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Enough of the Putin Worship!

March 27, 2014
Vladimir Putin

(Left: Grand Master Putin. But his game is poker, not chess.)

“We will strive to ensure a new world order, one that meets current geopolitical realities, and one that develops smoothly and without unnecessary upheaval.”

Oh, how Putin hates the Jews and New World Order!

Oh, how Putin hates the Jews and New World Order!


“I recently had a talk with Henry Kissinger. I meet with him regularly. I fully share this consummate professional’s thesis that close and trusting interactions between Moscow and Washington are particularly important in periods of international turbulence.”
Putin in ‘Russia and the Changing World‘ 2012.

Russia’s central bank is Rothschild and oversaw the proliferation of commercial banking in post-Soviet Russia. ‘Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws’……

Who created the Oil boom that allowed Russia to rebuild its army? Why, the US Empire in its quest to defend the Petrodollar of course! When will we learn about multi faceted strategy coming together? The Money Power’s strategists are good at what they do and this is just a case in point.

Putin did not kill Oligarchic rule in Russia, what nonsense! He pushed back Berezhovsky and Khodorovsky, because they were a threat to the Russian State, which the Money Power needs to be strong and centralized. The Putin – Oligarch deal is quite clear: The Kremlin for him, the economy for them.

Why is he not providing interest-free money to the people? Why is the population in Russia still tanking after 15 years of his rule? Where did all the Oil money go besides the Oligarchs and the weapons industry? Why is he not exposing the bankers that are running this show? Why is he pretending this is a conflict of nations?

And why is Putin so assertive? Because China is behind him.

We want to take sides, but Russia is just another Empire and would love to rule the world if the US were not in the way. ‘They’ always have us choose between evil and lesser evil, but when are we going to make some choices of our own?

Managed Conflict is the goal and the means on the road to World Government.

The decapitation of the US Empire and the Dollar is longstanding Money Power policy. The US is a Colussus on clay feet, it’s already dead. Anybody can see that.

Babylon is bigger than the US, bigger than Jewry. It’s temporal power and it is One. Its core is the Capitalist global monopoly, encompassing first and foremost banking and secondary all major Transnationals.

World Government is just the externalization of the age old hierarchy.

Enough of the Putin worship! Give Peace a Chance!

The US Empire is Not the Money Power!
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  1. Hey Anthony, nice snap of Putes with Kiss-of-Death!! LOL

    Thanks for the heads up on Russia’s central bank. I knew there had to be one, because I knew Putin was a pawn.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks thetruthnotdoctrine!

    • Brownhawk permalink

      To say Putin is a pawn oversimplifies the overall situation. As Marius indicated above, with the often overlooked reality of military power factoring into the equation, to say Putin is a “pawn” is to suggest that he’s a mere automaton who is simply always jumping to his master’s tune.

      When personages such as Putin, and dare I say it (here we go again. Dublinsmick, are you out there?) Hitler are in these positions of power with enough backing from the “common man”, then all bets are off as to the real nature of HOW they’re being being manipulated, and to what these leaders’ ACTUAL intents may be.

      The whole truth is infinitely more complicated with nuances of gray areas that overtake the black and white.

      • All I can say is beware of the window dressing.

        You should know by now after 2 World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and the so called Cold War that all these wars were bankster and weapons manufacturer’s constructs, conjured into being to 1) fool a brainwashed public 2) make vast profits for the aforementioned.

        If it looks complicated just follow the money and that will keep it simple for you.

        • Brownhawk permalink

          You condescension in saying “…you should know”, and “…will keep it simple for you” shows your annoying patronization.

          You make it sound like all you have to do is look at this, and look at that, such as “just follow the money”, or other machinations suggesting that you can see all there is to see. But the one thing you don’t adequately take into consideration is the totality of the dynamics. Not ALL of these players are so pliantly, and irretrievably moved around on a chessboard where some super genius player can anticipate EVERY move in advance to an inevitable conclusion of checkmate.

