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A World Bank Whistleblower making Waves (and promoting Gold)

October 4, 2013
Karen Hudes

Left: The energetic Karen Hudes

The amazing revelations by World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes have stunned many and surely it is pretty mind blowing to hear a veteran World Bank insider validate the core of conspiracy theory: that a small group of bankers controls the whole lot, with the BIS at its apex. On the other hand: she promotes Gold based money as the solution.

The notion that a small group of bankers is controlling the world is mainstreaming like wildfire. And Karen Hudes is no small part of that. She is an experienced career banker who studied at Yale University. She is exposing massive corruption within the World Bank, where she has worked for 20 years, including mass resentment from the rest of the world in the American role in this. And she has no qualms talking about how the Federal Reserve and other major Central Banks and the IMF and BIS orchestrate the whole global economy.

A good overview of her accomplishments by Michael Snyder can be found here, a video by her that has been making the rounds is in there too.

What I really like about her style is, she is in no way impressed, let alone in a panic: she’s on the contrary very optimistic and fighting the bad guys with law suits and whistle blowing. So I, like many, am thrilled to see her take on the whole lot and wish her more power.

More Gold Porn
On the other hand, exposing the Gold racket is and remains necessary. And Hudes does promote Gold based monetary reform. I don’t mean to harm Hudes’ message here, it is an undeniable fact of life that many inspired and brilliant people have fallen for the Gold meme at some point. Let us just be grateful she’s out there and for the excuse she provides to rehash this very pressing and mainly ignored issue.

Promoting Gold as a solution for our current problems is simply promoting Money Power policy. Not that it’s a bad investment, but keeping a little Gold at the side for a rainy day is quite something else than suggesting Gold backed money.

Clearly, the Banks have been preparing a return to some sort of Gold standard. For years now, rumors about a Gold backed Yuan have been gaining momentum. FOFOA has been exposing the plans for some sort of monetary role for Gold with the Euro. Central Banks have been buying Gold in major quantities. It is the Powers that Be that control Gold. All of it.

Many different memes supporting the notion that Gold backed money is fair and will save us have been circulated over the years, to prepare us for what is coming. Nesara comes to mind, promising Gold based monetary ‘reform’. OPPT claims we will all be given some.

Austrian Economics with its great champion Ron Paul is the ultimate Money Power Gold meme, of course. They invested billions in that one, giving the Banks’ plans some sort of ‘scientific’ veneer.

The weirdest of these narratives is ‘Road to Roota’, claiming Alan Greenspan is trying to save the United States by preparing the return to Gold as money. It’s certainly true that Alan Greenspan is the most famous and influential Austrianista of them all, but the idea that he would be interested in the well being of these United States?

Gold vs. Paper is just one of their dialectics. They don’t care whether it’s the printing press or Gold that finances the economy. They own both. Alan Greenspan is just one case in point. They have routinely switched between both in the past. During WW1 most nations left the Gold standard. The Money Power reinstated it in 1925, to create the depression.  Which it duly did in the thirties, when most countries again turned to the printing press, the system we have today. Gold is deflationary and deflation causes depression.

They have been getting rich by lending massive amounts of Gold to sovereigns for centuries, millennia, now.

Control of the money supply by the banks is exploited in three main ways: usury, manipulation of volume (money scarcity, the boom/bust cycle) and the power to direct the economy by deciding what to finance and not. Gold solves none of these three.

Some say Gold is ‘debt free’ money, because it is dug up and spent into circulation. But Gold mining adds only a fraction to existing Gold supplies, which would be lent into circulation by the banks at interest.

History shows that asset bubbles were the norm during Gold standards. Prices tend to decline during Gold standards and to rise during Paper standards. Deflation has the Money Power’s preference, as it kills the middle classes through protracted depression and money scarcity. Inflation encourages booms and this is better for the many. The Banking Cartel, creating a global depression, wants to use Gold to look like it’s reforming a bad situation, only to make it worse.

