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Interviewing Michael Tellinger

March 24, 2014
Michael Tellinger

(Left: Michael Tellinger during one of his presentations)

Michael Tellinger is a scientist and activist from South Africa. As a scientist he has brought an ancient, vast and interconnected network of stone circle constructions to the attention of the world. There are millions of them, all over southern Africa and they show advanced knowledge of sacred geometry. He theorizes they were part of a huge infrastructure for energy creation based on hypersound. He has linked them to other ancient structures, including the Pyramids.

He’s written a number of books, among them “Slave Species of God“, based on the work of Zecheria Sitchin and his latest, “Ubuntu Contributionism“. He believes money was introduced into human society by ‘Priest Kings’, ‘the Gods’, most likely an alien race, as a control mechanism.

It is this link that has got him into activism, creating alternatives for our current money based economy and fighting the banks. He’s been in court for three years against the South African Reserve Bank. He’s building a community, Ubuntu, based on an economy free of money. And he’s running for Parliament, with good chances of success.

The core of his program is monetary reform, based on the end of banking as we know it and money creation aimed at unlocking human potential instead of usurping it.

In the interview we cover:
Stone Circles
Humanity’s fascination for Gold
The origins and nature of money
At 40 min: his litigation against the Banks
International developments in taking the Banks to court
Monetary reform on a national level with Ubuntu Party
At 1:07 : Community currencies do’s and don’ts
Why the Gelre is the most advanced unit available at this point
The disconnect between the awareness on the web and the stone age conversation in the Main Stream
The need to speak up to break the silence and isolation of the awakened

The interview and Michael’s presentation in Groningen were organized by Earth Matters, a leading Alternative Media outlet in the Netherlands. Many thanks to them for setting up this wonderful opportunity.
Camera: Natasja Depassé
Production: Arjan Bos

Everything about Michael Tellinger’s inspiring work:

  1. Michale Heiser, a linguist scholar of ancient languages, has debunked the work of Z. Sitchin by accurately translating the texts used to make the many claims about extraterrestrials, nephalim, ect.,

    Heiser also states that Michael Tellinger continues Sitchins errors with regard extra terrestrial beings and claims derived from interpretations of ancient texts.

    • Otherwise, I found your debut interview to be very entertaining. I hope there will be many more to come.

    • Well, Sitchin is not scripture, that much is clear. But it is also quite clear that very advanced civilizations existed on Earth before the flood. Tellinger’s main work is not an exegesis of Sitchin, but trying to connect the dots concerning these stone circle constructions and Adam’s Calendar. And it’s not just our own planet: there are many clues in the solar system too.

      I find it all highly fascinating and in the face of the stunning abdication of mainstream historians and archeologists, it’s really the work of a handful of people that is trying to make something of it.

      • I didn’t notice that you were an advocate of Sitchin, neither is Michael Tellinger. It was a GREAT interview, and it underlines foremost that we have to end the present money system.

    • Kevin Moore permalink

      Re Sitchins and the nephalim –

      “ABOUT THE RACE OF GIANTS” – Book 2, Ch.4 “The Book of Adam and Eve; Also Called the Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan”. Translated by S.C. Malan.
      Quote – “But Noah preached repeatedly to the children of Cain, saying, “The flood will come and destroy you, if we do not repent.” But they would not hearken to him; they only laughed at him.
      When the children of Seth went down from the Holy Mountain, and dwelt with the children of Cain, and defiled themselves with their abominations, there were born unto them children called Garsina*, who were giants, mighty men of valour, such as no other giants were of equal might.
      Certain wise men of old wrote concerning them,and say in there [sacred] books, that angels came down from heaven, and mingled with the daughters of Cain, who bare unto them these giants.
      But those [wise men] err in what they say. God forbid such a thing, that angels who are spirits, should be found committing sin with human beings. Never; that cannot be.
      And if such a thing were of the nature of angels, or Satans, that fell they would not leave one woman on earth, undefiled. For Satans are very wicked and infamous. Moreover, they are not male and female by nature; but are small subtle spirits, that have been black ever since they transgressed.
      But many men say, that angels came down from heaven, and joined themselves to women, and had children to them. This cannot be true. But they were children of Seth, who were of the children of Adam, that dwelt on the mountain, high up, while the preserved their virginity, their innocence and their glory like angels; and they were called “angels of God.”
      But when they transgressed and mingled with the children of Cain, and begat children, ill-informed men said, that angels had come down from heaven, and mingled with the daughters of men, who bare them giants.”