          You have to keep in mind that people like Putin amd Kissinger in these positions of national power enter stages of history and are afforded certain opportunities where they’re able to use their own intentions with the potential in wielding power and effecting outcomes to a certain degree. And with Putin I might add, are not necessarily ones with a totalitarian bent to it.

          Look closer at the picture of the two of them in reading body language. Look at Putin, with his hand on Kissinger’s arm and his overall demeanor of being the one in charge. You and others in effect insult him, as if you’re stuck in a Cold War time-warp in your perception of Russia. Putin knows what his PEOPLE’S history has been through the years and is actually sensitive to it. A refreshing change, doncha think? And he’ll play his perceived role for all it’s worth. Now look at Kissinger. I see a pose reflecting apprehension over what he sees as Putin’s choosing not to be a mere pawn in the great drama playing out. It’s like he’s saying, “OK Vlad, you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do, but you better watch your back.”

          Russia will not roll over like dogs, I’ll guarantee you that. Putin is confident in the role he perceives himself in. My advice to you, thetruthnotdoctrine, is to enjoy the play and find your OWN role and play IT for all it’s worth.

          • Unfortunately, you don’t get it and your statement: “Putin will not roll over” proves it.

            Putin will play his role, like all actors on the political world stage do, and then he will be removed like Gorbachev and Yeltsin before him.

            I am stuck in nothing, as I have made it clear that the Cold War was a scam for profiteering so how can I be stuck in a time warp? I would suggest that you’re somewhat deceived if you think these political muppets have autonomy and power of their own.

            Furthermore, your minimising of the power of the money empire also proves your lack of understanding.

            You’re also not cynical enough to be a reliable commentator on these matters and you still have one foot in the box – time to climb out and get with it.

          • Brownhawk permalink

            I will not dignify your comment with a long response . Except to say It’s clear to me that you think you know all there is to know, when you are showing yourself to be woefully sophmoric in your smug arrogance.

            You in turn have shown to me that you have a lack of imagination when it comes to understanding the vagaries of history. Suggest you bone up on some things before coming on this thread and proving your naivete.

          • I would suggest that it’s you who is naive if you think Putin has a say in what goes down. He follows the orders of the banksters, as does Obama, Cameron, Merkel et al – period.

            If there was no central bank in Russia your comments would then hold some water, otherwise they are just vain imaginary musings.

            And thank you for not boring me with a long irrelevant reply.

          • Brownhawk permalink

            If I’m boring you then that’s your loss. Pity. There’s so much more to tell that would move you and many others out of your morass.

          • I’m not in a morass as I keep it simple. It’s people who make it complicated that’s the problem and in turn they move others into the morass of complexity and confusion. A common trick of the MSM I might add.

          • Brownhawk permalink

            The truthnot doctraine.

            Amazing. I think I have to thank you. I really do know better, I get caught up sometimes with things I have to remember are indeed irrelevant. The important thing is finding your own power, not watching these blasphemous imposters plying their fraudulent trade. I do get it, and how you must have been reading me. I was being a blowhard erudite. HA! (we must laugh at ourselves sometimes)

            But the irony is, I’ll bet if we changed the subject, we could have some civilized and relevant things to say, and like many of us, if we write on this blog, we’re probably on alot of other sites.

            Maybe on a thread down the road. And again, thanks

          • Correction – should read “If there was no Rothschild controlled central bank in Russia”

          • Brownhawk permalink

            in spite of my mea culpa you can’t honestly rule out that Putin, in spite of whatever else is representing the truth, is in a genuine self-defense mode as leader of the Russian people. You can’t be definitive one way or the other.

          • You CAN be definitive in one way only, Putin will do as he’s told, whether it’s to sabre rattle in order to drive up commodity prices or to move his troops in readiness for all out war – perhaps both.