America is badly placed for a new Gold based currency. The Fed owns no Gold at all, is my bet. And this is no coincidence, because it has always seemed that the coup de grace for the dollar would also mean the end of Pax Americana. The end of American supremacy is an integral part of the road to global governance.

Gold prices today are heavily reliant on New York’s Commodity Exchange (COMEX), where prices are set by derivatives like Gold futures. Many players on that market are selling Gold that they have only on paper. This is how prices are manipulated. Should people start calling their bluff and insist on physical delivery, COMEX would quickly collapse and this is the great day of reckoning that seems to be unavoidable. Physical Gold prices would go through the roof, the dollar down the drain and America would be caught with her pants down.

When this happens the results for the United States will be devastating.

The Money Power are the banking families and their control grid, including the Banking Cartel, which is one massive consolidated block. To solve the situation we need to get rid of the banks and print some interest-free credit, while managing the volume properly. The money supply should grow and shrink parallel to economic activity. With local democratic control of credit allocation. This would solve all three main problems with money.

If we do that, we would end the Money Power, war, the depression, Transnationals, poverty, the Jewish Question, environmental destruction, wage slavery, the war on the family and the degeneration of the public domain. Simply by starving the beast and empowering the many.

It would vastly increase the standard of living of the great majority of mankind. It would foster an unprecedented cultural, scientific, political, economical, environmental and spiritual rebirth.

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  1. So you have some reservations re.Karen Hudes promoting gold?I would have serious reservations if she weren’t.What should she be promoting,,,,different colored paper money?

    • Greenbacks would be fine, it’s not really the color of money that is important. The questions are:

      – Is it interest free? (Gold is not)
      – Is its volume sufficient and stable, so we don’t have money scarcity and the boom/bust cycle? (Gold is scarce and its volume easily manipulated)
      – Who decides credit allocation (Gold would see the bankers decide what direction the economy takes, just like now).

      Easiest is to close the banks and open up interest-free credit facilities who have a right to provide only so much credit, as decided by a currency board, which in turn manages the volume so money grows and shrinks with the rate of economic activity.

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  3. Moneylender permalink

    I agree with Anthony on most of what he has to say.

    He should have pointed out the ecological damage done in digging for gold, the miners life span is an average 48years due to lung poisoning,and are on slave labour, paid peanuts.

    Those who support Gold are psychopaths,Kaiser and Alex do a good job in exposing the powers that be, but do a great disservice by supporting gold.

    How many people or nations can afford to buy gold.?

    As for Money Supply, yes, Interest Free, but as Interest Free Loans for productive capacity.

    It’s self regulatory. Money Supply remains constant = Nil Inflation

    • The money supply is not self regulatory with interest-free credit moneylender!

      In your scenario, with loans only for productive capacity, it would result in over investment and an inflationary spiral.

      In mine, where people would also get interest-free mortgages (to crush rents on land), a real estate bubble would result from unchecked creditability.

      • Moneylender permalink

        Interest Free Loans for productive capacity as opposed to Debt Free issuance is inflationary.
        Loans are granted against well costed business plans where cost benifit analysis is well defined.
        Loans are paid back and cancelled thus Money Supply remains constant = Nil Inflation

        • Ok, then we agree that the money supply must remain constant (indexed against economic activity, I might add).

          But this must be guarded: if every business plan would get the credit it needs (assuming this credit would be created, as opposed to provided through interest free full reserve JAK banking) chances are the money supply would grow, because more credit would be provided than payed off.

          As long as we don’t provide no more new credit than is being payed off, we will be fine.

      • REN permalink

        Anthony, Please consider that a land tax is necessary, even though it is unpopular. What goes untaxed is pledged in the loan value. Land is a special case, especially since it is a mode of production, and it also gains inputs (rents) from the efforts of others.

