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Cultural Marxism: Managing The Ant Farm

October 26, 2014
'Thus heaven I've forfeited, I know it full well. My soul, once true to God, is chosen for hell.'---Karl Marx

 (Left: Karl Marx knew he was doomed: ‘Thus heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well.  My soul, once true to God, is chosen for hell.’

This profound sadness is now proliferating in the destruction of the lives of millions of people as ‘progress’.)

Moses Mordecai Marx Levi (‘Karl Marx’) was a ghostwriter for Rothschild.

Marxism is the controlled opposition against Capitalism, creating what would become the classical dialectic Capitalism vs. Marxism, that the elites use to get to World Governance through managed conflict.

Marxism’s main aim is to transfer the Capitalist Monopoly into State hands, claiming this will end Plutocracy, but ‘overlooking’ that the State is and always has been owned by said Plutocracy. In a dialectic both ‘protagonists’ have hidden attributes in common and Capitalism and Marxism are both Godless, Materialist and Monopolies.

Economically speaking Marx managed to hide that Capitalism is Usury, Banking. He promoted the idea of an amorphous Capitalist class, hiding that Finance (Usury) rules over Commerce, Industry, Land and Labor alike. A small business man obviously has much more in common with the worker than with the banker.

In the West, implementation of Marxism was simply not an option and their strategists decided to first subvert society, before consolidating everything in a Marxist Global State.

For this Marxism morphed into Cultural Marxism, spearheaded by the Frankfurter Schule.

They started subverting everything: modern ‘art’ for instance, total soulless garbage, a far cry from the wonderful, inspired art of the 1800’s and before. This debases our sense of beauty and diminishes our capacity to differentiate the unbecoming from the elevating.

Much worse, they invented Feminism, changing the problem from Plutocracy to Patriarchy and setting up the women against their men. The key goal is to destroy family, isolating individuals and thus making them more vulnerable to top down control. A stunning success, with a 50% divorce rate and fewer people marrying every year.

The Homolobby is part and parcel of it too, as is ‘sexual liberation’, an excellent example of binding people to carnal desire, instead of inspiring them to overcome this.

Feminism/Homolobby/Porn/Sexual ‘Liberation’ are all One and they have another key effect: they murder fertility. Fertility in the West is barely sufficient to maintain current population. This serves their depopulation agenda.

The other side of this coin is Mass Immigration, replacing Whites in their ancestral lands.
Mass Immigration is sold with Multi Culturalism, which is part and parcel of Cultural Marxism.

All these lobbies have their own labels: ‘misogynist’, ‘homophobe’, ‘racist’.

These build on the success of the mother of all labels: ‘antisemite’. They serve to shame and shut up dissenters. To end critical thought and careful listening with the lobby members when faced with coherent argumentation (‘ah, he’s just a misogynist’).

It instills an esprit de corps in the lobby members, based on victimhood and fear of the ‘racists’ etc.

This link to the antisemite label is no coincidence, as all these lobbies worldwide are dominated by Jews. As is Banking.

The key thing to understand here is, that the lobbies all ‘protect’ ‘minorities’, claiming they are ‘oppressed’. But the effect of this is, that the majority is simply being attacked. For instance: Christmas trees in the US are now ‘non inclusive’ because a few Jews and Muslims could ‘take offense’.

This is the lie behind ‘tolerance’: there is only tolerance for the minorities, there is zero tolerance for the vast majority, which is expected to move over and make place.

Thus the Bankers divide and conquer on the road to World Government.

Socialism is not the answer to Capitalism
Capitalism Is Jewish Usury

Celebrating progress....

(Above: Women, by their nature, are more vulnerable to sob stories about ‘victims’ and are more likely to consider Big Brother family.

These ladies drank all the kool aid with a passion, betrayed their husbands and marriage vows (‘divorced’), robbed their children from their fathers and are now living together as lesbians. Most people seeing this picture just assume they’re having fun and few realize the dads are missing. Even fewer wonder how they may be feeling under all this.

The boy is protecting his genitals in a futile effort to resist emasculation.)

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  1. genomega1 permalink

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Cultural Marxism: Managing The Ant Farm

    • John Cummings permalink

      Christian white men are traitors to their race. “Cultural Marxism” was actually opposed by Marx and Marx’s hatred of himself was how the “followers” were “using” it aka the capital owners who financed his work. Jesus was a fantasy that never existed, based of the life works of “John”.

      Sorry Anthony, no Christian should ever have a “Christmas Tree” It does not belong to them. It belongs to the Atlantian tradition that predated Italic,Celtic,Germanic post-collapse tribals.

      • Christmas or Christ’s Mass joke LOL Is the Roman Feast of Saturnalia commencing 17th December and ending 24th December followed by the Feast of Sol Invictus or Feast of the Unconquered Sun. Yashua Messiah was born in September on the Israelite (not Jewish) Feast of Trumpets.

        • Ross N. permalink

          What a Christian Jew (Convert to Christianity) thinks of Christmas:

          • Yes and the reason for your comment or are you preaching to the converted?

          • Ross N. permalink

            It adds information to your comments, making them more complete and compelling. By the way, what you are saying is not a great revelation, but since these facts are uncommon knowledge to many people, they bear repeating. Are you normally defensive when somebody seconds you and gives support?

          • It’s not a great revelation because it’s one of the easy religious frauds to unravel as is Easter but, unlike, say the Lucifer fraud and the Rapture fraud or that Adam was the father of both Cain and Abel when he was only the father of Abel and Seth.

            In my work for Yashua Messiah – The Truth, 99% of people are against what I say – The Truth.

            I spend much of my day rebuking error from members of the satanic Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion so to find someone in agreement is very rare.

  2. Excellent post deserves to be shouted from the rooftops

  3. Henrique permalink

    The mother of all labels, I`ve been saying for a while. Organized Jewry set the standards for all kinds of subsequent organized victimism, which they fund, assist, then shove in the face of the hapless majority in the form of endless carnivals of eternal shame and guilt. The Nordic whites are too mentally primitive and naive to resist this type of attack ( not even mentioning the enormous amount of traitors and collaborators like freemasons, rosicrucians, etc. who willingly play the game among them ). What is Communism but organized resentment ? Among the resented there is an hierarchy with Jews at the top, the resentment-drivers.
    Of course, if the money system people were living in before the rise of Communism wasn’t so grotesque and barbaric, this whole situation wouldn’t exist to begin with. This is just the final stage of a long plan.

  4. Concise and powerful. Thank you Anthony.

    The quote from Marx himself is a real killer and new to me*. An eye-opener, a moment to weep….for those who have fallen victim to his morality-shaped Trojan horses and even for the wretched genius himself.

    *more here:

    • Nice link Kevin. Tell all really. Stunning and amazing and totally disheartening to see what outright Satan worship has brought the world……………

      Ultimately it’s all about our quarrel with God………….

  5. Ross N. permalink

    Hudson is more sanguine about Marx (wrongly), and Hudson is certainly no lover of Banker rentier parasites:

    An excerpt from Marx on usury:

    In his (Marx) draft notes on “Interest-Bearing Capital and Commercial Capital in Relation to Industrial Capital” for what became Vol. III of Capital and Part III of Theories of Surplus Value, Marx wrote optimistically about how industrial capitalism would modernize banking and financial systems. Its historical task, he believed, was to rescue society from usurious money lending and asset stripping, replacing the age-old parasitic tendencies of banking by steering credit to finance productive investment.


    Marx expected the Industrial Revolution’s upsweep to be strong enough to replace this system with one of productive credit, yet he certainly had no blind spot for financial parasitism. [5] Money-lending long preceded industrial capital and was external to it, he explained, existing in a symbiosis much like that between a parasite and its host. “Both usury and commerce exploit the various modes of production,” he wrote. “They do not create it, but attack it from the outside.” [6]

    My addition: We, and Marx – are too hung up on Credit as money. It comes into being from nothing and usually is cross linked with counter parties and insurance. It demands from futurity ever higher production, and raping of the earth, due to usury. Games are played with the debt instruments such as rehypothecations and disallowing credit as money to return to the debt instrument ledger for destruction. It is expensive due to new credit having to come on line to replace vanished credit, and this shows up in higher prices.

    We need much more sovereign debit money in the supply, that is money that comes from the past and is debited from existing accounts – otherwise known as floating money. Also it is called debt free money as it has no debt instrument to call it home. It is only called home for destruction through taxes. This debit money should be linked to lawful control by moral individuals who are paid a salary and do not profit by manipulations. These types of humans do exist. Credit money can take on this floating form if the debt instrument is ripped up, or jubileed.

    This type of money can cycle into and out of debt contracts, thus reducing them to nothing without vanishing the money supply. In other words, the debt world the Marx thought would be fixed with Industrial Capital is a canard because he couldn’t think outside of “credit.” This is my real criticism of Marx, this casting of confusion to mankind. And of course, we see the end results of this confusion attack through the eyes of history. Even Hudson is caught up.

    Credit can be earmaked for industry and production, but by definition that is not “private” it then must be targeted by industrial policy – meaning government planning, not planning by private bankers.

    • I can live well with debt free money, as long as the credit issue is resolved.

      This is the great mistake of many debt -free advocates. They think they can do away with debt with some moral statement it’s not necessary and ‘people should save’.