            If there is to be a war (I don’t think there will be) it will be just as it was in the build up to WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam etc. etc. That is, it will be deliberately orchestrated in order for the gas and oil men, the banksters and weapons manufacturers to make vast fortunes. “There is nothing new under the sun.”

  2. Marius permalink

    I can see your point that Putin is not doing enough to get rid on Money power. But you have to be aware that Putin is not all powerful figure and probably as half of real power of what Stalin had or M. Gorbochov had. It is a myth created by the same money power.
    If you study russian history you would see that even at the height of soviet power Stalin did a lot to undermine the Babylon guys but never dared to challenge them openly and at the end they killed him as he was a major threat to their empire.
    As you now, fiat money is backed by aircraft carriers, atomic weapons and other military power. nothing else.
    If you can not match your opponent with that kind of power – you stay quite, or you will get Qaddafi destiny.
    I would say that the time will tell.

  3. Kevin Moore permalink

    “……..WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.
    But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.
    By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Mafia financiers was now over. Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s campaign slogan:Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia! This slogan continues to make the New World Order Bankers very nervous… 2007 ~ Political Vel Craft…..”
    Related articles:

    Putin’s Purge Of The Rothschild Money Changers From Russia: Another Rothschild Goon Found Dead & Another Flees To U.K.

    Putin Bans Russian Officials From Owning Foreign Rothschild Bank Accounts & Stock! Ending The NWO Cabal….

    ObamaCare Website And The Ukrainian Wheat Farmers: Soviet Gorbachev’s Agenda 21 Within The U.S. Doing The Bidding Of The Rothschild Banking Cabal.

    Russia Tells United States Citizens Not To Give Up Your Guns: We Learned From Experience Fighting Rothschild’s Banking Schemes!

    Putin Bans Russian Officials From Owning Foreign Rothschild Bank Accounts & Stock! Ending The NWO Cabal….

    President Putin Cracks Down On Rothschild Goons John Kerry & Barry Soetoro: Monsanto’s “Bee Apocalypse”.

    Arrested Oil Tycoon In Russia Passed Shares To Jacob Rothschild Prior To Arrest.

    Jailing Of The Rothschild Banking Mafia Has Begun: Iceland Leads The Way!

  4. Anthony – we found something to agree on! Putin – KGB – pro kike jew Bolshevik – possibly a kike jew himself – big piece of shit

    check this out – jewtube deleted me for the 3rd time in 6 months… anyway watch this would you on Ukraine

    while we are at it

    Våra vapen riktas mot politiker – Avfallet av den ruttna demokratin!

    good job though! I might have misjufged you – fuck Putin!

  5. Ashish Mehta permalink

    Dear Anthony,

    Do humans have any chance of surviving the NWO?

    Albert Pike said that World Govt will be formed only after Nuclear War + Economic Collapse.

    David Icke says that reptillians (illuminati) want a mass cull of population to 1 billion (from current 7 bill) so that they can be easily microchipped & controlled. But he says the truth vibrations are going to prevent this from happening.

    Brgds Ashish (iPhone +251911220890)


  6. Nice one, Migchels. ANYONE who befriends Heinz Kissinger is playing the game with all the rest of them. A. Pike of freemasonry wrote that a force cannot survive without a counter-force. On the other hand, to all proponents of the “third position”, here`s something interesting:

  7. Excellent article as usual Anthony. Spot on.
    Still, we can be grateful to Putin for preventing the west doing to Syria what it did to Libya…..or should I say exactly what it did to Libya. That horror is far from over.


    • Thanks Kevin!

      Yes, he saved Syria, no doubt. It’s not black and white.

      But the bottom line is: the Great Powers are heading for war and it’s no use cheerleading them on the way to our own destruction.

      • Kevin Moore permalink

        “Obama’s speech on March 26 at the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels is surreal. It is beyond hypocrisy. Obama says that Western ideals are challenged by self-determination in Crimea. Russia, Obama says, must be punished by the West for permitting Crimeans to exercise self-determination. The return of a Russian province on its own volition to its mother country where it existed for 200 years is presented by Obama as a dictatorial, anti-democratic act of tyranny.

