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The Plane Truth: Usury And The Rise Of The Bankster Dictatorship

August 27, 2014

Last week I did an extensive interview with Plane (Paul) from the Plane Truth. The Plane Truth has had a number of highly worthwhile guests on, including recently David Livingstone.

It was a bit of a wild ride, because we had plenty of time, 100 minutes, enabling us to cover a great deal of the issues under discussion here at Real Currencies and in the Alternative Media in general:
– The bankers
– Usury
– The Capitalist Monopoly
– Babylon
– The Jewish Question
– Austrianism and Libertarianism
– Alternative Currencies
– Putin and Russia
– National Monetary Reform
– And much more.

And here is the final installment of the interviews with Morris the great cognitive dissonance of the Alternative Media: everybody is talking about the Bankers, nobody is talking about economics and monetary reform. We also recapitulate the conclusions of Hitler’s finances.

An Interview With Morris!
Another Interview With Robert Stark


  1. Hitler is in de jaren dertig al enorm gesteund door Rothschild, Astors, Morgans en Rockefellers. Rothschild gaf hem een opleiding in de UK heeft gegeven bij het Tavistock instituut. Er waren ook afspraken met de Zionisten in het Ha ‘ avara – verdrag die van 1933 tot 1941 gold om zoveel mogelijk Joden naar Palestina te krijgen. Dus in samenwerking met de nazis. Rothschild is ook een Zionist en oprichter van Israel. De eerste en tweede wereld oorlogen waren er alleen maar om meer controle over ons te krijgen. De banken, zoals we nu weten, spelen daar een zeer grote rol in.

  2. permalink

    hiya Anthony

    good interview i enjoyed it one of their best id say as ive listened to most of them

    have you heard of david pidcock?

    he comes at it from the muslim point of view and is well worth a listen

    cheers eddie

    > On 27 August 2014 at 10:30 Real Currencies > wrote: > > Anthony Migchels posted: “Last week I did an extensive interview with Plane > (Paul) from the Plane Truth. The Plane Truth has had a number of highly > worthwhile guests on, including recently David Livingstone. It was a bit of a > wild ride, because we had plenty of time, 100 minute” >

  3. SAbdallah permalink

    Cobra Curren$y

  4. Ross N. permalink

    Hello Anthony. Great job on the interview.

    Here is something from Brown, if you haven’t read it yet which adds to the story. We can see the “swap” of real assets to satisfy usurious debt instruments. This magick across the equal sign is part of the mechanism our bankster friends engage in. The contract is always unequal, or made so by subtle manipulations – these magical manipulations can even occur later in time as debt instrument is sold or morphed by rehypothecations and other games. Argentina’s debt leverage multiplied many many times, thus attempting to extract real wealth.

    From Brown:

    “The deeper implications of that infernal debt cycle were explored by Argentine political analyst Adrian Salbuchi in an August 12th article titled “Sovereign Debt for Territory: A New Global Elite Swap Strategy.” Where territories were once captured by military might, he maintains that today they are being annexed by debt. The still-evolving plan is to drive destitute nations into an international bankruptcy court whose decisions would have the force of law throughout the world. The court could then do with whole countries what US bankruptcy courts do with businesses: sell off their assets, including their real estate. Sovereign territories could be acquired as the spoils of bankruptcy without a shot being fired”. —-

    and of course, when we look deeper, fingerprints from the “tribe” are invariably found:

    “Salbuchi notes that ceding Patagonia from Argentina was first suggested in 1896 by Theodor Herzl, founder of the Zionist movement, as a second settlement for that movement.”

    This would be SWAPS for land – where land is a real resource swapped to cancel debt instrument.. In fact, land is most desirable resource to be harvested during debt cancellation phase. In this way, sovereign people are evicted from their land and all their future wealth potential.

    Cheering on this usury “mechanism” are Zionist and Sayanim press organs, like the New York Times. The magick includes casting a spell on the minds of simple Goyim through propaganda messages, funded of course through usury.

    People always like to hate on Byzantium and Venice. But they had some good things that can be taken as instruction: In Byzantium the “tribe” was not allowed to be involved with money, nor were they allowed to be in Government, nor were they allowed to be teachers. This prevented access to civilization pathways, thus disabling parastic entry.

    Early on in Venice, prior to Sephardic immigration, a Debt/Credit contract was inspected by civil authority to make sure it was equal and non usurious as possible. For example, sometimes creditor took most of the risk and sometimes it was debtor, depending on circumstance. This notion of contract reinforces the legal nature of money that I keep harping on. And, legality of contract and money is a function of a common sovereign people, not an international oligarchical elite who would warp international law for their own rent seeking. Worse, these international rent seekers are illuminists and satanists who would drive man off a cliff..

    • Ross N. permalink

      With regards to your comments about how we are not talking about economics. Salbuchi sums up bankster economics in few words: “The global power elites are above countries. All profits are privatized, and all losses are socialized.”

      The Global Power E;ites are described here:

    • Thanks Ross and nice Brown article…..I think we all know why people would like to hate particularly the Byzantium Empire: no scope for either Usury or the Jews!

    • Slay Usura permalink

      Venice helped bring down the Byzantine Empire.

      • Ross N. permalink

        Just prior to the fourth crusades, Venice started engaging in the former Jewish controlled East West mechanism. They took exchange rate differences between Gold and Silver. They used their great flat bottomed boats to do the exchange at Alexandria and used Jews as intermediaries. This means that Venice became further corrupted as Jews were also controlling the slave trade and especially white slaves that Muslims so desired. Byzantium tried to fix the exchange rate between Gold and Silver for centuries, which is why she hoarded so much Gold. Note the physical location at Constantinople/Istanbul where the East West trade routes can be interdicted.

        All societies can come under corruption of a money power oligrachial elite, even Venice. In the beginning their society was fairly egalitarian.

  5. Slay Usura permalink

    Catholic author and speaker Suzanne Pearson recalls conversations with Jesuit priest Malachi Martin (1921-1999).