        A quote from Hudson:” classical economists urged land taxation, both to recapture the expense of public infrastructure investment and, subsequently, to reduce housing prices but not leaving this “free” rental value available to be capitalized into bank loans and paid to creditors as interest. By freeing government from having to tax labor or capital, and by paying for capital investment out of a rent tax (to provide transportation at subsidized prices) a tax on land and natural resource rent provides a double cost saving for the economy, minimizing its cost structure.”

        Hudson goes on to use figures showing how the cost structure is minimized, thus reducing rents:

        In other words, if we want low cost housing and land, and if we want rents reduced in the economy, we have to untax labor (VAT and income tax) and tax land. The added bonus is that the tax does not allow bidders to drive up the site value, which is then pledged to the creditor (banker).

        • I agree Ross. While at this point a land tax would just be used to give the bankers some more dough, in a reformed economy (where taxation would be very low anyway), taxation on land is plausible at least. The goal of it is to provide the commoner access to his fair share of land. I’m not completely convinced that taxation on land is the best way. The State could also finance itself with a progressive wealth tax, which is pretty neutral to the economy. And land could be shared with some sort of voucher system too. But these are just brain farts for the time being, not really consistent thought. Until I come up with something more concrete I’d settle for George’s way anytime.

          But only with a package deal like you say: untax labor.

  4. Bruce permalink

    Violence is the currency that rules civilization. The real source of government power is monopoly control of legal violence. As long as the satanic elites own and control government, it doesn’t matter which monetary currency they choose to manipulate us with. All this discussion about paper versus gold versus social currency is a waste of time as long as the satanic elite maintain their monopoly on legal violence. They will retain power, and they will retain the consent of the people, because the large majority of people are mindless herd animals. And that’s what democracy is — mob rule.

    • The elite maintain power because we keep falling for their tricks. The State always needs justification for violence. Non violent, assertive resistance against injustice, combined with a vision of what we do want.

      We need a clear cut program of our own and demand its implementation. People are waking up and they are ready to think concretely about money.

  5. Bruce permalink

    Very few US politicians support a reduction of violence and protection of human rights and liberty, and Ron Paul was the leader of that movement, and you have never miseds an opportunity to criticize him. Dr. Paul grew up in a democratic republic believing in the US Bill of Rights. Perhaps you grew up in a Socialist country, and you will never understand our values. You seem to have almost a one dimensional personality about money. Maybe money isn’t the most important issue.

    • Perhaps Paul is simply too nationally oriented to see the bigger picture. Although I find that hard to believe. I do think it’s a problem in general. Most great Nations are very self centered. But the Money Power poses a truly global challenge. This is not about ‘American values’. This is about human values. We all want peace, which basically requires justice and freedom. Europe is much more peaceful than America. In many respects it is less free. They have a more soft fascism kind of approach here. But the enemy is the same and they are the overlords of finance, which is the global Empire that rules in reality.

      There can be no peace without justice and Paul’s austerity and Gold politics were the most brutal imaginable. To call for peace when relegating millions to premature death while enriching the few is an intolerable hypocrisy to me.

      • Bruce permalink

        The welfare state is not sustainable, and austerity is inevitable. The middle class is being taxed out of existence to grow a population of parasites and useless eaters dependent on big socialist government. After the middle class is destroyed, the useless eaters will die anyway. Wealth redistribuition is socialism, and socialism always leads to mass starvation, looting, and genocide, which have been commonplace in Europe’s history. What is brutal is to tax a working man and give the fruits of his labor to a man who refuses to work. Europe is being crushed under the weight of socialism, and you people don’t even have the burden of supporting a global occupation military. What will happen when the Germans get tired of paying for your socialist programs? When the muslim hordes — brought in by your socialist overlords — rise up against austerity, I don’t think Europe will be a peaceful place. Did you see what they did to that shopping mall in Nairobi? Have you read about the rioting in Greece? That is the future of Europe. It is also our future, because the US government is 100 percent socialist.