        How is it possible that the representative of the war criminal US government can stand before an European audience and speak of “rule of law,” “individual rights,” “human dignity,” “self-determination,” “freedom,” without the audience breaking out in laughter?”

        Read more:

      • arina permalink

        Great insight, Anthony. Just in line with Revelation 17:12-13.

      • Brownhawk permalink

        Cheerleading certainly isn’t called for Anthony. To cheer for ANY State that can prove no credibility in honoring the inalienable rights of Man as put forth in the American Declaration of Independence is not deserving of it.

        And therein lies the rub…

        The beacon for the World whose lamp was lit with the most important document in its known history has obviously faded. Its flame is flickering, but has not been extinguished.

        To every American reading this I offer you a challenge. If you truly claim to love liberty then let’s cut the fatalistic crap once and for all. Suggesting that the populating of the FEMA camps is not a matter of IF, but WHEN is to do nothing but sit here at our keyboards as nothing more than spectators that ruminate about this and that in our impressive erudition while waiting for the morbid trainwreck to occur.

        To you Anthony, I applaud your efforts in showing us the way that would reflect those incontrovertible tenets of liberty in the form of what a money system should look like. To others I would urge you to put your focus on a thorough study of those founding documents that ensure your freedoms in no uncertain terms, and discover where you can ACT on them.Right here. Right now

        No time to lose my friends. What have you got to lose except everything you hold dear. Yours and your loved one’s freedom as the personal sovereigns of true power that you all are.

  8. Carl Jones permalink

    I agree to some extent, but then again, I don`t. Sure, that is a nice picture of Kissinger and Putin and I remember another nice picture of Lord Jacob Rothschild when the Rosneft deal was floated. But at the same time, it was announced that Russian would join the WTO and a week later there was a G8 meeting in Moscow and then Russia failed to sign on the dotted line.

    Then we have MI6`s war with Russia in London and the home counties…three helicopter crashes associated with Chelsea F.C. The Murder of Litvinenko, the sinking of ships in the Baltic and then MI6 had to murder Berezhovsky, because he had written to Putin begging forgiveness and to be allowed to return to Moscow.

    Putin may have made a deal with the Roths, but just as the Roths say I care not who makes the laws, so long as I control the money…you can argue that the other way and say I care not who has the money, so long as I control the state and its military…and you could say China feels the same way.

    I think the designed financial collapse, along with the sham war on terror are leading to a fundamental time in human history which is bigger than the money and the present systems. They are going to downsize humanity and a new system will be put in place, unlike anything we have now, or before.

    I think this missing Malaysian plane is highly significant in terms of Lord Jacob Rothschild and what that plane will be used for.

  9. Kevin Moore permalink
    “…..In Kiev itself where the unelected, imposed-by-Washington dictatorial government resides, extreme right-wing Ukrainian nationalists, whose roots go back to fighting for National Socialist Germany, are at work intimidating public prosecutors, media editors, and the US imposed “government” itself. There is an abundance of videos available on the Internet, some made by the extreme nationalists themselves, that clearly reveal the intimidation of the imposed and unelected government installed by Washington…….
    ……….The American, UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, EU propaganda machine has blamed Putin for all the trouble. But so far the Russian government has not had to do anything except comply with the self-determination of the people in the Russian areas of Ukraine. Much of Ukraine, as it exists or existed today, consists of Russian territories added to Ukraine by Soviet rulers.
    When Ukraine became independent with Russia’s agreement when the Soviet Union collapsed, had the Russian territories first been put back into Russia from whence they came, Washington’s coup would not have resulted in the same level of crisis.
    Instead, under Washington’s pressure, the Russian territory was retained by Ukraine, and in compensation Russia was given a 50-year lease on Sevastopol, Russia’s Black Sea naval base.
    The purpose of the Washington financed and orchestrated coup in Kiev was to put Ukraine, with its artificial boundaries, into the EU and NATO and to evict Russia from its warm water port and ring Russia with US missile bases. Washington and its European puppets described this as “bringing democracy to Ukraine……”

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  11. Nada permalink

    Just more of the wolfpack (jew empire) deciding which sheep is going to be dinner next.