      Nonsense. As long as there is money, there will be a desire for credit and this desire will be exploited with Usury.

      Money creates the desire to spend/invest now and pay later and because there are assets as collateral and future income to service it, this is fully viable and natural, as long as it is not aimed at mindless consumption.

      A demurrage solves this, creating a strong incentive for holders of money to lend interest-free if they cannot spend their savings viably otherwise.

      Pooling of savings in exchange for mutual guarantees and credit is another simple solution. They can be combined too.

      • Ross N. permalink

        As you know, I think you need both Sovereign Credit and Money in the same system. Credit can be used to front load supply chains, serve as a counter when debit money fails, and also be used as drain knob to prevent inflation (not making new loans is an automatic drain). Taxation is too blunt and not timely enough to remove too much debit type debt free floating money from supply, in the event of an inflation crises.

        Mutual credit could run in a local circuit as its own unit, thus allowing a counterbalance to Sovereign system, and further empowering the local economy to be creative. Mutual guarantees of MC mean that debt instruments are held mutally within the system, which seems fair as this mimics human shared risk evolution. By contrast, banker credit systems as in today’s world, has the banker concentrating and holding debt instruments against humanity – making us serfs.

        Inflation with this MC unit would also be quelled by disallowing new loans and also making sure escape via currency exhange mechanism is controlled.

        • Agreed, surely.

          I think it’s truly fundamental to consider money and credit two sides of the same coin. This is totally overlooked in many monetary reform proposals, notably in the Chicago Plan.

          The Credit system is always fundamental to any monetary system and just ‘nationalizing money’ is simply a distraction. Both sides of the coin must be settled satisfyingly, otherwise problems will immediately return.

          • Dark Dirk permalink

            Money and credit are two different things. Money is mean of exchange and must circulate though the system to facilitate trade. Credit is given thrust that have to be returned. “Credit” is another word for “debt”. Sound money system should disconnect money from credit.

            In the current money system, money are first created as base, and new money are created from them via debt with interest in fractional reserve banking system. But such a system have a build in cognitive dissonance in it. The quantity of money mush grow, because debts with interest have to be repayed and at the same time money quantity is constraint by the money base and fractional reserve coefficient. So periodically system reaches the limit of money creation and quantitative easing’s (printing more money at the base) are required to facilitate the growth of money mass, because debt have to be repayed. So FED does what he have to do – print more money. Exponentially. That money makes rich more richer and one day they will pour in the system and will cause hyper inflation of prices.

      • Dark Dirk permalink

        Definition of Credit:
        confidence in a purchaser’s ability and intention to pay, displayed by entrusting the buyer with goods or services without immediate payment.

        Definition of Debt:
        a liability or obligation to pay or render something

        At first is “credit” and if you thrust someone and give him something he is in debt to return it.

        So what kind of “credit issue” do you what to be resolved ?????

        • Ross N. permalink

          Money as credit is the inverse mirror image of the debt instrument. The debt instrument and its “credit money” are created simultaneously at moment of hypothecation. Credit as money goes out into the supply and is spent. People use it to buy and consume. However, credit as money has a temporal dimension as it is called home at debt instrument loan paydown rate. When it gets called home credit as money vanishes into nothingness to buy down loan principle. From nothing to nothing, but during its path it was used to facilitate trade. Usury on this credit passes through to the banker and has no debt instrument to satisfy – hence usury is floating. (Usury in a debt system acts like non vanishing Gold, and banker gets first use of this purchasing power due to the way interest is front loaded on loan.)

          Debit (debt free) money exists already as a pile of numbers or in peoples wallets, and said Debit money facilitates trade and does not disappear. Base money in a fractional reserve system is a form of Debit money that stays as the base, or in the reserve loops of banks. Base money is constrained in its path to reserve loops and hence is not generally used for trading in real economy.

          Base money has some of the same attributes as debit money/floating money/debt free money. All of these units will be in a circuit that does not require being called home to vanish in a time period (like banker credit money). In other words, in our private banker credit money system, bankers demand Base money (usually from government) for their reserve loops so they can hypothecate new Credit loans. Us sheeple users of money in the real economy don’t get to use this BASE money. We used to have some base money in our money supply as the Treasury would spend coins as seigniorage into existence. But, coins are a tiny fraction of supply now, so no real floating money is available to pay off debts.

          Credit as a word can also mean non-money. If I borrow a lawn-mower a credit/debt relation has been formed between two parties. I am a lawn mower debtor and I’ve borrowed it from a lawn mower creditor.

          Upon return of lawnmower, creditor/debtor relation has been satisfed, and the contract (even if not written down) vanishes into nothingness. If I return damaged lawnmower, then the contract cannot be satisfied equally and hence credit/debt relations are no longer mirrored and equally inverse – so they cannot cancel. I may transfer something to satisfy my creditor, say my labor energy in the form of services, or extra gas in the tank, or fix damage, or perhaps money to satisfy the imbalance in credit/debt relations.

          We don’t have language to define these terms because usury funded bankers hypnotize the population with expensive propaganda via newspapers/TV/Radio and colleges.. For example, rentier as a word once was well known and is now vanished from our lexicon. Usury is another word that was purposefully erased.

          If one does not know, or doesn’t even have the language, then parasitical rent seekers can easily take usury on an unaware population. It is like taking candy from a baby.

    • Define : Nation

      eventually everyone on EARTH must come to understand the definition of the word “JEW”.

      which is the same as the word LIE !!

      beating around the bush won’t stop the TRUTH !!!

      • What are you talking about Anthony? Your comments make no sense at all. What is your point please?

        • Eustace Mullins work is a JUMPING off point…{Curse of Canaan}

          but I try sometimes with too much effort to encourage those not inclined to

          “GET IT” by providing “links” to further the line of …”thought”

          in this particular case dealing with the Talmudic SATANIC “JEW”
          named Karl Marx and his dung doodling on RED SHIELD “economics”

          which is a fulfillment of the covenant the Almighty made with the
          “Children of Israel” in the First Commandment….{NO JEWS}

          so while so-called “Jews” can name themselves “Levi” doesn’t mean that they
          are Israelites or “Hebrews”…or “Levites” either.

          In John 8:33 “THEY” claim to have never been in Bondage…
          who are “THEY” ? …since at that time there was no word “Jew” in the “Lexicon”
          or Yiddish speaking “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism from Birobidjan

          anyway spend some time @ Beulahman’s when you have some time…he’s got a
          good spotlight on the ZIONIST/JEWISH EEKONOMIC DOUBLETALK/nonsense…LIES.

          …what does it profit a man…

          • Judea (today’s Jewry) is only one tribe of Israel and they’re now fooling the uninitiated with the idea that they’re Israel.

            Of course, the real Israel are those submitting to Spirit. I wish I was one of them……

            Anyhow, Bman reblogged this article on his website, as he’s done with a fair few of my articles on Usury and the economy in general…….I think we agree on most basic issues

          • are you familiar with the Stone of Destiny

            or the word Shibboleth ?

            which TRIBE had a problem with the letter H ?


            the so-called “Jewry” of today are 100% “PROSELYTES”
            to Talmudic Judaism = 2 fold child of hell…

            which is pretty much the SUBJECT..of the “MONEY” issue

            why should WHITE PEOPLE NATIONS {Israelites} allow
            mass murderers {Edomites} to control the “MONEY” ?

            seriously !

          • Anthony, The Canaanite Jews are nothing to do with Israel. They’re Hamites, not Semites from Judah and the Adullamite’s daughter Genesis 38. Adullamites were Canaanites.

  6. It is I only permalink

    Of all the Marx Brothers, Karl wasn’t funny……

  7. “a 50% divorce rate” eh? Where did you get that data from Anthony? Russia leads the world at 4.8%

    • You are misinterpreting the data Natasha: the third column shows the percentage of total marriages that fail. In the US it stands at 53% now.

      • Sure, but you used the word “divorce” in your article, not me ! Had you written “fail” I would not have quibbled. So no Anthony, it is you who is misrepresenting the data !

    • John Cummings permalink

      bourgeois individualism is the reason the “divorce” rate has risen. selfishness would extend to women as much as man. Instead of viewing marriage as political relationship, they view it as necessity for “one true love” vs. individual material satisfaction. If one does not love another enough, they divorce. Evola wrote extensively on that subject and how Christians struggle to see the paradox(and Evola was nasty on Homo’s). It was only a matter of time after the enlightment. You could see it coming in 1875.

  8. Anthony, you cherry pick stating

    “Fertility in the West is barely sufficient to maintain current population. This serves their depopulation agenda.”

    When clearly globally population is increasing :-

    The opposite of “their” globalist agenda.

    • How can you claim I’m ‘cherry picking’ when continuing “Fertility in the West is barely sufficient to maintain current population. This serves their depopulation agenda.” and ‘When clearly globally population is increasing’?

      Fertility in the West IS barely sufficient to maintain current levels Natasha! What has the rest of the world got to do with Western numbers?

      What do you think that 30 years along the line with feminism in Africa and Asia will do to THEIR fertility numbers?