        Ron Paul is anti-socialist, and that’s the reason you don’t like him. He is the only politician who called for an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank, which would be the first step to remove this evil from our nation. He is one of the few US politicians to openly call for ending America’s imperial wars of aggression. He is one of the few who has called for ending the disastrous drug prohibition that imprisons millions and corrupts our justice system. He was the only US politician who articulated sane and rational policies. Austrian economics is far superior to Marxist Obamanomics.

        • The welfare state is not sustainable, because trillions are going to the bankers. Simple enough.

          Worse, there would be no welfare state necessary, if the socialism for the rich stopped.

          Usury is socialism for the rich. Deflation is socialism for the rich. Austerity is socialism for the rich.

          What you are seeing in Greece IS austerity, in case you missed that.

          I’m virulently anti-Marxist AND anti socialist. Marxism is the dialectical twin the bankers created to control the opposition against Usury.

          The Germans pay for no one’s socialist programs, accept the socialist programs for the banks. Meanwhile, they are sucking up all the capital that is leaving the weaker countries, hence its ‘boom’.

          You are calling to end the welfare state for the poor, calling them useless eaters and parasites.

          In doing so you take sides with Buffett who said: this is class warfare and my class is winning.

          You and Paul are socialists, therefore I resist both of you. The mega wealthy are the useless eaters and parasites.

          End socialism for the rich and then bother about the pittance the poor receive to ‘compensate’ for the destruction of their economic rights through usury and deflation.

          You are willingly and knowingly calling for starvation of the victims of this money system.

          I’d say: get over it.

          • Bruce permalink

            In 2012 45 percent ($1.6 trillion) of the US federal budget was spent on socialist entitlement programs. Welfare spending was $0.5 trillion. I would not call that a pittance. Forty-six percent of federal tax revenue comes from individual income tax and 35 percent comes from social security and social insurance taxes. Working people are the victims of a welfare entitlement class that sits at home watching Oprah Winfrey and reproducing the next generation of fatherless criminals.

            Your knowledge of our country is as lacking as your knowlege of Ron Paul. What I object to is that you use this internet forum to publish misinformation about one of the few good politcians in US history. Again, Ron Paul is the only US politician in recent history who sponsored a bill to audit the Federal Reserve Bank. He is also the only US politician who you criticize and publish misinformation about — interesting. Your social credit theories are going no where.

          • So social security is fully funded by the workers themselves. Defense spending is a trillion (Paul hardly dented the defense budget in his proposals). Interest payments on the wholly bogus ‘national debt’ is 450 billion and that’s not counting all the other interest charges the Fed Govt is paying.

            The reason why I only criticize Ron Paul (and let’s not forget arch zionist Rand ‘giving people water is servitude’ Paul!) is because this blog is for the initiated Bruce. The depravity of the republicans and democrats is a given here. All I’m saying is Ron Paul is hardly any better, although his rhetoric is obviously more palatable. However, we are ruled by a banking cartel and economics is everything and Paul’s economics are much, much worse than even Obama’s.

            If you cannot see that the poverty and degeneration of the lower classes in the United States, not so long ago a wealthy country, is not only an inhuman disgrace, but also purposeful social engineering, than I have difficulty understanding how you ever ended up here!

            This is not to say that many poor people have problems, but they need help, not death.

            I have not heard you utter one word of criticism of the wealthy, who, as was recently reported, took ALL of the ‘economic growth’ last year and are the only group doing well.

            A one off wealth tax on the rich, say 5%, would easily bring the US through the depression. It would not even scratch the economy, since the rich do nothing useful with their bucks, but sit on it and look pretty.

            If you want to avoid the real solution (ending usury), wouldn’t this be much better than killing millions with austerity?