  12. KSS permalink

    Chairman of the State Duma International Affairs’ Committee Alexei Pushkov: “We see an attempt to change the very foundation of human civilization.”

    “The objective is to develop a qualitatively new society with no states, borders, moral norms or foundations of civilization. That is a certain common economic space should emerge where free individuals without nationality will be roaming allegedly protected by certain norms of law but being objects of merciless manipulation, stripped of links to their land, history, religion or family in the civilized meaning of the word,” Pushkov believes.

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  14. 0jr permalink

    enough nutiahoo and jew worship

  15. To use a very Russian metaphor, which grand inquisitor would you like to be ruled by? From my vantage point, the West, the BRICS, and pretty much every other place in the world are ruled by those who use the weapons of fear, death, spiritual/psychological manipulation, and money manipulation to rule the world. Unless you can show that someone breaks out of that cycle and rejects worshiping the weapons of Illusion that have been used to control and subjugate, than you shouldn’t follow them.

    • go back to your trailer-park you filthy inbred antisemitic piece of human refuse.

      • Here is yet another blithering idiot using the “antisemitic” slander claim.

      • We’ll come to our own judgements about who is inbred, filthy human refuse thank you very much. We’ll also decide what is and what is not ‘anti-Semitic’.
        Gibberish mongers use this term when their bran has stopped working.
        Jews are mostly NOT Semitic. Palestinians are Semites. It is fitting that someone without a brain should cast around insults in the imagined manner of the ‘trailer-trash’ he abuses. You should go to a trailer park. It will prove a spiritual and uplifting experience for you, going by the fecal quality of your contribution to these comments.

  16. Dear Anthony Migchels,

    I would like to ask you if the present document, “Money, God or Mammon?” (see link below), would be the topic interesting enough for your newsletters. The original was written in Italian, by Prof. Giacinto Auriti and translated into English, by my wife Angela and myself.

    The author, Prof. Giacinto Auriti, was an Italian lawyer, essayist and politician. He became famous for his monetary theory of signoraggio and the many public initiatives led against private banking system and the Bank of Italy. Some of Auriti’s articles were published in the magazine “Chiesa Viva” [“Living Church”], founded and edited by the late Father Luigi Villa.

    Best regards,

    Nadir & Angela Martello


  17. TimesandDreams permalink

    Here’s another gem from Putin’s partner Dmitry Medvedev advocating a united world currency with the “Unity in Diversity” phrase that NWO groups like the EU and the Bahais use:

    Also, to give a quick rundown on the BRICS and Nonaligned movement leaders and their nondistinction from their western counterparts:

    Cuba – The Castro family have long been advocates of the transfer of wealth from first world countries to second and third world countries which they call the New International Economic Order

    Iran – Run by the Shia Fanatic equivilent of a pope

    Syria – Run by the Assad family who have a history of political repression largely because
    modern day syria is a religious hodgepodge. Assad is married to a Sunni bankster out of the city of london.

    Brazil – Dilma Rousseff the president is a former marxist guerrilla

    China – Run by aggressive capitalists who are out to create a new empire. Their method of operation in South east asia and other places in the world is to buy big corporations which they run while the native populations work for them. Sound familiar?

    India – Run by a Sikh Bankster. The wealthy have the same MO as the Chinese elites though they are not as aggressive.

    Russia – Putin is a former KGB Lieutenant Colonel and Medvedev is obviously a 100% globalist.

    South Africa – President is Zuma, a former Communist party member. Also, Nelson Mandela said that he was working to integrate africa into the New World Order.

    The Bank for International Settlements is the biggest globalist institution of all. All of the central banks of the BRICS countries are a part of the BIS which speaks volumes.