      • Anthony, you ask “What has the rest of the world got to do with Western numbers?” Well, we live on the same planet and we have to solve our problems as one, that’s what its got to do with Western Numbers. If your cherry pick only western numbers, you make artificial divisions between humans. Artificial because global effects affect us here in Europe. To deny this is silly, IMHO. I think “non-duality” is a far more powerful philosophical foundation for imaging our future than squabbling based on artificial possessions and allegiances to this bit of land or that.

  9. Reblogged this on B'Man's Revolt and commented:
    Anthony addresses how Marxism was derived to counter Capitalism, putting all of us in a no -win situation that simply makes the rich richer and the poor even poorer. Neither is a system worthy of us. But most of us are too ignorant of how it all works and seams together. This ties it all together nicely.

  10. “The Homolobby is part and parcel of it too, as is ‘sexual liberation’, an excellent example of binding people to carnal desire, instead of inspiring them to overcome this.”

    Nonsense. What gives another person the right 1) to judge what a person’s carnal desire is, 2) to then dictate that they should overcome it, and 3) to determine the cause of homosexuality – nature / nurture ? Anthony seems to assume its learnt, when practically every queer on the planet will tell you they were born that way. Who wants to become a queer when in most places on the planet it costs your life, career, friends and family? But people still come out as queer!

    Anthropologist observe that homosexuality and gender variance has existed well before banksters were invented.

    Everyone has the right to self determine their own sexual and gender identity.

    Get over it Anthony – around one sixth of humanity is queer.

    • mynym permalink

      Anthony seems to assume its learnt, when practically every queer on the planet will tell you they were born that way.

      That’s simply incorrect. Queer by Etc.

      Who wants to become a queer when in most places on the planet it costs your life, career, friends and family?

      That’s silly. It doesn’t.

      Anthropologist observe that homosexuality and gender variance has existed well before banksters were invented.

      Anthropologists have observed that sexual behaviors and desires are often a matter of choice and culture.

      “Broude (Broude, G. 1981. The Cultural Management of Sexuality. Ref. 279. :633-73) concludes that child training can have a profound effect on adult sexual orientation.”
      (The Cross-Cultural Study of Human Sexuality
      Annual Review of Anthropology,Vol. 16, 1987,
      By D. L. Davis and R. G. Whitten :98)

      “In the West, for instance, it may be common to expect that a homosexual preference is life-long, exclusive, and may even be genetic. [A rather ridiculous idea.] McIntosh (McIntosh, M. 1968. The Homosexual Role. Soc. Probl. 16(2):182-92) has argued, however, that this kind of homosexuality is a relatively new Western cultural phenomenon, and Weatherford (Weatherford, J.M. 1986. Porn Row. New York: Arbor House) questions the extent to which exclusive homosexual preferences are even characteristic of present day U.S. culture. The cross-cultural evidence suggests that life-long orexclusive homosexuality is a rare phenomenon. Bisexuality and situational or ad hoc homosexual behavior are more common.”
      (Ib. :69)

      • mynym: I’ve been working in LGBTQI circles in Brighton UK professionally and in academia for decades – over 12% of the population here identify as LGBTQI. Further, I am not afraid of identifying myself here, in public, unlike you mynym. Every queer I speak to, professionally and personally says they were born that way. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Who are yo mynym, to simply assert they are are “simply incorrect” that is you accuse them of lying? Even the references you give state that being queer “may even be genetic” but you – a single person say that’s a “ridiculous idea” which is itself ridiculous. How many queers do you know personally to talk to gain your data points mynym?

      • John Cummings permalink

        Typical xion idiot. Follow the pre-Christian era and understand how “homosexuality” should be handled. The reason for the “anti-gay” stuff is because of the emasculation of jewish men.

        mynym, I suspect you of homosexuality

      • Millions of people are born with congenital defects and disorders. Does that mean we should make them normative for all? Or should we have true compassion on these people and try to help them overcome problems they were born with?

        It’s a mystery why God permits people to be born with these problems, but it is certain that He wishes them to be overcome. We all have our crosses to bear and this is definitely one for many. If society fails these people by encouraging sodomy as a legitimate lifesytle, as in Sodom and Gomorrah, then there is no hope for the individual or mankind.

    • one sixth?

      Are you crazy Natasha? Are you so desperate to believe? Don’t you see what the agitprop is doing? Particularly with women?

      You don’t see the objective issue of ‘carnal desire’? Even this is now ‘subjective’ and ‘relative’?

      You don’t realize the fundamental spiritual issue of overcoming carnal desire?

      You are going to tell me now what causes homosexuality, since you DO know? Homosexuals are the first to ‘know’ what caused their condition? They are not capable of denial? Not likely to be involved in denial? Even though a great number of homosexuals was sexually abused during childhood? You don’t think the endless agitprop has anything to do with the RISING number of homosexuals?

      No…. you have been following my threads on FB long enough to have had a choice to know.

      You simply choose to not know.

      • dingbats always bet on the reruns…

        hoping today stupid will change true

        • “dingbats” are ornaments used to take up space, rather like Anthony Clifton’s comment above. Insults are cheap and easy, logic a little harder.

          He invites us to suppose he supports Anthony Migchels asking whether “Homosexuals are the first to ‘know’ what caused their condition?” and whether “They are not capable of denial? Whatever the answers, it must also be true that heterosexuals, being human beings like homosexuals, are equally disabled or enabled from ‘knowing what caused their heterosexual condition’ and being equally able to “deny” or not their carnal desire.

          But this assumes queers must be judged under different rules to heterosexuals, which is bigotry – a state of mind where a person strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc.

          Then Anthony Migchels asks us “You don’t think the endless agitprop has anything to do with the RISING number of homosexuals?” Well, breeders are also increasing in “numbers” too. Perhaps he means percentages? In which case perhaps the higher % in place like San Fransico, Rio de Janeiro, Brighton, in the west compared to much of the East, because its safe to be out to family, friends and colleagues at work and included in surveys?

          In a Time magazine sex survey of people from Thailand in 2001, 38 percent of men and 29 percent of women said that bisexuality was acceptable.” In the same survey 12 percent of men and 16 percent of women said they had slept with somebody of the same sex.

          16 percent is “up to one sixth”, is the assertion I made in an earlier comment, which I still stand by, and would predict the same “one sixth” in any survey conducted on populations where bigotry against the entire queer LFBTQI spectrum is absent.

          Now, lets ‘read’ you colours Anthony Clifton. Are queers to be judged under the same rules as heterosexual breeders or not?

      • Anthony – Please don’t shoot the messenger ! Yes up to on sixth is what the data says – not me:-

        In San Francisco its 15.4%
        In Rio de Janeiro its 14.30%

        “scientists hypothesize that a combination of genetic, hormonal and social factors determine sexual orientation”

        And in Brighton:-

        Your denial of the above data renders your arguments that ‘carnal desire denial = spirituality’ just a personal opinion, fine, but best kept to your self, and not used as basis for rational debate, and certainly not grounds for projecting them on others, and judging them on that basis.

        Come on, yes of course queer people are the best authority on what goes on inside their heads! Just as straight people are. If we accept your argument, then queers have the authority to call you a liar for stating you are straight ! 🙂

        • Your statistics are grossly inflated to advance the LGBT agenda of making sodomy seem normal and natural. Actually, “… 1.8 percent of men self-identify as gay and 0.4 percent as bisexual, and 1.5 percent of women self-identify as lesbian and 0.9 percent as bisexual.” In the UK the figures are similar

          The documentary “Sodom” exposes the many lies advanced by organized LGBT

        • Lol 🙂 You give San Fransisco numbers as a global average, hahahaha 😀

          Listen, about 1 or 2 % in the US and more in Holland ‘identify’ as homosexual. In Holland the homolobby has gone unopposed for forty despicable years now, hence Holland’s higher score, also, again, clearly proving it’s the homo agit prop that is mind controlling more and more people, particularly women, into this crap.

          Lest we forget: “”Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.” — Ti-Grace Atkinson”

          Meanwhile, the little data that there is shows that homosexuals die up to 20 years younger, while they are also less affluent, less healthy, less happy, less likely capable of long term relationships, very likely to be sex addicts, practice all sorts of horrendous sex games, their crime is much more violent, lesbians face most DV, they are far more likely to have been abused in childhood and no less than a third of child molestations are same sex.

          Many homosexuals suffer silently because of their affliction, often needlessly, as therapy is available and often works (although far from always).

          No, Homoseuxality is a serious psychological condition, not something we should be mainstreaming as this cool alternative life style, let alone as in anyway relevant to our ‘identity’.

          • Please both of you Anthony and PM – why shoot the messenger? I Did not suggest data on Wiki about San Fransico was a global average Anthony, (straw man) as you know full well, had you looked at the wiki page I linked to. PM provides the Washington Post as if they are not biased!? The data I provide is on Wiki if its wrong change it! I have no idea why you are so full of hatred against your fellow human beings. Just repeating the same tired old hatred. Sad.

          • Ross N. permalink


            Anthony and PM are not repeating hatred. It’s quite the opposite. A sheepdog hates the wolf, especially a wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing. The sheepdog is protecting his sheeple flock, sometimes with his life – the ultimate sacrifice, and truest expression of love.

  11. Nahh permalink

    Gratz man !

    Really concise explanation !

    As a priest, once said, the devil is the ape of God.

    Marx is a great example, if not the biggest one.

    “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. 8 For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.”