    @ 13-15 minutes: MM: “There’s going to be a new form of energy. The important thing about this new form of energy is that it will be very cheap. So cheap that it could supply the needs of every man, woman and child on earth, if it were in the right hands. But it is not in the right hands. It is in the hands of those who will use it to kill and destroy.”
    SP: “You don’t mean our [USA] country do you?”
    MM: “No, America is evil, we are guilty of many sins, but we are not that evil. Not evil enough to deliberately kill a billion people. We wouldn’t do that. But they would.”
    SP: “And who are they? He wouldn’t tell me.”

    27 minutes: MM: “They are doing something to the atmosphere.”

    29-30 minutes: SP: “Callers [to Art Bell’s show] offered texts for [Martin’s] evaluation. Usually these emphasized horrific disasters like earthquakes, tidal waves, tsunamis.”
    MM: “What all these have in common is that they describe upheavals in nature. As if nature itself were rebelling against the human race… But remember, when these things begin to happen, it is not nature and it is not God.”

    Minutes 45-49: MM: “The only explanation is that there is a higher power, to which we both [US & Soviet] pay homage. There is a group of men who make both the Soviet Union and the United States possible, and they have worked it out that between these two super powers they can corral the world into a new world economic order. Both the Soviet Union and the capitalist west are being directed to produce a godless world.”
    SP: “The same conclusion is reflected in his novel Vatican, when a high up KGB official confesses to the main character…”
    MM: “…we are afraid of that assembly of powerful men who stand above the United States and above the Soviet Union, above everybody. They are a law unto themselves. They want both of us dead, your side and our side. Our real battle is with them. The totalitarian, fascist, international, capital based group, that is a hundred times more inhuman than you people think we marxists are.”
    SP: “Even in his final book, the novel windswept house, the masons, the satanists, enemies of the church, whatever stripe, ultimately have to please a mysterious, shadowy figure known only as Capstone.”
    MM: “We still have our government structures, our democratic processes, our vote, but we are controlled. In the years ahead, the decisions that will most affect your lives will not be made by americans. In the NWO, the nation-state no longer matters. Everything is global. And yet, the NWO is not so much political as it is financial. Today’s geo-political situation is dominated by one thing only – the flow of capital and capital goods, and no country can stand outside that. You must conform to the new geo-politics of trade. You must depend on the IMF and World Bank. Your whole economy must be geared to the global economy. The men running the NWO have allegiance to no particular country. The market is dominated by about 60 or 80 men who decide what nations live and what nations die. They are very, very wealthy and growing ever more wealthy. They have money invested all over the globe. They decide on the value of our money. They tell the POTUS what to do and what not to do, and he has to do what they tell him.”
    SP: [The Vatican] too is under the control of these few powerful men and must do what they say in order to survive. But even more distressing to father Malachi was the discovery that the church itself had connived over the years with this all powerful, mammon-serving, financial oligarchy. The vast wealth that the church had been able to amass was due in part to its collaboration with its most bitter enemies in financial dealings.”

    • Nahh permalink

      Malachy Martin is a fake Catholic be aware of his pronouncements
      He works for the Jews, all his works were published by them, he didn’t obey his vows, etc etc
      You can research about it in Catholic websites.

      I’m Catholic, and I can tell that he is a fake one, about Fatima Center is full of heresies too (pope-latry =P is the main one, also they compromise truth regarding the Faith to protect the heretics and all that filth) , but I guess most of them have “good intentions”, they are right in secular matters normally.
      As they compromise Faith I can’t say they are good and they probably lie about other things too, maybe not willing it, lets put it blurred sight (that is my guess about the secular matters).

      They are fighting usury at least. And this is very rare for Catholics nowadays, although they don’t know that is a grave sin.

  6. Very well done Anthony… it was a great interview encompassing a full menu of topics.

    Rightfully, you point out that monopoly capitalism exploits the host economy. By far, the worst monopoly of all is the monopoly to create new money. When we give away this power, we cede our sovereignty as nations and freedoms as individuals.


  7. You make a great point in this interview about money not being wealth and the limitations of commodity money. However we are witnessing an experiment with a commodity the world has never seen before called bitcoin. Bitcoins can infinitely fractionalize so they can’t become scarce through hoarding. Even if the bankers wind up “controlling” the bitcoin in ten or twenty years, cryptocurrency as decentralized money is an idea that is here to stay. People can choose another one. It is not a panacea but it will give people a fighting chance. If they choose to take it that is.

    • The issue is not ‘crypto currencies’, the issue is decentralized control of money. Crypto currencies are a feeble attempt in that direction. We need to improve vastly to make a real impact.

      The impact of Bitcoin on the real economy has been close to zero.

      • “…the issue is decentralized control of money. Crypto currencies are a feeble attempt in that direction.”

        “Works fine in practice, but what about the theory?” That’s just perfect.

  8. Sorry, I should have finished the interview before commenting. Your criticisms of bitcoin are unfortunately the same old uniformed boilerplate.

    It doesn’t matter who created bitcoin. It’s open source. Anyone can download the code. Anyone can submit changes. Do you need to know who Euclid was to see the truths of his geometry?

    Bitcoin cannot be hoarded into scarcity as you say it can. It fractionalizes to the right of the decimal. Do you understand what that means? It means that money would organically expand and contract with supply and demand.

    Math and cryptography have created a monetary paradox. Money is now scarce and plentiful at the same time. If the banks bought up 99% of bitcoin and hoarded them it would drive up the value and price discovery would happen to the right of the decimal. And they would not be able to crash the price because very soon P2P exchanges are coming. See Open Transactions.

    And if you take a look at the core developers Satoshi Nakamoto chose to develop the software, whose discussions are all public by the way, you would see that their values are not what you would expect from an NSA front. Not that it matters.

    How then is bitcoin “controlled by the banks?”

    It is very unfortunate to hear someone whose values appear to align with those in the bitcoin community dismiss it with criticism I thought was dead and buried a couple years ago.