      *A corruption of the Arabic term

  2. Dugan King permalink

    I have a theory that it was Enki … the deified priest King and founder of Eridu … considered the world’s first city … who invented the first medium of exchange … a primitive accounting system consisting of clay tokens as units of payment.

    It was Inanna … the deified priestess Queen of Uruk … who borrowed and expanded Enki’s monetary system throughout Sumeria.

    Enki’s clay tokens increased the velocity of production and trade and was a major innovation and impetus that transformed a primitive agricultural community into a trading center and powerful city state prior to the the time of the Biblical flood.

    Archeologists have been digging up these clay tokens all over Mesopotamia but haven’t quite associated them as tokens of credit … units of account in a medium of exchange.

    It is clear to me … as a student of monetary science … that these clay tokens are most likely units of credit first issued by the priesthood of Eridu … and circulated in trade as the world’s first money system.

    The impact of Eridu’s money system is just as important as the invention of the wheel and the plow on the rise of civilization.

    • Enki is an interesting character. The most relevant form that he appears in is Ea from the babylonian civilization. If you compare roman mythos to babylonian mythology you find a correlation between the two (the Romans being the civilization who invented most of the corporate culture that we see today). The original Roman gods are Mars (correlation = Marduk), Saturn (correlation = Ea), and Janus the two faced deity who is the steward/gatekeeper of the supreme god. Janus is the clue to deciphering the gods because he is the gatekeeper/steward of the god of time, law, and seasons Saturn. In Babylonian Mythos, the God Ea had a two faced steward named Isimud/Usmu.

      The Romans were also the people who invented the Jew/Gentile distinction in Jerome’s Latin Vulgate translation of the New Testement (the Jewish word for a non jew is a Goyim while the Roman word for a non-roman is a Gentile), named the continent Europe after the Phoenician semitic princess Europa, had a veiled throne for their deity saturn (referencing the holy of holies in the OT), built the biggest temple to jupiter in Syria, and of course there is their origin story of coming in ships from the far east which correlates with the 30-40% male semitic lineages that we see in middle and southern italy (and given that the phoenicians had settlements in france and in tunisia and trading routes as far north as germany, it is hardly unlikely that they had settlements in italy as well).

      The other place that is interesting is the city of Ebla in the western semitic area. The city of Ebla was one of the biggest trading cities of its day and was literally run by a coalition of merchants. They spoke a language that is linguistically the closest to hebrew and had a religious system that worshiped the God El and the goddess Ishara (two more correlations to the hebrew culture).

  3. Excellent interview.

  4. I just finished this and it probably needs work. It is a huge subject but at least we’re on the way to “breaking the spell.”

    The concept of believing in money has ancient roots in esoteric works of Raymond Lull through the Warburg Institute

  5. Chris Torey permalink

    Mention Zecheria Sitchin and you lose me. The man is a nut.

  6. the çoming of president O. to Amsterdam made me think of what Michael Tellinger told about the Sumerian priest-kings who awed the people by showing their power, which they received from the ‘gods’..

  7. Anthony. One advice my friend. Yes the devil introduced interest and its monetary system.
    Stay away from Sithin and Tsarion. They are NWO shills!

  8. Ana Fonseca permalink

    I follow Michael Tellinger on FB and that is how I was informed about the interview. You did it great ! I could see you know well his works and also has your own opinions and questions marks.

    I have read “Slave Species of god” and it was beyond my expectations. Tellinger is a very open minded researcher, who can cross information from many different fields of knowledge (biology/genetics, spirituality, astronomy, physics, history of religions, economics..). I have read a recent interview on the internet he gave to George Noory. I just can say he is way much well informed now then when he wrote the book almost 10 years ago – if that is possible ! Since my early teen years (I’m 45) my father (an atheist) has educated me on the works of Sitchin – so I do have an open mind. I went to a Catholic school and never could buy any of those Bible stories… “Well” educated people should keep their taboos aside and just consider new possibilities. Nor evolutionism nor creationism – but something in between.

  9. Anthony. I just watched your interview with Michael Tellinger. Fascinating. Truly. Heartwarming and inspiring in the truest, least-worn out meaning of those terms. Kudos, sir.