    Love this passage. Why is it so hard to see that ? o.O

  12. Legend permalink

    With the frontal lobotomy of jew “entertainment” dragging all into the abyss.

  13. Here’s a nice direct hit at Feminism, that was posted on Henry’s site yesterday:

    • Nice work Anthony… these ladies have it right…

      • Get a grip ladies ! The reason “nobody says [insert non “white” group] needs diversity” is because the dominant culture in which the non “white” group exists, i.e. their US culture is “white” dominated !

        • America if facing a white minority in 2050 and Europe in 2060 Natasha.

          Meanwhile, whites in Europe claim mass immigration is a bigger issue than the depression, which has already taken about 30% of their disposable income.

          Are you starting to see the picture yet?

          • Yes, Anthony, I do see the picture you are promoting, but its bogus, unhelpful, and dangerous because it is dualism, rather than non-dualism. By that I mean my analysis begin with an assumption of justice for all of human beings, not artificial comparisons between meaningless traits, behaviours, and frankly good or bad fortune. Did you choose to be a white male, Anthony? Did I choose to be born into relative wealth? No. Of course we didn’t. So I don;t give a damn about what the colour of the skin of the population is going to be in 2050 in one particular corner of the Pale Blue dot, a fraction of a pixel in the vastness of the cosmos.

            Income is an artifice of capitalism, that requires employment. You know full well that under Georgist Land Reform there would be a citizen dividend for everyone, rendering employment a choice not a necessity. You also know that practically any flavour of Money Reform, state issued or mutulal credit, where the interest goes to the commons would also provide a citizens income for everyone, stop land bubbles, environmenal destruction, etc.. etc… futher rendering the idea of “30% of disposable income” to the history books.

            Seriously, Anthony, does it really matter what coulour you are or who you have sex with, when we have these real battles to fight?

          • Brian permalink

            I really like this sort of extreme nihilism. It’s refreshing. It doesn’t matter who you have sex with or smoke doobies with, man. Ya, man. Cool. That’s really hip and morally superior. I want to be like you, man. Who cares if your child doesn’t have an identity, man? Who cares if a father can’t see something of himself in his child, bro? It just doesn’t even matter. We gotta focus on the benjies, man. If we had a national dividend tomorrow, our population and culture would pretty much be unmatched, past, present, and future, with this sort of disposition, man. Buttplug Christmas trees worldwide, bro.

          • good comment.

          • Joe permalink

            It doesn’t matter to you Natasha, because you’re well and truly ensconced in the cozy bed of post-modernism, where nothing really matters ultimately, because we’re all one and if we’re not, then that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of deconstruction. It’s all mental smoke and mirrors, nothing visceral or heart felt. This egalitarian caper really is shallow and dependent on coercive forces and hand outs to maintain. The reality is when the the world has had it’s balls cut off, it’ll be the few that still have theirs that rule the roost and the rest of homogeneous masses will find their own pecking order. The Patriarchy is going nowhere. There will be no utopia, that has never been the plan, just the marketing ploy. But you won’t know that. Dream on.

          • Thanks for the judgements gentlemen (Joe & Brian). The root of your argument Joe is that possessing “balls” or not which I take you to mean testosterone fueled domination, and “ruling the roost” are the only responses you can envisage to the psychopathic led culture we all here despise.

            You strawman me Joe. I don’t advocate “utopia” nor an “egalitarian caper” that is “really shallow and dependent on coercive forces and hand outs to maintain”. Why mock me with pseudo anti intellectual clap trap like “a bit of deconstruction” and “its all mental smoke and mirrors” ?

            Dream on Joe with your empty visions of “the plan” that will crush you. I have a different and heart felt vision of humanity. One that nurtures those of us who have empathy, but excludes those who don’t = psychopaths by dealing with them like indigenous people successfully and always have : taking them on a long last one way walk in the tundra.

            Sorry Brian, if a person’s actions do no harm to another why the moral police? Are you afraid? I genuinely can’t tell if you support a citizens dividend or not or if you are just too inarticulate to say what you mean straight, without the base sarcasm?

          • Nobody cares who you screw Natasha.

            Just keep it out of the public domain, don’t make it the norm, don’t project your personal tastes on the vast majority, don’t assume others care what you do, or should, don’t try to push your venom on little children (‘sex ed’) and stop pushing the poison of what you very well know are Billionaire outlets.

            The vast majority of people just want to raise families.

            Your lobbies have done more than enough damage to the health and happiness of untold millions of people.

            And why?

            To distract from the ongoing enslavement through the monetary system.

            Enough already!

          • Nahh permalink

            People need to go back to the Good doctrine of the Catholic Church, St. Thomas.
            All our questions would be solved.

            This is what the Church always preached. You just should have liberty (freedom = free of Dominus or God, so don’t be fooled) to do the right thing. People have free-will to do good or wrong.

            Two different things. It’s hilarious when people talk these non-sense.

            Sex primary role is to reproduce, second to stimulate mutual love between wife and husband.

            If someone is a homosexual, he is just like an adulterous man/woman or pregnant wife. It’s not the ideal so it shouldn’t be promoted and keep low-profile and measures should be taken accordingly, as always was.
            This is so obvious.

            People say lots of crap about the Church because they can’t think straight (thank you Protestants and “Intellectuals”). Holy Inquisition for example, was to keep heresies to spread all the non-sense people say about, it is all an assault on people intelligence. Specially by the Jews.

            Some Saints passed through the Inquisition, it was normal to be inquired and to make sure errors don’t pass to another people (even involuntary). For example, if it had been successful no Calvin would emerge, no Luther, no communism, no feminism, no Puritans etc.

            1st the Inquisition didn’t have the means to do what people say. The had horses and swords rofl. We have NSA and similars now rofl.

            2nd The Inquisition helped to prevent people to do justice with their own hands. Specially in Portugal and Spain the Inquisition was really good, and that kept the Latin speaking countries (except France) on going full-blown to the nonsensical liberalism. Fair trial.

            3rd Normally they would release people, they were priests (soft-heart, that was the problem in my opinion rofl), they more often released than executed the guilty people, hoping for their conversion. They even faked executions to do that.

            4th Witch hunting is a protestant thing, not Catholic. Catholic Church always tried to clean people of superstition, how would they promote such things. Of course there are demonic people and real witches (normally bestiality, abortion, incest, dark rituals, things of the kind) that deserved their fate. (All on rise nowadays, again, the Holy Inquisition was right again).
            Just look at St Patrick for example, always fighting superstition.

            The Jesuits were persecuted because they were good Catholics, although I agree they were not successful.
            The criticism of the Jews in Jesuit papers are blatant. St Francis Xavier is a good example of a great Jesuit, 3rd in number of miracles (if I’m not wrong).
            They used commerce to evangelize, that is probably why the East India Companies(a.k.a. Jews, Protestants and traitors) made such a bad name for them.
            Just remember they were the biggest Order of the Catholic Church, so saying that they are Jews is nonsensical. They were trying to restore the Church, that was rotten at the time.
            But Liberalism was on the rise, that is collusion of Kings and merchants, resulting in absolutism and usury.
            You may say they were trying to choose the lesser evil, but I think it was a big mistake.
            Or maybe not because, we don’t know the future, remember that because of it they were able to go everywhere and evangelize, they had given a chance to Latin America, Africa and Asian to know Jesus.
            But it was an attempt of evangelize, for example they went to Japan, completely non-profitable trade, as we all know Japan has no resources, they did just to spread the word of God.

            The real thing is that King Phillip lost the war against Britain, and also France, that is the root of European (and the Church) disaster in my opinion.

            All the “progress we have nowadays” came from the Orthodox, a.k.a Nicola Tesla , it is hilarious capitalists saying that they are the reason for “prosperity”.

            People make things not systems.

            His dad was a priest btw and he study pretty much Greek philosophy, that is why he wasn’t stuck with modern non-science, also the Jesuits were pioneers in this field.
            That is because they kept the tradition a little longer until the communists.
            Although I guess, he was not a real Orthodox, but what I’m pointing out it’s the modern non-sense, It destroyed everything.

            Theology (Bible doesn’t lie, people go against just to find out they were wrong)> Philosophy (Plato, Aristotle or use the corrected version St. Thomas) > Sciences (subordinated to the theology and philosophy)

            Britain is just too lucky of being an Island =/

            P.S. : The sun “worship” that you talk about it’s really simple, The Sun represents God, the light of it, Jesus and the heat, the Holy Spirit. One of the best analogies of the Trinity that I know of.
            No Catholic pray for images, if he does so he is in mortal sin thus a dead member as they say. The saints are for us models and they are real people, sanctioned by God by their deeds.
            As the myths were for the Greeks, everybody knew they were myths rofl.
            Just read Plato, he is kind of against it, but he recognizes its uses for the kids.

            For example, Circe turned the sailors, who were lustful and drunkards, in pigs. Why pigs ? Beyond the obvious, they can’t put their heads up, wonder the sky, the light, search for truth etc. See. They were way, way more intelligent than we rofl
            What a better description of people nowadays.

            5th The kings and the wicked were/are always Infiltrating the Church, just apparently, because if you are a mason for example you are excommunicated automatically (Ipso facto), communists too, socialists too. So they are not members.
            Liberals(European sense) depend on the point, they are just dumb.