    We cannot fight these people. We must ignore them:

    • gustavsaure – bitcoin is fine as a speculative way in which to store value but it is no substitute for a money supply that can support a vibrant economy. It does not create new money, it simply transfers it to another form.

      New money, created in the private sector; should come as 0% loans that are fully secured by real assets, e.g. collateralized mortgages.

      You should be free to buy all the bitcoins that you want and maybe the comparative value will help off-set inflation. It should be noted that the primary cause for inflation is interest that compounds across the distribution chain. Producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers all pay interest charges – interest on interest – the definition of compounding.

      Anthony is right in the interview; we should end usury which will end the need for incessant speculation, transactions that attempt to wrest the beast.

      • I’m all for ending usury, and I think Anthony has brilliantly described the bankers legerdemain of institutionalized inflation through that usury and the subsequent dump into deflation, but both of you are getting bitcoin wrong.

        Bitcoin does create money contrary to what you say. The bitcoin money supply can expand automatically with supply and demand. That’s what expanding to the right of the decimal means. But you are increasing the money without the inflation. It is deflation, but NOT because of a collapse in demand, but because of an increase in demand! And becuase you can’t double spend bitcoin the economy contracts without a crash. Price discovery would just move back toward the left of the decimal. You see?

        I’m not saying bitcoin is going to take over the world and exist on its own, but you guys are making the theoretical points so I’m obliging. On its own bitcoin would for the reasons I’ve mentioned be the perfect money, the perfect measurement for value and price discovery.

        Money should arise organically from the ground up, not the top down. This is what bitcoin is doing right now. It isn’t some idea you guys are philosophizing about. It is happening right now this second. It can be a global currency and a local currency at the same time.

        It is ironic when you say bitcoin is a “speculation” because what bitcoin has taught me most is about saving. Knowing they will rise in value I spend a great deal of time thinking whether I really need something. And despite all of the deep thinkers declaring this kind of behavior would lead to the deflation of the bitcoin ecosystem, it has never come. In fact when the price of BTC against dollars goes up, just the opposite has happened. People spend when their purchasing power increases.

        • Dark Dirk permalink

          “expanding to the right of the decimal means” does NOT mean what you thinks is mean. It means deflation, and deflation means that there is not enough money to repay debts with interest. Money for paying the interest does not exists in the system.

          “Money should arise organically from the ground up, not the top down.”
          Yea, that’s how gold organically appeared, but finally it ended at the top, because it can be hoarded.

          “Price discovery would just move back toward the left of the decimal.”
          That means unstable prices. You see ?

          “taught me most is about saving”
          It taught you WRONG !!! Money should NOT be saved. They are means of exchange and should not e hoarded.

          “People spend when their purchasing power increases.” but you forgot to mention that their purchasing power increases is DOLLARS !!! but in bitcoins.

          Remember, bitcoin is like gold. But if it is like gold why we should use it at all ?

          The only way to prevent hoarding it to put penalty on it. That is what demurrage on currency does. Look at freicoin. It is based on bitcoin, but applies demmurage.

          Bitcoin has only ONE revolutionary property:
          It’s cartographic nature. If you issue a law that transaction can be made only with crypto currency, then the fractional reserve banking will become impossible.

        • Deflation literally means a declining money supply, but we use it in a wider sense: if in any way the real/effective money supply declines. So for instance, if there is more saving, meaning less of the money really circulating, we consider that deflationary too.

          If the price of money goes up compared to all other goods, because transactions grow quicker than money, than that is also deflationary.

          In your case of fractionalization, I think you’re overlooking the point that fractionalization does not create more bitcoin, it fractionalizes already existing bitcoins in smaller units.

          For instance: with bitcoin a 1k (as it was) it would make sense to fracture to 1 thousanth of a bitcoin. But that does not mean that the money supply grows, it means that cents were not small enough as units anymore and we needed to make coins of even smaller value (as there were in the past too).

    • No gustavsaure, you don’t understand. The fractionalization of Bitcoin is irrelevant: money scarcity is not a matter of absolute size of the money supply, but a matter of development of the price of money. Bitcoin will always get more expensive when transactions grow. That’s the whole crux.

      “It is ironic when you say bitcoin is a “speculation” because what bitcoin has taught me most is about saving”

      ‘Saving’ is the basic nightmare of any real monetary economist. Money is a means of exchange! To save money is to end exchange, hoarding money is one of the most fundamental issues with money. Few understand this, as yet, but in interest-free economics it’s a given.

      Clearly Bitcoin is all about speculation, hoarding, and hoping for a gain through rising exchange rates. As a result, there is very little trade compared to its massive market capitalization. Circulation is very low.

      For your information: I”m not ‘philosophizing’, my business is designing and running high powered free market units.

      And while much needs to still be done in that field before these units can really threaten banker supremacy, interest-free, quickly circulating units are a matter of fact, not theory.

      Bitcoin is all about making money with money. That’s why it’s old school. That’s why it’s a ponzi, with a few early adopters owning most of the money supply. It’s a sure bet the Banks are already via their agents the main controllers of the supply or have sound plan to take it over, should it break through. This would be very easy for any power (read: well resourced) group.

      Thus, no, Bitcoin solves nothing, and addresses only very, very marginal issues with our money, compared to what it is all about: Usury and money scarcity

      • I’m glad you are working toward interest free money. I didn’t mean to sound snarky. But your points on bitcoin remain in the zone of the theoretical only.

        “…money scarcity is not a matter of absolute size of the money supply, but a matter of development of the price of money.”

        This is precisely the point. The bitcoin economy could run on 10 million, 100 million or 1 million bitcoins. It is arbitrary. The supply of bitcoin to the market is being determined by the market. Bitcoin can absorb more people into the system without inflating the money supply. Yes, its exchange rate goes up. So what? That is a function of fiat, not bitcoin.

        “Bitcoin will always get more expensive when transactions grow. That’s the whole crux.”