          • I sense you are disappointed or disheartened Bruce. If you liked Paul, it can be difficult to let go. I’m not here to unduly defame people. To me it’s not personal at all. Undoubtedly Paul is a nice man and there is even a chance he actually believes Austrianism. I’ve made my case on clear and present facts and analysis. I don’t like to bring bad news and would have loved to jump the Paul bandwagon and surely would have, had I thought it was going anywhere.

            The Money Power is an exacting master. Either you shed all the brainwashing, or you continue to tow their line. I wish you well and hope you maintain confidence and good spirits, because we are in the final years of an age old struggle and although it is sure to be a very bumpy ride, we WILL overcome.

          • Hello Bruce: Contrary to the pandering and propaganda so oft repeated; the United States was never particularly wealthy. Yet those that wallow in the toxic soups of invented international wealth do quite well for themselves. If you would observe with less jaded eyes, the majority of citizens in the former United States were never even landowners. They were serfs paying homage to a power oligarchy through taxation and the slaughter of “enemies” of the state.

            Freedom is indeed just another word for nothing left to lose, and those whom you are “serving” will make sure they own your life and liberty, whether you agree with the process or not.

        • Bruce: The “worthless eaters” quote came from under the ample nose of Henry Kissinger, whilst he was refering to the elderly. Irony often has it’s way, and now that Henry is nothing but a dried up husk himself, he is also a “Worthless Eater” Gotta love it…


    • It would seem that the “money” supply conundrum is actually a “value” perception issue. Our historical definitions (falsehoods) have been reamed down our throats by propaganda thugs and zealots, who control and manipulate human conceptual patterns and context.
      Defining essential human needs in a common “value” based system, would obviously define what rate of currency flow and expansion is appropriate for those living in a particular local environment. A sober value based (localized) system should be the first order of business, and this system should ensure that basic access to items such as potable water, quality agricultural produce, clean and affordable housing, and a constructive way of life, is available to all strata of society in that local economy. Local currency should be sovereign to the individuals that produce a local benefit.
      When these basic human needs are addressed in a primary and effective way, the need for a constantly expanding financial/industrial base becomes rather academic and frivolous.
      The reason trade currencies have taken precedence over common values and human welfare is that “currency” was originally an enforcement mechanism based on international commerce over the high seas. Our historical financial constructs are actually based on acts of piracy; extortion, property and land theft, and the subjugation of individuals and countries, to assure that the pirates remain in control of all trade and commerce. (See Roman Empire and the Vaticanization of humanity)
      The solution is to reject all notions of international trade zones, and replace this oft failed paradigm with localized production of needed commodities by those who require those artifacts for local consumption. Industrial level exports should be prohibited, and all international “trade” agreements regarding none essential products should be drummed out of our collective paradigm. All other value arrangements have led to endless resource wars, loss of sovereign governance, social and political instability, enslavement of the individual, and collateralization of the Earth’s environment for profit.

  6. To suggest that there is some kind of conspiracy to promote gold does not reflect the reality that many people think that a gold standard is a solution to out of control government spending.

    Promoting money reform is political activism. Most people in the debate think that they are right. Most people promoting interest free money have political objectives in mind.

    Money without interest appears a dead end at first sight. It can only succeed and prosper when you have a solution that can beat the current system in competition.

    Interest free loans need savers willing to lend money at zero interest. If they can get a better return elsewhere then they will move their money there. That is the way markets operate.

    The good thing is, it is possible to make interest free money work, and produce better returns for savers. This requires a strict set of guidelines to operate such a currency.

    • There most certainly is a conspiracy to promote Gold as monetary ‘reform’ Bart………it’s called Austrian Economics and if you doubt it’s a conspiracy, check my faux-economics page.

      But it is most assuredly true that many reasonable people have fallen for the trap, that’s why I’m not attacking Hudes in this article, I’m just pointing out it seems to have happened again.

      Interest-free loans do not require savers, although savings can also be lent interest-free, through JAK banking and associated methods. Mutual Credit (a superior way of credit creation than fractional reserve banking) allows dirt cheap credit creation and this could well serve as the basis for our money supply. Basically not unlike our current system, but without the usury, money scarcity and the boom/bust cycle.