            That is why people call the real Catholics, sedevacantists and denigrate them from all sides (liberals, communists, traditionalists, etc, like they did to the Jesuits) . Because they see the obvious fact that the “pope” is not a real pope,also the hierarchy. How it gonna be solved that’s another case.
            Most people left the Church when the changes came, they did the right thing, but if they lost hope they are damned.

            The Holy Spirit worked (obviously). It locked from all the possible heresies, but if people don’t follow, and don’t care to pay attention to it. That is not God’s fault.
            Vatican II it’s completely heretical, all “popes” after that are not popes.
            They killed lots of Cardinals to implement, most likely, defrauded the conclave, masonic revolutions in Italy etc, etc. Just do your research guys.

            You can’t understand the world today without reading the real story of the Church (they deleted from schools, you know the world started in the renascence, rofl), the one that shows that most people go to hell, that the Church is not a temple (Jesus said that again rofl), and Jesus is God, master of history.

            There is just two religions in the world, Catholic Church (I include some of the Orthodox here, not all), and anti-christ church (he who deny Christ, he is the anti-christ).

            The Templar Knights were burned at the stake (usurious and black magic, including sodomy, as apparently it seems a common pattern of “the Elite”).
            The pope St. Gregory VII (if I’m not wrong), said to the German people (after 100 years, establishing one of the think-thanks, French monastic order, I forgot the name, of the Middle ages), your Emperor is wicked, you don’t own him obedience.
            The Emperor begged for three days in the winter, asking forgiveness outside the palace of the Pope, it was granted. Worked for a while, after that the Emperor turned wicked again rofl, and history goes on.
            The Church didn’t have the power people think. It has ideas (and The Truth) to offer and so people need to study and resist bad pastors (As Jesus said we would have to do it, he even said that He warned rofl).

            That is the most incredible thing about it, it is a complete mess and It shines more and more. All answers people want is there. Usury, morals, spirituality, arts, etc, etc

            That is why people don’t dare to say bad things about Christ they might choose to not follow but His Majesty is there and everybody knows it, he has no faults.
            He is the way, the truth, and the life.

            “For it is written: As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. “

          • I agree Anthony, the “vast majority of people do just want to raise families”. But some don’t want to, or can’t. No basis for different rules, expectations, treatment, or access to data though.

            Its true, surveys do tell us homosexual people suffer more ill health and unhappiness. But they also tell us the cause this “damage to the health and happiness of untold millions of people” is intolerance based on an unshakable assumption that demands we all agree that being homosexual is a “choice” or “lifestyle” or a “taste”. The flaw in this logic is that, unless we have a different set of rules for homosexual people, we must also believe that being heterosexual is a “choice” or “lifestyle” or a “taste”.

            But wanting different rules is the definition of bigotry. In my view, its no more a choice being either gay or straight. And far more importantly, in a civilised world, be of no practical consequence, to family, or anything else either. Like skin colour. Height. Or what patch of land on the planet you happen to emerge from your mothers womb.

            Finally, you’ll have to be more specific Anthony, its not possible to write a meaningful response to your vague personal and / or professional accusations. For example: –

            • Nobody “cares who screws” anyone, so long as its consensual Anthony. So why bring this up? Its irrelevant.

            • What do you mean by “it”, “public” and the “norm” when you ask me to: “Just keep it out of the public domain, don’t make it the norm”?

            • What do you mean by “tastes” and “project” when you write: “don’t project your personal tastes on the vast majority”? What is the moral or logical basis that the “majority” assume they can crush a minority out of existence by silencing them?

            • And what is the “venom” and “Billionaire outlets” you refer to when you write “don’t try to push your venom on little children (‘sex ed’) and stop pushing the poison of what you very well know are Billionaire outlets”?

          • Joe permalink

            “But they also tell us the cause this “damage to the health and happiness of untold millions of people” is intolerance based on an unshakable assumption that demands we all agree that being homosexual is a “choice” or “lifestyle” or a “taste”. The flaw in this logic is that, unless we have a different set of rules for homosexual people, we must also believe that being heterosexual is a “choice” or “lifestyle” or a “taste”. ”

            /face palm. Heterosexuality is a biological imperative and you’re only here to argue the point because that is so. Homosexuality serves no biological function. We could argue for reams about whether homosexuals are born or made, but in chessboard terms one is the king the other the pawn, so they are in no way equal. That is just another of the great deceits of egalitarianism rhetoric. Even if I was homosexual, with my present understanding of things, I’d argue that point.

          • Joe permalink

            @Natasha. Let’s see, a one way walk out into the tundra for those deemed psychopaths, pretty much fits my idea of coercion and then some. It’s ironic how predictably often progressives like you, who, in my experience, routinely flatter themselves with having such positive attributes as empathy, etc., are so willing to resort to violence. Never so quick to recognise any vaguely shadowy or negative traits in themselves though. Did you grok the fact you in the very next sentence after your proposed heartfelt, nurturing empathetic love-in, you advocated summary execution, for those you deem lack your perceived qualities? And if you’re going to lean on the ‘noble savage’ canard for wise practice, you should know that ‘indigenous people’, at least those out of range of the meme machine like the Amazonian tribes, are not so widely accepting of homosexuality.

          • @Joe, yes, “those deemed” by the community – not by me, or any single dictator, but the WHOLE community – to be destroying the community, would be “encouraged” by community “coercion” to take “a walk in the tundra”. Call it democracy, or “canard for wise practice” or “progressive” if it makes you feel more comfortable, I don’t care; I detest all violence. Let’s be clear here Joe. The “lack [of my] perceived qualities” as you put it, is when someone wants to kill me, that I’d sooner kill them. If it means your life or mine, what would you do Joe? Would you let me live, and die yourself? I’d hardly call that decision “so willing to resort to violence”. That’s what we face with psychopaths in power on this planet. And “a walk in the tundra” is just what (some) ‘indigenous people’ did (some of the time with their psychopathic members) to ensure they survived.

            Actually quite a few ‘indigenous people’ throughout much of the last 5,000 years though homosexuality was quite normal. Other’s didn’t. Its not the ” ‘noble savage’ canard for wise practice” to point this out. Why not learn from history and anthropology? I want to live in the sort of communities that embrace diversity, not one that denies the rainbow reality of people’s sexuality and gender.

          • Joe permalink

            “I want to live in the sort of communities that embrace diversity, not one that denies the rainbow reality of people’s sexuality and gender”.

            Wow, that one must’ve come straight out of the progressives little red book. No, you really don’t. You want to live in a ‘community’ that echos and reflects back your values and mores, or at least the one you’ve been inculcated with since you was a little girl. A ‘community’ that routinely mocks, excludes, browbeats, punishes and demonizes anyone who doesn’t hold the same values or, at least, isn’t intolerant of them (tolerance and the left, now that could be a whole other debate). And the lengths you will go to in order to ensure this progressive or, more accurately, communitarian worldview is the dominant one, is no different than that of any religious zealot. You’ll see signs of the devil in those who criticize or disagree with these ‘community’ values. Blasphemy, no make that hate speech or one variety or other–and with even less rigour to prove it so than witchfinders of old.

            Also I must’ve missed the comment somewhere regarding a white psychopathic, ruling elite being out to get homosexuals. I can assure you that all the evidence suggests otherwise. The opposite seems to be nearer the truth, which once again brings me back to that fluffy bit of Orwellian doublespeak: celebrating diversity. Diversity is dependent on conservative values, not those of the progressive. The true conservative knows the importance of tradition and culture and therefore seeks to protect and cherish it. If the world had conservative values (and in the third world they mainly do, that’s why they’re so often targeted), then diversity would be assured and we could enjoy the differences of each other’s distinct cultures and traditions. The ruling elite, though, see conservatism as the main obstacle to establishing global governance, so they seek to undermine and disassemble culture and rebuild it to their own metric by way of multiculturalism and other egalitarian policies. They call this standardization process democracy, which is in keeping with the doublespeak as nobody really has a say in how they’re governed because the only choices offered are democracy left and democracy right, though the dialectic is kept up for appearances sake to give the illusion of choice. You, Natasha, have nothing to fear from them. And I’m not a conservative by the way, though I would have no problem saying so if I was. At least they’re mostly honest.

          • @Joe, celebrating and embracing diversity is about equal treatment and access for all. It is a manifestation of non-dualism. It is NOT about forcing individuals themselves to be the same. Hence if being gay is deemed a “lifestyle choice” but being straight is a “biological imperative”, then because the issue of who any particular individual has sex with is being judged by different rules, we are defying the word “bigot”.
            There is no need to misunderstand what embracing and celebrating diversity is. Why stuff words into my mouth by wrongly claiming I “want to live in a ‘community’ that echos and reflects back [my] values and mores … that routinely mocks, excludes, browbeats, punishes and demonizes anyone who doesn’t hold the same values… [where the] communitarian worldview [by which I suppose you mean some form of authoritarian top down forced conformity or communism, quite the opposite of celebrating and embracing diversity] is the dominant one”?
            Instead please pay better attention to the words I do write.

        • Brian permalink

          The point is that the “insert nonwhite group” only exists in white countries and not, for example, as clearly stated in the video, Taiwan or Japan. Stop your moral posturing. It’s embarrassing.