        False. Bitcoin is as useful at $1 as it is at $1,000,000 a piece. The same number of transaction would happen. You seem to be implying that because people are making “money” at it that it must be bad. Is it really? Then you are living in a utopia.

        “‘Saving’ is the basic nightmare of any real monetary economist.”

        I could care less about economists. They are in business to confuse people. I am not being paid interest on my bitcoin savings, so your point is irrelevant. Bitcoin cannot become scarce through hoarding because they can infinitely fractionalize. I am obviously failing miserably at making this point, which is one of the key feature of this amazing technology, and sets it apart from any money we have ever seen in the history of the world.

        “Clearly Bitcoin is all about speculation, hoarding, and hoping for a gain through rising exchange rates.”

        Of course the bitcoin price goes up. Bitcoin is a network technology. Networks require bandwidth. Bitcoin’s bandwidth is the price. The more people who join the network the stronger it gets. This is Metcalf’s Law. So the higher the price the stronger the bitcoin network is. Amazingly this is what you call a Ponzi scheme. It is precisely the opposite.

        Bitcoin is a breakthrough in decentralized money in practice. It would nice to have someone of your expertise on board. But it is becoming clear to me that you would rather take dismissive swipes at it then simply read the white paper, which is where one would start if they were genuinely interested.

        • Dark Dirk permalink

          “Bitcoin cannot become scarce through hoarding because they can infinitely fractionalize.”

          Typical cognitive dissonance.
          When you take a loan of 100 bitcoins and they become scarce, than you will realize that a fraction of bitcoin is not a full bitcoin and you can not repay your debt, because the price of bitcoin become to high.

    • Dark Dirk permalink

      Bitcoin CAN be hoarded and IT IS hoarded. That’s way it’s price is so high. If some currency can be hoarded without penalty you can control its supply. Bitcoin is based on gold and because of that it is flawed. It’s used for speculation and money gain. Nobody uses it real transactions. But everybody is mining it and selling it to some bitcoin cult members like you, or to some sharks who looks for profit. Some day, when all bitcoins are mined, it’s price will crash, because many people will move away from it.

      • Ross N. permalink

        Below, speculator talks about how he hopes bitcoins will make him rich. Bitcoins can be creatd by mining them into existence with software (uses up cycles of processing horsepower, similar to man’s energy to dig gold out of ground). Or, bitcoins can be bought in a marketplace by trading for another money type.

        Adam Smith’s invisible hand is an oxymoron. All hands are controlled by an arm, and ultimately a brain. Bitcoins can be destroyed overnight if one can break the cryptography – and then flood bitcoin virtual market with “volume.” No code is invulnerable, especially to NSA and banksters with almost unlimited usury funds. No doubt, they probably have already broken the code, and bitcoin currency is usefull to bankster ends. Bitcoin spreads the hypnotic idea that money is wealth and markets are GOD with perfect information.


        I’m not very panicky about the world’s currencies, nor am I looking to buy drugs online. Indeed, I don’t care at all for bitcoin as a currency. Instead, I wanted to buy bitcoins as pure, shameless speculation. I wanted a chance to ride a rocket ship. Partly due to its growing legitimacy as a currency but mainly because of speculators like me, the value of bitcoin is entering a bubble phase—its exchange rate with real-world currencies is hiking up at an incredible, likely unsustainable pace. In 2011, back when Gawker reported on Silk Road, you could buy a bitcoin for about $9

      • I’m not sure about the last point, but I agree completely with the first few, Dark Dirk.

  9. Jeremiah permalink

    Thought this might interest you, Qaddafi was killed for threatening the banking cartel:

  10. Nahh permalink

    I would like to recommend you a great book.

    Utopia of Usurers and Other Essays by G. K. Chesterton

    He foresaw everything we passed through the 20th century. I would also recommend his other books, specially, Heretics, What I Saw in America and The Everlasting Man.

    All his books are really well written and funny. Also everything is spot on.

    • Thanks Nahh, sounds great!

      • Nahh permalink

        You’re welcome !

        Yeah, this guy is just great, really a genius, his was one of the proponents of Distributism with Hilaire Belloc, that is basically Catholic social teaching applied, that was never tried in fact.
        He is really famous amongst Catholics. Some people want to make him a Saint because of how many Catholics his works brought about it, a doctor of the Church. I’m all for it in fact, his talking about God are truly great, specially the funny side of God and His jokes on us.

        I truly like his views on the problems of specialization too, that I truly agree on it. Anyways have fun.

        Have you ever heard of the Mondragon cooperative ?

        I don’t know much about it, specially of how is run today, but in their website it says that they make loans on interest, although you would have to pay it back, just if your business is profitable. I remembered from a report on it once.

        “In our co-operatives, the payment of interest into the share capital is governed by the Basque Co-operative Act, since our autonomous government has full authority in this area. It is also governed by the internal regulations of the Corporation.
        The Basque Co-operative Act explicitly states that there may be no payment of interest into the share capital if the co-operative has not recorded a profit during the year. It also establishes a maximum limit for such payments, which corresponds to the legal interest rate established by the Spanish government (4.25%) + 6%.

        Taking this Act as our reference, in the MONDRAGON co-operatives the nature of such payments must be approved by majority vote during our Co-operative Congresses. This regulation limits share capital payments to a maximum interest level of 7.5%, subject to monetisation. No share capital payments are made unless the co-operative has recorded a profit for the year.”

        Maybe it can be a good source for investigation, I don’t live in Europe so I can’t take a look on it. But I guess maybe it can be a good example of how it could work specially in matters of technology. Also is a true and successful model so we don’t have to speculate much about it. Just analyze what is useful and their decisions.

        I think that it could give us a good article, because you have more to say about these matters than I would. you might can get a interview with them and find out, they probably have something to say about these matters.*
        I see it from a moral standpoint, I don’t care much about “the system” or economics of it, because to me or the society accept true Catholicism or cop with the consequences.
        (Just remembering that Catholicism is not this Frankenstein monster of today, but the true doctrine professed until VII).