    • Volumes indeed.

    • Kevin Moore permalink

      “……….In 2009, then Russian President Medvedev showcased a coin that is envisioned to be the new global currency at the G8 conference. Kotte signaled that United Nations would be ready to implement the transition to a new world currency system in the event of the collapse of the U.S. Dollar and the global financial crisis that would ensue…..”

    • Anono Nah-Neeh permalink

      I was following everything up until you mentioned “a united world currency with the “Unity in Diversity” phrase that NWO groups like the EU and the Bahais”… I am a Baha’i myself, and let me tell you we are no “group”, it’s a very large religion, and is actually the fastest-growing religion in the history of humanity… with a message that is right for now (hence its relative infancy)… if you actually take the time and educate yourself on the many, many Holy Writings by the Twin Manifestations of God in the Baha’i Faith, you would see that firstly, it is promised by Baha’ullah that the United States will continue to be the forerunner in many, many respects and a model for the world, even through the lesser peace (a period of conflict dis-unifying the world, which it appears we are beginning to enter soon), then a “most great peace” on Earth (for what reason, we are not told, just like you would have faith in Moses or Jesus or Mohammad, faith is FAITH). On a different note, although you could say certain aspects of Baha’i teachings ‘sound like’ N.W.O. groups, but, first off, which came first, the Baha’i Faith or the term “New World Order”? The Faith is over 300 some odd years old, I can guarantee you absolutely NOBODY on the face of the Earth was thinking about a “New World Order” in that time… secondly, people take religion way too literally. The Baha’i view on THE (not A) “New World Order” is not one based on unfettered Capitalism and global unease: it is based on even more complex aspects of the Faith, including the harmony of science and religion as being one and the same… based on Moore’s Law, we are on the cusp of the exponential graph wherein we shall soon SHOOT up in technology. Now, Bahais are most definitely pacifists, but, as history has shown us, the “sabre-rattling” of war often times brings out the best technology, science, and willpower in us: the human instinct to survive drives that force. We will, most definitely, in the next 1,700 years (which is about how long each religion of God “is current for”) be on Mars, and possibly and probably much, much farther, dealing with many, many more complicated issues of existential proportions, from our Earth’s very survival to the human instinct to continue to explore and “go beyond”, and NOT having a global currency when faced with such tremendous issues, having global markets that are constantly in limbo, sparking seemingly petty wars amongst our fellow humans simply does not make sense. As Bahais, we believe, and I quote the Writings that “the Earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens”. My point is, all this talk about N.W.O. groups that are HUMAN-designed are DOOMED to fail, only God’s divine light can truly create a “New World Order” that is infallible. Anyways, I’m not going to “preach”, I just wanted to clarify a few things. If you’re interested in the Faith, you should do your own searching for Truth, there’s plenty of information out there, just make sure you are checking ‘valid’ sources… and don’t take what ‘the people of the Internet’ translate the Holy Writings into a bunch of nonsensical garbage through our modern ‘bastardized Internet oral tradition’… if you want to know the Truth, then take the time to read the books and writings, something this generation seems to lack the patience for… and then maybe it will make sense why the Baha’i Faith is growing so darn fast, even with the heavy-handed Islamic governments persecuting the Faith since its inception (Iran is the worst, but Tehran was the birthplace of the Faith, though Haifa, Israel is its resting place)… I hope I shed some light or at least my take on the matters of “global currency” and false “N.W.O.’s”…