      • Anthony,

        I do not see Austrian economics as a conspiracy. I own gold for the same reasons they state. There are no checks and balances in the current system.

        To have a productive view on Austrian economics it is better look at their contribution to the field of economics. Their contribution to my research can be found here:

        Austrian economics has its problems, most notably ignoring the issue of interest on money. But I cannot think of that as a conspiracy.

        If you start to think in terms of conspiracies, you tend to ignore the real arguments they have. The interest free movement completely lacks a sound theoretical framework.

        When I read a book of Margrit Kennedy or other free money advocates like Litaer, I get the impression that they are not familiar with basic economic concepts or just ignore them.

        Why is there interest on money in the first place? That is economics 101. If you ignore that then your thinking ends up nowhere.


      • Anthony wrote: “Mutual Credit (a superior way of credit creation than fractional reserve banking) allows dirt cheap credit creation and this could well serve as the basis for our money supply.”

        Why is “Mutual Credit… (a superior way of credit creation than fractional reserve banking)”?

        “Fractional reserve lending” is not really fractional at all as 100% of the money lent by commercial and investment banks is created on the spot as account entries. Isn’t this the same for “mutual credit”?

        • Well, you’re probably right Larry, in the sense that Fractional Reserve lending is probably nowadays not even backed by the deposits, as it is pretended.

          Credit by account entries is what is needed. Mutual Credit is neat and tidy as the basic rules are completely transparent, whereas this whole banking business is so messed up that I’d be surprised if even they themselves would know what exactly their positions are.

          • Agreed; “credit by account entries” is what is needed and that is a benefit of “fractional reserve” lending.

            Unfortunately, the term “fractional reserve lending” is very confusing as it may mean different things. For example, people like Bill Still and Dennis Kuccinich rail against it and instead want “full reserve banking” whereby no new money money is created through the lending process. Instead; they would have banks lend only existing money – acting as “re-cyclers.”

          • REN permalink

            We have to put on our glasses and look at the money type, and how it behaves, i.e. where it flows and interacts. Credit money, as in fractional reserve, creates debts when formed. Credit cannot exist without debt; they are inverses of each other; functionally credit as money is loaned into existence and then vanishes upon loan paydown. Credit money and debts are twins formed at birth, and come together to vanish upon death. The death rate is loan paydown rate.

            Mutual Credit can come into being against an asset, but the asset can never be redeemed. In this way, the mutual credit does not need a debt association, and hence behaves as floating money. It is made current by some of the supply refluxing to retrieve the asset.

            Social Credit can come into being as seigniorage against the money supply. It has no debt counterpart, and has a force to make it current (to flow) -taxation. Social credit must have volume control, and hence needs a drain knob. Social credit has a political counterpart in the monetary authority, making it potentially democratic.

            Mutual Banking (as in Bagehot) is rich people donating their wealth/money, and that ‘money’ then circulates for generations, without a counterpart in debt.

            If the entire money supply has no debt associations, then it does not need constant treadmills of usury (new loan formation) to supply our transaction media.

            100 percent reserves require banks to keep money on hand to satisfy debt IOU’s (credit) in circulation. Money is in the reserve loops of banks, and Credit IOU’s are in circulation i.e. the money supply. (Why not just issue real money into circulation?)

            New Credit Theory (NCT) maintains that money and credit powers must have a clear separation. I agree as the units themselves behave differently. An electron and a proton are not the same.

            It is in these differences of money types, and credit types, and the poor definitions that rentiers and predators hide. We have words, like credit, that mean different things; our language is insufficient and made opaque by propaganda. The propaganda is funded by the money powers. The Devil wins when he becomes invisible, especially if words like “rent” and “usury” are removed from our vocabulary.