        I guess at least in the beginning it was like what you propose if I’m not wrong. That is booking keeping, if I understood (your position) correctly. They also refuse any involvement with the government.

        *Just say something about it in their website is a HUGE thing for a corporation. But I don’t know if the talking correspond to reality, that is what I’m cautiously here, I would have to see to believe. Also the mechanisms they use for doing that. Again nothing will be perfect but maybe that is all we can get.

        • krle permalink

          he is not “famous”. Justin Bieber is famous..Chesterton is one of the greatest writers philosophers of the modern era.. this distributism thing though may have been a bit outside of his area of expertise..

        • krle permalink

          p.s. there are quite a number of people that foresaw everything that happened and wrote about it.. in fact, many of them were working on it..

          • Nahh permalink

            Yeah but I agree that he is not famous, famous. Relatively speaking he is though (compared to other Catholic apologists)
            I was going to write that he was famous at his time. My message probably is messy, I didn’t think much about it.

            Examples of these people?

            I don’t see anyone like him, also he gives the remedy.

            Also lots of people had their racist trap, excessive nationalism crap and other “diseases” that just divert from the problem. What is needed is doctrine.
            He gave us a full analysis, people say about Orwell or Huxley, well they saw what everybody did, and just parts of it. They just can’t give solutions. Even though they hint about it.
            Also Nietzsche’s saw. And look at the results of his solutions.

            Also, you say that he is a great philosopher and you undermine one of the main points of his philosophy when you say about the needing of expertise in economics, for example.

            I see what expertise brought us, Fake science, fake economics, false people, social engineering (lying machine), Professional politicians etc.

            When I said about Anthony to give his perspective, it’s because he knows more than me in this regard, it doesn’t mean that someone, following logic and objective truth, can’t give an opinion.

            About distributism, call what you want the thing is people need to break with liberalism, we need to produce for themselves and our families, after community, etc etc (Subsidiarity).
            Otherwise we will fall prey to politicians and lunatics very easily, as it’s the case since the beginning of liberalism.
            Otherwise it’s just palliative measures and won’t last, that is the point.

            And truly, it’s impossible to work decently nowadays, it’s boss against employee, employee against boss, feminist bullshit, etc, it’s the Babel Tower.

            ohh and the classic, I agree with everything you say, but that is your truth hauhau laughable (sadly)

            As G,K, Chesterton says:

            “For that is true of pedigree which is true of property; the wrong is not in its being imposed on men, but rather in its being denied to them. Too much capitalism does not mean too many capitalists, but too few capitalists; and so aristocracy sins not in planting a family tree, but in not planting a family forest.”

          • krle permalink

            Orwell of course, it is just that many do not appreciate how profoundly right he was (British intelligence). Huxley, yes.. but Julian (UNESCO).. Bertrand Russell (Scientific outlook – better than Impact of science on society, and earlier..–>predicts the rise of China in the 20s, and ww2..)..
            H.G.Wells- a pain to read, really
            Lord Birkenhead in 1929->definitely worth a read:

            Jules Romain (about medicine- Dr. Knock)


            Zbigniew Brzezinsky (technotronic era 1972 if i remember right), about everything

            Arthur Koestler..-> tech and mind control

            The educationalists, psychologists of all sorts.. cybernetiscists from different foundations, societies

            another “christian apologist” (jacques Ellul)

            Rockefeller founded Technocracy group (1930s)- book Technocracy–>dissects the monetary problem back then, they of course have a solution too)

            Marshall Mcluhan, Medium is the message.. a bit crappy but I guess it is hard to fill a book with one idea basically..

            Edward Bernays etc…

            Norman Dodd about banking is worth a look (youtube), interview with Griffin

            Lenin had some “disclosing moments”, and a battery of communist writers, cultural marxist, postmodernist and transhumanists.. some of the best are only in Russian (and German).. for references see Socialism as a historical phenomenon by another christian apologist.. or Beria’s speech..

            the latter do not deal with economy/monetary directly, but the economy anyway is just a tool (for evolution) where interest represents environmental pressure(scarcity per unit of time/ scarcity of time) and money represents time..

            the problem, really, is human nature.. the nature of which is trying to fix/perfect human nature :), and nature itself, of which this system is a perfect imitation and extention of the (believed) evolutionary process (see i.e. Darwins cathedral) and Thomas Huxleys’s dilemma (survival of the fittest/competition being the sin –> rings bells?)

            do I have any “solutions”, well, not really, I can imagine a few different solutions that could work for a while, but I think the only way to get rid of the present system is complete disintegration, and this doesn’t seem very desirable (to most at least), as we are indeed benefiting from the system.. we are out of the rain, well fed, warm, and with time on our hands.. and advanced technology, while our actual work is probably non productive and meaningless, if we have any to begin with.

            “The remedy”, or should I say any of the theoretical remedies are indeed not complicated, distributism being as good and better than most.. what is nearly impossible is implementation.. the mistake being looking at the present situation as a sort of “subversion” of the complete system, while in reality they own the complete system- politics, culture, science and economy. no-one is in position to implement any un-authorised changes..
            you are thinking about implementing changes top-down, as if you were the boss.. not likely, Gaddafi is a nice example..

            G.K. Chesterton knew about this dilemma (man who was Thursday), and didn’t really offer a solution..
            I agree, a “doctrine” is needed.. but what of the people that wouldn’t agree with it :)..

            any system is also very vulnerable as it is interdependent and efficient/non-redundant… theirs as well, it can crumble immediately.. and yet, it is so strong.. as it relies on us, and we rely on it..

            anyway, some nice quotes :):

            “Nietzsche is dead” – God (goes the graffiti)

            G.K. Chesterton , What I saw in America (highly recommended):

            “It is customary to condemn the American as a materialist because of his worship of success. But indeed this very worship, like any worship, even devil-worship, proves him rather a mystic than a materialist. The Frenchman who retires from business when he has money enough to drink his wine and eat his omelette in peace might much more plausibly be called a materialist by those who do not prefer to call him a man of sense. But Americans do worship success in the abstract, as a sort of ideal vision. They follow success rather than money; they follow money rather than meat and drink. If their national life in one sense is a perpetual game of poker, they are playing excitedly for chips or counters as well as for coins. And by the ultimate test of material enjoyment, like the enjoyment of an omelette, even a coin is itself a counter. The Yankee cannot eat chips as the Frenchman can eat chipped potatoes; but neither can he swallow red cents as the Frenchman swallows red wine. Thus when people say of a Yankee that he worships the dollar, they pay a compliment to his fine spirituality more true and delicate than they imagine. The dollar is an idol because it is an image; but it is an image of success and not of enjoyment….