      • John Cummings permalink

        Please, White women are the pop-culture standard right now.
        White women
        Black men
        Hispanic women
        Hispanic men
        Black women
        White men

        • Nahh permalink

          White bullshit (frank-masonic crap) is just this, they broke Christendom in pieces using their stupidity.
          Race doesn’t exist. What exists is ethnicity, that is legit.
          For example, you are a “white British”, so you are Viking, Celtic, Roman, Normand, Danish, And nowadays, Semite, Black, Frank, etc, etc

          Ethnicity exists only within time in a certain location (small area) and with shared religion, costumes, language, food, clothes, dances etc

          Racialism is a “JEWISH TRAP”, to justify the “chosen people”.

          When you speak with the enemy’s terms you already lost the battle.

          Same trick used by Hitler, last time the Jews got Palestine, what will they get now ?
          Maybe start to kill Muslims and Blacks and so the Jews can enter in the bloodbath too and get their new temple done ?
          You know if everybody is doing, why do not join? They have some black Jews they would love to get rid of too.

          The problem occurs because of the political system. It occurs for ~300 years now.
          Capitalism (Materialism) makes people nomad, and so they can’t create roots and therefore ethnicity.

          That is why Stalin and the Chinese had their mass migrations. to break people’s roots.

          Race is not real so it won’t unify anything, just segregate, resulting in Catastrophe.

          EU and the mythical European, they try for centuries and it is a disaster.
          Russia disaster. China disaster. Muslims countries disaster. African countries disaster.

          And they want to say they are smart o.O


          The Rosetta landing hoax of today was ridiculous also because of the racist shit rofl

          “White” Europeans trashing, “White” Americans, thrashing “White” Russians.

          For a merit the don’t have (stupid collectivism), even if wasn’t another crap from the Propaganda HQ.

  14. Anyone wondering what system could work ?
    Try here, for an account of the practical outcome of Anarchist Syndicates during the Success period of the Spanish Experiment. Before Marxism on one side and Fascism on the other destroyed dreams for a while,

    • Nahh permalink

      They just don’t mention rape of nuns, killing of priests, looting, playing soccer with the head of priests, cutting them in pieces and put on meat-stores as pig meat, etc etc.

      Communists of all types are really demonic.

    • Another one, I have no problem with anarchists…but Marx didn’t screw up the Spanish revolution, the anarchists did, because you have no plan at all…the anarchists went into a popular front government with the capitalists and committed suicide….who lets the enemy back in? And this shit with Marx and totalitarianism just shows you have read nothing and are just as susceptible to propaganda….the most obvious thing is, if Marx is the devil you say he is then why is he not to be mentioned or debated in main stream media…surely it would be easy enough to finish him off. But he is taboo…….Marx is the most vilified person on the planet by those that have never read a thing.
      I am pissed off because of the stupidity…dung beetles will overthrow mankind shortly….this shit with christianity and cultural Marxism, what depraved minds are these…lunatics

  15. No doubt, the Capitalism vs. Marxism dialectic has been used to “Manage The Ant Farm.” As far as the serfs are concerned; there is little difference between monopoly capitalism and communism as both are tools of financial slavery.

    When will people wake up and recognize that something as important as the creation of money should be a science left to engineers instead of philosophers, pundits and stodgy academics. The ruling banks understand this basic premise as is evidenced by the high value they place on “quants” (quantitative analysts).

    Economies may be modeled with a high degree of accuracy. Even simplistic models may be used to verify and quantify the absolute idiocy of the all debt money system that uses interest in the creation of money. It is nothing more than a cheap pyramid scheme.

    Our economy can be quickly fixed with 99.9% of the people prospering. Interest charged on the creation of new money cannot be sustained without an infuse of added money. We NEED a healthy elixir which is the introduction of debt free money spent into the economy at the most local level possible. And, of course, interest charged on new money should be eliminated in an orderly manner.

    • There is no hope, with a world of ideological driven morons…there are no money or banks or countries according to Marx, and its not a matter whether he is right or wrong, its the inability to address things for what they are.

  16. Henrique permalink

    Read Wurmbrand`s “Marx and Satan” for some cute details about the man`s lovely personality. I like the poem where he writes passionately about destruction. Also for trendy leftists it`s good to remember that Hitler said “I am the TRUE marxist”, so you got pedigree.
    Like you said, he spent his whole Bible ( Das Kapital ) attacking a phantasmagoric “Capitalist class” while whitewashing the actions of the bankers, the true capitalist class, who warmly received him in London after being kicked out of the continent for agitation.
    These trendies upvoting each other’s comments is quite pathetic. They’ve got 80% of the web and still aren’t satisfied until all dissent is “neutralized”.
    I disagree that feminism is dying, though. And by the way, fuck hate.

    • if you don’t have the stones to hate the MASS MURDERERS who print the currency and own the media…what real value is there to your being…as a Man ?

      When specifically did the Children of Israel turn into “Jews” ?

      be specific…!

    • It’s clearly not dead yet Henrique, but in the undercurrent, that will soon become much more manifest, I’m convinced the battle has already been won.

      It only proliferates in the Media and the Universities.

      Video’s like this are upsetting more and more people. The feministas’ talking points, late term abortion, ‘equality’ in the face of clear supremacy before the law, ‘equality’in pay, while young men now make less than the girls entering the labor market, they utterly hysterical tone of voice, truly little girl like, the chilling effects on free speech this so called ‘hate speech’ narrative has, these are issues that are now blown wide open.

      • Henrique permalink

        I sincerely don`t see that, man. On the contrary, I see the social engineering elite planning to use this ( as you called it ) undercurrent of resented people who can still see things for what they are, without ideology and slogans, ( and which by the way are not reproducing as you well know and will soon be insignificant ), as cannon fodder for the typical controlled, repulsive, and/or violent rhetoric of types like Wilders, Le Pen, Farage et caterva. They still need one final rise of common sense, one final cataclysm. When Adolf Hitler rose, he brought under his wing this same kind of people, many of them honest and hardworking, who couldn’t simply put up with rampant sexual depravity everywhere and jewish professors in academia saying that was the right way. All that Frankfurt-Schule camarilla was kicked out of Germany and fled to California. THEN, the “führer”, as a good esoterist ( Thule/Vril ) and therefore liar/traitor, used all that honest energy and threw the country in the fire of an unwinnable war.
        Remember Albert Pike’s letter? Goes more or less like this: “After WE release the nihilists and atheists, there will be a GENERAL REACTIONARY MOVEMENT that will get rid of those savages and destroyers of civilization. After getting rid of them, and disillusioned with Christianism, the masses will finally turn to the pure doctrine of Lucifer, etc, etc.”
        They are ready for the reaction, Anthony. In fact, I’m quite sure they’re organizing it.
        The worst lie is when one lies to himself, I think.
        Alain Soral and Dieudonne are founding a party, I hear. Here in Brazil, reactionary/right wing elements are talking of regional separatism. The show goes on.

        • Your point is quite clear and I couldn’t agree more of course Henrique. Surely they are ready for the reaction and organizing it.

          The wave of ‘antisemitism’ that is coming is very comfortable to them too. As long as it is about the Jews, instead of the issues, it’s not going to go far.

          I’m an irrational optimist, always have been. I can’t really disagree with what you say.

          I’m just sensing that a lot of people are coming dangerously close to truth.

    • John Cummings permalink

      That reminds me of a vulger somebody like neo-con crony capitalist would do lol…………….note pollution depletes male testosterone, which leads toward emasculation………..

  17. John Cummings permalink

    My own view is bourgeois individualism is more to blame for rising . Christianity was always born on false narratives. We see the “afro-arab” looking historical Jesus to the Catholics “Roman” looking Jesus to the Calvinists “English” looking Jesus. The need to build one of “likeness” because it is unlike is a paradox in whiteness. We are the lost tribes of Atlantis. What is called “Pagan” is a echo of what once was when we ruled the world with incredible machines before a alien the jews called “God” destroyed us in the flood.

    “Cultural Marxism” is really the evolution of bourgeois individualism. Americans look at foreigners that can speak the “english” plainly and who are successful with pride. Don’t care for ones that can’t, but they weren’t the people that brought them in(it was the wealthy that did). The world has shrunk amazingly. You can skip hop around the world easy. Immigration wasn’t nearly as easy 100 years ago like now from non-white lands. It takes the mystery away and people lose focus on the threats(besides who is carrying them out). Bourgeois individualism has no color or tradition, it seeks power in money and assets(like gold or raffle tickets). It is about stuffing your face and when you don’t(can’t) you become a communist…………something for Lew Rockwell to think about while he has utopian fantasies.

    Anthony, people simply don’t believe anymore. Christianity is dying in white society and all that is left is the old religion’s traditions that Christianity does not accept . It has left a spiritual void. The Hegelian duelism you argue against money wise, culturally, you are arguing for. We see it in culture everyday. We see it in white’s that make music or film. The soul is dead, Christ is dead.

  18. stein permalink

    Happy to see a new post here. Unfortunately i disagree on some of the points here and writes about these and not what i agree on.

    You and Natasha forgets that there are even more bisexuals between the homo and heterosexuals. These are the ones who have the option of choosing. I do not see any sexual liberation for the bisexual coming, for i hear no preparation or any other signs. Also,they want to stay closeted because their potential revolution would challenge monogamic relation by always having another affaire wanted.

