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From Chattel Slavery To Capitalism

February 18, 2019

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A cliché, and yet so pertinent. So many people think that the struggle against the New World Order is about preventing becoming their slaves.

But we ARE their slaves!

The essence of Slavery is that someone else controls the value of our production. 

Under Capitalism, people depending on a wage (the 90/99%), typically consume only about 10% of the value of their own production. The entire System is geared to sucking up our production with unearned income: Usury, Landlordism, Speculation, high prices of Monopoly.

By Anthony Migchels for

In Capitalism, this was achieved by first driving the common people off their ancestral lands by systematically destroying the abundant money systems of the medieval era by forcing Gold Standards everywhere.

This caused a deflation that first savaged the country side.

In this way, the People lost their means of independence, and were forced to work for others for a living, in the cities. Instead of being independent farmers and craftsmen, they were demoted to wage slavery.

By giving him a wage, immediately a large chunk of the value of the worker’s production is taken by the shareholder. The value of the worker’s production is always much higher than his wage.

With Multinationals, profits and shareholder dividends are typically higher than cost for labor. Meaning that more than half of the workers’ production is taken by the owners of the company.

The reason that they get away with this, is because Capital is kept artificially scarce, both through Cartels and through the artificial scarcity of money. In this way, Labor is oppressed, forcing them into low wages and humiliating conditions.

The worker receives his wage, and the remaining value of his production is next sucked up with scientific precision.

A wage slave making $2000 per month has a budget something like this:
$300 for the State
$700 for the Landlord
$100 for Energy
$200 for ‘health’ ‘care’
$150 for Transportation
$50 for Telecom
Total: $1500

What remains, $500, about a quarter, is to eat and try live a life. A fraction of what 40 hours work produced, at least $4000 worth.

The beauty of the System is, that when wages rise, prices, debts (and associated usurious cost), rents, rise along, sucking up the extra purchasing power.

Residual wealth that the Middle Class retains during booms, is disowned a little later with the inevitably following crunch, forcing them into liquidation at depressed prices.

Free Markets, Right?! Supply and demand!
All good and dandy, we think. Fair enough. We use stuff, so we pay.

But when we take a closer look at where all this money ends up, it transpires that all supply chains we depend on (energy, automotive industry, telecom, ‘health’ ‘care’) are dominated by massive International Cartels.

Cartels keep supply low, and prices high, so a lot of their profits are unearned income, not really related to their production, but to their market power. They use this to keep competitors out, and the Capitalist’s core value is ‘Competition is Sin’ (John D. Rockefeller).

What is more, a great many people are enslaved by Landlordism, which is a vicious Tyranny, first established by the Sword, later overtaken by mortgages, the Money Power’s method of disowning the Landed Aristocracy. Landlordism is pure parasitism, and all the Land is owned by a really very small group of mostly very old families. For instance: all the homeowners in Britain combined own only 6% of the Land. All the rest is in the hands of a minute percentage of the population. Many of the main Land holders go back all the way to William the Conqueror.

Usury massively raises all these prices. As we know, Usury is about 40% of prices we pay for all goods and services: cost for capital passed on by the supplier.

This include the land we live on, and on which we are utterly dependent. In fact, Usury actually QUADRUPLES Landlordism´s rents.

But this is not the only way International Finance profits from everything: they also have a decisive stake in most of the Transnationals that dominate the supply chains we are completely dependent upon. Only 20% of Transnationals (there are about 40,000 of them) are independently owned.

In the past, people enslaved in the mines and the sweatshops, say late 19th century Britain, they were even forced by their employers to do their groceries in factory owned shops that charged outrageous prices.

We think we have outgrown this. It’s really time to think again: all that has happened is that Capital (Finance) has upped their game. Local shops on factory compounds are now international supermarket chains. But they are owned by the same people, and serve the exact same purpose: reclaiming Capital’s losses to wages, usurping our production.