            Americans… are the most idealistic people in the whole world. Their only danger is that the idealist can easily become the idolator. And the American has become so idealistic that he even idealises money.”

            well, it turned out to be a right mish mash.. hope it makes sense..

          • Nahh permalink

            All them offered partial views and maybe solutions (wrong ones, as there is just one) as I said.

            I agree that Human nature is the problem (I’m Catholic not those hippies), and we won’t defeat the Devil (because ultimately he is charge of these wicked people) by our own, forget it about. The only way is with Jesus, I guess I don’t have to quote that rofl

            People don’t believe in original sin, they think that they are good, they also don’t believe in Truth.

            I believe (I am) a sinner first, than I can be good compared to some people and really bad compared to a Saint, and nothing compared to God (ash as Our Lord remembers).

            Why is that ? I believe that original sin is true.(period)

            People don’t believe that.

            Distributism is is not top-down solution, and it cannot be dissociated from Catolicism (this is the error today) as it’s its core, as I said in the previous comment, I just believe in people accepting the Church or not accepting (so they need to know the true doctrine=study), also that is the way I evaluate if a society is good or bad, I can care less if it is prosperous or not. Of course it’s preferable to be.
            You just need to cooperate and start to apply the ideas, there are lots of business and communities of the kind. As things start to go well more people will follow.

            It needs Catholicism as its base because people need the virtues taught to make it work properly, specially in time of hardship, and to spread. Unfortunately we don’t have the support of visible “Church” that is now fulfilled with communists, masons and jews.

            Catholicism is top-down (in exercise, you choose to accept or not, maybe not if you are a lousy heretic or subversive, but a respectful person wouldn’t have problems), because it came from God, and I truly believe that the faith would have no sense without a head, it would be just,well, protestantism. Hierarchy is good when it has real reasons to be.
            We don’t need aristocracy anymore as we can defend ourselves these days. The nobles were really of great help before (and seriously take a look of that men and compare to us, I fell really shitty rofl), until they too got corrupted and fell.
            I think that the monarchies should be restored in places were it’s possible(real monarchy not these abominations of today). I don’t know how to solve this in USA for example. Maybe a great general in future who knows.

            Materialism, being acceptable, it’s a protestant (Jewish and pagan influences) view of the world.

            If the Church breaks everything will gonna break apart. The people need to accept the true Church (its doctrine, previous to VII, we don’t have a valid hierarchy these days) first, everything will derive from there.

            Anyways, I believe the Church brought it down itself by abusing it’s power, but our ancestors are even more guilt of not trusting God and remember that he is always in command.

            Heresies are important to renew the Church and to separate the good from evil and purify the Church, the protestantism really “helped” the Church to grow. as Our Lord said in Matthew 13:24-30.

            Being top-down it doesn’t mean blind obedience because you need to follow the Bible first (interpreted by the Church if it’s not something really flagrant), the previous teaching solemn declared without contradiction with the previous teachings, the pope, etc.

            It’s also the way protestant interpret the authority of the King, that just means that he was driven by God to be there, it’s unlawful to dethrone the King unless he tries to undermine the Faith or go against it, for example if Obama was a King would be really easy to kill him and a good thing.
            Just an example, see what happened to us after that a disaster after another, regime changes all the time, barbaric wars (much different from Christians wars, see the Church regulations in these regards).

            7 virtues & 7 vices are my measure, the rest are gifts.

            The system has to change to allow that to be more numerous, that is the point of a good society. The Heaven isn’t and it will never be here though.

            By the way, that is for me a good point that Anthony should explore against the gold backed money, ask them how would they assure that they can’t inflate the money or defraud etc, etc, because here lies their errors, trust in human nature. Non-aggression bullshit, etc
            Seriously Austrians dishonest people, and they are always blocking my comments too (the new commissars).

            krle don’t be defeated just yet, I’m excited to see what it gonna happen, I’m sure nobody in the previous time had so many chances to change the shitty system like we have now, on other hand they were never so strong in some respects. But we just have to thrown the ring on the flame, nothing else.

            “When Man ceases to worship God he does not worship nothing but worships everything.”
            G.K. Chesterton

          • Distributism is the only complete economic theory that I know of, that actually addresses the key issue: power centralization, vs. (almost) complete decentralization to the common man. Meaning he gets to keep by far most of his income, his fair share in the commons, including land. No wage slavery, but self employment or co-ownership of lager organizations.

            I won’t go so far as to say I support it, but it’s closest to my own thinking, which is about the same issues, including the eradication of all Usury and rent seeking and other unearned incomes. John Medaille is the main distributist, as far as I know and although I don’t like his politics (he votes), I definitely admire his economic thinking.

            I knew the quote as ‘a man who does not believe in God will believe anything’, but it seems the whole thing is apparently nowhere to be found, hahahaha 🙂


          • Nahh permalink

            Yeah vote is such a waste of time and gives legitimacy no matter what people say

            I’m with you on that

            That is what I say Anthony, it’s a complete remedy not just on part of it.
            Now if people really wanted to just end this actual system they just need to store food and water enough for some days and stop to work.

            They don’t need to do anything radical or something of the kind.
            Just stay home for a while. I bet less than 1 week they would find a solution, I don’t know which one though. That is the political solution it solves nothing.