  18. Kevin Moore permalink

    Gold blesses the U.S.A. –

    “The Latest Heist: US Quietly Snatches the Ukraine’s Gold Reserves”
    As the dust settles in Kiev, another money trail has been revealed…
    According to reports out of Kiev (see links below), the US has quietly transfers 33 tons of Ukrainian gold out of the country and back to vaults in the US. Presumably, this sovereign wealth transfer would be counted as partial “collateral” for a fresh round of IMF, US FED, and ECB paper debt that is currently being organised for dumping into the Ukraine’s economic black hole.
    Multiple inquiries to US Federal Reserve administrators into the location of the Ukraine’s gold have been met with the proverbial ‘pass the buck’, making tracking and tracking the final resting place of these 33 tonnes very difficult indeed – but one can expect that the NY Fed is probably the institution who has masterminded this financial heist.
    Note how gold flows into New York, but has difficulty flowing out of US private banking hands as is the case with the ‘confiscation’ of Germany’s gold. Numerous attempts by Bundesbank to repatriate its gold reserves have been met with a brick wall, and to date, Germany has only recovered a miniscule 5 tonnes directly from the NY Fed – out of the total 674 tonnes (an additional 32 tonnes were recovered via French central bank).
    It’s worth pointing out here that when NATO sacked Libya in 2011, one of the first items that came into question was the gold in Libya’s state-run central bank. Prior to the NATO takeover of that country, Libya had one of the highest per capita gold reserves in the world, alongside Lebanon, giving Libya a distinct advantage should it carry out former Libyan leader Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi’s long-term financial transition to a gold-backed Libyan Dinar. As you can imagine, this is no longer the case in Tripoli.
    Additionally, like Libya, both Syria and Iran are two of the world’s last remaining nation states who both have state-run central banks and gold reserves which fall outside of the world’s private central banking syndicate.
    Needless to say, you can see an obvious pattern emerging here.
    And the story continues…….

    • Ross N. permalink

      I count four of my economic laws being broken by Putin, Western, and Ukranian Oligarchs.

      From Hudson: “IMF [loans] money doesn’t go to the country and it doesn’t go to the people. It goes to the billionaires who run them to take the money and immediately send it back to the West so it’s a circular flow, and it goes in and out of Ukraine in about 20 minutes.”

      It’s the same economic laws being broken over and over. Create a debt instrument and stick it on a whole population. Banker “credit money” is created as a mirror to ledger debt, and said credit money then flows in a path away from the population. Therefore, later the population cannot pay off debt instrument as former credit as money no longer is in local supply. In this case, “money” path is through one set of oligarchs in Ukaraine, and then to Russian and Western Oligarchs. (Law# 1 is broken: Debt Instrument and Banker Credit as Money cannot get together to extinguish)

      If debt is denominated in dollars or something other than the local currency, then other economic laws are broken. Later, when usury on debt comes due, the local currency will come under bear raid attack as local currency is then traded on money “markets” to acquire dollars or some other hard currency. At that point the local currency will come under inflation/hyperinflation pressure.

      The laboring real economy and its assets are bought up for cheap as Oligarchs use their formerly stored dollars with beneficial (to them) exchange rates. (Law 2 broken: Currency type is outside of local law, therefore it cannot be jubileed : Law 3 broken: Money is traded for money instead of goods. Money is not a good, it is a medium. Law 4 broken: Trading of money types are done in international markets outside of local laws, thus subjugating a soveregin nation to the international.)

      It’s good to be the King – er, the Oligarchy/money powers.

  19. Ross N. permalink

    “President Putin said that privatization and Neoliberalism in Russia has killed more Russians than all of World War Two.”

    Remember the Yeltsin years? The Harvard boys convinced Russia to convert their economy to one of rent extraction. The population is turned into miners who extract earth’s wealth and then export it for hard currency. In the meantime, public commons and the people are put into debt in order to create banker Euro’s or Dollars. These Euro’s or Dollars leave the economy to buy overseas goods. The economy evolves to extraction to buy dollars on the world market to pay off debt. The people are short circuited in their economic freedom and no longer add labor value to finished goods. Russia turns into Africa. It is no accident that neoliberal Harvard boys and Oligarchs were predominantly money power Jews. The same can be said of Neo-conservatives and their sayanim.

    Accept neoliberal debt and austerity methods, or accept neo conservative military industrial missiles and guns pointed at your head. Neo power methods are Jewish in origin and classical Hegelian dialectic.