    To regard the jewish interest in homolobbying as a direct measure of their want to reduce poulation, would be an error. If you really are wanting people to get babies again, you will have to address the debt society. Young people dare not get babies before they have got education and have got their jobs. Everything seems unstable with sudden busts coming.

    The jewish interest in the homolobby is just posing as Liberty’s defenders. This is part of their strategy, and Liberalism is the foundation of all political parties now. If you are not able to break up their jewish spell you will just end up as haters and prohibitionists. Direct opposition to their headlines will usually get you into land of evil as they are clever in getting headlines right and the content dysfunctional, cleverly designed to create the opposite effect.

    Cultural Marxism isnt the great cause of toxicated society we see. It is spectacular evil, but no ordinary workers have cared to read Adorno, Habermas and the other fuckups. When teachers don’t blow the whistle because they are afraid of being called racists, it is not because they have read any Frankfurtschool material or are under influence of artists who do read it, it is because of the political culture spread by liberalist parties since the French revolution – the equalism doctrine.

    They hardly ever formulate it, but they manage to get it through and then people go like this: “”We are all equal, races cannot exist, they do anyway, but i cannot tell anyone, therefore i have to strive to hide this fact while being anxiously obsessed and focusing on race””.
    Upon this egalitarian culture of lies, anyone practicing cultural marxism will have a fertile ground. CM is very destructive but it is not the cause or the first layer in the jewish web.

    • I didn’t claim it was Stein: I wrote the Marxists started subverting society with it to soften it up for total take over.

      Meanwhile, you’ll notice that all the ‘feminists’, radical leftists, animal rights activists etc. will attack anybody seriously addressing Capitalism (Usury) as ‘fascists’ and ‘antisemites’.

      ‘Liberalist’ ‘equality’ is the heart of Cultural Marxism. Most feminists have never read Dworkin or these other profoundly disturbed feminists of the seventies, but that does not mean that our laws are now not inspired by their positions, that the MSM is not spreading their venom with daily commentaries by young, clueless women parading as ‘journalists’.

  19. Ross N. permalink

    The Birth of Communism and Zionism.

    In 1841, he (Moses Hess) founded the radical newspaper, “Rheineische Zeitung.” In 1842 he promoted Karl Marx, a German Jew to chief editor. Hess introduced Marx to the Freemasons and to communism. In 1844, Hess introduced Marx to the German Jew Friedrich Engels.

    Hess told Karl Marx that the Jews had been given the task to transform the Gentiles into wild animals.

    • Henrique permalink

      Trotski is quoted as saying “We shall turn the Russians into a bunch of White Negroes”. After 70 years of Workers’ Paradise, you got women selling themselves on the internet, pornography, dysfunction and drugs everywhere, in a mafia-controlled society with collapsing fertility rates and a current KGB agent-president spouting pseudo-conservative vitriol ( to keep the dialectic with a now liberalizing-degenerate West and maintain the theater ).

      Mission accomplished! What wonderful people eh?

      • The Soviet Union was the most Feminist State of them all.

        In Moscow everybody was divorced, was the conventional wisdom.

        Even today, 75% (!) of all Russian pregnancies end in abortion.

        Russia is still in the midst of a catastrophic demographic decline, with a shrinking population that is now little over 150 million.

        According to Solzhenitsin, the Bolshevist ‘revolution’ was basically a Jewish invasion.

        Marx was Jewish, it was financed by Jewish Bankers in New York, Jacob Schiff prominently among them, the first Politburo was 70% Jewish, 75% of the Bolshevist Cadre was Jewish, 90% of all commissars. The Checka and later NKVD, unspeakably brutal outfits, were dominated by Jews.

        Solzhenitsin puts the number of Russians murdered by the ‘Bolshevists’ (Jews) at 66 million between 1917 and 1957.

        Simliar scenarios have been seen in the Middle East since the War and are expected in the West.

        • Of course, the Jews had their way with Germany too, after declaring war on her in 1933.

          7 million Germans were killed during the war. Even a lot more after.

          • James Bacque books, “Other Losses” and “Crimes and Mercies” documents the suppressed fact of the millions of Germans murdered in Allied concentration camps

        • Are you all that mental? For anything to be the product of a race, it must be in the DNA, the difference in DNA is constant within groups and across groups globally. The Bolsheviks were financed by western bankers, doesn’t get any more stupid than this. The Bolsheviks were the only party calling for a complete break with capitalist parties and overturning capitalist private property for socially owned property, meaning large landowners and banks were to be disposed without compensation….which is exactly what occurred with a week of the Bolsheviks coming to power in one of the most well known documents of the time “Lenin’s Decree on land”. The factories went to the workers. WW1 was the result of capitalist overproduction and the chocking of markets.

          Russia this huge semi feudal resource rich country screaming out for capitalist rape and…was effectively cut off from capital investment that was only reinstated at the dissolution of Russia in 1999, due to slave of 400 million Chinese to prop up the collapsing capitalist profit system that undermined Russia planned economy that had delivered free health care, eduction, cheap housing and utilities since 1917, still using capitalist exchange. The capitalist change over saw population drop by 30%, average age drop by 5 years and those in poverty by 42%

          Russia was state capitalist, never Marxist…Stalin came to power because of the western cockroaches invading in 1919 and wiping out the bolshevik party and causing the famine. All Marxists hate Stalin but the west need to label him a Marxist, go ahead you are only lying to yourselves.

          You allegations of Marx come with no evidence, as there is none…but the best of all is this… proves Marx was right and a humanitarian and western government have screwing you over….for instance the law, the nation ans money are all fictitious invention of man that you accept because you are brainwashed. No one can write rules and demand they are obeyed…the nation state and patriotism is used as a rallying point to get get you to commit atrocities and accept slave labor ……but the robbery occurs here, and no one has been able to dispute this yet.

          • And the shame is, I am your side, not against you. I know plenty of Marxists that are Christians, Marx’s stance on religion is that it was a legitimate and understandable prop for suffering when we did not understand the world we lived in….now we do he says it is used a means of dividing us up and hating each other to keep us enslaved to the machines, and this is the case. I am not a communist zealot, I do not advocate anything because I am one man, and will be making no decisions. I have studied every area possible to do with man and society, including the boring as hell, but essential understanding of economics, Marx to me is a subject political economy on the one hand…the science…and the philosophy on the other, to do with our innate humane needs…What is said about Marx here is dreadful, its nothing more than base slander…and I am not upset, I do not attach myself as most people do these things that are external to us….that the elites deliberately do have people believing it is part of who they are and what that does is to get dems and reps in a mus slinging match, and not only does no one learn anything, what we did know is lost…and we are 100 years behind what they were at the turn of the last century in political consciousness. That Obama can be labelled a socialist is bewildering, but there is a desire to accept this because it means capitalism is oK…..when it is not, it is a putrid corpse…..conservatives hate this thought no doubt, not because they are so attached to capitalism, but it means change, conservatives hate change and fear it like death….not a criticism, we are what we are…this is where the mudslinging and the stupid Liberals exacerbate it…..Liberals are painful no it it all know nothings.

            I am not attempting to convince you of anything, we are strictly politically speaking seemingly on opposite ends of the spectrum……but this is not the reality, the reality has been distorted…I do not see you as hostile people, I see you as human beings like me and we all have differences of opinions and values. I go to allot of trouble to make sure that i do not misinform, there is enough confusion out there, and I am not here to defend Marx, I am here in the interest of truth and dispelling fears that are deliberately used to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves,….There is not a Marxist on the planet that would not defend your right to worship whomever you wish…and it doesn’t have to be written into law, it is an understood imperative….the decline in morality is mind numbing, however it is a phenomenon that occurs during economic crisis as democracy is impossible to maintain with the levels of inequality that exists and it is the state itself that is busy keeping us in a state of fear and heightened alert ,with hysteria over chem trail, vaccination, fluoride and pharmaceutical issues….note that it is not possible for lay people to determine the veracity of claims on these issues…deliberate, WHY….remember fascism across Europe, the elites do , every country where fascism arose was in putting down revolutions against capital….that is what they are fearful of, that is why they denigrate Marx….they have all to lose. I have nothing to gain, and I do care what happens to us all,that is my only motive….if Marx is so evil, why not debate Marxists on TV and finished him off? Why make up ridiculous stories about Bankers and use foul racism, why not attack his theories….I know the indoctrination factor is impossible o breach and it makes me sad, because we need to be brothers and stand against capital and take control of society stop this madness, respect each other…I couldn’t GIVE A FUCK what anyone believes as long as they are decent people. I would stand against a conservative being oppressed by the government in my country without a second thought. Its crazy…all this is about is rearranging the way we produce and distribute the necessities of life…..nothing else…about subsistence that all. And the capitalists dont want to change it, because this system allows for unbelievable exploitation in front of you face…and this document proves it……and all i say to all of you is forget everything else and if my claim is correct….what are we going to do to fix it

            From a fellow earthing….love and peace nanu nanu

          • Haha 🙂 You start this diatribe with ‘are you all mental’?

            Why not check out some of Marx’s own poetry, it has been linked to by Kevin. if there is anyone mental here, it’s most certainly not us, but Mordechai Levy himself.