  11. Evgeny Fedorov, a Deputy in the Russian Parliament, hits on a very important key during this interview.

    Beginning at around 1:22 Fedorov states:

    “Look at what is happening. Since half a year ago we have the Donetsk, Lugansk republics. Where is the actual state structure of administration?

    “Why then? It’s should be as easy as A-B-C. A new state has appeared, whatever its characteristics. What should it do? Establish a vertical system of authority. They haven’t done that. Why? Because Russia is not allowing it. The Russian fifth column, which rules over them, has forbidden them from establishing vertical authority. They can’t put them down, but they can rule over them and forbid it.”

    At around 2:00, Fedrov comes to the key of the matter:

    People are asking them, “Why have you not introduced your own currency, a Donetsk rouble, or Lugansk, or Novorossia rouble? It’s not difficult, you just print it.”

    Voila! The wisdom of the ages revealed! If you want to maintain your sovereignty and freedom… you must create your own money. A national currency is a defining attribute of a sovereign nation.

    Most nations are client states of the international banking cartel. Damon Vrabel succinctly said: “We long ago lost the free market envisioned by Adam Smith in the “Wealth of Nations.” Such a world would require sovereign currencies, i.e. currencies that are well-regulated rather than floating, and an asset rather than an interest-bearing debt. Only then could there be a “wealth of nations.” But now we have nothing but the “debt of nations.” The exponential math of debt by definition meant that countries would only lose their wealth over time and become increasingly indebted to the global central banking network.”

    Back to Fedrov:

    “They say: “We haven’t got the money.” But by printing it you would get billions of dollars to spend on weapons, on the battle, and to support life.

    The interviewer asks “Only if there is demand for that money.”

    Fedrov responds:

    “Of course there will be. We’re not talking about a global currency. But there will be demand from 5 million people in that territory. Consequently, that currency would have a rock-solid future, relatively speaking. Printing a few tens of billions worth is fully realistic. There will be a demand for it. The five million people living there, how will they pay in the stores?

    …”I’m just talking about the basics. But the issue is about economic mechanisms. At least for trade, to facilitate the essentials of daily life. Why not print? It costs pennies. You have the power. You declared your republic. When I put this question to the leadership of Donetsk, Lugansk, they lower their eyes and say: “Moscow won’t allow it.” It’s the fifth column in Moscow which won’t let them. Why? Imagine having in your hands $10b worth, just by cranking up the printing machine for this currency. You’re immediately empowered. The cost of this power is a printing machine running for a week. That’s all. But it’s not allowed.”

    In a few paragraphs, he describes how simple it is; from a logistical perspective, to break the chains of debt slavery. We are a people drowning in a sea of phoney debt because we are too manipulated and ignorant to simply board a life boat (sovereign issued money) to sail to safety, freedom and prosperity.

  12. apollonian permalink

    Got a simple question for u: what’s ur source for “usury” having to do w. charging-of-interest?–where does it originate? Thanks for ur info. A.

    • Why not just look it up in Webster Apollonian?

      archaic : interest
      : the lending of money with an interest charge for its use; especially : the lending of money at exorbitant interest rates
      : an unconscionable or exorbitant rate or amount of interest; specifically : interest in excess of a legal rate charged to a borrower for the use of money

      • apollonian permalink

        Anthony: because the issue is what the word, “usury,” meant way back when it originated–it COULD NOT have meant mere charging of interest as that by itself causes no systemic problem for economy.

        For if u INCREASE the money-supply w. ur “fiat” (legalized COUNTERFEITING) system, u do 2 conflicting things: (a) it increases the amount of loans contracted (debt), and (b) it causes price inflation.

        Inevitable problem arises when the steady increases of money MUST be curtailed to halt the obligatory price-inflation (“DEFLATION”).

        BUT then, this “deflation” then causes obvious problems for the paying of the loans which were contracted during the previous period of steady money-injections, allowing the banks now to foreclose on all the collateralized prop.

        Charging of interest has NOTHING to do w. this break-down and inevitable collapse of ur funny-money schemes. Yet the banks and Jews ALWAYS blame things on this false issue of charging-of-interest.

        Commodity-money prevents these above-noted problems and keeps criminal bankers fm profiting fm ur legalized COUNTERFEITIING schemes–it also PRESERVES the rights of individuals to freely contract for loaning of money at interest.

        • Usury does affect the business cycle, but in general I agree.

          Austrianism (like all other orthodox schools of ‘modern economics’) mind controls people into thinking volume is the only issue with money.

          Our main one, besides the crunch and its deflation, is that the World is now so awash in debt, that 40% of the disposable income of the common man is going to interest charges.

          That’s why the debt bubble simply can’t grow anymore: debt service has become unbearable.

          Usury, Volume and the fact that the Banks (instead of the community) decides who gets credit, these are the main problems of our money and they must be analyzed separately.

          • apollonian permalink

            Well, why can’t u just admit commodity-money–per Austrians–is easiest, simplest solution?

          • Because it solves ZERO of our problems: the Banks own all commodities, it is impossible to have interest-free credit with it, asset bubbles and deflations are a no brainer with commodity money (and the norm under all the Gold Standards of the past) and the banks would still decide who would be financed or not.

            That’s why they invested billions upon billions over decades to subvert the Truth Movement with it.

            But, Apollonian, we’ve been through all this.

          • apollonian permalink

            “Deflations” under gold standard were never a problem: during post Civil-war period, US economy avg’d 3-4 percent real growth, despite the “deflation.”

            As usual, u overlook, deflation merely raises the value of the commodity-money, increasing buying-power, and there’s no problem. As value/buying-power goes up, it increases incentive to spend the money back into economy.

          • No Appollonian, as usual you overlook that deflation makes money worth more

              and all the rest worth less

            . Wages, among other things. It also makes debts worth more.

            In short: deflation is very pleasant for creditors (the ultra rich) and those holding money (the ultra rich). It is VERY bad for those in debt (the entire world) and those not holding money (by far most of us). It’s also very bad for labor (everybody but the very rich).