People even go so far as to say ‘Capitalism has lifted people out of poverty’! What is so insane about this, is that a man, in 1694, worked about 15 weeks per year on his own farm. Then with the ascent of Capitalism, two centuries later, he worked 80 hours per week in some soul crushing ‘job’, and it was still not enough: his wife and his kids had to work too, just to pay for the rent and some potatoes.

Even today, we work at least twice as much as three centuries ago.

The most galling of it all is that people claim ‘freedom’, because once every four years they get to give away what remains of their power to some Kleptocrat insider with ‘democratic elections’.

This is the reality of Capitalism, which is centered around International Finance and its Usury (Banking).

No solution to all this is thinkable, without the end of Usury by interest free credit for the People.

What Is Capitalism?
Capitalism Is Jewish Usury
How Usury Encloses The Commons

  1. I thought people had the purchasing power to consume 20% of their production. If it’s 10% it’s twice as bad as i thought.

    • It’s not an entirely exact science. It could be, if we had all the numbers. But I suspect it’s even below 10%, when all is said and done.

  2. neville-mladen permalink

    It is refreshing to see that some men and women in this world (not persons or citizens) are exposing this vile and utterly repugnant “Money Mortgage Scam” that is today killing all of our brothers and sisters and is hell bent on destroying our world and yet all of it is held together by a paper tiger living in TV land and your happy slave farm plasma world offered up to you in your local suburban Ghetto concentration camp, where the Rothschild’s and the filthy City of London Zionist Jews, feed all of you poison, G5, chlorine, aspartame, sugar dairy and their favourite ‘propaganda’ . . .

    Thax Anthony Migchels . . .

    With much love from Sunny Down Syndrome Australia . . .

  3. I’m becoming convinced we had a better culture a couple of hundred years ago but it was systematically taken over and destroyed by the Black Magic money men. People need to recognize that before electricity we didn’t necessarily know what was happening the other side of the river let alone around the world. Our history could be a crock and almost none of us would be any the wiser. Battles could be raging but the only info about it would be word of mouth. Much delayed so all is different to how things are this day. It would easy to not know the history of anything you hadn’t personally experienced. The Tartarian civilization theory has got me to thinking it could’ve been possible.

  4. Excellent point made about our working hours. It’s always made out that the ‘poor peasant farmers’ of the past were owned by feudal lords and worked to death. I’ve always had a bit of a problem with that because it’s pretty hard to be an asshole to the people you live near and not end up having them try to ruin you. It would make for a pretty awful existence for everyone I think.

  5. mick permalink

    cant remember who said it but it goes something like…Socialism is the puss boil on the diseased body of Capitalism…on the money as usual Anthony …actually that is a better saying than we might think

  6. Clyde J. Harkins permalink

    The power to create what is accepted as money out of nothing is truly a god-like power to build up or destroy any civilization, nation, corporation, institution or individual at the will of the owners of the
    banks. Cutting credit creation is how the Federal Reserve deliberately created the Great Depression in the late 1920’s to World War II.

  7. Ben permalink

    I think you might drive some people away because they will think “he hates capitalism, so I’m sure his solution is socialism.” I think a sane, non-corrupt, non-predatory free market is the way to go.

    Can’t it be argued that anyone who would say “competition is a sin,” is not really a capitalist? Why are the world elite so socialist? I believe socialism is their preferred system. But it’s a different socialism than most people imagine, they have no plans to play by the rules which they would foist on everyone else.

    Anyway, I know you are on the right track Anthony, because you know what the root of the problem is. (Usury)