            Rents are costs above the true cost of production. Usury is calculated in National income and Product Accounts as if it is a cost of production. Asset bubbles also show up as “profits” as if they were real economic activity. Usury is rents on money, making money high cost…these costs are spread across all society as money is used to transact most economic activity.

          • Good to hear from you again Ross, I was thinking of you today!

            I’ll look into the link. I agree that the difference between money and credit is not clear enough to people. That’s why many think that asset backed credit does not need management of volume. They don’t realize the credit starts to behave as money, with its own laws, when it is spent into circulation.

          • REN wrote: “Credit cannot exist without debt; they are inverses of each other; functionally credit as money is loaned into existence and then vanishes upon loan paydown.”

            REN, I think that credit may and does exist without debt as all that is required for credit is a positive net worth. One may have credit without debt. Credit is potential while debt is kinetic. Credit drives the economy while debt stalls it.

          • Hello Larry: You commented: “Instead; they would have banks lend only existing money – acting as “re-cyclers.”
            In my opinion, Dennis Kuccinich has a very sober attitude regarding the absurdity of fractional reserve methods of lending. In fractional reserve lending, there are no controls in place regarding ultimate value of the loan, other than the speculative whims of the lending institution. Such leveraged mechanisms come at the expense of currency inflation over time, in order to meet some expected level of pleasant dreaming and hallucination. What follows the initial dream stage, is an ever expanding devaluation of real goods and services, and further levels of inflation to meet the demands of purchasing yet another strange and fascinating dream at 10% of accrual value. It’s an endless loop.
            Monetary lending policy has to be solidly anchored to a reasonably controlled expansion of money supply, according to an appropriate valuation based on 100% current value. Fractional reserve throws lending risk out the window by leveraging an unknown future at 10% (or less) of current value. If the loans at some point default (and by design, they will) Humpty Dumpty has a great fall, and no amount of inflation can put Humpty back together again. Cities, towns, local banks, private property, jobs, factories, and all sorts of things begin to disappear, because the whole damn scam was a mirage to begin with.

      • There is a fascinating transcription of a speech by Webster Tarpley at his website, called “The Venetian Conspiracy.” It seems that the banksters in the mid twelve hundreds stripped Europe of it silver and so brought about the Dark Ages and, via Ghengis Khan and his hordes, the Black death.

        So, it seems that even silver can be manipulated. The Venetian bankers, some of whom are the forebears of the present “royal family” in Britain who were known then as The Black Guelphs, according to Tarpley, pulled the silver coin of Europe into their coffers and onto ships which sailed in big fleets to Egypt and then on to finance Ghengis Khan!

        I also recommend a book a fascinating book by David Astle called “The Babylonian Woe.” It is about the Habiru who travelled with the donkey caravans throughout ancient Iraq and all the known World. That is where USURY began. It was they who corrupted Babylon! It seems that they also took to sea travel and were known as the Phoenicians – who became the Venetians.

        Now they are comfortably ensconced in London – via Amsterdam I suppose.

        They were despised wherever they went, having no morals and no sense of the sacred – they even robbed graves.

        They not only introduced USURY – they also introduced SLAVERY into the World. OUR World, though they like to think they own it, all being so completely and thoroughly ignorantly materialistic, and without a sense of beauty or real worth.

        • Hello Astrea Shaw: This is indeed an interesting summation of Venetian elements and the subterfuge of power influence. These manipulations eventually pit the Protestant and Roman Catholic belief systems against one another for the sake of political control of nations and individual wealth.

          I did quite allot of research on this subject about 16 years ago, yet I was limiting investigations to the influence of “families” as related to various popes and royal crowns. It seems to begin with the Medici’s and moves forward from there. It IS all about oligarchy and establishment of dominance over soveriegn life and liberty for the sake of power and yet more power for a select few.

          Thanks for the lead to a new source of considerations. Lovely name by the way.