    My concern is that focusing strictly on the economic ‘solutions’ to what ails the world today is to miss the point. Imagine you are the parent of three young sons and they are all in the backseat of a car you are driving. The oldest is seated in the middle, holding a small toy, with which he keeps hitting his younger brothers. You keep telling him to stop but he keeps doing it when he thinks you are distracted by the road and traffic. So you pull over and take the toy away from him. Problem solved, right? Wrong. The weapon is inanimate. The problem is the bully. When you are back in the driver’s seat and the car is once again moving along, the little shit switches up his game, removes one of his shoes and proceeds as before. It is just his nature. You have fathered a young psychopath. You can strip him naked and beat his bottom side. But you will not change the socio-political environment of that back seat nor improve the experience of the car ride for your weaker, smaller boys until you make the required, responsible (albeit difficult) decision to protect your younger sons by handing over the bully to a state institution. He is a psycho. A sadist. He cannot be persuaded to change his nature. No amount of love, lecturing or spanking will make one bit of difference. He must be warehoused for the sake of the rest of the family.

    Your oldest son is a Jew.

    • Neat story, but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to do nothing about the money system. A group on whose behalf I blog – “Banks need Boundaries!” – is tinkering with something we call ccc, see In the context of your allegory this would mean not taking away the offensive toy, but giving all of us a toy. (The draft I shared in the link above is already under heavy attack. For now, most of the debate is in German and in private e-mails, but that would change if people visited the blog and shared their feelings.)
      Now I’ll listen to the interview, which looks promising – PEACE!

      • You’re right. To continue in Christopher Hayden’s analogy, the money system as usury is the bully. Fighting any other monetary or economic policy other than this would be only to affect accidental changes or to “take away the bully’s toy or shoe”.

      • Mike that looks very interesting and I plan to check into your work. If you read my allegory again you will not find any language speaking to the option of doing nothing. My explicit suggestion to a final solution to this problem is as plain as the hooked-noses on their faces. Look again.

  10. Shemsu permalink

    Regarding the origin of humanity, religions, advanced civilizations etc.
    I think you would be interested by French researcher Anton Parks’ books.

  11. And so, finally the New Age comes in to take over. If it escapes Austrian-Libertarianism and Socialism, it eventually gets New Agey. Soon David Icke and Erich Von Daniken will join monetary reform, and all will be discussing the Majestic 12 group and their evil intentions. Download the game Deus Ex here . Forget reality.

  12. meeli permalink

    Anthony, having read your article regarding the “Gelre” you stated as above “Why the Gelre is the most advanced unit available at this point.” how is it then claimed to be loaned into circulation, yet is purchased via Euro’s?

    This is why Regional Currencies solves nothing; the Rearranging of the deckchairs on the Titanic, nothing more.

    You gave Michael some “Gelre” notes, [1h 11m] yet he did not produce anything to acquire such “vouchers”, and I can only assume all you did was have them printed. This would be an offensive to whomever would have accepted them in the almost “1 hundred companies” participating; especially being that their resources was originally purchased using the national currency.

    Anthony writes;

    “We are going to print some money and GIVE IT AWAY!”
    “We are going to give away millions of Gelre (1 Gelre = 1 Euro). Why not? We print it for nothing!”
    “We are going to play Santa Clause and all that money is going to circulate forever”
    “Of course most of the Gelres we put into circulation will be lent out”
    “We believe it is possible to actually compete with Euro Creating money out of thin air that will buy Euro and eventually gold, it sure gets me excited :-)”

    [1h 16m] “Euro backing or “Interest Free” credit based, and what is so special about the “Gelre”. Is it’s the first “Interest Free” credit based, and it’s still convertible to Euro.”

    In other words, we have an inflationary Santa, playing as the money changer.

    • You are obviously totally clueless about the issues under discussion here Meeli.

      Why don’t you ask some question, instead of rant, rant, rant and littering my page?

      Have you ever heard of Social Credit? Printing money and giving it to the people to spend into circulation?

      Are you so boneheaded that you cannot understand that I have income in Gelre, which I can easily away? That there are plenty of other ways to get these units (who will never circulate, since he is in SA) out of circulation?

      Listen, you look like some Gold bug, that’s ok, I’ve dealt with them extensively. But please dont’ come barging in here with this kind of attitude with such a total lack of awareness of what is going on here.

      You are behaving like an 18 year old feminist with associated sense of entitlement.

      I’m going to leave this comment up, but I’m going take the rest down. I”m willing to debate you, but not based on endless ranting. I need structure and a willingness to listen, which I do too.

      • meeli permalink

        You’ve deleted my previous [5] posts; quoting your very own objects, and now you’ve removed my critiques regarding the invalidated propositions advocated by Michael Tellinger and Wayne Walton; advocating for the non-existent case for Jubilee, so-called “Debt Forgiveness,” along with the “time unit of value” as a monetary “standard”.