    Deficit spending into the military industrial complex for the war/security industry has created some 800 overseas U.S. military bases. This path is credit as money borrowed from TBTF primary dealer banks. A new T bill finds newly loaned credit as money. This money path is then into the military industrial war security complex to then fund surrounding of Russia with military bases and to also disenfranchise American population from proper economic goods production/freedom. American people now find themselves surrounded by their usury funded security complex which watches their every move.

    So, there are plenty of bad actors on all sides. Putin managed to kick out western Jewish Oligarchs who were turning his country into Africa. In the process he has created his own political cronyism with home grown oligarchy. Will it lead to a fascist administrative state?

    Pick your poison – who is the best Oligarchy? It’s a terrible choice. Will Putin lead Russia to a fascist administrative state? Do humans have the capacity to learn about money power?

    Putin also plays the anti-pagan orthodox christianity card which helps gives him appearance of moral authority:

    • Nice Ross and I much agree: this is also part of the public vs. private dialectic. People think ‘nationalism’ (a strong state) will solve ‘internationalism’, but they forget that Marxism proves the Money Power is very comfortable with strong states.

  20. Anthony,

    I have just heard today that Putin’s mother was Jewish. Well, that automatically makes him a Jew. As we are up against a Jew World Order. It clearly shows he is just part of the site Jewish elite to implement their plans in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    Thanks for all you are doing for the Truth.


  21. Contemporary “Kilner-style” jars usually have a lid made entirely of metal.
    This is one of the more popular Probiotic supplement that can be purchased at virtually any pharmacy.
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    • Hi Anthony

      What do you think? Could Vanga be right?

      Someone hinted down below that Putin was playing up the Christian message. I am afraid even the tsars long ago were in a struggle with Rome as to who would represent Christ on earth. Ivan the terrible used to tell vatican reps to begone, he was God’s representative. So this is not something Putin dreamed up it has been ongoing.

      In fact the Ukraine is another example, western Ukraine and Poland are still controlled by the vatican and they want to rub out Orthodoxy in the eastern Ukraine.

  22. Reblogged this on Jana Murray.

    • Perhaps, if every one of those women were gang-raped by refugees, they would come to their senses; perhaps, not.

  23. The United States –ally friend liberator defender of Germany– organized and carried out revolution in Tunesia, Lybia, Egypt, Syria, knowing full well that this will certainly result in refugee-invaders over-running Germany (and other parts of Europe), destroying the nation(gene-pool), culture, heritage

    The Soviet Union has never done (or contemplated) any such thing to its allies or to its enemies….

    With an ally like this U.S.A., West Germany would have been much better off making friends with old Soviet Union and coming to an arrangement…….. The fall of the Soviet Union marked the beginning of the end of Europe (the european gene-pool)

    The United States (UK Israel) recruited and equipped criminals, hoodlums, psyco killers and sent them into Syria to affect a regime change……. Russia (or anyone else) has done no such thing to anyone; only the sick mind of UK-US axis of evil is capable of devising such plan (the english warfare was always against women and children). Sometimes I think the British Israelis are right: english(geneticly lynchmob) and scottish(geneticly predators) are part of the jewish gene-pool.

    The lynchmob in the United States are cheering at the news of the downing of the Russian airliner (in the past 2 years the muslim terrorists did not blow up or attacked any US or UK airlines, they are america’s terrorists);
    the lynchmob in the US paid money for and cheered at the “american sniper” killing women who stood up to the american invaders of their country (rah, raw, rah, USA!, USA!)

    Perhaps, someone should recruit left-over mexican drug-cartel members, give them rocket launchers and send them into the United States to expedite regime change (the election process does not seem to be effective)

    As we speak Russia (for whatever reason) is fighting to salvage what is left of civilization, while evil empire UKUSA is doing its utmost to eliminate white people from Earth

    Your real problem is not interest, not silver coin; the real problem is extinction

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