  7. Thank you for an excellent article. I like the way you gave benifit of doubt to Ms Hudes. it is quite possible that she really does not know about the ramifications of a gold standard. Millions of well educated, smart, intelligent people have no clue. Just see the responses to your article.

  8. The Unhappy Hobbit permalink

    Hello Anthony.
    I’ve just recently stumbled across this blog in my research, and have found it and the opinions of many of the contributors very useful additions to my knowledge and understanding. I am still in the process of formulating my own opinions and feel fairly unqualified to offer commentary, except to say this…

    I have so far found one thing lacking in most of what I have read, watched and listened to. Whether the slant be Austrian, Anarchist, Interest Free, Socialist, Communist or any other theories, they all lack the human factor. We do not have a blank plant earth populated by a species of perfect little homo-sapiens. We are where we are; and humanity is liberally sprinkled with the 7 deadly sins. Trying to plan a Utopian existence is pointless.

    My argument with the idea of regulation-free markets is that the inevitable monopolies that would form would be run by the very type of people that have led us to where we are today – sociopathic gluttons who’s sole purpose is to maintain their monopoly.

    My argument with communism is that it ignores people’s desires and ambitions.

    My concern with socialism is the slothful nature of small portions of society (as opposed to the needy and disadvantaged) that take from society and don’t put back.

    What does that make me?

    From all I have learnt so far, it does seem that some major financial upheaval is on its way, and that gold may have a role to play at some point. Like many people, I have a regular job, and my earnings go to pay a mortgage, credit card debt and living expenses. I’m an average Joe. My concerns, therefore, are a) how to survive the transition to whatever is imposed upon us next, b) understanding what that future might be so that, c) I might attempt to put myself in a position to benefit.

    The Powers That Be control the systems, the politicians and the media. The difference between history and today is that never before have the media had such influence over the general population. That is what convinces me that blogs like this, whilst hugely educational, can only serve two purposes:

    1. as a sounding board for those with ideas that differ from the mainstream, and
    2. as a way of identifying ourselves to the Powers That Be who we are, so that we might be rounded up when the time comes!

    Resistance, sadly, is futile!

    • Thanks! It’s always good to hear people have a use for my articles!

      Resistance is far from futile. We must confront untruth at every corner and strongly attack the nonsense that the Money Power’s parrots put in the minds of the many.

      We are in the endgame and it’s high time to man up and forget the both the apathy that brought us here and the awe that they inspire when we just start seeing them. They wear no clothes and they fear us much more than we them!

    • Hello Mr. Hobbit: I always wince a bit when I see a phrase such as “resistance is futile” as my modus has always been one of optimum resistance to any power outside my personal authority. This does not mean that I am unable to relate to others in a cooperative way. It simply means that I remain in authority of my personal process.
      Some would suggest my reluctance to bend to another’s whim is due to the alleged Aquarian age that I was born into. Yet I would recommend that resistance to outside authority is mandatory to sentient existence and one’s creative potential at all times.
      Violation of another’s intellectual freedom seems to have been integrated into the modern psyche as a sort of holy right, and any passive acceptance of this violation leads toward a blighted social process at best.
      If the powers that be are allowed to continue in their absurd experiment, the ultimate meltdown of humanity will soon follow. I advise that resistance is optimum and mandatory at all times. The other option is tyranny, and mankind has already had quite allot of experience in that regard.

  9. Zefod permalink

    Hi, thank you for another enlightening article!
    In this new RT interview Karen is less favourable about the gold standard though…
    I agree with her analysis…

    • lol! I was watching it just now! Thanks!

    • Yes, you’re right, she’s talking about a wider set of assets or commodities that could be used to back the money. This is not uncommon in Austrian thought.

      The problem is: who controls these commodities?

      Let alone that commodity/asset backed money will not provide interest-free loans.

      She’s also saying banking is ok, it’s just the BIS, Fed, World Bank, etc that are the problem. This clearly is the Ron Paul/Daily Bell etc line.

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