            As value/buying power goes up, incentives to spend the money remains low. Only when money starts to depreciate (‘inflation’), will incentive to spend rise again.

            You see: that’s why I despise Austrianism so much: for putting ‘deflation is good’ in your head with such silly nonsense as ‘money is worth more’.

            But like I said, we’ve been through all this and I’m not looking for a repetition of known moves.

          • apollonian permalink

            Then explain why GDP rose at such astounding rate, as I noted, now mere matter of hist.

            U make no sense–if money increases in value, it means there’s more commodities available available for purchase. Wages increase for their buying power as do incomes generally, and debt isn’t affected adversely as less money is needed for things other than debt.

            Further, debt is only contracted w. eye to either steady or deflationary trends w. commodity standard, and the deflation is gradual, so there’s no terrible problem w. debt.

            And as the economy thrives, productivity increasing, there’s always jobs, hence way to pay any reasonable debts.

            It isn’t nonsense that money is worth more–it’s strict mathematical relation: as quantity goes down relatively, the value MUST go up, ipso facto–and this indeed is what reality & history demonstrates. Ur problem is now w. logic itself.

          • If money becomes worht more, wages go down in real terms and debts grow in real terms Apollonian.

            Get your Austrian head out of your Libertarian behind and start doing some independent thinking, you can’t expect me to keep correcting such no brainers.

            That’s it for now, you’ve already got me exasperated again and that’s the reason why you’re the only banned person on this blog.

          • Excuse me ; like to interject here pls…I am new here but I heard ur audio in full & like to post a comment here if I can pls. u mentioned abt Islamic Banking being merely similar to conventional ones – I cld not agree more with u anthony! It cannot provides solution to the predicament that the world is facing now. It is prescisely an “Islaimisation of conventional banking system’ & so it have nothing to do with Islam! You also mentioned Imran Hosein talk on commodity currencies & I undertand that u also have reservations bec the bankers owed more than 80% if not more of these commodities eh? You also mentioned that – usury is the main culprit & that it affects ‘business cycle’. You re dead on track! Yes, the real muamalah of Islamic Syariah – expounds the mechanism of ‘ mudharabah’ & ‘caravanserai’ methodology of doing business anthony besides all other forms of contractual agreements not generally understood nowadays or in practise in this Capitalist system of paper money & banking system cartel. Islaimc bankers did use the terminology ( some) but they cannot & will not use

            It is my believe that eventhough 80-90% of world wealth today are owned by the elite 2% of the world population; this means that WEALTH IS NOT CIRCULATED! So – the only solutions is to create a world of rife business – by the common people ( doing trade & businesses) through creating markets & trade – finance by the use of the two main mechanism ( mentioned above mainly i.e people who held extra gold & silver moneys – however small these % are at present). Obviously we cannot picture – the use of gold & silver to finance ‘capitalistic type of financing’ anthony. It will be simple businesses contracts based on wholesome contracts between trustworthy businessman/women. Do you know that our Muamalah Syariah dictates that a “market place” must have the elements of – Free space & Free of all chargers? & arbitrated by a manager who regulates & settles all ( most if not all) – disgareement insitu! These are very revolutionary tools – mechanism of ‘mudharabah’ & caravabserai – These mechanism were used in the golden age of Islam more 1000 years in what the West ( u re right – The zionist breed of Jewish people with their conspiracies of controlling the world thru War 1 &2 at their construct!) called the “The Dark Ages” Check this out – website : Muslimheritage,com Bye now!

          • But we don’t need silver or gold for that nikky: we can just use our own worthless tokens: paperbills or electronic money.

            The issue is usury and these tokens can be lent into circulation interest-free. Gold cannot.

          • I’m only just listening to The Plane Truth radio one, Anthony, which was brought to our attention by Roger Hayes, last comment-post on this one…


            Plus I’m empathizing (big time) with your “debate” with (not a real name = is it even a real person?) “apollonian” here.

            I have neither time nor space to explain more here, but would VERY warmly welcome you if you find the time and reason to build your own profile, with a hint that we have already build the starter pages for the Netherlands, spurred on by Keimpe here…


            …who clicked “Join” on…


            …but which are also evolving into more like this…


            …depending on what works best for you and yours.

            What would blow all our socks off (for now) would be if you added the “New Reply” after Roger’s.

            Hope we can all help each other better and better now?

            Best wishes and many congratulations on your last decade of amazing work,


   (illegally evicted)

          • Highly impressive piece of work Neil. So impressive that I actually signed up.

            I’ve got a profile, can you send some friends my way? Or help me out a little bit on the site? Profile is Anthony Migchels

  13. “Strictly speaking it is INCORRECT to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary [modern] Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3)

    H.G. Wells states – “… the Idumeans (Edomites) were made Jews, and a Turkish people (Khazars) were mainly Jews in South Russia, The main part of Jewry never was in Judea and had never come out of Judea” (The Outline of History, 3rd Edition., p 494)

    “The {MODERN} Jewish religion is from the Pharisees. The Talmud is the most important member of that literature.” – Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 8, page 474

    “from then on Edomites constituted a part of the jewish people, Herod being one of their descendants”, The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, 1966 Doubleday & Company, Inc , Garden City, New York, Pg. 592.

    • Trust Jew Morris to promote Islam. It’s a Jew invention after all to destroy Christendom.

    • Wrong on the Hitler and no usury.

      He sidestepped the whole issue by bartering internationally.

      • No, not really. Hitler was short of international cash all the time. There was bartering, but it did not really fill the hole left from the international boycots. Schacht and Hitler tightly managed imports as a result, particularly for consumer goods.

  14. Ezra £ permalink

    Great post at 28 Sherman: Weimerica

    The parallels with the Weimar republic are uncanny.

  15. Jeremiah permalink

    You dead?

    • Thanks for asking 🙂

      No, I’ve been writing on some other issues on Facebook a lot, but I have few articles in store here………..!

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