        If you won’t allow me to critique their works, why don’t you then challenge Wayne over his visions for “Jubilee”? I provided study references which invalidates all the positive propaganda largely being promoted by Wayne Walton. None of my statements was a “rant”! Hold some principles and integrity for once; especially while you’re advocating such foolishness and falsehoods on the very side bar.

        Now you’ve accused me of being an Austrian/Gold-bug without citing any justification; claiming my posts was “rants” yet were referenced; yet yours are solo ad-hominem attacks? Another instance why you hold no creditability.

        I am not asking any questions because I have studied your articles over the past few years I know your ever changing non-principled stance; all while continuing the promotion of plagiaristic authors/film-makers; claimed “idols” in Bill Still and Ellen Brown. Why would I then ask questions, having studied the wasteful life of “their” works, seeing through such never-ending folly.

        • That’s fine, then don’t like me. You don’t need to. That’s something else then

          Yes, I removed them with great ease. They showed a total lack of insight. You are just here to ideologically maintain a position with clever debating techniques. I know your kind well.

          I’m also sure we have already met and it’s lame to gaslight me with another handle.

          If the Daily Bell wants more mayhem they can get it. I’ve visited them maybe three times since they reopened but I’m not averse to dissecting some more of their spin if necessary.

          Libertarian sites have somewhat recovered since the 2012 onslaught, perhaps it’s time to drive a few more stakes through these poisonous ideologies.

          That’s it, I’m through with you and this vendetta of yours.

    • Dugan King permalink

      I am a longtime student of monetary history and science. The Gelre seems to be an honest, interest free currency that can be purchased at a discount and redeemed at par for the goods and services of the member retailers who agree to accept it. It is very similar to the Berkshare currency of Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

      I would like to see local currencies like these multiplied worldwide so as to de-centralize the Global Banking Monopoly … the Masters of Inhumanity.

      Here is a list of the good things that can come about as a result of alternative currencies like the Gelre and the Berkshare;

      1. Every local marketplace should create and manage it’s own medium of exchange backed by all of the goods and services that come into it’s market. The real thing that gives a currency it’s trading value or purchasing power is confidence … confidence that it can be redeemed … not just for gold and silver … but for any of the goods and services available in the marketplace.

      2. Since a local medium of exchange would not be traded or circulated outside of it’s local commercial boundaries … it would not ebb in or flow out to create economic booms and busts as is currently the case under this corrupt money monopoly. When the volume of local money in circulation remains stable and grows only to match local productivity … economic activity will remain stable as well. Full employment is maintained. Growth is maintained.

      3. In order to trade outside of the local marketplace … the local currency can be swapped back into the national currency … but you will have to cash out at a discount to trade outside the local network. If the discount or exchange rate were high … it would encourage consumers to buy local and enjoy the discount … rather than cash out and pay the discount to trade outside the community. Over time these motives will increase local self sufficiency and put everyone to work as local entrepreneurs create local opportunities.

      4. Ben Franklin’s Pennsylvania Scrip system clearly illustrates how a local system of paper credits can put everyone to work who wants to work. Franklin proved you don’t have to have a reserve of gold and silver to back a money system … all you need is a marketplace full of goods and services so the money can be redeemed to supply any and all the needs of the workforce. Scrip notes were spent into circulation to pay for roads, bridges, military patrols and other common needs of the public. Loans were also made to farmers and merchants who expanded their enterprises creating more jobs and more material abundance. Loans could be made free of interest. There was no need to raise taxes when you could simply print more scrip notes to pay the public expense. The trick to prevent inflation was to make sure there were plenty of goods and services in the marketplace to back up any newly created scrip notes. If prices began to rise … you could cut back on spending and lending or charge a temporary interest until prices return to normal. Here is the key to maintaining the cycle. 1. Scrip notes are created to put people to work. 2. The work creates an abundance of goods and services a.k.a. a marketplace of real wealth. 3. The workers then redeem the scrip notes they earned in exchange for the goods and services needed that will make them healthy, happy and prosperous. The cycle is now completed and there was no public debt created and no need to raise … or even rely on taxes.

      5. In the event of the hyperinflation and collapse of a national currency … alternative currencies can provide a life raft that can keep communities working and surviving … while those communities without a backup system will repeat the chaotic tragedy that played out in post WWI Germany … where rioting and starvation took millions of lives and enabled a criminal warlord … Adolph Hitler … to rise to power.

      6. An alternative currency can be employed to strengthen local mom and pop enterprises while driving local consumers away from the giant corporations that suck money out of a community and send it overseas to purchase inferior products and foods that have been processed in various unhealthy ways.

      I want to see local currencies like the Gelre popping up everywhere.

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