used as currency, is always deflating, no matter what. Once someone needs a physical token to make a transaction, you have put resistance into the economy, slowing it down.

            In addition to that, centralized issuance of currency is deflating. Note how there are quadrillions of “dollars” in existence yet most people in the world are still finding it hard to afford things. Why is this?

            The problem is simple to understand: tying your productive capacity to the issuance of currency tokens controlled by someone else, whether that someone else be an Austrian, a Keynesian, or The Market, is flawed and will always result in unbalance and disharmony in an economy.

            The solution is just as simple: make your own currency, and trade your productive capacity directly, without ANY friction, a superconducting currency condition.

            How do we do it? Equally as simple: ledger books. Good old fashioned paper and pencil.

            Think this is stupid and crazy? Of course you do, because you believe that your spoon-fed economics from the same Jewish banksters that brought you Keynesianism is absolutely correct and without flaw and is gospel. Such exemplary zombie thinking, just as the Jew banksters planned it.

  15. I was shocked when Brother Nathanael took down the Ron Paul Money VS Sound Money, I am glad you are asking the question.

  16. I cannot find it from googling but a few months ago an article showing photos of Milton Kaplan many years ago showed him as an old media personality or somesuch. In any case, leaving aside whether or not he is a) sincere and/or b) accurate, someone prancing around in religious garb delving into finances and racial politicking is not the sort of person I would ever take seriously.

    If he truly were serious, he would manifest as such. He doesn’t, rather as a clown. Therefore I am comfortable regarding him as either pure disinfo agent (using part truth to push or deflect from more important truths/issues) and/or the sort of agent whose websites/links are used to collect addresses/references of those drawn to such stuff.

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