            Marxists hate Stalin because he ended Communism’s international designs, focussing on building Russia first.

            If you believe Stalin was the only problem of the Bolshevist revolution, I’d like to know what you’re on exactly: Lening and Trotsky and the Jews in their cadres started an incredibly barbaric murdering spree against the Russians from literally day one.

          • you need to prove this is not true, because if you cannot then you are bankrupt fools, all of you.

        • too stupid for words. The bolsheviks banned private property upon taking power and cut out capitalist investment until 1990. There was no murdering spree by the bolsheviks, it was (christian) western invasion in 1919, who didn’t think the workers should have their own state. Russia had just been through 400 years of tsarist despotism a world war….the bolsheviks pulled russia out of the war, were in power one year only of a decimated country, they are then attack and they are blamed for the famine. and the red terror. Of course y=they unleashed terror on the whites, what do you think they were doing…some invades your home you defend it with all you have….and the bolsheviks were honest about the use of terror and said it got out of hand,,,is that their fault….that was it, the invasion destroyed the revolution and the psychopath stalin was able to usurp the remains. Yes you are mental, childish idiots 5 year olds.that have toi lie for what reason o support some fiction, is that how pathetic you are?

          • Lol! you’re joking right?

            This is kid’s stuff man, please move on if you’re in that zone and come back here in a few years or so.

    • Carol Ann permalink

      Ross N. Excellent link. Thank you!

  20. Charles.G.J. Meijneke permalink

    Van Charles Meijneke @Charliesources (twitter)

    Dag Anthony, Even kijken of het lukt met een reply op dit emailadres.

    Ik volg jouw al heel lang, en heb heel veel geleerd hiervan. Vooral, laatst: The Plane Truth: Usury And The Rise Of The Bankster Dictatorship Hier was je echt in topvorm, ik heb deze nog niet zolang geleden op mijn twitter profile gezet en ook via Googleplus.

    Waarom ik nu reageer is dat ik nu net vrijdag 31-10-2014 om 15:20uur op een topsite als the truth seeker jouw pas geschreven stuk aandacht krijgt. Cultural Marxism: Managing The Ant Farm

    Met een doorverwijzing onder het schrijven naar de site van

    hier de url’s

    Anthony Migchels: Feminism is Dying By wmw_admin on October 29, 2014

    by Anthony Migchels — Oct 27, 2014

    Continues …

    Ik denk dat je dit nog niet weet dus vandaar dat ik nu snel even reageer. Ik hoop dat je het interessant vind, zeker de site van herrymakow, deze site had ik lang niet gezien. Maar was wel een bekende. Ik heb nog niet eens alles gelezen, wat ik wel ga doen.

    Zelf ben ik al sinds 1989 een Conspiracy theorist. Ik ben een christen van hart en we zijn echt in de eindtijd aangekomen. 2014 is mijn duidelijk dat alles in een stroomversnelling gaat.

    Toch kom ik nog steeds sites tegen die mijn gedachten over alles aanscherpen.


    Ook volg ik via twitter Martin Vrijland @MartinVrijland

    Why Judaism Is Bankrupt Brother Nathanael een van zijn laatste videos

    thirdeaglebooks van William Tapley youtube channel

    Met vriendelijke groet. Charles Meijneke

  21. Ross N. permalink

    Marx, Rothschild, Zionism and Communism ultimately connect via Judaism and money power. Judaism used priest kings to control money during Levant period, especially by taking rents between physical silver and abstract clay ledger money; and also by taking exchange rate rents via East/West mechanism. The differential between Gold/Silver exchange rates enabled Jewish control of Caravan routes between East West, hence parastical rentier transfer of wealth to the East. Even Islam’s inception can be seen as an outgrowth of Jewish perfidy as Jewish merchants controlled Mecca, which was an entrepot city on East West caravan routes.

    Christ was killed shortly after he confronted the money changers doing usurious half shekel exchanges good for the temple. Silver of this era was generational debts, a diabolical form of law designed to enslave across generations.

    Fast forward to our future and a new rent seeking mechanism emerges on world scene, and that is stock exchange capital in Amsterdam, invented by Sephardic Jews. This evolves further into private banker credit mechanisms, which in turn jumps to England. Marx, Zionism, Communism, Rothschild’s, are direct descendants of pyramidal private banker credit used to control populations via concentration of debt instruments and rents taken via usury. Cromwell and Calvanism were both funded by Amsterdam stock exchange capital:

    The modern debt money system of the world is birthed:


    Arthur Nelson Field

    A. N. Field, in his book, “All These Things,” published in 1931, explains the situation in England this year, as a result of Cromwell’s decision to ignore the law banning the Jews from entering England, and allowing them back in defiance of the law, only 33 years earlier, as follows,

    “Thirty-three years after Cromwell had let the Jews into Britain a Dutch Prince arrived from Amsterdam surrounded by a whole swarm of Jews from that Jewish financial centre. Driving his royal father-in-law out of the kingdom, he graciously consented to ascend the throne of Britain. A very natural result following on this event was the inauguration of the National Debt by the establishment six years later of the Bank of England for the purpose of lending money to the Crown. Britain had paid her way as she went until the Jew arrived.”

  22. 0jr permalink

    never the less the germans trying to play the victim when to this day they delivered nuke subs to the jews =to the commie bolshvik jews murdering 10’s of millions to this day and continuing

    • kingedward1wasright1290 permalink

      Germany has been occupied by the Al-lies since 1945, they are locked up or murdered for simply speaking out about the Jewish control of their people.

  23. It doesn’t really matter much if a national economy operates under communism or capitalism. There is a much bigger, paramount issue – how is the national money supply created? This important detail is lost as we instead dive into the meaningless minutia.

    If all money is created as interest bearing loans by a banking monopoly (as we have now) – you will have financial tyranny and debt slavery. Period.

    And, such a financial system cannot be sustained which means there will be inevitable collapses that lead to the banks taking large amounts of private property as collateral. Bankruptcies are inevitable and if the system operates long enough, eventually all private property will belong to the banks. These scenarios are inevitable as a function of the math.

    In order to remain independent and viable, the state MUST control (directly or indirectly) the creation of money as its most sacred act of sovereignty.

    Marx and the phony capitalists have hood winked the people. We chase our tails in a meaningless charade by discussing irrelevant rhetoric.


      “Monetary reform. It’s the mother of all reforms. Without it, all reforms are doomed.

      There’s only one way. Do what the Jews most want us not to do, what they fear most:

      Taking back money creation by our national government.” — Brother Nathanael

      Sovereign credit can liberate nations and bring an end to debt slavery! A nation can create money without incurring any debt as sovereign credit simply reflects a positive national net worth.

      • But it’s not just the Nation (wrongly equated with the State) that is at stake Larry.

        Equally important is interest-free credit for the common man.

        He is the real sovereign.

        The Bro, as do by far most monetary reformers, overlooks this.

        • Only a nation state yields the power of sovereign credit which enables the issuance of money without accompanying debt. For example, in the U.S., the government owes around $2.7 trillion to the Social Security “Trust” which may be repaid with the click of a mouse – and no debt. Imagine how that would positively improve the lives of the people who have paid into the system all of their lives.

          Anthony; I agree with and respect your advocacy of 0% interest – an end to usury. If the nation state ultimately controls the issuance of new money, it can stipulate that banks and credit unions provide 0% loans when creating new money. Origination, handling and collection fees may be used to provide the profit needed to operate a business concern or co-operative endeavor.

          If existing money is used or if collateral is lacking; then I think interest can be charged in these loans as a speculative investment. For example, if someone needs venture capital others should be compensated in some way for the risk.

          As far as mortgages, car loans and other secured loans are concerned; then no interest should be charged in my opinion as it destroys the financial system if it is charged on newly created money.

          Sovereign credit is too powerful of a tool to ignore. For example, look at student loans. They could be given at 0% without full collateral or adequate income. I think student loans are investments in ourselves and in the next generation. There are many creative opportunities for the “common wealth” of a sovereign nation to be used in creating new money.

          Thanks for the comment and the opportunity for a discussion!

          • We’re close of course Larry, no doubt and your additional comments point at the direction I like to see. I just wanted to be on record with it, mainly for newer readers!


          • why do they need to be loans at all? money is just needed to oil the wheels – let the government create it for what is needed and what is produced/ laboured over, making suyre there is plenty, and plenty of product available, and never, ever demand it back.

            the only time money would need to be retired is if we lose value and assets (and population) – you would expect once sovereign money creation has been established the economy would boom naturally in no time, as without the banks in charge of everything prices would also fall to a level where it is very, very cheap to live, the way humanity should be on this amazing planet, yes?

          • If there is money, there is temporary shortness of it: the desire to invest more than we have in money.

            This is a fundamental blind spot with by far most monetary reformers: credit cannot be seen apart from the monetary system.

      • Snorgert permalink

        Leading your opposition is an old tactic. Do you really trust a Jew to lead an anti Jew movement?

  24. Here is an article from Henry Makow’s site that, if true, would explain much regarding his work and goals: “Karl Marx Was Rothschilds’ Third Cousin”

  25. Bob Sacamano permalink

    ISIS, Feminists and Thugs: Dupes of the Foundations & Think Tanks

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