    Thank you

  8. Tony B. permalink

    Anthony, there are a couple of points on the start of capitalism, at least in England (I’m not sure about the continent), that are seldom pointed out.
    1. The accumulated capital into the hands of a few, first necessity of capitalism, in England came about through the murder and rapine by Cromwell, talmudic Jew financed out of Amsterdam, the bulk of the theft being the stripping of the Churches and Church properties (England still being primarily Catholic at the time) which had been the physical salvation of the people, countless monasteries feeding, clothing and giving shelter to those who had no means. Most even had a daily ration of beer. It was the stolen Church wealth that was used by the thieves: talmudic Jews and greedy Brit aristocracy (who for centuries since have regularly intermarried), that financed the original anti-human factories, etc.
    2. Those pre-capitalist families that were self supporting had the happy Christian economic life known as “cottage industries” wherein a family lived together and worked together creating products together with pride of workmanship which were desirable for trade or sale. No one became filthy rich on the backs of others but all lived comfortably for their age with their family unit intact. The capitalist factories soon changed the economy in a manner that destroyed and scattered these families when children were of a young and vulnerable age as they could no longer exist on the proceeds of their hand crafted products, undercut by the capitalists.
    The “merrie ol’ England” of the past, that of the Magna Charta, a jury of one’s peers (people who actually knew the accused personally), etc. was Catholic England, destroyed by talmudic Jewish created protestant “progress,” that of unforgiving contract replacing the trusting handshake in every sort of business, even family, dealings.

    • Yes Tony, this is how they lived. And mind you: that was under the Tyranny of the Landed Aristocracy. This guy ‘William the Conqueror’ was just a Viking who basically stole the whole Land, and had his new possessions listed in the Domesday book.

      Taxes and rents on land already started eating away of both the leisure, and the incomes of people, but even in those days of Feudalism and legal Serfdom, people STILL only lost about 20% of their production to these parasites. But it WAS an important step in the disownment of the people.

      But yes, only after Amsterdam Finance landed in Britain and launched the BoE in 1694, starting this huge boon of Capitalism (according to most of our buddies on the self declared ‘Traditionalist’ Right), which robbed people from really everything, ‘creating wealth’, lol.

      Anyway, I wish all these mostly well meaning, but none too up the speed guys on the Right would spend two days with you or some of the few other remaining actual Populists.

      They would hate you the first day, but the second day they would see the light, I’m sure of it.

  9. marketingformula permalink

    Very well written and very true!

  10. Alfred permalink

    HI Anthony,

    I really enjoyed your talks on Red Ice radio, is there a chance you could do another show with updates on your work?

  11. On point!
    Most People know how messed up this system is, or they feel it at least. But they take it for granted.

    This text points out the fraud very clearly. I’d like to reblogg it,
    if this is okay for you.

  12. Spells Of Truth permalink

    The state controls the means of production.
    The state controls the value of production.

    Central Bank Slavery:
    The private market controls the means of production.
    The central bank controls the value of production with a debt based currency

    The private market controls the means of production.
    The state controls the value of production with a value based currency

    The private market controls the means of production.
    The private market controls the value of production.

    Any country run by a central bank is a Fascist country. The United States has only been a capitalist country for a very small period of time:
    -Fascist 1776-1791:
    It ended when the Rothschild Bank of England backed Alexander Hamilton in order to get him to create the First Bank of the United States. Its charter lasted for 20 years.
    -Central Bank Slavery 1791-1811:
    Ended when Congress voted to not renew the charter.
    -Capitalism 1811-1812:
    It ended when the Rothschild Bank of England started a war with the USA in what is now called the War of 1812. Despite winning the war the USA was forced to create a new central bank called the Second Bank of the United States. Its charter lasted 20 years.
    -Central Bank Slavery 1812-1832:
    Ended when Andrew Jackson won the presidency. “…You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal God(slams fist on table) I will rout you out!” Andrew Jackson was true to his word and ended the charter after surviving multiple assassination attempts.
    -Fascism 1832-1865:
    Ended after the assassination of Lincoln and the removal of all ‘greenback’ notes aka removal of all value based currencies.
    -Capitalism 1865-1913:
    Ended with the creation of the Third Banks of the United States aka The Federal Reserve.
    -Central Bank Slavery 1913-present:

    The USA was only a capitalist country for a very small time period. The USA was capitalist during the periods when there were no central bank controlled debt based currencies and there were no state controlled value based currencies. ‘Well so what, whats so special about the time period between 1865-1913?’ Ill tell you what happened during the time period of 1865 to 1913. What happened was, the invention of every electrical device in existence, including electric lighting, electric motor, electric refridgeration, electric heating, the radio, the telegraph, the telephone, the creation of the electric grid, the invention of the gas powered train and railroad infrastructure, the invention of the automobile, the invention of the airplane, the invention of all industrial production factories, the invention of industrial steel production, industrial textile production, industrial cement production, industrial oil production, industrial rubber production, industrial lumber production, industrial power production, industrial farm production, industrial book printing even greater than the printing press, industrial gun production, invention of the assembly line, invention of the concept of ‘research and development’, the invention of antiseptics effectively curing the majority of all previous health ailments including almost all diseases, infections, and illnesses, invention of steel reinforced cement which resulted in ‘skyscraper’ buildings, the invention of plastic, the greatest increase in literacy in all of human history, and much much more Im forgetting. That small time period was the biggest leap in technology in the entire history of mankind (horses to planes in 50 years), no jump has been greater including space rocketry and modern computing, they pale in comparison, it is only a small jump from flying planes to flying rockets, and only a small jump from electric devices to electric computation, while it is a monumental, massive jump to go from riding animals for transportation to riding steel reinforced mechanical flying machines that can soar through the air and across oceans… That small time period is responsible for the greatest increase in quality of life in all of human history. True upward class movement was possible. The American was a free-thinking, god-fearing, sovereign individual.

  13. In the past 3 years I passed through the Amsterdam airport 4 times. In 1983 was the first time I caught a connecting flight in Amsterdam. What a change in the wrong direction. Just as the german lowland, the airport is infested with coloured culture enhancers —who give not a flying hoot-fuck about monetary systems.

    Don’t feel bad, the situation in the Frankfurt airport is no better.

    Since 2013 you managed not to learn anything about money, banking, finances. It must have taken more than little effort on your part to remain as ignorant as you ever was.

    A good portion of the invaders of Europe subscribe to the religion which frowns upon usury, so you should look towards your future with shining eyes.

  14. You’d be interested in my topic “Bitcoin immune to capitalism / usury.”

  15. kingedward1wasright1290 permalink

    Another very good article from Andrew Joyce on the destruction of Ireland by the usual suspects.

    “Five Jews came from over sea with gifts to Tairdelbach [King of Munster], and they were sent back again oversea.”

    Annals of Inisfallen, 1079 A.D.

    “I propose an interrogation of how the Irish nation can become other than white (Christian and settled), by privileging the voices of the racialized and subverting state immigration, but also integration, policies.”

    Ronit Lentin (Israeli academic), From racial state to racist state: Ireland on the eve of the citizenship referendum, 2007.

    Tairdelbach of Munster (Turlough O’Brien 1009–86), who was, by 1079, effectively the High King of Ireland, probably holds the world record for the fastest expulsion of Jews. He dominated the Irish political scene, had crushed the Viking leadership of Dublin, and possessed “the standard of the King of the Saxons.” His son had even commenced raids into Wales and the British coast.

    Unfortunately, we can only surmise the nuances of the 70-year-old warlord’s reaction to the sudden arrival of a handful of gift-bearing Jews, because the Annals of Inisfallen are thin on detail. The delegation almost certainly originated in Normandy, where Jews thrived under a symbiotic financial relationship with William the Conqueror. William, of course, had introduced Jews to Anglo-Saxon England thirteen years before the approach to Tairdelbach, leaving open the possibility they could have traveled directly to Ireland from one of these new Jewish enclaves in England. In any event, it is almost certain that they arrived seeking permission to settle in Ireland’s urban centers, forge a relationship with the Irish elite (Tairdelbach himself), and engage in exploitative moneylending among the lower social orders. This was a pattern that had hitherto been witnessed throughout Europe. And yet Tairdelbach’s reaction was to reject the gifts and immediately expel the Jews. They would not be able to form a community in Ireland for several centuries.

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